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Let Today Be Quiet to Become Aware of Love’s Presence

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let today be quiet. In God’s quietness you become aware of Love’s Presence. Let today be a practice in being open to Love’s Presence. Let yourself become aware of Love’s Presence. Love is in everyone and everything. Allow yourself to recognize the Love that is truly there. Let Love’s Presence wash through your mind, cleaning out unhelpful ideas. Let Love’s Presence fill you with peace. Focus on this and everything else will take care of itself as you go through your day.

Simple, uncomplicated Love heals all things, all concerns, whether you realize it or not. Let the veil to the awareness of Love’s Presence be lifted and you will see that you are immersed in Love. As you take It in and really receive It, Love will be all that you extend. For you see, there is nothing else. God’s is right there, in your mind, ready to be received and extended.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Pause frequently today to remember peace. In peace you are receptive to My lead. When you start trying, struggling or pushing, you are relying on your own strength, which is really nothing, because you are not on your own. That is why you feel stress. When you notice you are relying on your own strength, pause for peace.

This practice will carry you lightly and gently through the day. The ego would tell you that this is a waste of time; you need to keep working. But a pause for peace saves time. It attunes you to My lead, which always is the most direct route to the fulfillment of your purpose. This is all you really want. This is where you find happiness. Pause for peace.

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I’m Willing to Be of Service, Holy Spirit

  I hear the Truly Helpful prayer when I get quiet and go to Spirit today. When I ask, “Where would you have me go?” Holy Spirit says, “You are right where you belong, right now. You are there.”

What would you have me do? is the next question. the answer that comes is, be of service, do your payroll today, bookkeeping, and whatever else I send your way. If you will just keep asking me throughout the day as to what I would have you do, I will gladly tell you.

Where would you have me go? Holy Spirit says, “You are already there. Just stay put and be of service to whomever I place in front of you.”

What would you have me say is the next question. And Holy Spirit says, “When you remain conscious every minute of my guidance and allow me to speak through you, only words of love will be spoken, whether its on the telephone or in person to anybody. 

The next question, and to whom would be anyone I would send your way. Be aware always that anyone and everyone that is placed before you is there for a reason and is sent by me. Just love them and see them as one in the Mind of God as you are. See yourself joined with everyone you look upon. Be in peace and go about your day.” Amen.

  We are getting this house prepared to sell. Because the house was built in 1959, there are many areas that need attention. When we ask Spirit about the renovation, this is what comes.

Holy Spirit:
  In the dream, it looks like you need to upgrade the electrical, the flooring, the kitchen and bathrooms. It is helpful to remember as you move into this renovation, that it is not just about preparing the house to sell. It is about the mind healing and reinforcing the habit of following and not deciding on your own. It is about relationships and connecting with the people that I will bring to you. It is about extending peace and love to everyone you come in contact with. So as you go through this time of renovation, remembering that the real renovation is happening in your joined minds, remember that you are joined with Me and that you are joined with the Holy Spirit in every brother. The renovation in the physical world again is just symbol of the real renovation that is happening in your mind.

So move forward with the renovation, remembering that it is your lab time. Remember that you are getting the opportunity to let your mind be renovated by the Holy Spirit as you walk through each step of this physical renovation. Keep checking in with Me as you go, as often as needed. Pay attention to your level of peace. Are you worrying about anything? As soon as you catch it, hand it over to Me. Open your mind to Me and let Me fill your mind with the healing Light of God’s peace and Love. Move forward in peace.

  I feel like I’m more excited about the shifts that are happening within than I am about the idea of moving to Florida. I feel like I’m in the midst of fertile ground for growth. I am gaining so much from this process, with much more to come, that if Holy Spirit were to say down the road, “That was just an exercise, now there’s another plan,” and we end up someplace else, it wouldn’t matter to me. What I’m getting from all of this is that the outer form never matters. Its the purpose we give it. If the purpose given it is to practice joining with Holy Spirit and all our brothers, there will always be great joy and fulfillment.

In the joining, Love is recognized and Love is all that matters. My heart is filled with gratitude. There can be no greater joy than to fulfill my part in Holy Spirit’s plan of awakening.

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A Healed Mind Does Not Plan

  In Lesson 135 we are told, “A healed mind does not plan.” Considering how easily and frequently I shift into planning mode, It’s clear that I have plenty of room for mind healing. The good news is that mind healing is what this whole exercise of moving is for. Before the idea of moving, I wasn’t aware of how much I try to plan on my own. Now it seems as if there is a big magnifying glass that is showing me the myriad ways I engage in planning. It is almost hilarious when I honestly look at my attempts to plan with no meaningful information. The arrogance to think that with no information I have any basis on which to plan.

The only reason I could think that my planning is useful is that I think the past has taught me something I can use. The Course is clearly teaching me that the past is meaningless and that if I want a happy future I need only accept the present as it is. The ego resists this idea with all its tricks because, were the idea accepted, it would be death to the ego.

As we have been going through this practice of following Holy Spirit’s lead with the idea of moving to Florida, I feel that big changes are happening in my mind. At this point I can’t put words to it, but the feeling is uplifting, like I am letting go of long held chains. My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement.

I believe I have only just begun to taste the potential for peace and happiness that will come from this practice. It motivates me to keep taking the time to check in with Holy Spirit for reality checks. I’ve tasted enough to know that I want more and I know the means is not of my own making. Holy Spirit is eternally with me to guide me to the happiness that God wants for me.

Holy Spirit:
  The importance of keeping your attention on the present moment cannot be over emphasized. Remember I am in charge of time when you follow Me. Remember I can see how what you do affects everyone and everything throughout time. When you trust in My plan you are trusting in Wisdom far beyond what you have allowed yourself to accept. In truth it is your wisdom, but you have denied it. Let Me be your bridge between what you believe you are and what you have always been, unchanged and unchangeable.

You have put yourself in a position to have concentrated practice in focusing on the present moment because you are willing. It is true that you forget a lot, but congratulate yourself that you are remembering more and more. You are indeed on a journey of awakening by your own choice. By your willingness you will awaken. It is inevitable.

Take comfort in this. It will help you with your patience. I have infinite patience with you because I know that you are already safe in Love. Your patience with yourself will make your journey easier. Impatience is just another word for judgment. It is just another ego ploy to keep you identified with belief in separation.

So see your relapses into self-planning simply as another opportunity to practice bringing your plans to Me and opening your mind to the Light I shine on them. Together we will see the meaningful and disregard the meaningless. And your joy will be complete.

  A while back I heard that Gandhi said something like, “There is so much to do that I will need to spend twice as much time in quiet listening.” That is how I feel right now. Without the Holy Spirit, this indeed seems like a daunting job. But what I am seeing is that when I listen to the Holy Spirit, it looks and feels much easier. The Holy Spirit stays in the present moment and directs us in how to deal with right now. I am seeing that if I stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, the future will take care of itself. I don’t need to worry about what is happening next month or next year.

In my experience, the Holy Spirit focuses on how to be truly helpful right now in the present moment. The Holy Spirit focuses on teaching me to accept God’s gifts of peace and joy in the present moment. As I practice opening to God’s peace, I naturally extend God’s peace. And the inspiration I need at the time will be there naturally. Trust that the future will take care of itself comes naturally.

As we walk through this process day by day, I am seeing how important it is to let go of what I no longer need. As we just focus on letting go of what we no longer need, the way is prepared for what is coming next. Right now I am so grateful to remember that I know nothing, but that I have a very wise inner Teacher That is leading me step by step.

As we continue to do this each day, my trust is growing stronger. My willingness to let go of the past and the future is growing stronger. I love this school we are in and wouldn’t miss a day of it.

Holy Spirit:
  I am going to remind you again and again that this is a dream and that you are in Heaven now. You want to be taken to the truth. Well, this is the truth. The world seems so real to you as you look out through the body’s eyes. You need Me to remind you that you are still as God created you and that time and space are but illusions.

Remembering this frequently is very calming and brings you to a place of receiving God’s peace with greater ease. Continue to give time to quiet listening frequently throughout your day. These quiet time will bring you great gifts and save much time in your awakening process. The ego does not value sitting still and quieting your mind. But this is how you receive the Holy Spirit. This is how you receive God’s gifts.

Take time to receive these gifts. It will shorten your need for time immeasurably. It will bring you true and lasting happiness, which is what you really want. Give time to Me. I know how to make use of it for your awakening.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Letting Holy Spirit Be My Interpreter

  As we prepare for the move, there are many who offer advice with the intent of being helpful. This advice may be inspired by the Holy Spirit. Or it may be an attempt to use past learning as a defense. My job in this process is to practice maintaining my connection with the Holy Spirit in my mind to let Him be my interpreter. I do believe that one way the Holy Spirit brings guidance to me is through the voices of others. But it is important that I allow time and listen for the Holy Spirit’s discernment.

Sometimes we have brainstormed ideas of things to do. This can be a good way to help me break free from old habits of thinking. The key for me is to not get swept up in the enthusiasm of brainstorming and leave Holy Spirit in the dust. The Holy Spirit knows that time is not real and is never in a hurry. I have all the time I need to step back, calm my mind and open to Holy Spirit’s vision. This practice will keep the way smooth.

Holy Spirit:
  Let yourself be carried. No effort is required on your part, only vigilance to keep your mind attuned to Me. With this vigilance, your way is smooth. Be wary of a sense of hurry. Hurry comes from belief in time and must therefore be of the ego. Move in ease. As you take each step with Me, you will see how My plan always leads to greater happiness and greater peace.

  I see right now that my job is to step back and wait on Holy Spirit’s direction. There are so many things to do that I don’t know where to start first. That’s a good thing. It is time for me to recognize again that on my own I do not know. Now is the time for me to rest in God a little while.

Holy Spirit:
  It is helpful now to remember that this is a dream. It is helpful now to remember that you are still as God created you. You are still safe in Heaven, at Home in God, now and always. Remembering helps you put the world in perspective. The world of unique bodies is indeed a dream. All you want is to be truly helpful. All you want is to serve Holy Spirit’s plan and not make plans on your own.

This requires stepping back often and allowing the truth of your reality to come into your awareness. This helps greatly in clearing out the clutter in your mind. This helps put everything into its proper perspective. This helps you ask of everything, “What is it for? Is this in Holy Spirit’s plan or am I making plans on my own for my own defense?”

Remember to give time for quiet and rest. Let yourself rest in God. Let the Holy Spirit manage your time. The Holy Spirit will take out all useless endeavors and bring you to the awareness of what is truly important. Give mind healing time. And what is truly needed will unfold in a beautiful and simple way, with no efforting. Give time to rest in God.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Today I Will Be Still and Listen

  Yesterday we did some more clearing out of closets. We even discovered some things we didn’t remember we had. It felt good to do this clearing, letting go of what no longer serves. I’ve talked before about my pack rat tendencies. I’m seeing more clearly how this is a defense against an uncertain future. It is saying that I don’t trust God’s Love. Yet what could be more certain that God’s eternal Love? This moving process is an amazing lab assignment for the practice of trusting in my Source of strength. Each day it seems like a joyous step forward toward the Light of Heaven.

Today I hold this prayer in my heart: Holy Spirit, guide my thoughts today. Help me to disregard old meanings from the past that I may be tempted to use as the basis for interpreting the present. Help me to feel your strength and comfort. Help me to feel your certainty and to see your certainty everywhere. Today I would serve your plan and only your plan because I know that in truth it is my plan. It is my means of reaching the Light.

  Today I will be still and listen. Today I will practice resting in God’s healing Light. Today I will be patient and follow. This is how I will allow true and lasting happiness into my life.

When so many things are going on in the outer world, I need to be vigilant to allow time to let my mind quiet and listen. Otherwise I can easily get caught up in all the many activities that come with making a move. I trust that the Holy Spirit is leading me toward the perfect circumstances for my healing and the healing of the Sonship. Let me remember today that only Love is real.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Letting Myself Be Led in the Present Moment

1-31-08 Messages

  Right now I feel this whole “move to Florida” is an exercise in staying in the present moment and listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have carried with me such a habit of planning for the future on my own. The lesson Holy Spirit is leading me through is to let myself be led in the present moment.

For example, early this morning I thought that maybe it would be good to start working on clearing out things in the back office. When I went to Spirit with it, Spirit showed me a better way. We have still not finished clearing the top shelves of our bedroom closet. Spirit recommended that this be done first and take the things we don’t need to Goodwill. It will provide the space that will be needed for things from the back office. We are going to paint the back office so the whole room will need to be cleared out.

Holy Spirit:
  Consider every day your lab time in Holy Spirit’s school of awakening from the dream. In truth there is no past and there is no future. You are learning now to stay in the present moment and listen to your Teacher Who will teach you what is best for the present moment as you step back and listen.

Your confidence will build day by day as you will see that it works so beautifully. As your confidence grows, your habit of stepping back and listening for guidance will be strong and clear. Your trust will be strong. Your levels of peace and joy will blossom as you realize you are in Holy Spirit’s garden.

Remember daily, hourly, that you do not know, but inside there is your Teacher Who does know. Let yourself be taught moment by moment and you will be brought to the awareness of Love’s Presence. You will return to Heaven.

  I have had a habit of seeing that something needs to be done and jumping in and doing what I think it is. There are two problems with this approach. First when I’m in this mode, I’m not stepping back and listening to Spirit’s lead. I’m fully engaged in my own plan. Second, the habit of doing it myself limits what can be accomplished to what I can do myself. There are old ego thoughts in the back of my mind like, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” “It needs to be done now so I need to do it.” 

There is another more subtle hidden agenda. I’ve observed that if I pass on the project to someone else, I don’t get the feeling of accomplishment when it’s done. These are examples of the ego’s insanity, self-centered focus and limited thinking. Who’s in charge here? This attitude is not an attitude of service to the whole. It keeps me in a box, slows me down and limits the fulfillment that comes with serving Holy Spirit’s plan and awakening to Love.

The lab time that the move to Florida provides is an opportunity for me to practice living with a different attitude, an attitude of accepting help. It starts with accepting Holy Spirit’s help. I see that my unwillingness to have others help with projects is an outer effect of unwillingness to accept Holy Spirit’s help. Once again the world is always a reflection of my thoughts. Because of these old habits I need to be very vigilant to maintain an openness to Holy Spirit’s guidance and not go off into planning on my own.

Holy Spirit:
  You have often observed that your best time management occurs when you step back and let Me lead the way. You have given yourself an opportunity now to practice this again and again, day by day, hour by hour. In your heart you want to learn this lesson well. So you have put yourself in the perfect classroom to learn it.

There are many, many benefits you do not yet see that will come from this practice. It is part of expanding your circle of inclusion, of joining with many who share your dedication to awakening and helping your brothers do the same. You will experience great joy in this joining. The fulfillment you have felt from accomplishment of your individual projects will be eclipsed by the joy and gratitude of experiencing the helpfulness that comes with joining.

The Pathways of Light courses provide tools to help people awaken from the dream and help them help others awaken. The practice of accepting Holy Spirit’s help and accepting the help of “others” with the move to Florida is setting the stage for developing more helpful tools for awakening from the dream. The exercise of moving to Florida as a practice for following Holy Spirit’s lead is preparation for an expanded level of helpfulness.

Listen, follow, accept and trust. This is how you open to the expression of God’s limitless abundance.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Give Your Day to God

Yesterday we took our first load of “stuff” to a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. By emptying those shelves, it made a clear and open space for storing the things that are still needed in our service to Spirit. It felt so good to let go of what we did not need and pass it on to someone who has use for it. I think this is symbolic of our need to make room for God. At times the world crowds in so strongly that it seems that there is no time left to be still and listen. If my mind is too filled up with worldly concerns, it is not open to receive what God has to give.

It is amazing the many gifts this move is offering that I did not foresee. Cleaning closets has not been at the top of my most favorite things to do. But now that I am doing it, it is bringing me a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Holy Spirit:
As you go through your day, give your day to God. Allow it to unfold as God would have it be. It will be filled with peace. It will be filled with trust. It will be filled with Love. Follow each moment and trust in the Holy Spirit’s plan, not your own.

  I am seeing the value and blessing that comes with being willing to step back and follow Holy Spirit’s lead. The Holy Spirit is in our minds to bring us God’s gifts of peace and Love and happiness. Choosing to ignore the Holy Spirit in my mind is choosing against peace, Love and happiness. With this recognition, the insanity of choosing not to listen and follow is obvious.

The day by day, moment by moment practice of following and not deciding on my own is becoming more and more motivating. The appeal of the gifts that come with following are incentives to keep practicing. I like having peaceful days. I like being happy. I like not having to struggle.

I’m not sure I could say that I follow Holy Spirit as much as 50% of the time. I have a well established habit of believing in my own ability to solve problems. The temptation to shift into “mister fix it” mode is ever present. But I catch myself more quickly now. I am teachable. I am learning that I like the results better when I follow Holy Spirit instead of the plans I make on my own. When I follow Holy Spirit, it is always a joy ride. I am willing to keep practicing.

Holy Spirit:
  Stay in ease. Stay in peace. This is how you keep your communication open to receive My inspiration. When there is a sense of struggle or difficulty, it is a sure sign that you are defending against the images of the world and have closed your mind to My lead. By staying mindful of your condition of ease and peace, you can quickly step back from defenses and open your mind once again to my gentle guidance. Hold to ease and peace today and it will be a happy day.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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