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Return to My Self

Am I willing to return to my Self today? Am I willing to remember that I am formless Love? Am I willing to see every brother as formless Love?

How willing am I to return to the truth today? If I am willing, I will be aware of the infinite happiness that I am and that is always mine. If I forget, I will get lost in worry and try to solve problem after problem, which will never end in the ego mind.

My job today is to be aware of my willingness to allow truth to return to my mind. My job today is to let go and let God.

Today we read in A Course in Miracles that there are no choices of forms in the world that lead anywhere because all forms are illusions. The purpose of the Course is to teach us to recognize illusions for what they are and that they are all the same. The Course also tells us that God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. If I am not experiencing perfect happiness, I am denying God’s Will and have chosen an illusion in Its place.

Today is another opportunity to practice letting Holy Spirit guide all my seeing to recognize illusions for what they are. It is not difficult to forgive when the perceived hurt as recognized as an illusion. When it is recognized that nothing really happened, the perception of hurt disappears. This is why it is essential that I welcome Holy Spirit’s teaching that will help me distinguish illusion from Reality. As that lesson is learned, forgiveness expands and I return to the happiness God wills for me.

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Happiness and Love Are Inseparable

If I want to be happy, there is only one thing to do: Forgive, let go of the past. Happiness and Love are inseparable. Happiness cannot be experienced where Love is denied. But when barriers to Love are removed, there is happiness.

I am grateful that A Course in Miracles provides comprehensive training in forgiveness. I want to be happy and so I dedicate this day to the practice of sharing each moment with the Holy Spirit that I may see as He sees, free of the past with full attention on now.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Give time to resting in the truth today. Let your mind quiet and hold My Hand. Let your busy mind relax a while. This opens the window to My healing Light. What I show you transforms what you see. You will see only innocence, which shows you your innocence.

“The sight of Christ is all there is to see. The song of Christ is all there is to hear. The hand of Christ is all there is to hold. There is no journey but to walk with Him.” This is your mission now.

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Seeing Only the Loving and the Lovable

Recently we watched a video of a Michael Beckwith program that was on PBS. One of the things he said that stood out to me was that when it appears that something has not “worked out,” see it as a delay, not a denial. A delay allows for time for the best circumstances to come together for all concerned. This is a helpful reminder for me.

Over the past months there have been a number of occasions where what I thought was going to happen did not. But in looking back I can see that in each of these instances important lessons were learned. I am learning to open my mind to new possibilities again and again. As the Course says, “perception is selective.” We see only what we are willing to accept. I see that I have been in a progressive training program guided by Spirit to help me let go of self-imposed limits.

This is a very important process that prepares me to more effectively follow Holy Spirit’s lead. When something appears not to work out, it is just a much a part of being carried as when things seem to easily fall into place. Each circumstance is a gift. Disappointment is a lack of recognition of the gift. That disappoint needs to be released to the Holy Spirit so that I can accept the gift. The Course tells us that everything is carefully planned for our best interest. Every moment is a gift. If I don’t see the gift, it is only because I am denying it.

Today I will practice holding my mind open to the Holy Spirit’s vision that I may recognize the gifts that are offered in every moment.

Today we were guided to read A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 124, “Let me remember I am one with God.” Paragraph four stood out to me:

Today we will not doubt His love for us nor question His protection and His care. No meaningless anxieties can come between our faith and our awareness of His Presence. We are one with Him today in recognition and remembrance. We feel Him in our hearts. Our minds contain His Thoughts; our eyes behold His loveliness in all we look upon. Today we see only the loving and the lovable. (ACIM, W-pI.124.4)

This is my practice today: To remember I am one with Love and, as Love, see only the loving and the lovable. My “to do” list contains only this and as I follow through, what a happy day I have to give and receive only Love; to see only the loving and the lovable.

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Choose Peace

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Choose peace and the peace you accept will free you from illusions. Peace is freedom from fear and fear is of the ego. Choosing peace frees you from ego thoughts and that is why the ego disappears when peace is chosen.

You always get what you want in your heart of hearts. To free yourself from the bondage of the ego, begin by choosing peace. Peace always dissolves just like darkness cannot stay when the light is turned on. The Light of God is all you really want.

Open the doors to the Light of truth by choosing peace. It will melt away all your fears and bring you the comfort and certainty of your beingness in God. Today practice choosing peace instead of conflict, choosing peace instead of fear. Choosing peace is how you wake up from the dream and know once again that all is well.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Seek not for safety in the world. The world is unstable and unreliable because it is a dream. Seek instead to remember your Self, to remember your unity with your Source. Your Self was created by the Changeless like Itself. Thus your Self is perfectly safe because It cannot change — It remains as Love created It. Let the Holy Spirit in your mind teach you of your Self and show you that the image you think is you is really nothing and cannot stand between you and your Source, between you and perfect safety.

As you learn to let go of the false images you have made, you will experience more and more peace. You will know your safety cannot be disturbed. From this place of certainty you look past the forms of the world and recognize that their only meaning comes from how they serve Love.

Today as you work with your projects, see their purpose as expressions of Love. If you become aware of any disturbance, you have given them another purpose that is not true. Offer this to the Holy Spirit. He will remove the false purpose for you. You need only let it go to return to peace.

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As a Little Child

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Be willing to become as a little child and allow your Father to guide you to peace… Allow yourself to receive the gift of peace… Give time to this… Allow yourself to be brought to the still waters of peace…

It is in the stillness that you are led Home. Rest in God’s peace a while today… Get familiar with the comfort that it brings…

As you rest in God’s peace, you will receive insight that will be most helpful to you now… Be still… Listen and receive the gifts of Heaven… This is your practice today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
“Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven” means seek first to be your Self. Your Self is Love and Love is Heaven. You only need to seek your Self because you have covered It with layers of images that are not you. That is why it is necessary that you be vigilant for the signs that you are denying your Self. Ultimately it is true that if you are not supremely happy, you are denying your Self because God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help you recognize denial. The next important tool is the practice of taking the recognized denial to the Holy Spirit and turning it over to Him for healing and correction. When you are in denial, you do not know how to correct the error. But the Holy Spirit in your mind is ever present, ready to offer you the correction that will set you free. Be vigilant today for your Self and you will find the Kingdom within.

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Holy Spirit to Robert:
Remember why you are here. Your only meaningful purpose is to remember the Love you are. Nothing else matters because nothing else is real. You need to remember Love because you have taught yourself to forget it. You have taught yourself that you are without Love. You believe this so you perceive images of lack of Love. These appear in many different forms but they all reflect an underlying belief that you are without Love and are therefore alone. This could not be farther from the truth but your belief in separation leads you to experience separation as real.

With belief in separation comes lack of trust. It is impossible to trust what you believe is apart from you. This is why you do not trust Me, you do not trust your brothers, you do not trust the world. You see a constant need to protect yourself because you are unaware that all your needs are truly met.

You are in a process of learning that the things in the world that you thought would give you strength and safety and comfort can never satisfy you. You are learning that the forms of the world have no meaning. They are just empty shells so they could never satisfy. This is very unsettling to you because you are beginning to recognize that nothing you have valued in the past has any real value.

The circumstances you are experiencing right now are unsettling only to the extent that you have treasured form over content. Yet only the content has meaning and the only true meaning is Love. Remember that all you really want is to be the Love you are and extend It. That is how you know you are complete. You know you have Love by giving Love. You know you are Love by extending Love because in truth having and being are the same.

You have had a blessed opportunity to meet a brother in distress because of perceived loss and to answer that distress with Love. Here is true meaning. This is how you learn you are Love and that distress has no real cause. Let go of form and let the expression of Love be your goal. That is your purpose. That is how you will awaken. All your needs have already been met. As you step back and let Me guide you in each moment, you will see your completion reflected in the world.

I know you are complete. I know you are only Love. Let go and let Me show you What you are. Do not decide on your own what form you need to reflect your completion. Form is meaningless. But you believe you are in a world of form and I will guide you to the forms that reflect your completion without reinforcing belief in separation. The more you let go of your judgments about how it should look, the easier it will be for Me to show you What you are.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Remember that God is constant. Remember that God is changeless. God is peace. God is Love. God is joy. God is happiness that does not change with circumstances perceived in the world. You are only in God and of God in truth. Truth is eternal and you are eternal. You are the eternal Light of God. This is your true Home. This is your inheritance. Let What you are and Where you are return to your awareness.

Let yourself rest in God today. Let yourself receive God’s gift to you today. Let yourself remember you are God’s Son and no dream of separation can change What you are in truth. Give today to God and let yourself soak in this remembering today.

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Be Light Hearted

Be Light Hearted
Let go. Let go. Let go. This has been a daily theme for me for quite a while. The old habit of planning for the future and attempting to figure out what to do is deeply ingrained. But just like the grand canyon became a mile deep through steady wearing away, that old habit can be “worn away” with daily vigilance to step back and let peace lead the way.

I’m grateful that it doesn’t have to take a million years. I’m also grateful for the Holy Spirit’s patience to be ever present and ready to offer me guidance whenever I am willing to open the door even a little crack.

I am seeing the blessing that comes with letting go. More and more I am experiencing an easier flow of events and inspiration that helps me move through what I used to perceive as problems more easily and quickly. Problems that used to come up regularly don’t come up as often. Those circumstances that do disturb me are more quickly walked through as I accept Holy Spirit’s help. I experience more and more peace at increasingly deeper levels in my mind.

As I practice loosening the world from all I thought it was, there is less resistance and increasing gratitude for the blessings I experience. The time we had with Sharyn here last week was a steady stream of experiences that brought a sense of blessing and gratitude. It reminded me that when I am willing to let go of my own planning, I experience the blessing of being carried by the Love of God. Thank you Father for Your eternal Love.

An important lesson for me now is not to take the world too seriously. One practice that helps me with this is to consistently step back and relax. When I do this, I remember once again to choose Holy Spirit’s peace instead of the ego’s thought system of separate bodies being real.

When I do remember to practice choosing peace, the Holy Spirit is given an opportunity to enlighten my mind and bring me into a place of light heartedness. After all, the world is simply a dream and my one true function is to wake up from the dream through forgiveness or letting go of the false idea of separation. This does take time and now that is what time is for — the daily practice of opening my mind to Holy Spirit’s true perception.

I can relax now. I can remember to laugh and be light hearted instead of taking the world too seriously. Thank you Holy Spirit for always being there to help me wake up from the dream and remember that my Father and I are one. And every brother is one with God.

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