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january-March, 2008

My Garden

Rev. Sharyn Zenz

imageFather I’ve come to my garden for
cultivation and growth. It is here You
will show me abundance that flows.

It is here that the peace and joy abound.
Overflowing with love and much happiness found.

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january-March, 2008

Introducing the Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament

Regina Dawn Akers

imageOn June 18, 2005, I was in meditation with Holy Spirit when I began to hear a message in my mind. I was asked to accept that the New Testament is only a symbol, and I was asked to read the New Testament realizing that I do not understand the symbol. I was told that if I would do this, its meaning would be given to me.

I had already received guidance to leave my job and my home in Massachusetts and move to North Carolina, so I did not start reading the New Testament immediately. My time was focused on making that move. But early one morning in August, after completing the move to North Carolina, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit and told to begin the work now. It took 13 ½ months to complete the scribing of The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance (NTI).

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january-March, 2008

To Whom Do I Pray?

Rev. Robert Stoelting

imageSomeone recently asked, “If God does not recognize us and our plights because we are in an illusion, how can He help us? Please do not tell me that is what the Holy Spirit is for. My angst comes from the following sentence, ‘If God were to recognize us, that would make the illusion real.’ To whom do I pray now?” The following is my response.

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january-March, 2008

My Experience at the Take Me to Truth Workshop

by Laurie Immekus

imageEven though I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles since 1990, I must admit I’m still having a nebulous experience with peace. Sometimes I’m able to enter peace by doing the things that I’ve learned will and can lead to peace. Other times I’m not able to enter it, and I know that is a form of resistance. I know that resistance is my listening to the ego — fear thoughts.

I recently attended a workshop at Pathways of Light presented by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, who wrote the book, Take Me to Truth. In this workshop they helped me with the process of realizing that I need to trust everyone, for minds are joined. Just meeting them, and even before that. Just hearing about them helped. I was helped through healing, which is of the mind. And minds are joined, so I’m not surprised that I knew so much about them without having heard from or spoken with them before.

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january-March, 2008

A Holy Instant

by John Hutkin

Many times as a Course student I have asked that I might forgive this person or situation and see it with vision. But I know somewhere in the back of my mind was my desire to have the situation changed to something more acceptable to me, as well as a desire to hold onto my concept of right and wrong.
One time I did ask to forgive with no strings attached.It seemed like a very minor forgiveness, and I received a “holy instant,” which goes to show that the Course asks very little and gives so much in return. As I look back, the single key that opens all the doors is that when we ask to forgive, we must truly turn it over to the Holy Spirit without any other consideration of how it should be.

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October-December, 2007

Honoring a Transition

Rev. Colleen Mc Nally

imageJust this week as I was beginning my morning meditation, I was reflecting on how often in recent days I have been thinking and even writing that I just do not know. My ego was well at work here, judging and thinking if I did know then — then what? Things would be better. I should know and have my life all figured out. At that point I remembered seeing an article in a recent copy of Miracles News that was about not knowing. It was an article by Robert and Mary Stoelting titled, “The Importance of Remembering that I Know Nothing.” It seemed like the perfect fit for this morning’s reflection. As I read it, I began to experience a miracle. I love these moments when I feel Spirit with me. A wonderful sense of Presence comes over me and I rest today in the knowing that I do not know.

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October-December, 2007

Will You Be My Love?

Rev. Mary Gerard Lenihan

imageHow do we get involved in unloving relationships — relationships where the other does not see our Love essence, nor do we see the Love essence in the other? We see one another through eyes that evaluate. Will I be able to have power over you? Will you control me? Will you take care of me? Will you let me take care of you? Will you hold up your end of the bargain so we can be successful in the world? Will you join me in making a life that will bring the happiness I do not now experience? Will you be my rescuer? Will you let me persecute you? Will you let me fix you? Will you make children with me?

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October-December, 2007

Chasing Pearls

by Rev. John Vise

imageRecently, a minister friend of mine asked me to fill in the pulpit for him while he and his wife took some much needed time off together. He then requested that I give him the sermon title by the end of the week, as that was his deadline for putting it in the paper for the following Saturday.

I had been thinking about how some people place a great value on spiritual awakening, some don’t even know what it means, and others think it is cool that it is available to some but not for them.  Of course I know that when you are ready it will start to happen for you, and this brought to mind the ‘pearl of great price’ parable in Matthew. So, I called him back and said the title would be ‘Pearls.”

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October-December, 2007

Undoing the Ego — A Review of Take Me to Truth

by Rogier van Vlissingen

Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira in their new book Take Me To Truth — Undoing the Ego share with us from their experience as they went their own (tandem) path of spiritual growth with A Course In Miracles by living it and applying it in their daily lives, and sharing the experience with each other and other people around them.

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October-December, 2007

An Irresistible Plan: Translation of Pathways of Light Courses into Spanish

by Rev. Annie Arbona

imageThe greatest thing I have learned in the last seven months is that Love’s Call is irresistible, and the response to this Call can become a magnificent adventure. A telephone call to Pathways of Light in mid February and the response to that call gave way to a chain of events that seemed to occur in perfect synchronicity.

When love calls and Love responds to that Call, anything and everything can happen. And everything did. The call and the generosity of the answer have birthed a wonderful project, the scope of which I’m sure we can’t see completely at this time, but already the results are mind boggling.

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October-December, 2007

Allowing A Time of Quiet

by Mary Stoelting

imageWhen I do not feel relaxed and in a state of peaceful calm, I have a way to change this when I am willing. The Course reminds me in Lesson 189: “Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashemed. Hold onto nothing.”  W-189.7:1-3

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October-December, 2007

Who Am I?

by Rev. Étienne Pait

imagePerhaps what and how we do anything comes from a direct correlation of how we perceive ourselves.  How often do we define who we are as a name, a role, a relationship, a fan, a nationality, a color, a status, a member, and so on and so on, ad nauseam? If my answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ is ‘Étienne’ (the name my parents gave me) then I will be and act out according to whom I think ‘I’ should be, given the meaning I have for this body and mind I am using.

If my answer is, “I am a minister” then I will be and act out what I think a minister should be according to my definition. If my answer is, “I am an American,” then I will act out what I believe an American should be. If my answer is, “I am a father,” then I will be and act out according to the meaning I give this role. You get the idea. If I choose to perceive and identify who I am only through distinct identities and special relationships, then I will limit Who I can be and Who I really am.

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October-December, 2007

Course Koans

by Rev. Jean Weston

imageThe Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines koan as follows:

A paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and to force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment.

A Course In Miracles has an abundance of statements that fit the description of a koan.  It’s one of a number of qualities of the Course that convinces me that it truly is a divinely inspired writing. As a relatively new student, it has been helpful to contemplate these koans to open myself to deeper levels of my True Self. I will list a few of these, and state what comes to me when I really think about them.
Infinite patience produces immediate effects.  (T-5.VI.12)

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October-December, 2007

Come to Me

by Rev. Christine Anderson

imageDuring a Pathways of Light “Joining with Holy Spirit” service, I received this beautiful message of support and encouragement from Holy Spirit.

Come to Me, come to Me, and remember that the false beliefs that you look at with Me will not overwhelm you. Just do this, when you notice a thought that does not hold value to you any longer: Call on Me and I’ll be there with My Hand on your shoulder as a real presence in your experience.

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October-December, 2007

My Healing Journey

by Rev. Mary Manke

imageI have had many lessons, and opening to mind healing, which I am certain is just the beginning for me. I seem to have begun this experience of Lupus and transverse myelitis, on July 16th, 2007.

On Monday morning I couldn’t stand, I could not crawl. There was a constant tingling or buzzing from my feet up to my abdomen. Later it seemed to have crept up to just under the breasts. As I looked at my body’s ‘history’ and at the symptoms of Lupus, I saw that I have had many of the signs over the years, but so sporadically, over a long span, that they could not be tied together.

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