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114: The Transforming Power of Trust

114: The Transforming Power of Trust

114: The Transforming Power of Trust
Self-Study Course in a Binder

This course will help you feel more confident about trusting your Inner Guidance, spiritual intuition and your ability to know what is right for you. Trust opens the door to living a purposeful life, following Spirit. Trust helps you experience the quiet peace that comes with letting go of fearful thinking. When you trust that your Source is working for you and with you, you relax and allow It to lead you.

Learn how to let go of the doubt that cuts you off from experiencing trust in areas of:
• Knowing your innate abundance
• Allowing loving relationships
• Becoming increasingly aware of quieting your mind to listen to Inner Wisdom.

Learn what pushes your buttons, causing you to lose your trust, and how to get back to trusting your true Self as your source of Guidance. Trusting your inner Teacher changes how you see everyone and everything. This trust allows you to see the world from a new perspective of oneness. As you place your trust in your true Self, you see through the false veils of ego thoughts of conflict, limitation and lack. You are unlimited Love and Light. The more you can trust in the Christ within, the more it will be reflected in your life.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor. Click here for more information about minister training.

If you want to be certified upon completion of this course and have prearranged to pay the facilitator fee directly to your facilitator, enter your facilitator's name in the space provided below.

Comments from Course 114 Participants —
I increased my awareness, commitment and TRUST in Spirit, learning to see that Spirit does the work and I just need to be mindfully connected in a place of peace, allowing it to take place. — T.R.

I learned so much about myself. This has been the best course for me yet. I learned to locate the things that trigger mistrust for me and how to trust Spirit more. — Y.S.

I was reluctant to take a correspondence course, preferring the group sharing environment. I was very pleased with the opportunities and insights I received by doing individual and guided facilitated study. I would now recommend correspondence as a very valuable experience, and I would correspond again in the future. — E.O.

Trust has been an issue with me in the past. I believe that by doing this course, I attained a new level. The experiential work allowed me to feel trust in a way that is wondrous and new. It is the experiential meditative exercises which made this course come alive for me. — K.L.F.

The meditations are profound. I play the meditation tapes over and over, and each time I hear them differently. So I have an actual "physical way" to realize the layers that exist and work with myself at each level. — C.S.

I gained a renewed trust in Self, extending that trust to everything and everyone. I became aware of areas I want to let go of and areas I want to focus on to make stronger in my life. — T.A.W.

It helped me realize how powerful my thoughts are and how important it is to monitor my thoughts. I was able to release some doubt I had in communicating with my Higher Self. — A.S.

It helped me let go of doubt and fearful beliefs of separation, and to trust my inner powerful Light and true Self. I can trust in Love to heal all things. — J.S.

I learned to trust my inner Self, listen to It, and relish the beauty It gives me. Simply amazing! — J.K.

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