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The Paper Bag

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Remember that in truth you rest in God today. Remember that in truth everyone rests in God eternally.

Allowing this truth to return to your mind changes the way you think and your behavior always comes from the way you think, rather than the other way around. Practice being open to receive the truth today. Ask the Holy Spirit often for the truth. You are learning to develop a new habit. You are practicing becoming as a little child and receiving the truth from the Holy Spirit. When you think you already know, the truth is not known to you. Hold Holy Spirit’s hand all through the day and follow.

The ego could not fight its way out of a paper bag because it wants the bag to be an invincible barrier. It sees the bag as its protection and safety and does not want to recognize its flimsiness. Rather, it tries to make believe that this thin paper is a stone wall that could never be breached.

I’m grateful that A Course in Miracles teaches that we have a Guide in our minds given us by God that is there to help us recognize that not only is that barrier not made of stone, it is made of nothing. It is not really a barrier at all. It is only a mistaken belief to be corrected. In Love and tenderness this Guide leads us to let go of the mistaken beliefs that bind us. It leads us to the freedom and peace given us by our Creator.

Seeing a problem, a financial barrier, a difficult relationship, a health issue or any other seeming disturbance as difficult to resolve is simply a reflection of the ego’s need to make it real in its defense against the truth. By the grace of God, the Holy Spirit does not believe in these mistaken ideas. Yet it can and does help us to let these ideas go so that we can return to the Home where we belong and have never truly left.

So whatever I perceive in front of me in the world is an opportunity for me to open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation and inspiration. With the Holy Spirit it becomes a learning opportunity in which I can learn what is real and what is not. So all the things that seem to be in front of me are simply a means for awakening. I open my mind and heart today to the Holy Spirit’s loving lessons.

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The Peace of God Is My One Goal

Follow, follow, follow. This is my lesson du jour. It is an ongoing lesson that will be the core focus for the rest of my life. It seems to be a challenging lesson because of a long established habit of thinking I know what to do on my own. This is simply the acting out of the ego’s prime tenet: seek and do not find.

Attempting to make plans on my own is really just a way of avoiding God’s Love. Thinking I know anything in the world closes the door to Holy Spirit’s inspiration. It blinds me to signals the Holy Spirit offers, not only in my thoughts, but through words and actions of others and through events. The ego thinks its boring not to try to make plans and to step back and follow. It believes it would lose control, which it would. That’s a good thing, contrary to the ego’s insistent protests in my mind.

Safety does not come through the ego’s plans. Safety comes with accepting my Home in Love. There is no other safety. Today is another day to practice stepping back and letting Spirit lead the way.

Today it is important to remember that “The peace of God is everything I want. The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life, while I abide where I am not at Home.” (Lesson 205. W-pI.205.1:2-3)

Choosing peace and allowing peace to fill my heart and mind is my anchor to allowing the truth to return to my mind. In this inner sacred place of peace, the Holy Spirit is given the opportunity to clear the cobwebs that block clear vision. Choosing peace is the same as handing the reins over to the Holy Spirit. I feel strongly that this is all that I need to focus on today. Then all that I need to remember will be given me.

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Let Peace Lead the Way

It has been interesting this morning to observe my thoughts. The ego has presented me with myriad questions, such as: What if… ? When will… ? How should I… ? How do I know… ?  These are all forms of the ego attempting to plan and make decisions on its own.

As I recognized what was going on, I had a good inner laugh at the ego’s antics. I passed on the questions to the Holy Spirit. The ego believes in relying on its little self and does not believe the Holy Spirit knows how to answer these questions. Exclusion is the ego’s rule, so of course it would exclude the Holy Spirit. But this way of thinking is a closed box that would keep me locked in a world of separation, isolation and limitation. This need not be.

A Course in Miracles tells us that the Holy Spirit sees what we see but does not believe it. Thus the Holy Spirit offers us a bridge out of the box of isolation into the freedom and peace of eternal Love. I can experience this freedom as I learn to laugh at the ego’s antics and choose to make no judgments, have no opinions of my own. As I choose to let Holy Spirit decide all things on my behalf, I choose the path to freedom. I choose to step out of the ego’s cubicle mind. I choose the Home that is my own in truth.

Today I will practice turning over all my questions to the Holy Spirit with an open mind to receive His wise and loving guidance. This is how I will awaken to the Self God created as His Son.

Yesterday we spent four hours with a builder regarding a property that is about 50 minutes north of the Orlando airport. The property is very unusual, in that the building is 10,000 sq. ft. and was built as a retreat place for missionaries of a church. It is about half finished. The builder needs to sell because of the downturn in the economy.

The property seems as though it was built for Pathways. It has a very large meeting room with several individual bedrooms with private baths. It is very private and completely enclosed by beautiful woods. It is also very close to hotels and restaurants, so many people could stay nearby while attending workshops.

The thing is that it is unfinished and would require an extensive amount of work to make it usable. We asked the builder to give us a detailed quote on what it would take to complete the work while staying within our budget. We do not know if this is feasible, but it certainly would be a beautiful location for Pathways of Light gatherings and events. It would also be great for people to take private retreats to spend time with God and rejuvenate.

After the four hours of going over every part of the facility with the builder, our heads were very full of details that are outside of our range of experience. Before going to sleep last night, we asked Spirit for insight into how we should proceed. This morning we do not have any definite answers, but we know that our job now is to step back and choose peace, and to remember that we are being carried.

The answers will come as we need them. Our job is to trust and follow. Our job is to hand over our questions to the Holy Spirit rather than to the ego. Our job is to let ourselves be led and not make decisions on our own. Our job is to choose peace and let peace lead the way. We are definitely getting a good opportunity to practice. We will keep you in touch with developments as they unfold.

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Carried by Love

This morning as I read A Course in Miracles and then go in quiet to the Holy Spirit, I am reminded to stay in the present moment. I am reminded to remember the eternal now. As I do this there is a growing feeling of peace and that all is well. I remember that I don’t have to try to figure out or do anything on my own because on my own I know nothing.

In the eternal now I am being carried. In the eternal now I rest in God. I can let go of the past and the future and be content to be right here, right now with God’s peace.

This is my opportunity today. In God’s quietness is every problem quietly resolved. In God’s quietness, I remember that there are no problems. There is only Love right now. I choose to let myself be carried by Love today. Simple, uncomplicated Love is all I need to receive and give.

There can be no conflict in Love because Love is one. Since only Love is real, if I perceive conflict, it is because I am seeing something that is not there. In Love there is no adversary, no “other.” I honor Love by seeing the Love in my brother. I teach myself that I am Love by seeing the Love in my brother.

Love is always extending Itself because that is Its nature. To be Love and have Love, I must extend Love. Today I choose to walk in Love and let Love show me the Love that is everywhere. As I see Love, I will experience the joy of Love, the peace of Love, the safety of Love, the certainty of Love. Today I choose to walk in Love and remember God.

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Receive Peace; Extend Peace.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Fear is always of the ego. Any sense of uneasiness, anxiety, worry or concern is a form of fear. Give these thoughts to Me. Let Me wash them free of guilt and return to you the limitless Love that is God’s gift. He created you without limits because He would not limit Himself.

The world was made by the ego to make limits (separation) appear real. But you can transcend the experience of limitation even as the body’s eyes appear to show you limitation. You experience freedom as you learn not to believe that there is any truth in what the body’s eyes show you.

Walk with Me today. Share My vision. I will show you the limitlessness beyond all images. I will show you the Love that is everywhere. You will learn of the Love you are. Share My vision and feel your freedom.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Remember that I am with you all through the day. I am in your mind, extending peace. As you open to My gift of peace, you will naturally extend the peace you receive. As you go through your day, focus on keeping your mind to receiving the continuous flow of peace that is yours to receive and extend. Keep today very simple by practicing only this. Receive peace; extend peace.

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Joining in Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Let peace lead the way today. With peace leading the way, it is easy to laugh at the antics of the ego. With peace leading the way, you are open to inspiration in the moment. Practice this today and watch how well it works. Let yourself feel the happiness that peace brings with it. Have a happy day.

My heart’s desire is to follow Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment. It appears that there is a decision that I categorize as “major.” (Note: All categories are of the ego.) The perception of “major” is a mechanism of the ego to make appearances seem real. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit is not deceived by appearances.

I take this perception of a major decision and place it on the Holy Spirit’s altar. I step back and notice that there still seems to be little threads attaching me to what I put on the altar. The Holy Spirit gives me a scissors and I use it to cut the threads.

I stand in peace and gratitude, feeling the strength of Holy Spirit’s presence in me. He reminds me that He knows exactly what is most helpful for all. He knows exactly what serves the plan of Atonement. He reminds me that the plan of Atonement is to return me and all my brothers to the happiness, freedom and peace that is God’s Will for the Son of God. I take time to let the awareness of Holy Spirit’s presence grow stronger.

I see Him wrapping the decision I placed on the altar in a blanket of Love. Now it appears to be like a glowing sphere and within this sphere are figures representing all who are blessed by the joining in Love that is offered in this experience. At first I see only a few people, but as I look closer, I realize that the blessing extends beyond the horizon. It has no limits because Love’s blessing is eternal.

I rest in Love’s blessing and feel its strength. I know I can trust in this strength. I feel blessed by the opportunity to participate in this joining that extends far beyond what the body’s eyes can see. Thank you, Father.

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Laugh at Fear Thoughts

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Rest in My Love. Here is your only real strength. Let Me guide your dream by not deciding anything on your own. I am here in your mind to make straight your path and clear all obstacles from your way. There are no obstacles but those you make up to interfere with your awareness of what God would have you have. I clear your way by helping you clear away the obstacles you have made.

To do this I need your help. I need your willingness to turn over to me all your thoughts and beliefs. I need your willingness to let me decide on your behalf, to let me be your interpreter of all things. Whenever you attempt to make plans on your own, you are choosing to keep obstacles between what you experience and what is the truth about you. I offer you freedom. All you need to is be willing to accept it.

Today remind yourself often, “I will step back and let Love lead the way.” This is how you allow yourself to be carried. This is how you will have a happy day.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
As you go through this time of transition, remember to laugh at fear thoughts. Fear thoughts come into your mind because you are bringing the past to the present. The past is nowhere and nothing. But when you take these thoughts seriously, you are making them real in your mind.  You can tell when this is going on by the level of tension you feel. When you are tense, you are not remembering to laugh. You are forgetting to see these thoughts as really nothing and meaningless.

As you learn to give these thoughts to Me, I then have the opportunity to show you that they are just really meaningless thoughts carried forward from the past. When these thoughts are given to me, I can show you that they are nothing and together we can laugh at the absurdity of thinking these thoughts are real.

Watch your mind for fear thoughts today and as soon as you discover them, hand them over to me for a correction in your perception. These thoughts are really insane, but it is difficult to recognize this while you are keeping them to yourself. Hand them over right away and you will shorten the time of struggle and pain. As we join together in looking at everything in your world, we will laugh frequently together. The dream grows gentler and smoother as we practice not taking the dream so seriously. Surrendering your dream offers Me the opportunity to bring you the happy dream where we see past illusions to the truth.

Giving all your experiences in time to Me is worth the effort. It is worth the vigilance. Seeing the ego for what it is is our purpose now. For when we see that it is truly meaningless, we can chuckle at the absurdity of its ideas. Let’s let today be another day of practice in joining with Me in everything you think and do. This vigilance will pay big dividends in your transition from bondage to freedom. You are moving from the caterpillar stage to the freedom of the butterfly. Let’s celebrate this transition together now as you practice every step.

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