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Let the Veil Be Lifted and See Only Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Let your practice be today to let the veil be lifted. The veil of separation is not what you want to look upon and believe in. Step back and in quietness ask the Holy Spirit to lift the veil of separation so that you can see truly.

You cannot lift the veil on your own. That is why you must relax and allow the Holy Spirit to do it for you. The Holy Spirit only needs your willingness to hand everything over that you think is real. Surrender your opinions over to Him. He will show you that all the images within the realm of separation are really meaningless and nothing at all. Instead of the turmoil and churning, there is quiet. There is peace. There is simple, uncomplicated Love, a Love That has always been and always will be.

When the veil has been lifted, you see that there has been no change and no differences. You are safe and everyone is safe in God’s Love. In God’s quiet stillness lies true happiness, true peace, true joy that never ends. Let yourself choose God today.

  Today I would see as Love sees. Love does not condemn and thus it sees only innocence. Love sees no differences for Love sees only Love. Nothing else is real. Love is all inclusive because It is One. When Love guides my seeing, I feel perfectly safe. I see no opposition, no conflict, nothing that disturbs my peace. When I see with Love’s vision, my heart is filled with gratitude, for I know that I dwell in Love and can never be without it.

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The Safety of Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Remember that you are safe and that everyone is safe. You are not vulnerable weak and alone. In truth, all is joined as one united beingness of Love that is our one Identity. Let yourself soak in this remembering as you go through your day today. You are safe. Everyone is safe. Anything else is a lie and needs to be forgiven.

Take all thoughts of danger to the Holy Spirit for it to be undone. False ideas are just mistaken thoughts and nothing more. They are not true. Eternal safety is guaranteed by God. You can awaken from the dream of fear. Let go of all your false ideas of lack and vulnerability and you will know that this is true.

Let peace arise in your mind and erase all false ideas. Peace is within you. Let Holy Spirit’s gift of peace enter to every darkened corner of your mind. All it needs is your little willingness.

  Last night I had a dream in which I was about to be attacked and I was thinking about how to defend myself. Then I remembered the thought I received the night before that all fear is nothing next to the power of Love.

I started repeating that thought to myself and I woke up gently from the dream. It was a wonderful demonstration of how to awaken from the dream of the world. All I need to remember is that all fear is nothing compared to the power of Love.

Today I will focus on remembering the power of Love in all my doing. I will remember the power of Love is with me as I perceive situations and events. I walk in the power and Light of Love. Here is my safety and my Reality. All I really want is to remember Love.

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The Power and Light of Love

Robert:  Last night I woke up with the thought in my mind, “No matter how huge a fear seems to be, it is nothing compared to the power of Love. No matter how dark a fear seems to be, it is nothing compared to the Light of Love.” I repeated those thoughts in my mind, both to myself and to others I thought of. As I was saying it, waves of chills washed over me.

It is this I would remember all through the day. I still seem to walk in the world and there are still appearances that trigger a range of levels of fear in me. Most I would label as small, but it doesn’t matter what I think of them. My job is not to hide from these thoughts and emotions, but to acknowledge that they simply represent a mistaken idea of what I am and they are nothing compared to the strength and Light of Love that I really am.

I experience those fears because I am believing that I am not Love. Being wrapped up in that belief, I need help in letting it go. That is why I must take all those thoughts to the Holy Spirit and open my mind and heart to His correction. If sometimes it seems more difficult to be open to the Holy Spirit, it is only because, on some level I have hidden from myself, I want to believe that I am separate. But I am teachable. I can unlearn what I have taught myself.

There is a gentle, loving and powerful Voice in my mind that offers the gift of peace in every moment. It does not impose it upon me but offers it freely. It takes only my willingness to accept it for me to remember it is mine. Today I will practice my willingness.

In A Course in Miracles it says, “In quietness is every problem quietly resolved.” This is a very important message to me in my healing process. As I watch my mind and see that I am buying into thoughts that are not truly helpful, I can always return to quietness. In quietness the Holy Spirit comes and reverses the false thinking. I understand that thought reversal is not the job of the ego mind.

The habit of consistently going to a place of quiet truly is a powerful healing habit. At first it takes effort, because the little circular thoughts may still seem to be there. But as I offer them over or put them on God’s Altar, the Light does come and dissolves them with ease. The Light of God really does dissolve every fear thought if I am willing to put that thought on God’s Altar. The result is always peace. If I am willing to stay with that peace, many times I am brought to an even deeper level, where a deep knowing is there that only Love is real and there is nothing to fear. I am learning that I can apply this to every situation I encounter.

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Do I Want to Be Right or Happy?

Mary:  In our morning discussion, Annie Arbona said, “Do I want to be right or happy?” That has stayed with me. I really feel that sentence is like a gift from God.

When I am concerned about something happening or not happening in the dream, this sentence coming into my mind reminds me that, indeed, I am dreaming a dream and its content is not true. This helps me remember that a world of separation, separate identities, separate bodies, is just being made up in my mind. It helps me remember separation could never be true. Do I want to be right and try to make it true by reinforcing these thoughts? Or, do I want to be happy?

If I truly want to be happy, I will hand the reins over and not decide what is real on my own. I will let the Holy Spirit teach me the difference between the real and the unreal, between separation and oneness. I will let the Holy Spirit fill my heart and mind with the truth that nothing has changed the one Son of God. Nothing has ever really happened but God’s Oneness. This question, “Would I rather be right or happy?” is like a touchstone that helps lead me out of hallucinating separation and reminds me once again that only Love is real. Here is where I find peace. Thank you Annie for returning my mind to the truth.

Robert:  A Course in Miracles
tells me that forgiveness is my only function. To me this means letting go of all false images. In this letting go, I see all my brothers as part of me, the one Self that is God’s Son. Through forgiveness I disregard images of bodies and forms of all kinds. All that is really anywhere, any time is Love. That is What my brother is. That is What I am.

If I see my brother as a body, I have forgotten What I am. I cannot logically or intellectually convince myself or teach myself that the bodies and personalities I see are not real. The very fact that I think I can think on my own means that I am identifying with a false image of what I am.

I am grateful for the grace of God, which has provided a Bridge between the dream I am believing in and the truth of Heaven. My one function in the dream, then, is to bring all the images I perceive to this Bridge, the Holy Spirit, with an open heart and mind to receive His kind and gentle teaching. Only thus can I learn what is real and valuable and what is unreal and valueless. Only thus can I truly forgive.

Today is another step in the right direction. As I am walking with Jesus today, I am remembering my oneness with him. He reminds me that he is with me always and there is never anything to fear. He shows me constantly that when I put Him in charge, my life is taken care of far better than I could ever have imagined on my own. Thank you, Jesus, for holding my hand as we walk together to the truth.

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Rest in God Today

Mary:  My job is to remember that I rest in God today. This rest fills me with the truth. This rest fills me with the feeling of peace and also the feeling that I am being carried. I need not try to do this on my own. Every moment I have Help, if I am willing to accept it from the Holy Spirit. The truth is there is only on Life, the Life I live in God. From this awareness, I see that everyone is there with me. We are all the same. There are no differences. Love is. God is. And then we cease to speak.

All this comes from my willingness to remember that, indeed, I rest in God today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Christ is in everyone you see or think of, because Christ is in you. But you will not recognize the Christ anywhere while you believe bodies or form of any kind are real. Walk with Holy Spirit today and let Him help you see past bodies to the Christ in everyone. Put on your “Christ vision glasses” that help you disregard illusionary images and see the Love that is everywhere. With this you will learn of the Love in you. These “Christ vision glasses” filter out the dark, deceptive images that hide the Light of Christ so that true vision is restored to you and you will see the Son of God everywhere. Thus today can be your celebration of the Light of Christ.

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Empty Hands and an Open Heart

Mary:  On page 32 of the Manual for Teachers in A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us, “Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God’s teachers.” It also tells us, “Unity alone is not a thing of dreams. And it is this God’s teachers acknowledge as behind the dream, beyond all seeming and yet surely theirs.”

This section is very helpful to me when I lose awareness that the dream is just a dream and nothing more. I notice that when I take the dream too seriously, I can get tense and fearful. I can get wrapped up in thinking that harm could be real. This is why nurturing the habit of stepping back and allowing the Holy Spirit to take the lead is so important.

The dream does seem so real at times. I still have work to do because I still can be drawn into having opinions, which just draws me deeper into believing the dream is real. One of the most helpful things for me is, when I notice that I am tense, to just take a deep breath and relax. Just doing this helps the next step, which is an inner call for a change of mind by the Holy Spirit. Once I open to the Holy Spirit, the rest is done for me.

I cannot undo my belief in the dream. It is impossible. It is only the Holy Spirit, our one true Self, that brings Light into the false perceptions and shows me that there is nothing to fear. These false perceptions fall away easily because the Holy Spirit shows me their nothingness. Together we have a little chuckle that I once again got caught by taking the dream seriously. This is why it is so important that I allow awareness of dreaming to be applied to every situation I encounter.

Dreaming is not a sin. It is just a mistaken thought that I no longer need. I can relax now. The whole Sonship is safe in unity right now. Thank God that the truth is true and nothing else is true.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
The ego seeks to preserve itself by planning for the future. It attempts to build an illusion of safety with plans that seem to prepare for the future. Sometimes it seems like these plans are attempts to make a future different from the past. Yet because these plans are built upon beliefs and “remembered” experiences from the past, these future plans are simply the past dressed in different images. The ego’s real wish is that the future be like the past, maintaining the illusion of separation is real.

Robert: This is why it is essential that I not attempt to make any plans on my own. It is essential that I remember that of myself I do not know what anything means or what it is for. I need to come to the Holy Spirit with empty hands and an open heart to receive direction for what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom. That direction will always be some form of expression of Love in the world and thus will always be a blessing to me.

I dedicate today to be another day of practice in stepping back and letting Spirit take the lead.

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Let the Holy Spirit Be Your Interpreter

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Oneness is true. Separation is false. What you see through the body’s eyes is separation. Let the Holy Spirit show you what is beyond what the body’s eyes see. Let the Holy Spirit show you the difference between the real and the unreal.
Let the Holy Spirit lift the veil of separation to the oneness that is really there.

In truth we are one mind. There are no differences between us. There is only one mind. Little “private” minds are just the effect of believing in separation. You are now coming to a point where you are willing to understand that this is true. Today practice stepping back from what the body’s eyes are showing you. Let the Holy Spirit be the interpreter of what you see. Let the Holy Spirit help you rise above to see the Love.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Hold the Hand of peace today. Let peace guide your thoughts and your actions. When you walk with peace, it is easy to recognize disturbances as false images to be disregarded as you would a leaf falling to the ground, or a feather drifting by. It has no power to change the peace you are. When you hold the Hand of peace, you join with your Self.

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