How to Be Happy

Sharing from Course 918

Working with a mind healing partner is a wonderful experience of shared healing and spiritual growth.

Recently, my mind healing partner and I completed Course 918: The Power of Prayer & Meditation.

I want to share some of the beautiful prayers that came through the work.

Father, I give thanks for the gift of discernment. I feel your guiding hand on my shoulder in every moment…I receive your helpfulness with gratitude. Your love goes before me to shine the way…I can never be lost. You are always at my side as the friend who accompanies me…I am never alone. Your light shines away a past that never existed…I live in the now moment. Your love is the very foundation of my being upon which I stand firmly in the truth that only love is real.

My Father, the veil is lifting. I see you. I remember You. I am returning to you with such joy in my heart because I know now that nothing has ever changed your love for me and my love for you. Thank you for your gift of love. I give up trying to hold together a false self. I am your child forever!

Father, I accept your will for me. It is my only prayer. Holy Spirit, pray through me all day long the only true prayer that speaks of all the gifts God’s Son has been given—honesty, forgiveness, gentleness and kindness to others and myself.

Let me help you, child of innocence, to see the innocence in your brother. I love all of my extensions equally. It will bring you great joy and tranquility to open to this truth and share it with all.

Holy Spirit, I know you are right within my Holy Mind. I can hear your voice. I will be still and listen to the truth all day long. You help me to see the love in every situation. Thank you for your helpful presence. You lead and I will follow.

My Father, your extension I am and only this—clear and pure—unfettered by odd requests to be separate any longer. I am one with you. Together we offer gifts of eternal kindness and gentleness that light up Heaven and touch every living thing.

Love that has held me gently through eternity—carry me through these important steps that lead to Heaven’s Gate—seeing only love—extending only love, gratitude, prayer and forgiveness.

Oh my Christ, I give you all my dreams…all my illusions. You lead me from a holy place beyond the reaches of this world where my renewed mind joins with you and all my brothers to commune with the Father, our Creator. Strong yet gentle are your arms that carry us in peace to the home that is always filled with the everlasting love of God.

My dear brother in Christ, in ignorance of the truth, I thought I lost you. As I open to the light we share, I see you…I see you!! Veils of forgetfulness have been lifted. Oh holy morning of my awakening!! My brother, you are right where you have always been—in the Holy Mind where we reside in Oneness. Together, we walk into a new day of total loving…total sharing…total joining.

Father, we sing the hymn of love as One…One Voice…One Love. In great gratitude does my heart beat as one with yours. The sweet hush of Heaven permeates my being as I join in Holy Communion with you.

Father, oh Father, I thank you for the gentle awakening you have given me. I sleep no more. I am awake to your voice…your heavenly call to remember Heaven and Home. I bask in the shower of your love. My happy heart is filled to overflowing. I continue to offer up all of your creations to you for your blessing.

© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

Pruning my mind of the ego!

Can Holy Spirit get through to me even while I am performing the most menial of tasks?

Through this journaling, Dear Reader, I share the ongoing saga of Holy Spirit teaching me through the avenue of growing tomatoes. I enjoy the activity of gardening. I find it relaxing and maybe I’m more willing to open to the input of His helpful insights while I’m in the garden. (Of course, as my writing will reveal, I can be crabby or stressful in the garden too…it all depends on what kind of story I am making up in my mind.) I know that I can hear His Voice anytime. It is not a matter of location…that is important in real estate. It is a matter of…Which voice do I want to hear?. My “real estate” is living at Home in Heaven with God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I am working with training my mind to open again to the awareness of Home.

There are some areas where I am more willing to accept His help and other areas where I am putting up a little resistance. “Let me do this little part myself!”, I say. Or maybe I am afraid that if I listen and follow, there will be have to be a change that will not be comfortable for me. All I can do, (with the help of the Holy Spirit) is “do the best I can” with letting go of the ego scripts. There is no hurry…this is not a race…we are all going home together…I need to remember also that Spirit will not judge what I hand over for healing. I am the one who judges. “Oh not this one…I can’t let Holy Spirit see this lollapalooza! I’ll put this one on the bottom of the pile…it can be last.”

When I go to Spirit and ask…“What would you have me look at and let go of today?”, I can trust in His wisdom…He surely knows better than I. I could be mistaken…I have made believing in the illusion a habit for so long that I need a Holy Helper to give me the discernment as to what’s real and what’s unreal.

In 2000 I moved back home to live with my mother. Every summer, I put out great effort to impress Mom with my tomato crop. In January, she moved to a senior residence, so I don’t have her to impress (what a silly idea!). Truthfully though, I am finding less and less value in impressing others. It works better for me to just follow Spirit and stay in the flow of the joy that comes with following Inner Guidance. With Moms‘ selling of the house, I’ve moved to a new location which has a big yard with a lovely 12 X 12 patch of dirt…my new tomato patch!

How lush were the plants! Why, there was one that was 3’ in diameter. What a proud city farmer I was! I had planted late and had not put the plants in the ground at the same time. They were all at different stages of growth. People in the neighborhood have passed by and made comments about the beauty of the garden. I beam with pride as I reveal to them my secret combination to success…plant food, hormone spray and plenty of water. The tomatoes have really become a nice segway to meeting my new neighbors.

September rolled around so quickly…and I became concerned about what there was left of the growing season. I asked my friend Mary, who was raised on a farm, how much more time I had for these lovely green balls to turn red before the first frost. While I was at it, I bragged about the lushness of my plants. Imagine my surprise when she explained to me that to speed up the ripening of the fruit before the arrival of the cold weather, I would need to remove the sucker branches. I asked her what those were and she told me that they were the branches that didn’t have any tomatoes on them. (These branches take up the energy of the plant and if they are removed the energy will go to the fruit.)

I had noticed that when I walked through the garden to weed or pick, the branches of the plants stuck out so far that by brushing against them, I would inadvertently break them off. The cages that were supposed to support the plants, were leaning over to the ground from the weight of the numerous huge tomatoes. I looked around with mixed feelings at all that had come about by my own efforts. I was feeling like these plants were getting out of hand…like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia with all of the brooms! I felt discouraged that they were getting damaged. I looked underneath all of the showy vegetation to find long vines with tomatoes on the ground. There were gnats way inside the plants and I was having a hard time reaching the tomatoes to pick them off of the vines. I thought about how that useless vegetation was hiding the fruit from me. By the time I could get to it, the birds and bugs were enjoying their own little banquet. The tomatoes were cracked and useless. They were falling to the ground and rotting.

So I started to consider the suggestion my friend had given me. I made a “shift” in my mind to seeing this situation differently. Instead of being discouraged about breaking branches, I realized it was just part of the “weeding out” process…removing the unneeded branches. The only remedy was to cut away the sucker branches. After pruning the branches, strong wooden stakes and straw were used to support the plants.

As I opened my mind to receive the lesson of all of this from the Holy Spirit, I got the revelation that there is a parallel in my mind to those sucker branches…and for me it is thinking there is value in idolizing form. ACIM offers to me that form was the ego’s proof that separation really happened. It really does seem that there is a you over there…a me over here…(and tomatoes in my yard)...however we are the same One Self. Our dense physical bodies along with the senses seem so convincing. Beyond every form and filling every space is only God’s Love. There is no place where God is not! Form is neutral in the dream…it only has the meaning I give to it. I have made form special in my life…thinking that the more stuff I had…the safer I would be. Now I am seeing that I become a prisoner of all that I hold on to with an “iron tight” grip. Everything and anything…people, places or things (even tomatoes)…that I make more important than remembering that love is all there is… just like those sucker branches hiding the tomatoes from me…are cutting off the awareness of the fruits of my Spirit from me….the deep peace, the heavenly love, the great joy.

Through this lesson, it became clearer to me that I can make tomatoes or anything in form my life’s purpose….special…..but is that really what I want? I would rather see myself as a caretaker of form…..that is…taking much care to be sure and ask for Spirit’s guidance as to the use of form. I want to ask…What would be truly helpful in the plan of awakening regarding this form that I am considering to take up space in my life? Is this form for the highest good…or…is this form just a substitute for the seeming temporary lack of awareness of any or all of my spiritual fruits? Am I looking to form to fill a seeming gap that can only be corrected by the Master Gardener, Jesus, as He gently uproots the false thinking in the garden of my mind?

It makes sense to me that all of this which seems to be about tomatoes in the dream has a spiritual significance…a parallel somewhere in my mind. If I ask Holy Spirit to give me the lesson, it will come into my awareness. What all do I allow to live in my mind that has no reality to it? How do I spend the major amount of my time? Is it really time well spent with “waking up” as the theme? How much of my life is just fluff! Are my chatzkeys (little decorative doodads that I put on shelves) growing over the fruits of my Spirit? Am I so absorbed in the “stuff” of the world that I have covered up my Beingness in exchange for nothing? The “stuff” can also show up in my mind as attitudes like, “it has to be my way”, “I have to be right”, “I’m not good enough”, etc.

The garden in a good lesson-learning place where I can hear just the way that I need to…through something that is familiar to me..planting tomatoes. Holy Spirit knows that in reality there are no tomatoes and He does not judge me for believing that they are real. I am also aware that I don’t have to make growing tomatoes my life’s purpose. The tomatoes are the dream props. Spirit is communicating an important message to me in my mind through my belief that tomatoes are real. He knew that they would be a good vehicle for my learning. Spirit’s Voice is becoming more familiar. The more that I practice listening to and following Inner Guidance, I see that the result is peace, ease and great joy!

There is nothing magic about hearing Holy Spirit’s Voice. It expresses in the form of ideas that are compatible to my repertoire of experiences. Spirit meets in the room of today’s understanding. Anything and everything that has brought me confusion or that I have made special will become a teaching aid with my offering of a little bit of my willingness to Him.

The healing in my mind through this lesson has helped me to open to the awareness of the spiritual abundance within me. (This abundance has nothing to do with form. The use of form, when guided by Spirit, can be used in helping us to wake up.) I am learning to give without fear…to give love freely…without conditions. The ego no longer has my permission to critique, judge or limit the little “love assignments” being given to me by Spirit. (Those little acts and thoughts of kindness that really are helpful, when directed by Spirit. You know, like the phone call, the little note or card, the email, the smile to the cashier at the grocery, extending love via the One Mind we share…these are just to name a few!)

In the dream, I have an abundance of tomatoes and it has been with great joy that I have been giving them away. A blessing goes with every one. It is wonderful to give from a place of abundance and not fear. I had an old ego script that told me if I give, I will have less. That is just a lie and I don’t believe it!

My gardening with Holy Spirit has helped me to realize that anywhere I think I am is a heavenly place as I keep my connection strong and receive His messages of helpfullness all day long!

© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

Weeding Out Specialness

This morning I am asking for assistance from Jesus. When I call to Jesus I can “hear” His Voice. This Voice, this Presence, is very real to me. I call this taking a “Light” break and try to remember to stop several times a day to do this for the insurance and assurance of my sanity. I find that by listening to what Jesus says and applying His messages to my life, I experience more peace. However I find there are some areas where I “hold back” from receiving peace…like seeing specialness.

This reminds me of a poem I’d like to share:

As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend.
But then instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.
At last I snatched them back and cried, ”How can you be so slow?”
“My child,” He said, “What could I do, you never did let go.”

“Jesus, would you please help me on this specialness business?”

“Sure thing, child! Remember the creeping bend in the grass in the yard? It is a good symbol for specialness. Once it is introduced into the grass, it grows pervasively. It is green like the grass, so unless your trained eye is looking for it, it remains hidden (especially if you don’t want to see it!). You ask what is wrong with leaving it there—well, its tough vine presence can choke out much of the healthy grass in time unless it is weeded out. What was once soft grass becomes a bunch of tough vines that you could trip on.

Specialness will “trip you up”. It is a guilt trip—let it go, I will help you. It is only because you mistakingly think you don’t measure up to your own Creator that you have times when you think someone else is favored or loved more than you. In those times, you are deluding yourself and have been caught up in the dis-ease of EGO PROJECTIONITIS. Another mistake is in thinking your own Creator doesn’t measure up to you—in which case you are hallucinating that you are favored above all others. Believe me, there are NO OTHERS!! There is only ONE—ONENESS, which is only resisted to by a meaningless and powerless thought system. Specialness can remain hidden to you if you don‘t really want to see it, just like the vines in the grass. It can overtake your life experience unless you and I do some serious gardening…and of course, we will have fun in the process.

It is good that you are recognizing specialness thoughts in your own mind—your “trained eye” is a valuable asset—the next step is to let these thoughts go. I will help you by removing each “vine”, one by one, as you recognize them and offer them to me. I will be gentle—I will never rip them out—this process, I promise, will be painless. I will heal the mistaken thought with a soft beam of God’s Light. It will feel like a little “tickle” in your mind!

Stay at peace for peace is like the antivirus program that will help you to “clean up” the specialness thoughts that you thought were of value. Where there is peace, there can be no ego!

Another image you can use is that of unplugging an electrical appliance. Specialness is no longer an “ego appliance” plugged into your mind. Specialness has no “juice” for you.

Remember that what you perceive “others” as having to learn—most likely you are in need of learning—again there are NO OTHERS!! Thoughts of unity and equality that are not acceptable to the ego thought system will become your Reality as you let go of specialness. You have everything to gain as you claim your Divine Birthright—Oneness. You have nothing to lose as you let go of seeing any value in the ego.

Take a few moments now to “slip into something more comfortable”—peace, your best friend. Open to the Love you are—be like a sponge—soak it in. You are worthy and deserving of Unconditional Love. Thank you for stopping by so I could offer to you this Truth—you and I share Oneness.”

“Thank you for your help Jesus!”

© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

The Bigger Picture

Hello Dear Friends,
I am journaling on an experience that I had yesterday. My brother, his girlfriend and I were visiting with my Mom at her new home in a senior residence. We were very pleased to see how well she was adjusting to her new life. It was apparent that she had been busy with arranging her belongings, which included family pictures. There were many generations of pictures arranged nicely on the buffet and on top of the curio cabinet. My brother took notice that there was only one of his pictures displayed, and it was a very small one at that! While we were out of Mom’s earshot, he shared with me that he was feeling bad about the noticeable lack of his pictures.

I was in a state of peace and felt guided to invite my brother to share about what he was thinking and feeling. We have a great spiritual bond, which has emerged over the years by inviting Spirit into our relationship time and time again. We can both depend on that healing bond always “being in place” for us to be assisted easily no matter what the challenging circumstance. He said that he felt “left out”, not included and sad. It sounded like one of the ego’s separation scripts to me. On occasion, I have had similar feelings and could resonate with what he was experiencing. Because I was at peace, I could stay detached and offer compassion to my brother. A core issue was coming up for him—being left out. ACIM offers to me that when I buy into the false belief in separation from God, thus making separation real to me, my projections can appear to be very discombobulating. However, if I have just a little willingness, Spirit will offer me helpfulness in some form that will be recognized by me because I truly want the help.

I offered to my brother the current reality, which was that we four were all there in the room…. loving each other…being there for each other…that he was and will always be included…that he is never left out of our love…or in the bigger picture….God’s love. It’s all the same love….. family love…God’s love…unconditional…timeless…eternal. My brother then seemed to be able to relax and participate more fully in our family gathering.

When love is extended from the Source within, it is always inclusive…never exclusive like the ego’s conditional love. I am never left out of God’s love…and if I feel left out (in other words, out of it) for any reason…I can call to the Holy Spirit for help…to take the ego script and transform it. Sometimes I want certain words to come from others…sometimes I (unconsciously) choose to be effected by a person’s voice tone or what I perceive as a disapproving look. (These things seem so silly now as I write this!) Through Spirit’s perspective, I can laugh at ego’s silly conditions for my happiness. I can say to myself, “Don’t believe it!! “This (the ego’s condition) has come to go!!”

Today, my brother gave me permission to share our healing experience with the thought that it might help someone else. Thank you my dear brother, thank you Spirit and thank you Dear Friends for your Love and Light!

© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

About Rev. Christine Anderson

Hello!! It is so good to meet with you via this wonderful vehicle provided by the Holy Spirit through Pathways of Light! My intention is to be truly helpful through sharing my inner healing journaling. I have found that the sharings of others, which helped my understandings to grow, have been heavenly treasures. My focus is to join with you in opening to true happiness that has no conditions…the happiness that, as ACIM offers, is right within us.

Regarding my spiritual beginnings, my first Christian teachings were given to me at the Methodist church right around the corner from my house. I still remember the kindly Sunday School teachers who shared the stories of Jesus. When I would enter the sanctuary of the church, I would feel “something” around my heart center that would bring a “stirring” to my being. As a child, I appeared to be outwardly happy…but by the age of 11, there were clear signs of ego shenanigans…unhappiness. As a teenager, I was definitely not very aware of my connection with Spirit and began to act out the conflict that was happening in my mind. As a young wife and mother, I started to feel an inner prompting to search for the unknown “something” that I felt was missing from my experience. I began to read books by Emmet Fox and Joel Goldsmith. I learned about the “silence” within through Unity teachings and metaphysical groups.

The way I was introduced to ACIM was truly “out of the blue”. In the late 70’s, my friend and I were at a backyard barbeque playing Frisbee with a fellow that we had just met. He asked us if we had heard of ACIM. We told him that we weren’t familiar with it. He then suggested that we might want to take a look at it. It happened that our local Unity Church was hosting a study group. We attended for a while, but found that the understandings of the Course shared by the facilitator were a little “above out heads”. We got together with a group of friends that also had an interest in ACIM and started a monthly ACIM meeting. We would join in reading and discussing what the Course meant to us. Sometimes we were really stumped by the words and wondered what the heck Jesus was trying to tell us. At that time, Jim Stewart hosted a radio program called “Practical Spirituality”. He so willingly shared his perceptions of the Course and I appreciated that so much. For quite a while, I would pick up the Course and then I would put it down again. It was still attractive to me and between the lines something was continuing to call me to “stick with it”.

In 1995, my daughter invited me to go together to a Pathways course called “Awakening to Your Higher Self”. I did not know then that the foundation of the teachings of the spiritual college was and still is ACIM! All of the courses are inspired by ACIM! I continued on with another course, and as Spirit would have it, a move and new job location would bring the blessing of more Pathways courses offered right at my place of work!

In August of 1996, after taking several more courses in the Chicago area, I visited the college campus in Wisconsin for a weekend and attended a facilitator renewal workshop. An ordination of ministers and a wedding ceremony also took place. I felt at home there at Pathways…like there was something there to assist me to further awaken to that “something” that seemed to be missing in my life.

Again, with Spirit’s assistance, by the next month I had made the decision to let go of the reins of my life, put them in God’s hands, and go to Pathways to complete the ordination program. What a blessing…with every course I took, I was offered the truth…that everything I needed was right within me…including great joy and happiness. Slowly and softly, in perfect timing, the light went on in my mind to reveal to me that I had been making myself unhappy with my own thinking. What a revelation! My happiness was not dependent on any other person, place or thing. No longer did I have to work so hard to present a happy exterior to the world. I could be myself now…and with the help of Spirit, look at my mistaken thinking and let it go. I did not have to use humor to “be safe” a defense. Slowly, over the four years spent at Pathways, I opened to the real happiness within that helps me to see that I am always safe, resting in God. I love to see the lighter side of things, which is always given to me when I ask for Holy Spirit’s perspective. It is my deepest desire to connect with the Loving Friend that is within each and every person. I continue to study ACIM and do my best to put to practice the principles and concepts of the Course. I am very grateful for this path and the helpfulness that it brings to assist me in keeping my connection with Holy Spirit consistent and strong…for therein lies my true happiness.

© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

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