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Rev. Gayla Monk, OMC, Orillia, ON

It has been a life long journey searching for “the Truth,” a spiritual quest looking for direction and understanding, for enlightenment and inner peace. Over the years my path resulted in a large collection of spiritual self-help books; hours spent walking labyrinths; experiencing different ways of meditating and exploring self-healing modalities. Through all of this I kept finding myself at crossroads thinking, “What am I missing? There has to be a better way!”

It was when I gave up leading the search, I found myself gently guided to a book A Course in Miracles, and an organization called Pathways of Light Spiritual College, providing transformational courses dedicated to following the lead of the loving Teacher within. These courses proved to be powerfully effective and provided practical application for my real life experiences. I experience divinely inspired meditations that helped me go to a place where I could slow down, relax, quiet my mind, taking me to an inner sanctuary of Love and Peace where I was able to Access my Inner Wisdom to Spiritually Awaken, Heal my Inner Child and ultimately Remember Who I Am.

Gifting myself the opportunity of working with Pathways of Light Facilitators was vital to my personal healing process. Providing an atmosphere of loving compassionate support, offering me a safe environment for my insights to be explored and the healing process of my mind to unfold, they consistently encouraged me to take the next step in a way I never could have done on my own. I was able to take each correspondence course step by step in a time frame that I could commit to in the comfort and safety of my own home. Having someone experienced facilitating me certainly enriched my self-discovery process where I was able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make sense of it all. My decision to become an Ordained Minister Counselor came as a natural extension of this facilitation process.

As a Pathways of Light Ordained Minister Counselor, I have chosen to continue making the road easier for myself and for others. I find myself choosing what is simple and practical while following my highest path. I can honestly say this is the one pathway of Love and Light that effectively transformed my life. If this is something that rings true for you, know that you are not alone, I am just like you. I make no claims that it is easy or hard, but I know that how you think makes it so in your experience. You can be easy on yourself or hard on yourself. You always have many options to choose from. This is how I experienced it working for me.

My Focus in this Spiritual Ministry is in healing our minds rather than trying to change anything out in the world. I discovered that the way back to our remembering the truth is in letting go of ideas that are not true. It is really about “letting go and letting God.” This Divine Wisdom, our Inner Teacher is always present in our minds waiting for us to set aside the world even for a moment and bring all our concerns to Him. This Inner Teacher is ready to lead us to forgiveness and healing if we are willing to let that time be now. The question is, “If not now, then when?” “What are you waiting for?” Everyone who wants to increase the presence of peace and joy in their lives is invited to join in this shared process of coming back to Love, our true nature.

I recognize the Divine Wisdom within you. And by helping you access this within you, I am fulfilling my role and helping parts of myself awaken. I know each person’s True Self knows the perfect pathway Home for them. I am at peace as I participate in the process, knowing that, as time and space are illusions, the awakening of the whole has already been accomplished. I remember that Love is always my answer. No matter the path you choose, Peace be with you, my friend.

In an atmosphere of loving compassionate support, I offer a safe environment where you can comfortably explore and share insights of your own transformational self-discovery process allowing the healing process of your mind unfold. This all can be accomplished individually, or in group settings, by phone, Skype, or teleconferencing.

Call Gayla at 647-403-1949

To email Gayla, Click Here.

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