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Letting Love Be In Charge

Mary:  We have begun joining each morning with the Pathways staff, which now consists of Robert, Mary, Sharyn Zenz, and Annie Arbona (living in Charleston, SC), who joins us on the speaker phone. We begin by reading the Course together and then asking Holy Spirit to bring us any insights. It is truly a blessing to join together in this way and share with each other what comes to us from Holy Spirit.

What comes to mind is the phrase, “The Lord of Love is in charge.” I think it is really saying that Love is in charge. The feeling is that when we try to be in charge, that is when sadness comes in or when fear comes in. The feeling is, don’t try to be in charge of your life. It really doesn’t work. Let Love be in charge of your life. Love will take over if you will let It.

  So be the Lord that you are, all of you. Learning to Love that Lord within you is what this is all about. Sometimes one’s unworthiness gets in the way of calling themselves Lord. But guess what? You are Lord. And when you allow that consciousness of being Lord of your life, which means tapping into the highest Thoughts within you, only Love comes. The gifts of peace, happiness, joy and Love all come from your Lord within.

Accept these gifts as you go about your day, remembering Who you really are. Please be humble and accept the gift of being the Lord of Love. This is where you all are on your path now and it is a very important step to accept this. Isn’t it wonderful to be amongst the Lords of Love? In reality, you are accepting your oneness because there is only one Lord of Love.

  This is what is meant by let go and let God. As we practice letting go of what we think is real, what we see with our body’s eyes, and hand over these perceptions to the Holy Spirit, we find that only Love is real. We truly are joined in the one Mind of Love. There is nothing else in reality.

We can relax now. We can let go of all the struggle. We can let go and let the Love of our true Nature return to our mind. This is what our life is for now—the practice of letting go of all we thought we knew and handing over all these false ideas to the one Source of all true knowledge.

As we are willing to let go of what is not true, what is true has a chance to enter our minds. We cannot hold both what is not true and what is true in our minds at the same time. That is why letting go and letting God is our only function now. That is how we wake up from the false dream of thinking separate bodies with separate minds are real. That is how our minds are healed.

  This morning we read the section “Choose Once Again” at the end of Chapter 31 of the ACIM Text. A phrase that stood out to me was that God created us as the altar to joy. That brought up in me a feeling of comfort and gratitude. It was another reminder that God’s Will for me, all of us, is perfect happiness. If I’m not experiencing that, I am believing in a false idea of what I am. I need to offer that idea to the Holy Spirit and open my mind and heart to His gentle correction. With my willingness, i will receive the one and only gift that is eternally given: The Love of God. The attributes of God’s Love are peace and joy. What an inheritance! My heart is filled with gratitude.

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What Do I Want — Perfect Happiness or Separation?

  I’m learning that if I want to be happy, I need to get out of the way. God’s Will for me is perfect happiness. If I’m not experiencing that, then I must have made up some form of interference that blocks my awareness of God’s Will. It is I who is believing in it. I need to withdraw my belief in the false image of a self that could lack anything, that could in some way be other than God’s creation.

Every moment my experience is showing me what I am believing. If I’m not experiencing perfect peace and happiness, then I need to offer that moment to the Holy Spirit, acknowledging that I thought I wanted this experience. But I was mistaken. What I really want is to awaken to my Self. Holy Spirit will gladly accept my offering and wash it clean of false beliefs and wild imaginings. The Holy Spirit will return to me only what is real—Love and nothing else. This is a process of forgiveness, of letting go of past beliefs and accepting my Self as It was created by God. That is all that time is for in the Holy Spirit’s purpose.

  This morning my mind is swirling in many different directions. Yesterday we showed the property to a very interested party. We also know that there is another very interested party that will be returning to see the property again this week.

We are also in the midst of preparing the next issue of Miracles News and readying the gifts of gratitude for members contributing to the support of Pathways of Light. Within the next few days we will be sending out the annual membership renewal mailing and we are getting all the pieces ready for the mailing.

This morning I take all these things that are showing up in the dream and I place them on the Holy Spirit’s altar. I let my mind quiet and remember that I know nothing and that I do not know what is in my best interest. It is only the Holy Spirit in my mind That knows what is in the best interest for everyone concerned.

I sit in quiet and listen. I allow myself to receive Holy Spirit’s gift of peace. I am quietly reminded that in my true Self’s world, all has all. I am quietly reminded that this is my true Home now. I am quietly reminded that I live eternally in the Mind of God and nowhere else. I am reminded that even though it does not appear to be so, everyone in the dream is still safe in the Mind of God and could never be on the distant shore we are all dreaming about. I am reminded that everyone is still in the Mind of God and could never leave. I am reminded that there is only One Mind that we all share and That Mind is always there waiting for us to remember (re-member), rejoin. I am reminded that I don’t have to wait to re-member. I can make the choice to remember now.

And with this willingness to re-member comes the feeling of confidence that Love is here now, that eternal happiness and joy and peace are here now. It’s not something that will happen next week or next year. It is always now, as I am willing to re-member (reconnect) with the truth. I see that the fullness of God is always available to us. What do I want right now? Am I willing to accept the truth of what is here right now? Am I willing to be aware of Love’s Presence right now?

As I look at the dream story from this remembering, I see that all the little stories just don’t really matter. Allowing the awareness of God’s peace matters. Allowing the awareness of God’s Love and happiness matters. There is such a full feeling of safety and abundance that comes with this remembering. There is also a feeling of confidence that everything is unfolding in the dream in perfect order. I don’t have to try to make anything happen. I merely step back and allow in the awareness of Love’s Presence. That is all I need. That is all I want.

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Resting In the Peace of God

  Jean Weston sent us a delightful little book that she wrote titled “Course Koans.” I have read parts of it and am delighted with the inspiring messages I found. Jean shares with a natural simplicity and it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is working through her as she wrote this book. As all of us gradually awaken, we become part of the Atonement and extend the healing as we are led by the Holy Spirit. I recommend this book highly. You can purchase it online at http://www.lulu.com/content/3100918.

We will eventually include this book in our online bookstore, but that will have to wait until after our move to Florida. Some potential buyers are coming back for the second time this afternoon. So there are indications that the sale may happen before winter. My job right now is to keep my mind aligned with the Holy Spirit and stay in the present moment. I love the quote I read in Jean’s book, as it is very appropriate for me right now.

“I rest in God today, and let Him work in me and through me, while I rest in Him in quiet and in perfect certainty.” (ACIM Workbook, Lesson 120).

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  Resting in the peace of God is literally doing just that. You cannot be resting in God and have your mind thinking of what’s next or I need to do this or waiting to rush off somewhere, for those are all ego thoughts and it is impossible to rest in God’s peace and have ego thoughts at the same time.

When one lets go of all the ego thoughts of doing in this world, that is when the peace comes. That is when you are truly resting in God. Allow God’s peace and Love to fill your every cell. Just sit with It. Rest in It. Let the fresh waters of peace run over you. You need do nothing. Just rest.

This is all He asks of us. Just rest and allow Him to do any work or anything that you think must be done. You don’t know what needs to be done on your own. Only He knows. Rest in God’s Love and peace today and watch your day unfold in beauty, joy and peace. Amen.

  It seems that since we first received guidance to move to Florida the whole process has been a concentrated exercise in strengthening my focus on letting Holy Spirit lead in every moment. I have needed to let go of my propensity to plan for the future and focus instead on what is to be done now in the present moment.

Part of this planning urge comes from uncertainty (fear) about the future. The ego believes that if it can plan enough for the future, it can protect against potential danger and harm. Yet the concern about danger comes from past fears and is totally fabricated. Neither the future nor the past exist. So to become secure in the present moment, I need to forgive the past. With a forgiven past, there is no worry about the future and I can be contented in the present, knowing that I am fully cared for by an all encompassing Love Whose only interest is my safety and my happiness. My heart is filled with gratitude.

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Let Me Be Still and Listen to the Truth

Mary:  This morning I was guided to read ACIM Lesson 106: Let me be still and listen to the truth. I was reminded that the answer to every concern lies within, not without. The Holy Spirit is always in my mind, guiding me to the truth, when I am willing to welcome the Holy Spirit’s healing perspective.

I know that I am opening to the Holy Spirit when I receive Its gentle gift of peace. I let peace wash through my mind, cleansing it of all meaningless thoughts. I rest a while with the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit, there are no problems. There is only eternal peace. Joined with Holy Spirit, I know that all is well and that nothing can really happen to change God’s one Son. Joined with Holy Spirit, there is only oneness.

I receive the quiet gentle message that it would be helpful to step back and rest a while with Holy Spirit often today. I see that it would be very beneficial to rest a while and to allow myself to become aware of the truth of Love’s presence everywhere as I rest and am willing to receive the truth today. I am filled with a sense of gratitude that God goes with me wherever I go. Today I am willing to practice letting go and letting the awareness of What Is return to my mind.

  Lesson 106 talks about listening for and receiving the Word of God. Today I have a new understanding of what this means. Remembering that the Course says words are but symbols of symbols, it helped me to understand that the Word of God is not necessarily an English word or words that come into my mind or that I hear. It’s a symbol, and symbols can come in many forms in the dream. When I am willing and receptive, the symbols will come in a form that’s helpful for me. God’s Voice (another symbol) will communicate to me in a way that I can receive it according to my willingness.

So the Word of God may come as a feeling. It may be as simple as a deepening sense of peace or a growing sense of joy. It may come as an image in my mind, a picture that helps me open more fully to God’s Love and peace. It may be an inner sense of knowing without words or images. Now when I listen for the Word of God, I will lay aside expectations for how It may come. I need only rest with an open mind and heart and I will receive God’s Word in every now moment. And I will know I am blessed as a Son of God.

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I Love the Truth Beyond the Images of the World

Robert:  I love the world. This is the only thought that can be in my mind when I am Identified with the one Self we all share. It does not mean that I love the forms and images of the world. It means that I love the truth beyond the images because it is the truth that is shared with all. Today I would see this truth in every moment and love the world and thus know my Self.

Mary:  Today is a day of practice in remembering that I rest in God. Today I will practice remembering that I am still as God created me and that nothing has really happened to change God’s one Son.

In order to remember this, I must allow an opening in my mind to receive God’s gift of peace and everlasting happiness. This peace and happiness does not change like the stories of the world.

I am in Holy Spirit’s school and the lesson for today is to practice opening my mind to receive the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace and Love and joy. It is my willingness that allows these gifts to be received. Today is a day of practice in receiving the truth.

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With Forgiveness, Love Dawns Upon My Mind of Itself

Robert:  It’s helpful to observe the words I use. They can be clues to my beliefs and attitudes. I just observed myself saying that I have to get something. I immediately laughed at myself because I recognized that I believed my happiness depended upon having some form.

This is what the ego always teaches. Since it is the idea of separation and lack, it always teaches that happiness comes from somehow filling that perceived lack. It doesn’t tell us that the lack is an illusion, that we already have everything of value, given us by God. Instead the ego teaches that its illusionary substitutes for what God gave us are what we should seek. Yet when we seek these substitutes, we do not realize that we are seeking for what we have denied by choosing illusions instead of the reality of Love.

There is no substitute for Love. There is nothing but Love. Believing in separation and searching for illusions to fill the emptiness that comes with believing in separation can never succeed. Success comes only when what is searched for is looked for where it can be found. Thus if I really want to be happy, I need to let illusions go. In other words I need to forgive the false images I have put in place as a barrier against Love. With forgiveness, Love dawns upon my mind of Itself. There is really nothing else I really want.

Words that give me a clue that I am looking to the world to fill my need for Love include: if only; I wish I had; I have to; I need to; I can’t. These are a few clues that I can use to alert me that I am looking to find Love where it cannot be found. I need to take that thought to the Holy Spirit and ask His help to see the Love that is already mine because it is God’s Will. This practice will help me see past the form to the forgiven world, the real world. And I will return to the full awareness of the Love I have always been.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let go of efforting. Let go of deciding anything on your own. Let go of thinking you are on your own. Remember you have a constant Companion Who will decide for you if you allow It. Hand the reigns over. Let yourself be carried. You need not try to figure it out on your own. You need not try to figure out on your own what will make you safe or what will help you have enough of what you think you need.

Let your mind quiet of all the ego chatter. Rest a while with Me. Receive My gift of peace. Really let yourself receive it. Receive its calmness and gentleness and sense of having everything you need in the moment. Receive the happiness that comes with it and the knowing that everything is in perfect order. Bring all your worries and concerns to this place of inner peace and let them disappear in its soft embrace.

Let this feeling of peace stay with you all through the day. Let the gentle inner knowing that comes with receiving peace guide your ways. Let receiving peace and extending peace be your only goal today.

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God’s Will for Me Is Perfect Happiness

  I feel supremely blessed to know that God’s Will for me is perfect happiness. I am grateful that I have been shown the means to accept perfect happiness, to accept God’s Will for me. In this world I have only one function, and that is to loose the world from all I thought it was. I need only forgive myself for making up stories that it could be possible to have a will apart from God. I am grateful that in truth, this could never be. I am grateful that God does not change His mind about me. He knows me as Love and that will never change.

So today my job, my function, is to practice seeing each moment as an opportunity to see Love and nothing else. With this practice I am on the way to perfect happiness.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let go of your idea about time. Your real life is in the eternal, not in time. The life you live in time is an illusion. As you practice letting go and letting God, part of that practice is letting go of your belief in time. Watch your thoughts today. Are they reflecting a belief in time or timelessness? Are they reflecting the ego’s thought system or the Holy Spirit’s?

Watch, observe, and when these thoughts come up, hand them over to the Holy Spirit where they will be undone. They will be replaced by the Holy Spirit with the truth about you and everyone you see in the dream of separate bodies. The Holy Spirit will lift the veil and show you the truth. The Holy Spirit will show you that nothing can happen to change God’s one Son. Nothing but Love’s Oneness could ever be true. And then rest a while in gratitude with the Holy Spirit. Your job now is to receive the truth and extend the truth. You job now is to let go and let God.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  Letting go is nothing more than offering every single thought, situation or circumstance to Me. It is like bringing it to me on a platter. Thing of thanksgiving, when you prepare food for your loved ones and you bring it to them on a platter. That is what you do for Me. I know how much you love me. Therefore, when you bring Me your platter and give it to Me to heal everything, I will return it to you healed with Love.

Every situation or circumstance is perfectly planned for your healing. The timing is perfect, not matter what you think. And after it is all done you say many times, “Oh, Holy Spirit knew what was best and knew the perfect time.” You have said this over and over. Now please accept it for every single situation, circumstance or thought that you have from now on. And please bring it to Me on the platter and I will be very grateful to serve everything back to you healed, complete and perfect for you. I love you. Amen

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