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April-June, 2007

Sacred Healing

by Revs. Paul and Deborah Phelps

imageAs we say in our workshop presentations, it seems that our assignment from Holy Spirit has been in the area of healing relationships. We do not say this tongue-in-cheek because both of us have gone through many experiences of having to work on our relationship with ourselves, each other, family, friends, co-workers, and with God. This is an ongoing process that will continue for the rest of our lives.

We have learned many ways of how not to handle relationships. For many years, we both made the mistake of listening to the guidance of our egos and did things our way. Unfortunately, this led us down many painful paths. It was not until we both came to a place of hitting our own personal rock bottoms that we began to seek help from a Source greater than ourselves.

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April-June, 2007

Guilt and Projection

by Nouk Sanchez

imageWith one ‘tiny mad idea,’ we brought our wish to fruition. Oneness became ‘otherness’ and the one became ‘individuals,’ all complete with the ego’s self seeking goals. Time, matter and space were born and for the first time we got to experience ‘relating.’ In the pre-separated state of oneness, there was no comprehension of anything outside this oneness. All was one and we were all. There was no need to relate to anything. In the separated state that we’re now dreaming, everything and everyone appears to be apart and outside us.

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April-June, 2007

I Am Sustained by the Love of God

Revs. Sue Borg and Frank Arnold

imageRev. Sue Borg —We will be giving a weekend workshop at Pathways of Light August 4-5 that will be based on Lesson 50 in the Workbook: I am Sustained by the Love of God. This lesson begins with — “Here is the answer to every problem that will confront you, today and tomorrow and throughout time. In this world, you believe you are sustained by everything but God. Your faith is placed in the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, ‘protective’ clothing, influence, prestige, being liked, knowing the ‘right’ people and an endless list of forms of nothingness that you endow with magical powers.” How many “gods” or “idols” do you place before God? 

I discovered that I even placed the bathroom before God. My first thought every morning used to be, “I have to get up and go to the bathroom.” When I realized I thought about using the bathroom before I even had a notion of thinking about God, I changed that waking thought and now upon waking I think and even say out loud,  “Good Morning, God. Here I am wanting to know where to go, what to say and to whom.” A much nicer morning greeting!

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April-June, 2007

God’s Will for Me

Rev. Donna Marie Cary

imageHis name is Will, or I like to call him ‘God’s Will For Me.’ He was twelve years old and the ‘bully’ of our otherwise quiet, white picket fence neighborhood; a smart mouthed punk, a criminal, who seemed to enjoy hurting the other children. The last straw was when he shot a young girl in the mouth with a BB gun. The neighbors, in an uproar and full of fear, started a petition in hopes that the courts would remove this family from our community.

I, being a student of ACIM, was determined to see this differently.

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April-June, 2007

Raising Children with ACIM

by Rev. Myron Jones

imageThe following is an excerpt from Myron’s pending book about applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to parenting. She has been studying A Course in Miracles for 25 years and has had extensive experience applying Course principles in parenting her children. Her children have encouraged her to write a book so that others can benefit as they have. Myron will also be facilitating a workshop on enlightened parenting September 15-16 at Pathways of Light.

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April-June, 2007

To Be a Minister

by Rev. Veronika Wilcox

imageI have a friend who is a minister of the church I belonged to during my childhood. She has been trained to hold services, baptize, counsel and do all the usual things ministers traditionally do. Today I realized yet again that I was a minister without church or congregation or a set plan for what I was supposed to be doing.

After I had been ordained, I was full of plans about what this ministry of mine would look like. After all there were plenty of courses I had been studying which I now could facilitate. Also, I could advertise them and work with them here locally. Then there was the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling.

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April-June, 2007

How to Consistently Choose God’s Peace

Rev. Derek Dube

image…Or in clearer terms: Be diligent with the thought process! It’s ok to deny the thoughts that come to us that do not have our best interest in mind. Thoughts come to us every minute of every day. We need to remember that these thoughts are not ours. These thoughts are not who we are! The peace leaves us not because of the thoughts. The peace leaves due to the power we give the thoughts; the belief we have in the thought.

This denial that I am speaking of is the proper use of denial, meaning any thought or idea that does not have my highest interest in mind does not serve my healing and should be denied or let go of or turned over to the Holy Spirit for transformation.

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April-June, 2007

Sweet Surrender

Rev. Cheryl Hubbard

imageIn February I attended the 2007 ACIM Conference in San Francisco. It was titled “An Opportunity to Gladden Yourself.” And wow am I glad that I made the decision to go! Rather I should say that “we” made the decision to go. I had been struggling for months with taking a new direction in my life. And it was not a small struggle. It was a huge one.

There was a battle raging in me and I felt helpless and hopeless a great deal of the time. I had decided to complete the Ordained Ministerial Counselor Training with Pathways. It was something that I began in 2000. In the spring of 2001 I was within a few weeks of traveling to Kiel for my Step 4 courses. But something stopped me. Apparently I was not yet ready.

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April-June, 2007

Just Say “Yes”

Rev. Donna Marie Cary

imageI have been a minister of music for over 20 years, in fact, was honored with a certificate and title of Minister of Music, in 1994, through the Community Miracles Center. Since being a student of ACIM, since 1986, I have been trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance, which has led me across the country to share the message of Love and forgiveness. With all of my travels, I have received just as much healing as has been extended from me to others. In fact, that is really all the Journey is about — healing my mind.

Thoughout these years, I have considered various ministerial programs, but none seemed to resonate fully. There was no big ‘yes,’ until I visited Pathways of Light in the summer of 2005 to partake in and share music at a week-long forgiveness retreat. Once again, I received so much love and healing. I was so deeply touched by their offering that something in me said, ‘yes,’ this is the one. I started the ministerial program shortly after leaving that retreat. I could have completed the studies and been ordained sooner, but I now know why I was to wait until this time. I was to be a part of the first teleconference training.

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April-June, 2007

Holy Spirit — on a Teleconference?

by Rev. Dan Landis

imageI approached the new Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling teleconferencing training with much concern. How in the world would I learn with everyone on a phone! I wouldn’t even get to see them in person. How would I read their body language?

The more I worried, the less peaceful I became. I thought maybe I needed to let them get the bugs out. I’ll let another group be the guinea pigs. Oh! But wait – I’m to trust that everything is perfect.

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January-March, 2007

A Course in Miracles Enlightened Parenting

by Rev. Myron Jones

image The following is an excerpt from Myron’s pending book about applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to parenting. She has been studying A Course in Miracles for 25 years and has had extensive experience applying Course principles in parenting her children. Her children have encouraged her to write a book so that others can benefit as they have. Myron will also be facilitating a workshop on enlightened parenting September 15-16 at Pathways of Light.

I bought a new car last year, and noticed that there was not one, but three, instruction manuals in the glove box. I looked in one of them to see how often I was supposed to change the oil, and when I should get a tune up. I haven’t looked at any of them since. I will use them if a light I don’t understand comes on.

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January-March, 2007

The Importance of Remembering “I Know Nothing”

by Revs. Robert & Mary Stoelting

imageIt is thinking we already know ‘what’s what’ that blocks the Holy Spirit from entering our minds. When we think we are separate and alone and can think clearly on our own, we are mistaken. The separation we see through our body’s eyes is really showing us the opposite of the truth of our oneness in God’s Love.

Then how do we function in this world? The answer is to develop the habit of stepping back and being willing to follow Holy Spirit’s lead.

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January-March, 2007

How to Bring Immediate Healing to Any Relationship

by Revs. Paul and Deborah Phelps

image  The following are excerpts from Paul and Deb’s Appreciation Inspiration Method for enhancing your relationships. Paul and Deb will also be facilitating a workshop on July 14-15 at Pathways of Light.

Recently we recorded our insights about our TALKS Appreciation Inspiration Method before a live audience at Pathways of Light. This method helps to bring immediate positive healing effects in any relationship. Appreciation Inspirations can be used to shift any uncomfortable situation or conflict with another person to a place of forgiveness, healing, release, peace and love in a matter of minutes, no matter how long the particular situation existed.

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January-March, 2007

True Balance

by Rev. Cheryl Ford

image It seems that on the path of spiritual enlightenment we are always trying to find some sense of balance in regard to our spirituality and the world of form. Jesus’ interpretation of balance in Tom & Linda Carpenter’s book, Dialogue on Awakening says, “Attempting to achieve a sense of balance between the infinite and the finite intellectually is much like juggling a combination of feathers and bowling balls.”

To me, this statement is so true, and I became painfully aware of it over the last week when I felt inundated with attempting to balance work, family and spiritual practice. I actually had an insane schedule for work that required a lot of advanced planning, paperwork, driving and full day meetings that exhausted me mentally and greatly reduced my connection with Holy Spirit.

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January-March, 2007

The Price of Being Right

by Rev. Mary Manke

image We recently went to Menard’s and picked out a carpet remnant for the office.

My partner was tired and ready to leave, asking if there was anything else we needed to look at. I made a comment about kitchen flooring, which he again dismissed. He surmises that “I” want everything “new” in the house. So the ego mind flipped out. I abruptly walked away. My behavior made it plain that I was angry — but also there was “hurt” — Is that about my request being denied? Or that my judgment is solely wrong?

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