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Rev. Robert Speeter, Minnetonka, MN

Robert Speeter has been a practicing criminal defense attorney for nearly 30 years. Daily he struggled with the toll on the lives of his clients that had been adversely affected by clinging to resentment, bitterness and disappointment. These lives were met with a broken paradigm, ”the American criminal justice system,” which often, and ineffectively, uses forms of fear, guilt and shame to try to change people’s behavior. In 2002 he found A Course In Miracles (ACIM), which offered a new perspective on the insanities of the attempt to solve fear-based behavior with the fear-based criminal justice system.

Robert learned that he first had to change how he looked at the world so that he could help guide clients through the criminal justice system with less fear. As stated in ACIM: “The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that.” It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. “As a man thinketh,” so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.

Robert found that clients that were able to let down defenses and change their perception of what brought them to the criminal justice system had the best and often surprising outcomes. He sought proficiency at accessing the inner wisdom that is innately within each of us to guide this change of perception. He was lead to Pathways of Light after reading Gary Renard’s Disappearance of the Universe.

Robert completed the Pathways of Light ministerial training in 2009 and became an Ordained Ministerial Counselor that fall. In this new capacity, outside his practice as an attorney, Robert is a minister of joy. He facilitates the spiritual awakening of others through: Hosting an ACIM study group for 8 years; being available as a mind healing partner for Pathways of Light courses and Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling; and the development and presentation of the workshop “You’re Happy and You Don’t Know It, Uncovering the Joy Within.”

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Rev. Robert Speeter offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Robert Speeter offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Rev. Robert Thompson, Portage, WI

Robert Thompson, O.M.C., has worked in the army military police, corporate security, bilingual education and as a correctional officer. Bob retired in 1993 and began conducting public and private dream presentations and workshops, which eventually led him to discover Pathways of Light. He is also an avid gardener, traveler and writer. His experiences at Pathways of Light have convinced him that Inner Wisdom, or Divine Guidance, is available to everyone. All it takes is a little willingness, “and that makes all the difference.”

Bob offers a variety of custom ceremonies such as anniversary celebrations and dedication ceremonies. He also offers Complementary Retreat at Bumpity Road (in all seasons of the year) in rural, south-central Wisconsin, open to anyone seeking solitude, serenity, and self-awareness, including:: Caretakers, the Grieving, “Burnouts,” and, any others in need of sanctuary. Email using the link below or call 608-617-4439 (at any hour).

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Rev. Robert Thompson offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Robin Singler, Huntley, IL

Thank you for visiting my Pathways of Light Ministers page!

I came into this world with a deep inner knowing that things aren’t what they seem; I questioned what was behind the world I saw without knowing what to do about it or who to talk to. The spiritual practices of indigenous cultures around the world have always captivated me, along with the teachings of Buddhism. Paranormal subjects also held my interest growing up as I sought to understand myself and the world. But the search for the teaching that would answer all my questions ended when A Course in Miracles came into my life in 2002. There really is an explanation for the world and how I think and feel, and it’s all in one book? YES!! ACIM has been my life focus and awakening path ever since, and I get so much joy and healing from sharing about this journey and studying this teaching with others.

My relationship with Pathways of Light began in 2014, and I became an Ordained Ministerial Counselor (O.M.C.) in 2015. Pathways of Light courses have been instrumental in my understanding and practical application of ACIM, and I’m delighted to join with others on this joyful healing path. As a Pathways of Light Minister, I am honored to join with you to undo the personal stories of victimhood and abuse, and to release patterns of depression, addiction and anxiety that I’ve experienced myself. There is a way out of these limiting ways of being. I offer myself as a healing partner and allow the Holy Spirit to use my journey for the good of All.

I have learned the value of joining and sharing with others in a safe space of acceptance in order to free the mind of the beliefs that hold it in a state of guilt and fear. No topic or thought is too shameful to be exposed or voiced; I am fully committed to holding space to allow all expressions to rise to the surface without judgment so they can be seen for what they are and released. When we join together in common Purpose, our commitment to forgiveness is used by the Spirit in miraculous ways to bring about profound healing and joy.

I am available to facilitate Pathways of Light courses on the phone, in person, or via Skype or Zoom video conferencing. I also conduct Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sessions and create and perform customized ceremonies for a variety of life events as requested.

In addition to Pathways of Light course facilitation and counseling, I hold weekly free Mighty Companion group expression sessions via Zoom, and I’m available for private mind healing sessions that are customized to address your specific needs. Using ACIM as the anchor for all I do, I draw on many areas of insight to allow Spirit’s practical guidance to be revealed and applied.

Let’s step back together and let Love lead the way. Bless you!

Call Robin at 530-859-2951. (Please leave a message.)

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Rev. Robin Singler offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Robin Singler offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 905 910 921 922


Rev. Ryan Hayes, Lubbock, TX

I love working with people from all backgrounds and cultures. I grew up in Africa and have worked as a development practitioner, spiritual director, and business director in Africa for over 12 years. As a devout student of the Bible and A Course in Miracles, I am ordained as a Christian Minister and a Pathways of Light Ministerial Counselor with Degrees in Business and Theology.

My area of expertise is walking with people (especially Christians) who feel that their view of God, life, and others, is expanding outside the religious tradition where they were formed. I love the opportunity to walk with others as they release their previously held beliefs of living into the joy of Knowing Who God Is and who they are; how to read the Bible and A Course in Miracles; how to live in practice alongside others of different religious and spiritual backgrounds and how to open to Spirit’s re-interpretation of every situation as an experience of deeper love and peace.

I would be honored to join with you in the awareness of who you truly are as God’s beloved Son/Daughter.

Call Ryan at 713-429-7869 (Please leave a message.)

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Rev. Ryan Hayes offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Ryan Hayes offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Rev. Sally Ann Risser, Cape Coral, FL

Sally Ann Risser is a long time student of A Course In Miracles. She is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Wedding Officiant and Relationship Coach. Sally has been joyfully performing wedding ceremonies for over 20 years and has had the honor of marrying over 1,000 couples.

You can contact Sally at (248) 760-2400. (Please leave a message.)

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Rev. Sally Ann Risser offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Satyam Premraj, Chicago, IL

Rev Satyam Premraj Muench, Ordained Ministerial Counselor is an expert in facilitating change, in both an individual and business context. He has combined 30 years of professional experience in Coaching, Leadership, Training and Change Management to create a Coaching & Personal Development business with his partner Shakti, called Expanded Love.

Satyam (formerly known as Herbie) realizes that being ordained as a ministerial counselor is gift from the Holy Spirit and it is given to assist him with his clients. He now incorporates the knowing that spirit is what we are and being aware of that, balances him and creates the space for clarity. Satyam has coached and counseled individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and he has discovered that we all have a common desire, to Feel Love and assume the peace and innocence in everything. Satyam, which is sanskrit for TRUTH, teaches that only LOVE is real.

When coaching and councelling with others he seeks to ensure that their language and Self Image (The “I AM”), are aligned with the truth of themselves, Pure & Expanded Love.

Satyam is also a certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and since being ordained, is transforming the way he teaches these to incorporate the foundations of the Pathways of Light courses and teachings. He has travelled to many parts of the world to enrich himself with skills, knowledge and experience in the area of Personal Development, Spiritual Growth and Business wisdom.

Satyam has a gift for making complex issues easy to understand, and his skills in presenting, training and relationship building have been instrumental in his assisting his individuals to reach the happiness, joy and peace they desire.

Satyam is a follower of Spirit’s guidance and has always done so and this accounts for him being guided to Pathways of Light and also his relocation to Chicago from Australia. He now lives with life partner Shakti and enjoys cycling and swimming.

Satyam offers Pathways of Light group teleconference courses by phone.

Call Rev. Satyam at 312-339-3822.

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Rev. Satyam Premraj offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Satyam Premraj offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Rev. Savina Cavallo, Sunrise, FL

I am a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor and have been a student of ACIM principles for the more than 12 years. On my spiritual journey, Spirit has guided me every step of the way. For almost 20 years I was an active member in a Christian church, where I served in the prayer ministry, was a counselor for women and youth, and facilitated a Bible study group for more than two years. My past training also includes life coaching and Reiki Master.

Discovering A Course in Miracles changed my life even more, and continues to do so as I deepen my journey within. Having found Pathways of Light Spiritual College and experienced the ministerial training, my understanding of ACIM principles has deepened. As a result, my life is happier, more peaceful and I have found my true purpose in this life. Naturally, I want to offer the same opportunity of awakening spiritually to others through the Pathways of Light courses and one-on-one Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling in person or by phone, both in English and Spanish. I also facilitate the Pathways of Light ministerial training to English and Spanish-speaking students.

Call Savina at 305-968-0443. (Please leave a message.)

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Rev. Savina Cavallo offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Sharon Kay Jensen Smith, West Branch, IA

Sharon K. J. Smith is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (C.H.T.P). She is also a Reiki Master and Licensed Independent Social Worker. She offers relationship counseling, assisting partners or friends who want to create a more mutually loving and supportive relationship.

To email Sharon, Click Here.

Rev. Sharon Kay Jensen Smith offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Sharyn Zenz, Green Bay, WI

Sharyn Zenz, O.M.C., was ordained in 1994 and offers you the opportunity to awaken along with her through correspondence courses, eight week group courses, Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling or spiritual ceremonies. Sharyn has performed some very beautiful wedding ceremonies and will work with you to create the ceremony that is perfect just for you. Sharyn is an active student of A Course in Miracles and attends the weekly ACIM group at Pathways of Light in Kiel, WI. She also practices Reiki I and II. Her purpose in life is to help others, following Holy Spirit’s lead, heal mistaken identity or fear thoughts and bring them to the Light for healing. She knows that as she works with others, it is not only their healing that takes place, but hers as well. She believes that the Holy Spirit is the only Guide to call upon in every situation and as she does this with others, miracles happen. Sharyn has helped couples look at their relationships much differently through Relationship Enhancement Counseling.

Sharyn offers correspondence and Miracles Practitioner courses in person, by phone, via Skype on the Internet and in group teleconference. She also offers Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling in person, by phone or via the Internet.

To email Sharyn, Click Here.

Rev. Sharyn Zenz offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Sharyn Zenz offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 912 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924


Rev. Sheila Ostrosky, Livonia, MI

Rev. Sheila Ostrosky, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and has studied massage therapy and energy work for many years. In addition to being an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Sheila is a Johrei Spiritual Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner plus works with essential oils and stones. Sheila allows Holy Spirit to come through her to guide her in the best way possible to assist people in their healing and spiritual growth. She believes that when one allows Holy Spirit into their lives, wonderous thing can happen.

Sheila offers Pathways of Light Courses and Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling both in person or by phone. She is also available for customized weddings, baptisms and spiritual dedication ceremonies, wedding renewals, house blessings and ceremonies for life transitions.

To email Sheila, Click Here.

Rev. Sheila Ostrosky offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


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