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Rev. Elizabeth Bartlett, Basking Ridge, NJ

Elizabeth Bartlett has always envisioned a future in which every individual reaches their highest potential for love, peace, and joy in their lives.

Elizabeth shares her expertise and passion for creating joyousness and peace by building a spiritual connection in the lives of others. In order to accomplish this, Elizabeth uses her training as a ministerial counselor through Pathways of Light,

Elizabeth loves working with all types of people and also has a specialty working with adults who care for their parents. She has 10 years of experience in the senior industry to use to help others during this challenging time. Elizabeth lives in Basking Ridge, NJ, with her partner, Stephen, her 22-year-old daughter, Emily, and her 13-year-old Chihuahua, Nellie.

Call Elizabeth at 908-240-9777. (Please leave a message.)

Visit her website at

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Rev. Elizabeth Bartlett offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Elizabeth Bartlett offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Rev. Elizabeth Keats, Grayslake, IL

We are all in this together. While I began life as a devoted Catholic, then found my way to the feet of a wise and loving guru in India, meditating for hours every day for many years, finally I have found my home in ACIM. I have come to recognize the truth that was embedded in all of my experiences, all my spiritual yearning.

Once I retired from college teaching, I devoted my life full time to understanding and living the Course. Now I see that we are already home; we have simply forgotten who we really are. Just as the little girl I once was yearned to find a hidden door to a magical kingdom that was my real home, now I know that the door to my real home stands open, ready for me to walk through. We have forgotten so much, but our Higher Self, our True Self is already home and can guide us every step of the way. Together, we can explore the way home in laughter, love, and peace. It’s a joyful journey, and I would be so happy to share it with you.

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Rev. Elizabeth Keats offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Elizabeth Keats offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



Rev. Étienne Pait, Madison, WI

Étienne Pait’s life is an inspiring example of one who has fulfilled his dream. He desired change, having lived his youth lacking meaning, purpose and direction. “My life was floundering,” he said. “I was experiencing chronic discontent and dissatisfaction.” Opening himself to a willingness to trust a small seed within that said something else was possible, Etienne dedicated his life to answering the questions we all ask, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

In Étienne’s youth, he had a few experiences providing him with a knowing within that grew, as if inviting him to seek his real Self and God. He responded to this invitation by creating a new way of living. Determined to change, he began to respond to daily life with a willingness to live according to the knowing within. Though he did not know how this life’s journey would look, he risked trusting

Responding to life with trust led to many significant and revealing experiences — from observing despair to experiencing pure unconditional love. Working with aids patients, the addicted and those who had suffered severe emotional and physical trauma, Étienne’s deep compassion and will were moved to seek direct communication with God. Working as a school teacher in Brooklyn, New York, revealed the experience of children’s pure love, proving to him “unconditional love is possible, and real love can be so deeply felt tears of overwhelming joy spontaneously flow.”

Étienne’s experiences in life are vast — from a sense of isolation when not fitting in to witnessing extremes of trauma; from the prejudice against those of mixed race in the ‘60s to experiencing the mystical light of awareness within. Étienne is an inspiring example of flowing with life’s changes and accomplishing one’s potentials.

Étienne is a minister of joy, sharing with all who seek to overcome obstacles to expand Self awareness. Realizing our oneness with all life, he is minister to young and old, rich and poor, all cultures, races and creeds. “Awareness of our true Self is available to us all,” says Étienne, “a life spontaneously flowing and free from the disturbing reactive emotions and illusionary fears we all tend to create when not knowing our real Self.”

With wisdom, laughter and overwhelmingly joy, Étienne reveals the hope and exciting possibilities dwelling within us all. He declares, “Once the question, Who I am? is answered, it’s impossible not to be blessed!”

View Étienne’s website at

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Rev. Étienne Pait offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Eva Overholt, Elm Grove, WI

Eva Overholt is the Founder and Director of Creative Ministry Center in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Creative Ministry Center is an interdenominational outreach ministry; servicing clients from diverse backgrounds by providing contemporary ministerial services, pastoral counseling and spiritual mentorship.

As a Wisconsin native growing up in Brookfield, Eva attended WCTC and graduated with a Nursing Degree and soon found a place in the business world. Using her education and passionate interest of holistic approach to healthy living; to form a corporate wellness business, providing services for companies through wellness incentives, offering biometric testing and coaching strategies.

In pursuit of personal growth and desire to continue to broaden her field of learning and greater service, Eva expanded her talents through the Ordained Ministerial Counselor curriculum at Pathways of Light College and was Ordination in 1999. After completing an internship in Outreach ministry, she formed Creative Ministry Center and began offering her services in a spiritually empowering platform to clients.

Reverend Eva also provides alternative healing services, personal enrichment workshops and retreats through her private practice, Quantum Leap Healing Arts studio. With advanced training as a Reiki Master and Level IV practitioner certified through the International Network of Energy Healing (INEH) these additional techniques allow her clients many avenues to form a guided path for spiritual advancement and integrative healing.

Through the past twenty years she has dedicated her life work to assisting clients through her compassion, commitment, problem solving and intuitive wisdom. As a Mentor, Reverend Eva focuses on leading seekers in building skills for personal empowerment and life encounters.
Reverend Eva conducts group workshops, facilitates relationship foundation skills, and serves as a public speaker to many church groups, clubs and professional organizations. She also officiates weddings, memorials and baptisms, provides in-home pastoral visitation and hospice clergy care. Reverend Eva accepts speaking engagements locally and out of state.

In her free time, Eva enjoys spending family time with her grown children, grand-children and friends. She also enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, casual gardening, reading, hiking, studying Soul based astrology and contemplative studies.

Call Rev. Eva Overholt at 262-787-4200 or 414-881-3406. (Please call and leave a message if you have not received a response to your email within 24 hours.)

Click here to visit Rev. Eva’s website.

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Rev. Eva Overholt offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Eva Overholt offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 902


Rev. Gina Lucia, Bradenton, FL

Rev. Gina Lucia is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor (OMC), ordained through Pathways of Light, and an avid student of A Course in Miracles. Gina knows there is a path, through spiritual awakening, which leads to peace, and happiness. There is no mistake you are here, right now! Pathways of Light spiritual college courses are designed to take you on an experience to meet your Self, to heal beyond your body’s self-imagery. Gina’s commitment and passion runs deep to facilitate your journey together, whether one on one or in a group setting. Gina offer’s to you, along with the assistance of Spirit, a bridge to access to your Inner Guidance, to heal your mind through one-on-one Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sessions, or with many of the Pathways of Light courses. Gina is available in person, or by phone.

A little about my journey. I have been a hairstylist for 37 years & have owned my salon for 13 years in Sacramento, CA. I have also traveled to China for study in Eastern Philosophy, Feng Shui, Tuina Massage, and TCM. Since my teen years I have always been engaged in some sort of spiritual study or practice. I always knew there was something beyond perception of the physical. I am not someone who believed in religion, I’m a free spirit and the indoctrination and dogma that comes along with it, just didn’t work for me.

While going through a very dark night in my life, “You were lost in the darkness of the world until you asked for light” (ACIM) I was guided to A Course in Miracles. After 5 years of being a devoted student, I had another calling. While in a deep prayer/meditation one morning, I was hearing, become a minister. This was a surprising bit of insight to receive, for I never considered myself a “religious” person, but spiritual, yes. I started researching schools, I kept getting redirected back to Pathways of Light website. I saw they offered a full curriculum for ministry. I wasn’t even really sure what I was getting myself into, I just surrendered & went with it.

I now know God is a spiritual experience one has, it has nothing to do with religion. (A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.” (ACIM). I went from limited perception to an expansive knowledge. The Pathways of Light courses are a gentle way to experience this. Along with being a student of A Course in Miracles, and the Holy Spirits guidance, my life is full. Being an OMC brings much joy and fulfillment in my purpose here. I invite you to join with me to experience how applying the principles of A Course in Miracles in your life along with Pathways of Light Courses will give you a deeper insight into patterns, beliefs, and trans-scripts that you no longer need to carry around, that can block the awareness of Loves presence in your life.

Whatever the setting, I am open to creating a warm, accepting atmosphere where people feel comfortable exploring and sharing their feelings and insights. My emphasis is always on helping you quiet your mind to access your own Inner Wisdom that knows the truth. It warms my heart and soul to be of service. I am here to assist you in answering your soul’s calling!
Come as you are…

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Rev. Gina Lucia offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Gina Lucia offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 917


Rev. Grace Vyvyan, Dallas, TX

I was 14 and my conservative Christian church couldn't answer my questions adequately. My search led me to many books, workshops, and churches. Finally, I found A Course in Miracles and my questions were answered as well as many I didn't know I wanted to ask. It makes sense to me like no other path: We never left God, but since it's evident that we think we did, ACIM gives us essential tools to remember who we really are.

These ideas and subsequent experiences help us turn our wounds, issues, fears, and false beliefs into love, peace, and joy through forgiving, prayer, healing, and remembering Who we really are "One with each other and God." Having seen lives change (mine among them), I am eager to share this experience through facilitating individual correspondence courses, group courses and Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling in person, by phone or internet.

Visit Grace’s website at

Call Grace at 469-644-9511.

To email Grace, Click Here.

Rev. Grace Vyvyan offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Greg Hesch, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Greg Hesch is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and a student of A Course In Miracles, which is the centerpiece and passion of his life and work. He extends to others the opportunity of awakening spiritually through Pathways of Light courses and programs, in person, by phone, via Skype or video chat.

As a minister, counselor and facilitator of Pathways of Light courses and groups, and 12-step program involvement, Greg emphasizes helping others to recognize their unique purpose and guide them along their path. He helps individuals and groups to experience more love in their relationships and everyday lives. He is also currently active in a 12-step program. He co-facilitates a Pathways of Light ACIM/12-Step call every Thursday at 6pm Central (

Whatever the setting, Greg is open to creating a warm, open, nurturing atmosphere where people feel comfortable exploring and sharing their feelings and insights. His emphasis is always on helping you quiet your mind to access your own Inner Wisdom that knows the truth.

Call Greg at 715-305-2219. (Please leave a message.)

To email Greg, Click Here.

Rev. Greg Hesch offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Greg Hesch offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

901 902 903 905 907 909 918 921 922 923 924


Rev. Hazel Allen, Leicester, NC

Hazel Allen is a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor and student of A Course in Miracles. As a Pathways of Light minister, counselor and facilitator of courses and groups, Hazel emphasizes the practice of helping people quiet their mind to better hear their Inner Guidance and, in the process, strengthen their connection with God. As a facilitator of mind healing, she creates a warm, supportive, open atmosphere where participants can feel comfortable to explore and share insights. Hazel also does volunteer work with abused women and children and believes that teaching others how to find their inner peace, patience and to love unconditionally is her only purpose.

Hazel offers correspondence courses, Accessing Inner Wisdom and Relationship Enhancement counseling in person and by phone.

Call Rev. Allen at 928-230-5658. 

To email Hazel, Click Here.

Rev. Hazel Allen offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Helene Burke, Manhattan, NY

Rev. Helene Burke, O.M.C., and M.S.W., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and has a Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University in New York. She has done group and individual counseling, including classes on meditation, breathing for stress relief, and journal writing.

Helene spent over 15 years practicing Buddhism and Kundalini Yoga where she became adept at Yogic breath work, chanting, and mindful meditation. She is also a professional artist who paints with an open flow to Spirit, and she is a National Endowment Fellow in the Arts.

Helene was studying A Course in Miracles for several years when the path to become a Teacher of God came to her through a nudge from Holy Spirit. One day she spontaneously went to a new church and during the service she casually picked up the Bible in front of her. To her surprise, her own last name was stamped in large letters on the first page! Helene believes that the Holy Spirit leads the way for us to choose our birthright of complete peace and joy every day. She enjoys helping others find the way to Love through their own Inner Guidance.

Helene has a warm and humorous personality, and she welcomes individuals and groups to her unique artist loft to join with Holy Spirit for Accessing Inner Wisdom, Inner Child Healing and other programs. She is also available by phone, teleconference and Internet voice.

Click here to view Helene’s video about her work with the Pathways of Light Healing the Inner Child Within 8-week program.

Call Helene at 917-562-3385.

To email Helene, Click Here.

Rev. Helene Burke offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:


Rev. Holly Onorato, Rahway, NJ

Holly has been a yoga/meditation teacher for over a decade and melds that background with her ministry. She is passionate about helping everyone reconnect with source-energy love, despite life’s circumstances.

Holly specializes in stripping away layers of illusion and trauma to lead you back home to yourself, by helping you access the self love and healing that resides within us all.

It is her personal mission to ensure that every single person on Earth feels valued and loved. In addition to being a Pathways of Light Minister and yogi, she is also a Mother, life coach, frontline recovery worker and licensed esthetician. She works with children in the school system and adults in recovery.

Call Holly at 908-656-4433. (Please leave a message.)

To email Holly, Click Here.

Rev. Holly Onorato offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

Rev. Holly Onorato offers the following Miracles Practitioner courses:



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