Realizing God's Will Is Oneness

Reflecting God’s Love And Light

Today I was lost in meditation for a long time, in a profound healing experience communing with God.  I was as a little flower in the field reflecting God’s love and light back to Him.  It was a wordless communication and yet there were many healing insights.  At one point, I was a small petal on the one flower of creation seeing the truth that only God’s love exists, and in that moment including all in the truth that there is only one love that we all share.

This is what gives me value, and everyone value, being part of this one love, reflecting God’s love back to Him.  As one flower, I was a four-petaled white flower bent toward the light, with petals raised up like a cup.  With each breath I received love and reflected it back, praising God for being the Creator, the Source of Love.  I was/am the created, created from His love to reflect His love.  This I gladly did with profound gratitude.  God deserves all praise for being the Source of Love.

I sent this awareness to all parts of creation, close-by and far away, to those I know and those I know only from the news.  Some may seem lost in the world of form, but in truth they are still the one flower of creation reflecting back to the Creator, because love is really all there is.  God’s love does not require form.  What need has God for form?  Yet, form can be helpful in the world to open to the truth.

My mind opened like a flower to the truth of love.  There was a new awareness of the truth and power of love.  I desire my life to be a reflection of God’s love in all that I am and all that I do.  This does help all of creation because each moment of pure communing with God in love contains the whole, all that is.  This I gladly do, although I do not know what is most helpful to do in the world of action.  I leave this to Holy Spirit Who does know what is most helpful.  I ask that Holy Spirit be one with my voice to fulfill this desire.

It seems easier to sit in meditation with quiet and eyes closed, far away from the world in order to include all the world.  This seems a paradox.  I would like to include all in the awareness of love while I am with others in the world, while I walk among them with my body eyes open.  While I am in the world with people, it seems more difficult to remember we are one love than when I am alone in meditation.  I get lost in the story of the world at times, seeing separate bodies and letting this sight influence me, when this sight is not the truth of who we are.

We are Spirit only.  We are God’s love and we reflect God’s love.  This is not in form and requires no form.  No form is required to praise God.  I am not even sure that we can be aware of exactly how we reflect God’s love or the difference this can make to all of creation.  We cannot know how we are being perceived by others.  Love is something, an energy, that just comes off of us in an intangible way.  It is not visible yet it is felt so keenly that we can be aware of its tangible presence.  When we are focused on God’s love and reflecting God’s love back to Him in our mind, we can leave to Holy Spirit how this will affect our brother and sister.  We can leave to Holy Spirit how God’s love is best manifested in the world.  There is no way for us to know how love transforms us, much less anyone else in form.

How does one share God’s love if not in Spirit?  God’s love lives in Spirit, not in form.  The truth is found in Spirit, not in form.  Love is reflected in the light of love.  It is only in the reflection that love is found, love reflected back to the Source in gratitude and praise.  How is this shared in the world?  This is Holy Spirit’s domain.  He knows the divine plan of healing, I do not.  For today, I am so content to sing God’s praise by reflecting His love.  I rejoice in this.  I lose myself in this and join the whole.  I feel a part of something beyond myself.  I feel valued and valuable for being a little flower reflecting God’s love in this quiet way.  At times like these I do realize God’s Will is oneness, and that coming into a realization of oneness brings joy and deep abiding peace.

Perhaps not everyone has the luxury of time to meditate, or the willingness, or desire, or the information of how to even begin coming to greater stillness.  They are included nonetheless in the reflected love.  Each moment I reflect God’s love back to Him in praise and gratitude is a microcosm of the whole - all are included.  Some say this is holographic - a tiny version of the whole in each part.  I only know that all are included in the moment and all are helped.  This I offer everyone in love, to see the truth and include them, to know the truth for them even if they are too distracted to know it for themselves in this moment.  This is of value.  It may be quiet and small, but it is of great value.  It least it seemed so in the meditative moment!  As to any particulars, I leave this to Holy Spirit.  As to how to be further helpful, I leave this to Holy Spirit.

As for myself, I felt it as a deeply healing time.  There were thoughts of sharing this spiritual exercise experience and journal, of other journals I have written, or perhaps writing something different.  There were thoughts of doing volunteer work.  There were thoughts of healing in my body, and yet not needing the body at all as a tool or instrument of form.  There were thoughts of lifestyle changes, but uncertainty as to what would be most helpful.  Above all was the awareness of love’s presence, and the value of being in love’s presence in whatever way is possible in the moment.

The world is but a pale reflection of the creative power of God.  The total of God’s creative power cannot be reflected in form, but when one looks at the universe, one gives praise to God for His power.  This is right and natural.  Yet there is so much more in the experience of love’s presence in a formless way.  No form is needed, or perhaps desired, to commune with God in love.  God wants only our presence, our wordless presence in the awareness of love.  We can then immediately also give thanks and praise to Him.  This is right and natural, and even more satisfying than praising God for the glory of the universe in form, for God and God’s love are beyond form and not dependent on form in any way.  God needs no form from us to love Him because when we love Him we are reflecting His own love back to Him.  This is the Self same love we were created in and to be.  To be in it is to praise God for His glory and goodness.  It is transforming because love transcends form.

Today I place myself in the transforming power of love.  I desire only to reflect God’s love, for I am one with this.  My truth is that I am a reflection of God’s love and cannot really be anything else, ever.  I am part of God’s love, one with all of creation.  I reflect God’s love for all of creation and it is my joy to do so.  This I would remember in each moment with Holy Spirit’s help, and I give thanks for all help.  Let all my thinking and doing flow from this remembering for the good of all as would be most truly helpful .  This is all I seek and I seek it with my whole heart.  For this moment I am content to be God’s little flower, and I remember that St. Terese was content as well to describe herself in this way.  Perhaps she had some similar experience in God’s love that pictured for her this description.  I have felt her presence before and smelled flowers at that time.  Perhaps her presence was here again, a gift from the All That Is to this part of God’s love.  I do not know.  But I am thankful nonetheless for all help given, from whever it comes.  It always comes by the grace of God, and we are asking for God’s grace in these exercises.  We have confidence that God hears and answers this prayer, always.

No prayer to experience more of God’s love goes unanswered, and the answer is always affirmative in nature.  For this I am grateful and give yet more praise.  God is a beautiful presence.  All of creation shares in it and revels in it, and so is a beautiful presence in reflection.  All of creation is a reflection of God’s glory and God’s love.  What is not of love is not of God and not of God’s creation.  Of this we can be sure.  What reflects fear, hatred, violence, greed and the like is not of God’s creation.  God’s creation reflects only His love.  This is beyond form and always safe.  Thank you, God, for this.  Amen.

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