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Rev. Debbie Dexter, Sedona, AZ

Would you like to experience more joy in your life? Studying A Course in Miracles and related courses from Pathways of Light has helped me on my own journey to joy and peace. I am a 20-year veteran, retired USAF. Over the years I have maintained a spiritual practice with the purpose of healing my life. I have emphasized working with forgiveness and releasing guilt through putting the Holy Spirit in charge of every aspect of my life.

As a facilitator of Pathways of Light courses and groups I offer you the opportunity of awakening spiritually. I am available by phone, in person, or by group teleconference.

I am also available for customized weddings, same sex union ceremonies, memorial services, full moon ceremonies, animal/pets transition ceremonies and other ceremonies of life transition. Whatever the setting, I create a warm, open and nurturing atmosphere where you will feel comfortable exploring and sharing your feelings and insights. My emphasis is always on helping you quiet your mind to access your own Inner Wisdom that knows the truth.

Call Debbie at 562-370-0080.

To email Debbie, Click Here.

Rev. Debbie Dexter offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Maria Kingsley, Tucson, AZ

Maria Kingsley, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, who is a passionate student of A Course in Miracles. She has devoted her life to teaching only love, because that is what we are. Seeing Oneness and practicing forgiveness works for her. Having been born and raised in Germany, she has lived in various parts of the States, and obtained her formal education in Psychology in Arcata, California. Helping and healing has been her path for many years, and she has worked in group homes and with psychiatric patients. She has been an active participant in Native American healing ceremonies and is a second degree Reiki recipient. Her own healing journey included dream interpretation, meditation, and much reflection on nature. A seeker most of her life, she has found the Course is the surest way to truly live life joyfully, to experience freedom from external circumstances, and to feel absolute security and wonderful peace in life.

Currently, Maria is a practicing Hypnotherapist, using also Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Linguistic Programming in her practice in Tucson. She includes mind healing as a way to change habitual thinking and asking the Holy Spirit to guide all involved in whatever healing is required. She participates in a number of ACIM groups in the Tucson area and offers Inner Wisdom Healing sessions.
Maria is helping Pathways of Light, together with other ministers, to implement a Critical and Chronically Ill support group.

Maria emphasizes guiding others to find their Essence within, to forgive and let go what keeps you living in the past, and to shift the focus onto content rather than form. The God-Source can only be accessed through looking inside of us, and it is Maria’s desire to help you find your way to your Higher Self, to remove any blocks, and to celebrate our Oneness and freedom together. She facilitates correspondence and Miracles Practitioner courses in person, by phone or via the Internet. Maria home blessing ceremonies in addition to memorial and other ceremonies of life transition.

Call Maria at 520-780-0170.

To email Maria, Click Here.

Rev. Maria Kingsley offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Maria Kingsley offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 905 908 909 910 912 918 920


Rev. Therese Wheeler, Sedona, AZ

Rev. Therese Wheeler, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and an avid student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM). From as long as I can remember, I have been on a spiritual path searching for deeper meanings to life’s challenges. In addition to family and relationship challenges, I suffered from depression most of my life. I am grateful to share that since I’ve been studying ACIM, my life has dramatically changed for the better.

ACIM and Pathways of Light, is a non-denominational, meaning it doesn’t matter what your religious or non-religious affiliation is, it’s an inner journey. ACIM is about recognizing those miracles and giving you the insight to heal. I came to the realization that in order to heal, I had to change my thinking, and no circumstance outside of myself would be able to give me that lasting Peace I so desperately sought.

My passion is to help others reclaim that part of them that has always been there, only clouded by limiting false beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and others. ACIM and Pathways of Light makes it possible for you to heal deep seated wounds and gives you the necessary tools to access your inner guidance and get to knowy our True self that patiently awaits you.

If you are ready to answer the call of Spirit and embark on the miraculous journey of clearing the blocks to becoming your true self, and healing old wounds, I would be honored to facilitate your awakening process. I offer Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling in person, over the phone, or Skype. I also offer a Healing Inner Child 8-Week program and Spiritual Awakening 8-Week program, along with facilitation of courses and counseling through Pathways of Light.

As a Pathways of Light minister I am honored to have the opportunity to officiate weddings, memorials, customized holy unions, baptisms, animal blessings and transitions ,and other ceremonies that mark life’s transitions.

Call Therese at 714-470-7859.

To email Therese, Click Here.

Rev. Therese Wheeler offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Therese Wheeler offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Susan Paige, Mesa, AZ

Susan Paige, OMC, LMT, MTI has 30 years in the fields of holistic, personal & spiritual growth, healing arts, art, speaking, teaching, writing, marketing, and management. She is a co-author (along with Dr. Wayne Dyer and others) of the Best Selling Book, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love…Finding Your Life’s Passion, 2004; 2004 CD release of a meditation she wrote, Kuan Yin Loving Meditation. Cover art also by Susan. She received her Ministerial Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, OMC & Course Facilitator Certification from Pathways of Light College, WI, ‘95; Massage Therapist Cert., Massage Institute & Healing Arts Ctr., Dallas, ‘01; Reiki Master Teacher, ‘95; Coaches Training Course, Coaches Training Institute, ‘95; Aromatherapy Training with Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils; Kroeger Herb Level 1 & 2, BA Northern IL. U.

Susan’s experience includes: Instructor, Ke Kino Massage Academy, Plano, TX; Director, 7th Ray Books & Herbs, largest holistic center, Milwaukee, WI; Manager, Yoga for Life, Dallas; guest speaker, Sammons Cancer Center, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas; managed an art gallery, Phoenix; owned business in Chicago, IL. She has active healing, speaking and writing practice in Frisco, Texas, and gives workshops throughout the country.

To email Susan, Click Here.

Susan Paige offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


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