Realizing God's Will Is Oneness

Preferring Holy Spirit’s Plan

As I come to the end of the first week of this daily journal, I am struck by how similar the first principle and foundation of St. Ignatius is to ACIM.  Another confirmation that the truth is the truth.  It may come to us in slightly different words, merely symbols in form, but the truth always remains the truth.  Visionaries and mystics throughout time always come to the idea of oneness, with all else being illlusion.

It is in coming to the idea of oneness that we can come to recognize our soul.  We cannot find ourself except to look at the One Self.  We cannot find ourself anywhere else because we don’t exist anywhere else.  Everything in the illusion made by the mind can be a help to the end of rejoicing in our oneness with God.  We can make use of what is in the illusion to help us to this end, and also learn to let go of what is any hindrance to us.  A hindrance for us is attachment to form, letting expectations, preferences, or obsessions rule our lives.

Truly we cannot recognize oneness as we cling to thoughts of separation.  We must step outside of the illusion in order to see the illusion, in other words detach ourself from it.  I see I cannot be helpful to myself or to others while I cling to my expectations, my judgments, my preferences, even in smple things.  How often I find myself preferring health to sickness, a sustaining income to poverty, honor to dishonor.  The illusion is filled with comparisons and contrasts.  I want to be liked and respected.  These are all thoughts of the illusion.  I even have preferences in one type of spiritual work over another, as if one were better or more satisfying than another.  My “dream” has been to write a book of spiritual wisdom given by a great teacher that goes out to the world like some of the wonderful ACIM teachers we have today that I admire, as if this were better somehow, more valuable than working quietly as I do.  This is an attachment to my idea of what is best for me in the world.  I see that as long as I cling to any ideas like this, I am not free to truly serve the One Self.  My one desire must be to serve God’s Will in love, unattached to a particular form.

This is the call of the One Self - I am that I am.  The one desire and choice is whatever is in keeping for the fulfillment of our creation.  There is no other desire and choice in truth.  When I am attached to certain ways in form, I have lost sight of this.  It seems hard to say that preferences have no place.  Wouldn’t I rather be well than sick?  Yes, but I can find God just as well in sickness as in health.  How do I know which is best for me?  I have arthritis in my back and knees.  In times past I have resented this condition.  I have wondered why this is coming from my unconscious mind, and tried to focus on perfect health instead.  I have denied the condition and tried to push it away, all to no avail.  I was assuming I could find more spirituality in health than in illness.

It wasn’t my preference that was wrong-thinking, but my attachment to my preference.  In my attachment to a way I thought was better, I lost sight of what is.  I was strugglig with what seems to be because it didn’t fit my attachment profile.  Instead of finding the deeper idea that God is present in all, I thought that God would be more present if I could manifest perfect body health.  After all, isn’t that how I was created, in perfect health?  Illness is an illusion.  So is perfect health in the body part of the same illusion.  One is not more desirable than the other in oneness because both are of the body.  I am much happier when I am not struggling with body conditions, but accepting them in loving self-forgiveness.

And so today, I focus on the idea that the truth of the One Self is always present, and that it can be learned through many different symbols and forms.  The divine plan has arranged for me how to best recognize its presence.  I am grateful in my trust, grateful that in the stillness of my mind the Voice for God points the way to truth through many avenues.  I gladly accept today the way that is given me as best for me.  God in His providence has given us the Holy Spirit for our healing and our healing plan.  Let His preferences take precedence over mine today.  Amen.

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