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Peace On Earth. Goodwill Towards All Men

Mary:  As I let my mind quiet and ask for inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I hear the words, “Peace on earth. Goodwill towards all men.” The way I receive peace is to very quietly allow peace to fill my mind. As I receive peace, I naturally extend peace. I am naturally led to seeing the truth beyond the false images of the world. The constant truth of God’s peace is always there to receive and extend as I am willing to become aware of it. I am learning that this is the true meaning of Christmas.

The Spirit of Christ is always very quiet and is filled with a joy that does not come and go with the earth’s constantly changing scenarios. Peace is the gift I am willing to receive and give. Amen.

  The face of Christ is a symbol for the recognition of innocence in all our brothers. In truth we are one Self. There is no “other” to see. But while we believe we are in a world of separate bodies, we need a symbol that represents the recognition that everyone is in truth Love and nothing else. Everyone is in truth innocent. And most importantly, that “everyone” includes ourselves.

For many it seems the hardest to forgive is ourselves. And so we practice forgiving what appears to be “others” and gradually we recognize that when we forgive others, we are forgiving ourselves. In truth the appearance of others is simply a reflection of our own beliefs, an outward projection of an inward condition. As we learn to see the face of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit in our minds, we learn to see all things as Holy Spirit sees. Christ is reborn in our minds each time we look past appearances in form to see innocence and eternal Love.

Let this season be a reminder to renew our vigilance to see all things through Holy Spirit’s vision. Thus will Christ be born again within.

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Being Open to Holy Spirit in the Present Moment

Robert and Mary: For the past two weeks we have focused on preparing for our move to Florida. We are making sure we have a plentiful supply of courses, CD’s, DVD’s, catalogs and Miracles News magazines for Sharyn to fill orders and send out catalog requests that come in daily. We are also continuing with the translation of the ministerial training courses into Spanish as well as working on the audio book by Rev. Myron Jones, the workshop CD’s by Regina Dawn Akers and Laurent Levy and the workshop DVD’s by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera.

It now looks like in mid January we will drive to Orlando and follow Holy Spirit’s lead in the moment to find a place that will serve His purpose. Janell Renshaw, who is taking the Pathways of Light ministerial program, is helping us to find locations to check out in the Orlando/St. Cloud area.

This journey continues to be a practice in holding my mind open to the Holy Spirit’s lead. There have been several times in our life when we were led to significant changes in our outer circumstances. In the midst of these changes, we did not have full awareness of how they would unfold over time. In retrospect, these times of change were milestones that marked wonderful openings and expansion in our growth. It feels like this is one of those times.

There are inklings that seem to indicate that what lies ahead is far greater and more joyous than we can conceive of in the present moment. It is not our job to decide what it will look like. It is our job to be open in the present moment to be guided in what to do and when. The underlying feeling is one of great joy and I am grateful. 

The lesson that I am learning through all of this that comes back again and again is to be open to Holy Spirit in the present moment. The Holy Spirit knows that there is no future and there is no past, but only the eternal now. I often forget this and so I need a gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit that the eternal now in God is all there is. When I let myself be reminded of this, I feel great peace and a quiet inner happiness.

With Holy Spirit, I am invulnerable. Without Holy Spirit, I feel lost and uncertain. The lesson that comes back again and again is a lesson in trust. Everything is unfolding perfect order. I may not know all the steps ahead of time. But of this I am sure: When I am willing to step back, peace and certainty fills my mind and I know that everything is unfolding in perfect order.

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A Benefactor Helps Us Go to Florida

Yesterday we received a call from someone who is enthusiastic about the Pathways of Light courses and the service to awakening Pathways of Light provides through its web site and Miracles News magazine. He asked how it was going and if the Pathways of Light property had sold yet. We told him that we were considering renting a place in the Orlando area while we still have the property here in Kiel. We were looking for a signal from Spirit for our next step. We wanted to know His plan. We were concerned about adding the cost of renting to Pathways’ monthly expenses.

After some discussion with this benefactor, he offered to make a donation that would be enough to help us take the next step toward establishing a presence in Florida. We went to Spirit and felt a clear confirmation that with this help, we could proceed with renting a place in Florida.

This morning we spent some time with Spirit, asking about the timing of taking this next step. Rev. Sharyn Zenz has already assured us that if we had everything ready for her, she could maintain the daily operations of the office in Wisconsin. We see that there is still much to do to prepare for this, such as producing and mailing the next “Miracles News” magazine, building an inventory of courses, CD’s, DVD’s, etc., and preparing the computer system to be able to coordinate long distance. This will probably take the rest of December. At this time it looks like we may make our move to Florida in early to mid January.

We know one thing that will make the move smooth and that is that we make no decisions on our own. This is wonderful “lab time” in the practice of listening to the Holy Spirit’s direction in each present moment.

We know that many of you have been asking and wondering how this move will unfold. We are excited to announce that indeed the next step has become clear. We would like to express again our gratitude to this angel benefactor who showed up at the perfect time to help us move forward with Holy Spirit’s plan. We will continue to share developments with you as they unfold and we are grateful to all of you who share the one goal of awakening to the truth by removing the barriers to Love’s presence, day by day.

As we remain vigilant in opening our minds to the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace, we know that the perfect answers show up at the appropriate time. We are realizing that we all are being carried as we continue to follow, moment by moment. We give thanks for our shared journey of awakening with all of you. We know that we continue to receive Holy Spirit’s blessing by extending His blessing.

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Letting Go of the Past and Future

Robert:  Peace is always present, now. If I am not experiencing peace, then my thoughts are focused on the past. It may even seem like I am thinking about the future. But since the future does not exist, I can only make up stories about the future based upon my perceived past.

Forgiveness, or letting go of the past, is how I clear the way for the peace of now to return to my awareness. If I experience uncertainty about the future, it is because I do not trust the present to extend its peaceful blessing eternally. And so I am trying to drag the past into the future. Since the past in my memory is only a hodge podge of bits and pieces of incomplete perception, it is impossible to use the past to construct a certain future.

But when I allow myself to let go of the past and open my mind to the eternal Love and peace and joy in the present, I feel the certainty of God. Here I rest. I let go of the constant analyzing and planning and I gratefully put the future in God’s Hands. I need plan for nothing. I need only rest in God. As I rest in Love, I have complete confidence that I am cared for completely. No harm can come to me but only blessing. Today I dedicate to resting in Love. Love will guide my way, step by step, with what to do and what to say. I am willing.

  Today, I let the stillness of Heaven fill my heart. Today I open my mind to receive Holy Spirit’s gifts of peace and Love and joy.

Today I let myself be carried. I stop frequently to step back and receive Holy Spirit’s inspiration. Today I would remember that God is happiness and therefore my true being is happiness. I would let God’s happiness fill my heart and mind. And I give thanks.

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You Are Safe In the Mind of God

What Mary received: Now is the time to remember that you are safe in the Mind of God. Now is the time to remember that you have never left your holy Home in Heaven. Now is the time to remember that fearful dreams may come and go, but that you are not the dream. Now is the time to remember that you have an inner Teacher Who will lead you out of the fearful dream if you will only be quiet and listen.

In quietness is every problem quietly resolved. Put out the “welcome mat” to your true Self. Let your mind be opened and the false ideas be removed. Let the healing waters of peace and joy wash through your mind.

This is the way you can be truly helpful in a world that still clings to the fearful dreams of separation and lack. You can be helpful today by sticking to the truth. You help every brother in the dream by stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit lead the way. In this way you are doing your part in helping the Sonship awaken from the dream of separation.

What Robert received:
Nothing in the world will bring you peace nor lasting happiness. But you can experience peace and happiness while you perceive yourself to be in the world. You need only focus your attention on your true Self, which is what God created you to be. It has not changed, though you dream of deprivation and fear.

Your true Self is eternal Love. Being Love, It is one with all Love. There is nothing else that is real. That is why Love is always at peace. Love is eternally giving Love, which is eternal joy. No matter what the appearance in the world, you remain Love as you were created. You remain in perfect peace.

As you go through this day, ask frequently to be shown the Light of Love that shines beyond appearances. It is always there. Open your mind and heart to see It. You will see the Love that is your brother and thus remember the Love you are.

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What Is My Focus In This Present Moment?

What Mary received:  The miracle is happening right now. Changes of mind are happening right now. Willingness is expanding. Willingness to be led to the truth is opening. It is a gradual process and it is happening now. It is helpful to be alert to the broadness of the opening to our one Spirit that is occuring right now.

Being alert means being open to the focus you have in the present moment. What is your intent in the present moment? Is your focus and intent joined with the Holy Spirit or is it joined with the ego’s intent? Right now, what am I joined with? Right now what am I allowing to come into my awareness? Right now, what is happening in my mind?

One clue as to what is happening is to be aware of the feelings that are present. Am filled with a sense of joy and well being? Or am I filled with a sense of frustration and lack? That will give me clues as to which thought system I am joined with right now. Right now, where is my focus, intent and allowing? Right now, am I letting the Holy Spirit into my mind? Am I letting peace be the source of my thoughts? I am the decision maker. It is my choice and what I experience will show me which I have chosen.

I begin by choosing peace. And from this simple, quiet, gentle choice, I am quietly led down Holy Spirit’s path to the truth.

What Annie received:
  The truth in you is immovable. It has been placed in the core of your being. You are the truth and the truth speaks of who you are. Let the truth make you free of the illusions you hold about yourself. It has the power to do so. Let it take you back to where you really are.

What Sharyn recieved:
  Your motto for today is let go, let go, and let God. Letting go of the illusions of the world are not hard as some think it is. To really want the truth you must let go of your own thoughts and what you think is real. The truth is we are all one. Therefore what you see in another is really what you see in yourself. See the Love in another and you will se the Love in your Self. Loving yourself is all that matters because as you let go and let go and let go some more, you will see that all that is left is Love. Letting go and letting God is true forgiveness. That is all Holy Spirit needs is your little willingness to let go so He can show you forgiveness. Forgiving is really for giving to the one Self, for there is only One. Blessed be God forever.

What Robert received:
  If you would be savior to the world, you need only accept your Self. You are Love. Nothing else. Since Love is one, there is no other. When you accept your Self, the perception of ‘others’ fades away. The practice of seeing the Love beyond the form, beyond the behavior, beyond the apparent situation or circumstance is the way you free yourself from the mistaken idea that you are separate and alone.  You are loveable because you are Love. When you accept your Self, you cannot help but offer Love everywhere, always. This is Heaven.

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Walk in Trust

Holy Spirit through Annie:  Don’t be afraid of changes and of new happenings. In truth, the stillness of the Self has never moved. It is from this quiet peaceful place you must look at everything around you. And you will know without any doubt what your next step must be. Walk fearlessly and trust that always all is well, no matter what it seems. Walk in trust, for when you follow your heart, there are no possible mistakes. And you will know you have arrived safely to your place of destination. Apply this to all your “moves,” big or small, and happily move on.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
Ego loves it when he can dance on your thoughts and bring up questions like how, who, what if, where and when. This is where TRUST is needed in Me. I do not ask questions of you. I give answers to you. I only want what is for your highest good and nothing more. Please believe Me when I say, “You are limitless.” Do not put limits on yourself or others. There are no limits when I am consulted and when I am paving the way for great things to happen.

When you are doing something to serve, do you believe I would ever let you down? So let go of any fears you may have and give them to Me on my platter. I will gladly heal them back to you tenfold. You are my pride. You are my joy. You are the salvation to many. Never be concerned that I would let you down. Only be concerned if the ego starts asking you questions to keep you stuck. I would not do that as I love you all and My Love is great. Amen

Holy Spirit through Mary:
There is no hurry. You are safe. Continue opening all your inner windows and doors to the truth. And the way will be shown with peace and certainty. Amen

Holy Spirit through Robert:
God’s Will for you is perfect peace. It is already yours. You need only accept it. The choice to believe in a world of differences, of form, of separate people and separate things is the choice to not accept peace.

You are now on a carefully planned curriculum to undo this belief in false ideas and return you to your natural state of peace. The situation and events in the world you perceive offer you the opportunity to look at them with Me. When you choose to let Me guide you through each moment, all situations and events become stepping stones to the experience of deeper and deeper levels of peace.

To be vigilant only for God’s Kingdom is to be dedicated to looking at all things with Me. You accept the gift each moment offers you when you allow Me to show you what is meaningful and what is not. Without My guidance in this world, each moment is used to guard against the peace and happiness that are your birthright. Walk with Me. Hold My hand and I will guide you to perfect peace.

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