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Special Love

In a night dream I felt the same intense love towards two different bodies—-on waking I wondered how this could be possible—these thoughts came to mind.

In the dream it seems that you can love one and another with the same intensity. The ego “loves” the special attributes in one body and the special attributes in another body, so intense feelings seem true. Spirit does not see special attributes, Spirit knows there appear to be many where there is only one.

Each part that you “see” in your world is only a piece of the whole. Every “part” makes the whole what it is. What you do not accept is that every part reflects you, reflects a piece of your mind, a thought that you rejected. If you did not reject the thoughts that you made, you would learn of their meaninglessness. When you reject what you do not want, you make it real. The ego makes the enormity of what you had done seem impossible to repair to keep you trapped in its illusory world. If you but knew/accepted “it never happened”, you would be free of fear, guilt and pain. Love holds no specialness. Love loves all equally, knowing that the impossible never happened.

The seeming two that are loved as individuals are only the same one/self reflecting an idea that the whole could be split. What is one cannot be divided. Nothing can ever be separated from One. The intensity of love felt in the dream of separate bodies is only a hint of the love you have with your Father/ Creator/ Source.

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What Do You Dream?

The following flow came from H.S.

What do you dream?
You have chosen to dream of separation and guilt. This need not be. An idea that occurred for a tiny instant was over long ago. An idea that you mistook as being real, of having a cause and then a consequence. What is not real can have no effects. You can dream they are real but this does not make it true, for only what Love creates has reality and is true.

In your practice of letting go the false, the light of Love replaces the fear filled dreams. Everything, every thought in the sleeping mind was never true and was chosen as a replacement for reality. In your letting go of false ideas the Loving truth spreads throughout your mind and Light comes to gently waken the part that sleeps. For the truth acknowledges that you never left your home, your Creator, nor your holy Self.

Fear has kept you from turning within. Fear has made you slave to a continuing story of guilt, cruelty, sacrifice and punishment. But you CAN turn away from fear, it is not your master. Thoughts that seem to float randomly into awareness are chosen by the sleeping mind. It holds onto a thought system that you mistakenly thought was yours. It does not take gigantic effort or maintenance to undo such a mistake. The correction of the mistake is not your job. You need do only this: be willing to see differently.This all that is asked of you. Any thought that is not kind, gentle or happy comes from fear. You have tried to follow two teachers but this has led you nowhere. You must choose one and relinquish the other. For one decides only and always for your good.

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Simply A Temptation

Everything in this world is simply the temptation to believe that I’m separate from God/Love; to think that “I” can be something different from what Love created me to be.

Holy Spirit: It is impossible that God would not love you. You have not ever done anything that would make God turn away from you. You <em>are His Son and this will never change. You remain only and always as He created you.

In the dream it appears you have done many things, lived may lives, made many transgressions. Yet what is in a dream is only imagined, it is never truth. A mistaken thought would condemn you over and over, again and again, for that is how the thought maintains its existence.
Repetition does not make it true. When you are willing to see differently all that is false will merely fall away. What has no value or meaning is quietly dropped or laid aside.</em>

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What Is my Choice?

These thoughts came to mind this morning:

(me) Love leads the way. When I am not following Love, I will not be happy. When I choose peace, Love is naturally there; I have made “room” (in my mind) for Love. (Love waits on welcome.)
I can imagine thousands of ways that Love is not here, but imaging (image making) is not the truth. The stories I make up never change the truth or can alter Reality in any way. Why choose pain in place of joy? Why choose separation in place of Heaven?
My treasures do not lie in a dream world and will never be found there. This world is not my home. (I will be still an instant and go Home.)

Holy Self: If you do not recognize your treasure it is only because you do not want to see it. For if you did you would not delay in returning Home. So the ego system will not tolerate peace, happiness or a quiet mind. Remember that this system has no actual power over you, only your choice makes it appear viable and strong. Therefore, you can choose not to listen to it and ignore the witnesses it sends to follow its methods.

You cannot make or change truth, nor have you forgotten truth entirely. You cannot add truth to illusion—the attempt to make illusions “better.” You can take illusions to truth and let the false or meaningless be undone. In this way, you let of go of what never happened. Let this be your practice. Nothing that you have made will delight you as much as the truth shining in your mind.

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Exercise For Reinterpretation

What do I feel right now?  ~~regret, sadness, like I’ve lost something that I’ll never get back.      (allowing peace to enter)

Spirit:  The Holy Spirit looks at the stories you have made up and knows they are not true. He would have you know of your wholeness, magnitude, and glory because you are as Love created you. He would help you remember truth; that you never denied your Creator (Love), that you never left your Source, there is no cause for guilt, pain or penance.

In this life, you felt ashamed as if you had done something wrong. Yet nothing happened for in the reality of Love there is only Oneness and there is no division. In the sick mind there is a dream of separation, of leaving Love, of being “outside” and alone. Dreams are not real. Mistaken thoughts that show an unreal life call only for correction or healing. It is only sick thoughts that need healing. As you learn mistaken ideas are never real, as you allow truth to return or the veil of false ideas to be lifted, you know the Love that created you and is what you are.

Since you thought you put yourself outside of Love, you must practice repeatedly of “returning” to Love, until the happy realization there never was an inside or outside, there is only Love.

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Teacher of Wrongness

These thoughts were given me recently:

The ego system is always wrong. It always, always find something wrong with whatever is outside itself. If the teacher always find the “wrong,” can the student ever learn or succeed?  How can anyone know happiness if they follow the teacher of wrongness?

Dear child, if you would understand/accept that you have a Teacher that see only the truth and always leads away from fear/darkness, you would know happiness. You would accept your beingness is joy. If you are an extension of Love (and you ARE) then your Being is joy and peace. You cannot and have not changed God or His Thought or Creation. You remain as God created you.

So if you are not happy you have chosen the wrong teacher. If you do not like your experience, choose the Teacher of Oneness to teach you that division is impossible. Welcome the Truth in you and value nothing else. Remember that the ego system always looks and finds what is wrong, so that it can justify attack and subsequently can keep guilt going.

Learn that everything has a perfect outcome. Learn that you are supported by a system that is beyond your wildest imaginings. Love leaves no one behind. Love holds all in perfect wholeness and complete innocence.
All that Love created or shared has never been altered, changed or corrupted. Love’s creation is endless; infinite and complete. And you ARE as Love created you, like Itself. Therefore, nothing can harm you, deplete you, or change you from what Love created.

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Pretending That I Am Alone

Considering how I have spent time the last few years, I looked within and found these thoughts.

So, “I” feel lost, deprived because I cannot move the body with ease and freedom. I have given up the idea/hope that I will once again have freedom to move unimpeded. When I held that idea before it eventually became manifest, but now I am allowing my past experience to dictate the present state. I’m accepting the experience of others (doctors, researchers) as the “proof” that the body’s condition will not change for the better.

What I did not perceive at the beginning with the first occurrence, was that I did not look for the false attack thought underlying the outward appearance. The attack thought(s) were not corrected, so my false witnesses could rise again and show me that what I thought “I knew” was only fallacy. The thought system that has made this dream and it’s manifestation is upheld by a “friend” that is insane.

My only purpose now is to uncover the false thought(s) that can be corrected or undone. To be willing to look at my isolation/separation thinking that has made my dream so real to me. These are not the thoughts I need or want. In the light that Love holds, these thoughts are seen to be meaningless. The “friend” does not want me to recognize the meaningless origin of those sick thoughts. So I must seek the council of my true Friend and accept His help in leading me out of the maze of insane thoughts. Trying to find the way by myself has not worked, nor will it ever succeed.

Thinking that I am alone is the problem; that is the separation thought system. To realize and then accept that I’m never alone is the forgiving of my illusions, the letting go of meaningless thoughts. My Friend, Guide, Council, my holy Self shares the truth with me. This Self lights the way, clears the path, removes every obstacle as I accept His Presence.

Do I choose for Love/God or do I keep pretending that I am alone? Do I deny the wholeness of Love or do I welcome the Self, the part of All That Is? What God created is undivided, Love is not divided, I did not divide myself off from Creation.

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