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Look At Everything with Holy Spirit

  In gratitude I give. In gratitude I receive. Gratitude is an attribute of Love. When I remember the Love I am, I am filled with gratitude. When I look through the eyes of Love I see brothers everywhere, friends everywhere. My heart is filled with joy to greet them. I see my Self everywhere, in every one. Every brother becomes a reminder of the truth in me.

In this world it seems to be easier to see what appears to be outside of me. So when I am in touch with the Love I am, I receive reinforcement in the recognition of this Love everywhere I look. The more I see with Love, the more I feel the Love I am. It becomes an ascending spiral to Heaven.

The only way I can see with Love is to let go of belief in separateness, to disconnect from the ego thought system. To do this I must renounce my separate will and open my heart and mind to the Holy Spirit’s lead, which will always align me with God’s Will, my true Will. Today I extend my practice of letting go of my separate will and following Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment.

  My job today is to look at all the thoughts that are in my mind with Holy Spirit. Because I have believed in what could never be true, I need the Holy Spirit to correct my mind and show me what is true. The body’s eyes show me separation. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will not place my belief in it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to see the Love that is beyond all the differences I see with the body’s eyes. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to see the eternal truth that is always there.

If I am willing today to look at everything with the Holy Spirit, I will remain at peace with everything I see, because the Holy Spirit will show me the difference between what is unreal and what is real. I do not have to get upset by what is unreal. If I get upset by what is unreal, I have joined with the ego thought system and I am lost to the truth.

So, today, I have another opportunity to open my mind to the Holy Spirit and be led to the truth. Here is my peace. Here is my happiness. Here is my awakening.

  God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. The word “perfect” in that sentence means everything. Perfect, complete happiness. In every situation, in every “life” experience, if there is not perfect happiness, you have not followed the Will of God which is your true will. You see, since your are one with God and His Will for you is perfect happiness, your true will cannot be anything but perfect happiness. Therefore, in every situation, if you are not happy you can know immediately that you are not following God’s Will. In fact, you are not following your Truth, the Truth that your will and God’s are the same. Than can be no separation when you are a part of something. You are part of the Whole. Your brothers are all part of the Whole. They are not separate from you.

So when you look at your experiences or situations that come up, know that if your will for that situation or circumstance is not perfect Love, you are not thinking with God’s Will for you. You are choosing at that particular time a thought system that is foreign to God and to your True Self. Everything that seems to happen around you is in perfect harmony with God’s Will no matter how it looks through your eyes. Look with Christ’s Vision and you will only see oneness and perfect happiness. Looking at the situation any other way is wrong mindedness. You have momentarily chosen to listen to a thought system that is not true. You have chosen to listen to a thought system whose will is not perfect happiness. Which one will you choose today.

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Your Safety Is In Reality and Nowhere Else

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego mind looks for security in the future by trying to make it like the past. So it makes plans for the future based on experiences it liked in the past. But since these experiences are entirely in the realm of illusion, the ego’s plans for the future are meaningless and have no value. The ego cannot plan for your safety because illusions cannot offer you safety.

Your safety is in reality and nowhere else. Being the denial of reality, the ego cannot lead you there. That is why it is essential that you practice in every moment bringing all your thoughts to Me and asking Me to show you the real meaning behind them. This practice makes every experience and every thought a means for healing and awakening because that is what I offer you. Let today be another day of practice in following My lead in every moment. In this practice you make the day a path of awakening, a path of Light.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let today be a day of quiet following. Step back and listen. Let go of thinking things should happen in a certain time. That which is real is outside of time. That which is real is eternal. Let the eternal truth about you guide your way today.

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Receive the Blessings of Heaven

  I am seeing that the practice of stepping back and opening to the Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment is paramount if I wish to awaken. When I take control and make decisions on my own, I am maintaining the ego’s barrier against Love, against God. The relinquishment of control is frightening to the ego because it sees this relinquishment as death, for it is the undoing of the ego. But this relinquishment is the means to return to the Heaven that is my Home.

Every moment I have the opportunity to choose between taking control and perceiving separation or relinquishing control to my true Will that I share with God. Since God’s Will for me is perfect happiness, this choice is the choice between Heaven and hell. Today I will practice choosing Heaven.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Allow yourself to rest in Me today. Allow yourself to have a quiet, open mind. Within that quiet, open mind, you will get a taste of the Eternal, Which is beyond the confines of time. The world of time and space is not your home. Your Home is within the Eternal.

Like the prodigal son who is ready to return home to the father, you are now ready to receive the blessings of Heaven. You are now ready to become more aware of that which is eternal within you.

Rest a while with Me. Take time out from the busyness of the world to still your mind and listen. Let go of thinking you know what needs to be done right now. Let go of control. Let go of the steady stream of worldly thoughts that pass through your mind. Just let go and allow a time of quiet. This time of quiet leaves a clean and open space where I can join with you and show you what is true. Give Me the time. It is worth it. You are worth it.

Giving this time to Me will change your life as you know it now. Giving this time to Me will make all the difference in your experience of “life.” Truth is true and nothing else is true. You do not really know this now. But you will learn this lesson as you consistently give all time to Me.

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Bring the Fearful Aspects to Him for Healing

  Sometimes it seems difficult to receive clear guidance from Holy Spirit. The Course tells me that the Holy Spirit’s Voice is as loud as my willingness to listen. So if I am having difficulty receiving clear guidance, there must be some thought in my mind that does not want to receive His guidance. Remembering that the ego is the idea of sacrifice, I must believe the Holy Spirit would ask me to sacrifice something I value. So I don’t want to hear His guidance.

It is interesting to observe that one aspect of my mind fears the Holy Spirit while another knows the Holy Spirit is my means to freedom and peace. So I now offer the Holy Spirit that fearful part of my mind and ask for His help and strength to move past it so that I can receive and give His blessing.

I have experienced the joy and gratitude that comes with receiving and giving Holy Spirit’s gifts. It helps me to remember that feeling when fear seems to tell me that I must sacrifice to receive His blessed gifts. I ask for His strength to strengthen my little willingness to bring the fearful aspects of my mind to Him for healing. I am grateful that I do not have to do this alone. I am willing.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  When fearful thoughts come, when doubts come, when you do not feel safe, practice allowing yourself to rise above to see the Love. In the section of the Course, “Above the Battleground” (ACIM Text, Chapter 23, Section 4), you are reminded that the world of conflict is not reality. You are reminded that to find reality you must rise above the battleground with the help of the Holy Spirit and look at every conflict, every fear, every concern with Holy Spirit from that vantage point.

From this detached perspective, you see everything differently. You see that you cannot harm or be harmed in truth. You see that everyone on the battlefield is only pure Love and nothing else. You see that all the battles are not important and mean nothing. As you look with the Holy Spirit from this new perspective, you feel God’s peace and Love and quiet inner joy. You see that you do not need to invest in these images of battle and conflict. You need not give them credence. You remember that you are safe and that in reality everyone is safe. You remember that everyone is still God’s extension of Love and that this can never change.

From this transformed perspective you can now be truly helpful and kind and patient with every seeming situation you encounter. Love’s blessings are all you want to extend. You ask nothing of anyone. You only want to give out of gratitude and joy. This can be your day if you so choose. Today practice rising above to see the Love and receive its glorious benefits for yourself and everyone around you.

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Practice Letting Go and Letting God

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Be patient with yourself and others. Remember that the perfect circumstances are presenting themselves in every moment. Let yourself be shown the truth behind every situation. Let the Holy Spirit show you the Love that is really there eternally. Let every hour, every minute be an opportunity to practice letting go and letting God. Let every day become an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to undo your belief in separation.

Love is one undivided whole and only Love’s wholeness is real. That means that this whole world of separate bodies with separate minds is not real, but merely an hallucination coming from the split mind. Very gently allow this awareness of separation’s unreality to return to your mind.

When you find fear thoughts coming up, continue to hand them over to the Holy Spirit where they dissolve and their nothingness is seen clearly. You need not take the world of separate bodies seriously. All the images within its folds of nothingness are meaningless. You have the key to set yourself free and that freedom comes as your willingness grows to be shown the truth by the Spirit of Wholeness in your mind.

Relax. Allow yourself to be guided by the truth every moment of the day. As you desire the truth, it will be shown you. If you are afraid of the truth, it will remain hidden from your sight. Now is the time to free yourself from the bondage of your belief in separation. In each now moment, you are choosing either bondage or freedom. Choose freedom. You are worth the effort. You need not torture yourself with belief in death. Let go all your judgments about what you are, what your brother is. Come with empty hands and you will be shown the glorious truth that remains true forever. Be good to yourself today. Desire the truth and it will be given you.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  There is a place in you where perfect freedom lies. There is a place in you where there is perfect happiness. There is a place in you where there is peace beyond your understanding. There is a place in you where Love abides, unchanged, eternal and united in one. This is your Self. It is your natural state and where your heart’s desire wants to be.

The world of separate bodies that your eyes show you is a defense against your Self. It is the denial of What is and the choice to perceive what isn’t—to believe illusions are real and to deny reality. This is not a sin. It is only a loss of awareness of What you are and will always be. Because what you see is illusion and could never be real, the awareness of What and Where you are is always available to you.

Perfect happiness is always available to you. Deep peace and abiding Love are always available to you. You open your mind to this awareness by choosing to bring every thought of lack, loss and loneliness to Me to receive My vision in place of yours. I am ever present, offering you the clear vision of truth that will set you free to be your Self. Join with me and know your Self.

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Let Your Mind Be Still

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Allow a stillness. Let your mind still. Let everything be quiet. That is how you find Me. If your mind is full, there is no room for hearing Me. When your mind gets congested, a clearing out is needed. Just leave a little opening—a little willingness—and I will clear your mind of all meaningless thoughts. The Light I bring shines them all away. The Light I bring through your willingness brings you peace.

Once your mind is in a place of peace, I can bring you insight that is helpful to you in the moment. Let Me be in charge. You allow Me to be in charge by your willingness to let Me in to shine away all that is really meaningless. I will bring to your awareness what is important to remember and shine away what is not important. Let this be your job, to let me in, and I will take care of the rest. Your job is to follow, not lead. There is no will but God’s. I will bring you the awareness of God’s Will as you allow it by letting Me in through quiet listening.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The practice of maintaining awareness of My presence in your mind will lead you to full identification with your Self. It will lead you to Heaven where your Self is eternally. The appearance of a world with separate images is a self-made deception with the purpose of maintaining belief in separation. I am in your mind to remind you that this separation could never be true.

So with each seeming distraction and disturbance, simply bring that appearance to Me for My interpretation. You do this by first recognizing that you do not know what the appearance means. Then bring it to Me and I will show you its real meaning and I will show you what is meaningless. This moment by moment practice leads to complete freedom from the bonds of belief in being alone and separate.

You have hidden from your awareness your belief in lack, loss and limitation but it is portrayed to you in the world your body’s eyes show you. Thus the practice of bringing all appearances to Me for My interpretation is the practice that leads to undoing of your mistaken belief. Your practice makes every perception, every appearance an opportunity for release and healing. As you do this, the healing will generalize and you will experience progressively less projections of disturbance, distraction and disappointment. You will experience more and more of your safety in the strength of Love that you are. You will experience more and more happiness and peace. Let yourself be happy. It is God’s Will for you.

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Seeing Myself as One with My Brother

  Jean’s posting about “Who’s on first” brings to my attention the potential traps the ego can bring in to interfere with our practice of the Course. What it brings up for me is how important it is for me to see myself as one with my brother. The Course tells us, “To teach is to demonstrate.” It is not words that teach. It’s the demonstration that comes with living as guided by Spirit that truly teaches healing. The ego teaches also by demonstration. Since the ego is the thought of separation, it will always demonstrate in one form or another that separation is real.

If I want to be a teacher of God, I need to practice in every moment being in peace so that my mind and heart is open to the guidance of Holy Spirit. Of myself I do not know how to teach or demonstrate healing. Thinking I am of myself is already an error and so from that thought I could only demonstrate further error. But in peace I join with the Holy Spirit and then I can be an expression of the truth of my true Self. That is how I demonstrate and teach the Holy Spirit’s message.

To me that is why it is not for me to correct my brother. I must keep my attention focused on my alignment with the Truth in me and by living the truth I will demonstrate the wholeness of Love. That demonstration may inspire a brother who believes he is separate to ask for help. Then, while keeping my connection open with Holy Spirit, I may offer help. The key element here is following Holy Spirit’s lead and not thinking I know anything on my own. If I am to be an instrument for correction, it must be the Holy Spirit through me that does the correcting.

Today I dedicate again to practicing staying in peace and following Holy Spirit’s lead in all my doing. I would not lead but only follow. In gratitude I receive Love’s blessing.

  This morning when I woke up, everything that was in the kitchen is in the living room and it is still a challenge to find things for making breakfast. There is so much to do, both with printing and mailing the Miracles News magazine and replenishing the depleted supply of courses on the shelf. I ask Holy Spirit for how to do this. The answer I receive is to take one little baby step at a time. Also the words “infinite patience” come into my mind. I see that if I do what is before me this very minute and not be concerned about the future, that everything will come together. My job is not to judge the timing or how each thing is to be accomplished. My job is to step back, listen and follow as I am led.

I am not a separate individual. I am not a body. I am eternal Spirit. I am the eternal Spirit of Love and that includes everyone. We are the same eternal Spirit and nothing can change that. There is no will but God’s. So I can relax now and enjoy the Truth that all is whole and perfectly complete right now. All our needs are met right now. There is nothing that I need that has not already been given me. My job is to accept the Truth. That is all.

Today, as I go about learning my lesson that the day presents, my job is to keep an open mind and not judge what anything means on my own. My job is to be willing to remember God’s Will for me. My job is to allow my mind to be healed today.

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