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Who Is My Interpreter?

Holy Spirit to Mary:
You want to wake up from the dream of separation. You want to accept the truth. To do this, you must be willing to lay the story down, for the story is not true. The dream of separation from your Source could never be true. Your eternal Spirit is what is true.

Trying to fix the problems in the dream is never the answer. It will not bring you what you want. As you get involved in fixing one problem, there is always another one that follows it. In the ego’s world, the problems are endless, because conflict is what keeps the ego’s “life” going. The answer that truly works comes as you are willing to lay the ego’s stories down.

As you are willing to open your mind to receive the peace of your true Self, the way is made for you to feel the truth of your reality. As you allow the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace to be received more and more, the ego stories automatically fall away. They become meaningless. The peace and joy you feel contain all meaning and the inner knowing that you are eternally free is present in your mind.

Let yourself receive this gift today. Your true Self is always present in your mind, waiting to return your mind to the truth. As you are willing to get off the merry-go-round of separation, in quietness, you see that the Truth is eternally there. There is no efforting. There is only peace. You have your answer and you are saved.

Yesterday it seemed that some things went wrong: The sewer backed up and my email stopped working in the middle of a large email project. The ego would label these as “wrong” because they weren’t in the “plan.” These events were neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. How I interpreted them depended upon whose hand I was holding.

To the ego it meant it is time to rally the defenses and interpret it as an attack, an interference with the plan. The ego quickly set about trying to figure out how to fix the circumstances quickly and get on with the plan. But because the circumstances were perceived by the ego as an adversary, this approach was not peaceful. It brought with it tension, impatience and frustration.

But when I was willing to step back and allow the Holy Spirit to be my interpreter, the events and circumstances were no longer seen as opponents. I could relax in peace. The events did not change, but my perception of them did. In peace I could let the means for resolving the situations come to mind. Not only did I relax and feel greater peace, but the solutions started falling into place. The sense of conflict dissolved. It was a good demonstration to me that I give everything all the meaning it has for me.

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The Peaceful Present

Over and over A Course in Miracles reminds me that peace is my natural state. It is a condition of Love, which is What I was created to be. Peace is eternally present in the now moment. To experience it I only need to stop trying to overlay the past on the present. In other words, I only need to forgive or let go of the past. This is why the central theme of the Course is forgiveness.

All my attempts to hold on to the past prevent me from experiencing the peaceful present that is always here. Today I will continue my practice of paying attention to my level of peace and offering any perception of disturbance to the Holy Spirit with a mind open to receive His vision. This is how I open the way to experience my natural state of peace.

Am I willing to receive God’s peace today? I have to be honest and recognize the fact that if I am not receiving God’s peace, it is because I am choosing the ego’s thoughts instead.

Today is a wonderful opportunity to practice accepting God’s peace instead of the ego’s constant flow of turmoil and conflict. Today it is my choice. Today is a day of being willing to put peace first. I will receive the effect of my choice every minute.

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A Journey to Peace

This morning I recognize that I am in a mind training program. In this program I am the student and the Holy Spirit is the Teacher. My job as the student is to be still and listen. As I observe my thoughts, I see that they jump around a lot. It’s like trying to herd cats. The thoughts seem to go off in all kinds of directions. As I watch these thoughts with Holy Spirit, I see how much I need this inner mind training program.

I ask the Holy Spirit, “Why does this seem so difficult?” The Holy Spirit responds by asking me to just soften, let go and relax. The Holy Spirit brings a picture to my mind of being under a waterfall of Light. My job is simply to relax and let the Light into my mind. The Light does the healing. My efforting does nothing. I am encouraged to relax and let go even further.

There before me is a very straight and smooth road. On both sides of the road are beings of Light that encourage me to go down this road and trust where it takes me. I take a few hesitant steps. I take my time. With each step there is a growing feeling of peace. I relax even more as I continue and enjoy this wonderful feeling of peace. The idea of anything being “outside” is growing dimmer. This gentle feeling of peace grows larger and larger as I continue.

I find myself taking a deep breath and relaxing even more. I realize that I do not need to effort or “try” to continue down this path. It feels like I am being very gently carried. The pace feels very gentle. There is a growing feeling that all is well. The little concerns I have carried with me very gently fall away. As they fall away, I realize that I do not feel a sense of loss with their going. I love this feeling.

There is a growing sense of trust that every lesson that comes my way is there for my healing. I want the healing so I am willing to continue on. I know that as I continue on that the world of separation is gently falling away. I am being shown that this is safe and that there really is no loss.

I experience a feeling of resting in this place of peace and comfort. As I rest here, it feels even more comfortable. The quiet feels comfortable. The ease and simplicity of this state of mind feels comfortable. There is no sense of scurrying around… only quietness. I look back and look forward and it all is the same. The idea of differences and constant change is gently falling away.

I realize that I like it here in this quietness. It feels like I am coming to my true Home after wandering in the wilderness for many years.

I now realize that I cannot really lose this path peace. It is always there in my mind to return to if I find myself wandering away again. I realize that it is my choice to accept this path. I realize that I need this mind training and that my willingness is growing. The peace I feel immersed in is so uplifting and comforting. It is so restful. I see what A Course in Miracles means when it says that “health is inner peace.” I feel great gratitude to my inner Teacher for leading me on this inward journey, this inward place of rest and peace. This is all I need and I am willing to accept this gift that is always there for me now.

Holy Spirit to Robert: 
Choose to walk in peace today. It is the way you open your mind and heart to the guidance of Love. Let this day be a day in which Love leads the way.

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You Are Safe in Love

Holy Spirit to Robert: 
The ego fears change. That is why it fears the “unknown.” It fears Love because the ego cannot know Love, being the rejection of Love. The ego fears the future because it is “unknown.” This is why the ego is so insistent on making plans. The ego’s plans are defenses against change. They are attempts to make the future like the past. This is the essence of unforgiveness. The ego’s plans always keep fear and guilt in place while trying to give the impression that it is protecting you from fear and guilt.

The only way to be free of fear and guilt is to let go of the past. In other words, to forgive. As you let go of the past, you free yourself to experience the holy present, where only Love resides. Here in the eternal now you find your Self; you find Love; you find God. Free of the past, the “future” is an eternal extension of now, an eternal extension of Love. This is your Inheritance given you by God. Forgive the past and accept It now.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Observe your thoughts today. Ask yourself frequently, “Am I holding the hand of the ego or holding the Hand of the Holy Spirit with these thoughts?” Practice not giving the ego thoughts credence. You remain pure Spirit as God created you. This applies to everyone around you and everyone you think of.

Let yourself remember that nothing could ever really happen to change God’s one Son as God created Him. The false ideas that made the dream of separation are just that — false ideas of separation that could never be true. This will help you not take these ideas too seriously. This will help you rest in God’s Love, remembering that it is only God’s Love That could ever be real.

You are safe in God’s Love, no matter what dream thoughts of separation may pass through your mind. You are safe. You are innocent. You are Love. You are Home.

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In Peace Is Every Concern Quietly Resolved

Holy Spirit to Robert:  You have said that you want to awaken. Your awakening seems to be gradual and take time only because your dedication to awakening is not wholehearted. You still think there are things in the world that are valuable. The appearance of delay and of awakening seeming to take time does not matter in eternity. God knows you remain has He created you and He has not changed His mind. But delay while you believe you are in time simply prolongs the pain that comes with belief that you are separate from Love.

I am always here in your heart and mind to help you see what is valueless and what is valuable. I will never leave you comfortless. I need only your willingness to see differently. When you offer Me that willingness, I can offer you the gift of true perception in exchange. Thus will you learn where lasting value lies.

Let today be another day of practice of bringing all your perceptions to Me for interpretation. This willingness opens your heart and mind to learning what you cannot teach yourself. I will teach you the way to freedom and to happiness. That is My only function. Walk and see with Me today and you will learn of your true Self. Together we will move gently forward on the quiet journey Home.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  No matter what concerns come up, hand them over to your Source of peace within for healing. Go to your Source of peace within frequently today. Let your mind and heart fill to overflowing with peace. Let peace take over your mind and fill it with Light. And from this Source of Light is every concern quietly resolved.

Your Source of peace is unending. It will never fail you. It has all your answers for every concern that seems to come your way. Health is inner peace. Happiness is inner peace. Accept the peace that is yours now and for eternity.

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The Light of Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Clinging to illusions keeps you in bondage. Letting go of illusions sets you free. It is your choice that you make today.

Would you let the veil be lifted today? Your true Self is there to lift the veil when you ask and you will see beyond illusions to the truth. Let the truth be yours today. You are not the victim of the false ideas of the ego. You are merely holding on to them for dear life. Today, practice stepping back and allowing the truth to be returned to your mind. This will bring you peace. This will bring you everlasting happiness.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Arise, oh Son of God. Lift high the Light of Love. Look within to see a purer Light that, when released, extends to all the universe. Know that you are that Light. Have confidence in that Light, for it brings you all healing. It gives you all joy and makes you aware that this truly is Heaven. Arise, oh Son of God.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Joy comes to a grateful heart, and Love is the way you walk in gratitude. Let the Love in you show you the Love that is everywhere around you. Thus will you live in joy.

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Rest in God

Holy Spirit to Robert:  Happiness is an attribute of Love. Peace is an attribute of Love. Let Love be your Guide today. Love will show you Love, both in the calls for Love and in the expressions of Love. Love is the only means of true communication, for Love always joins in Oneness. Open your heart to Love today and you will see it everywhere.

Self to Annie:
  Look with Spirit at everything, and you will see unimaginable beauty and innocence. You will hear a song of Love and your heart will burst with the joy of your own heart. This is a divine invitation and, when you accept it, you will experience the wind of Heaven. Let grace show you the “world” you have before you. Let grace give you the experience of true happiness.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Let peace flow through you like a river. As peace flows through you, it guides you in every part of your day. You feel happiness that is beyond this world and an inner contentment that nothing can destroy. The outer world is seen through the eyes of peace. The veil is lifted and you see that nothing has happened to change God’s one Son. Here is your happiness. Here is your joy that is eternal.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  Resting in God does not mean doing nothing. When you are at rest, you seem to sit and let the world stop for a while. Resting in God means simply allowing the list of “things to do” to gently fall away. Resting in God means simply taking a minute to come to Me to guide your next step. Resting in God means to simply live with the peace and Love and guidance from our brother Jesus. Jesus always appears to be resting. It has nothing to do with physicality. It has everything to do with the mind.

Allowing your mind to rest, which is to slow down, means simply to stop the rushing, stop the to-do list and live in the moment. Jesus will show you how to live happily in the moment, if you just take his hand and see his blessings in everyone and everything around you. Holding the hand of Jesus will bring all situations to peace. Holding the hand of Jesus will help you realize that, if what you are looking at is not of beauty, it is not real.

Walk through your day with Jesus today and constantly ask yourself, “How would Jesus see this?” You will not experience stress, tension or anger, because Jesus would not see it that way. Resting in God means simply allowing anxieties to fall away while being aware of walking with your brother Jesus. He is always with you. Remember this.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Experiencing the Light within, you are finding all peace and Love, the essence of your eternal Spirit. If you remain focused on this Light within, there is no need to guard against fear, anger, stress or any other thing.

You need merely remind yourself at intervals to go back to your eternal Source for peace and guidance as to what your next step should be. If you go through your day stepping back to seek the Light within, your day is full of Light. Your world and everything around you is filled with the Light of Love. You have joy unending.

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