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Being a Truly Helpful Activist

‘I rest in God.’ Completely undismayed, this thought will carry you through storms and strife, past misery and pain, past loss and death, and onward to the certainty of God. There is no suffering it cannot heal. There is no problem that it cannot solve. And no appearance but will turn to truth before the eyes of you who rest in God.

This is the day of peace. You rest in God, and while the world is torn by winds of hate your rest remains completely undisturbed. Yours is the rest of truth. Appearances cannot intrude on you. You call to all to join you in your rest, and they will hear and come to you because you rest in God. They will not hear another voice than yours because you gave your voice to God, and now you rest in Him and let Him speak through you. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 109, W-pI.109.3-4. See also ACIM Lesson 109 Insights.)

We have a responsibility to bring peace to the world. God has a plan for each of us to bring us back Home where we rest in God. His plan is not imposed upon us, but freely given. Our responsibility is to accept His plan.

The first step in accepting God’s plan is to take a step back from our involvement in the busyness of the world. Relax… Take a deep breath and let it out easily… Welcome the peace that lies within… peace is our natural state, given us in our Creation… Rest in this peace, rest in God…

As we are able to welcome and accept this peace, we are open to receive God’s plan, to receive inspiration for how to be truly helpful. With this inspiration, we will bring peace to the world in the present moment and situation. This is our part in God’s plan to bring peace to the world. The form it takes in the world will vary according to the present need. It may be simply being quiet and holding the awareness of peace. It may be doing something in the world or saying something to someone. It may be holding awareness of the truth in a brother we think of. Our responsibility is simply to receive and act on the inspiration from the wisdom within. This is how we become a truly helpful activist for God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

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Welcoming Holy Spirit’s Guidance

This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application. Nothing could be more specific than to be told that if you ask you will receive. The Holy Spirit will answer every specific problem, as long as you believe that problems are specific. His answer is both many and one, as long as you believe that the One is many. You may be of afraid of His specificity, for fear of what you think it will demand of you. Yet only by asking will you learn that nothing of God demands anything of you. God gives; He does not take. When you refuse to ask, it is because you believe that asking is taking rather than sharing.

The Holy Spirit will give you only what is yours, and will take nothing in return. For what is yours is everything, and you share it with God. That is its reality. (A Course in Miracles, T-11.VIII.5:3-6:3. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The Course makes it very clear that the Holy Spirit will guide us very specifically in all things. We don’t seem to be able to receive this Guidance only because we are afraid of the answer. It is helpful to remember that at the core of the ego thought system is the belief in sacrifice, scarcity and loss. The ego is the idea of separating (sacrificing) from the Source of all that is Real in order to build a kingdom of its own. Since only Love is real, the ego’s kingdom is loveless. It’s not a happy state of mind.

We are afraid of the Holy Spirit’s guidance because we are afraid we would have to sacrifice the loveless kingdom we have made. So we need to be taught to recognize that the kingdom we have made has no value and is not real. It is nothing. As we learn this, the guidance of the Holy Spirit is welcomed. When we accept the Holy Spirit’s guidance we are exchanging nothing for everything. It could be said that nothing is taken from us and everything is given us.

The early lesson that tells us we do not know what anything means helps open our minds to learn where real meaning lies. It opens our minds to the Holy Spirit’s lesson that only Love is real. The specific guidance the Holy Spirit gives always has the underlying lesson that only Love is real and always answers every call for Love with Love. In our hearts this is all we really want.

Today we open our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, moment by moment.

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Forgiveness Is the Key to Freedom

Forgiveness gently looks upon all things unknown in Heaven, sees them disappear, and leaves the world a clean and unmarked slate on which the Word of God can now replace the senseless symbols written there before. Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of death is overcome, because it holds no fierce attraction now and guilt is gone. Forgiveness lets the body be perceived as what it is; a simple teaching aid, to be laid by when learning is complete, but hardly changing him who learns at all.

Only forgiveness can relieve the mind of thinking that the body is its home. Only forgiveness can restore the peace that God intended for His holy Son. Only forgiveness can persuade the Son to look again upon his holiness.

With anger gone, you will indeed perceive that, for Christ’s vision and the gift of sight, no sacrifice was asked, and only pain was lifted from a sick and tortured mind. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 192, W-pI.192.4;5:5-6:1. See also ACIM Lesson 192 Insights.)

Holding a grievance imprisons us in an unhappy world. It is based on the belief in being separate from the rest of the world. This belief is manifested in the image of a body and believing that body is our identity. A grievance is a thought that if something external would be different, we could be happy and safe.

Because we have no control of what is believed to be external, grievances carry with them a sense of hopelessness. We may try to control the external circumstances, yet we can never succeed to the point where we feel wholly safe and truly happy. Perhaps for a moment we may like our circumstance, but there is an underlying fear that it could change in an instant.

Forgiveness is the means by which we free ourselves from the pain of grievances. When we are able to accept Christ’s vision, which sees only the reality of Love, we are able to see past the dream of being separate and alone. We are able to see our brother as our one Self. This vision cannot come from the part of the mind that believes it is separate. We must be willing to accept the Light offered us by the Holy Spirit, which will show us that only Love is real.

We dedicate today to welcoming Christ’s vision so that we can forgive and return to the awareness of Love’s presence.

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We Share One Identity

Father, our Name [Identity] is Yours. In [Your Identity] we are united with all living things, and You Who are their one Creator. What we made and call by many different names [identities] is but a shadow we have tried to cast across Your Own Reality. And we are glad and thankful we were wrong. All our mistakes we give to You, that we may be absolved from all effects our errors seemed to have. And we accept the truth You give, in place of every one of them. Your [Identity] is our salvation and escape from what we made. Your [Identity] unites us in the oneness which is our inheritance and peace. Amen. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 184, W-pI.184.15. See also ACIM Lesson 184 Insights.)

If God is our Identity, all His attributes are ours. Our Identity is at peace because God’s Identity is peace. We are Love because God is Love. Because God is our Identity, His joy is ours. Because God is our Identity, harm is impossible; there is nothing to fear.

The fact that we experience fear and guilt, lack and loss, a sense of being incomplete and isolated, simply shows that we have identified with a false image of what we are. It’s time to turn in our false ID and reclaim our real Identity. Our false ID has never given us access to anything that satisfied or fulfilled our need. Our true Identity unites us with Love, our only need. By this Unity, our only need is fulfilled.

We exchange our false ID for our true Identity through forgiveness. We forgive by bringing all our perceptions to the Holy Spirit to let Him shine the Light of truth on them and let them fade away into the nothingness from which they came. The Holy Spirit is the means through which we reclaim our Identity, given us by our Creator.

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We Are Spirit, at Home in Love

You are the spirit in whose mind abides the miracle in which all time stands still; the miracle in which a minute spent in using these ideas becomes a time that has no limit and that has no end. Give, then, these minutes willingly, and count on Him Who promised to lay timelessness beside them. He will offer all His strength to every little effort that you make. Give Him the minutes which He needs today, to help you understand with Him you are the spirit that abides in Him, and that calls through His Voice to every living thing; offers His sight to everyone who asks; replaces error with the simple truth.

Begin these happy exercises with the words the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and let them echo round the world through Him:

Spirit am I, a holy Son of God, free of all limits, safe and
healed and whole, free to forgive, and free to save the world.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 97, W-pI.97.4;7:1-2. See also ACIM Lesson 97 Insights.)

While we identify with the body as what we are, we experience the world of form as real. This identification is severely limiting. It makes us feel isolated, confused, uncertain about how to respond to everything. We don’t feel that we can trust anyone because we don’t know what their attitudes and beliefs are or what they might do to us based on them. We can’t see the future and memories of the past bring with them guilt and fear.

But when we identify with Spirit, all those limitations disappear. We experience God’s limitless gift of all His Love, His peace and joy. We know that our brothers’ only true motivation is Love. We freely join with that Love, knowing that this joining brings us happiness and peace. We experience the Spirit we are in the present moment. There is no past to bring us fear and guilt. We have the certainty of the changeless present that is not only our present but also our future. In this certainty, time becomes meaningless and we remember our Home in God.

Today we would remind ourselves frequently that we are Spirit, at Home in Love.

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Love Is the Answer

Steady our feet, our Father. Let our doubts be quiet and our holy minds be still, and speak to us. We have no words to give to You. We would but listen to Your Word, and make it ours. Lead our practicing as does a father lead a little child along a way he does not understand. Yet does he follow, sure that he is safe because his father leads the way for him.

So do we bring our practicing to You. And if we stumble, You will raise us up. If we forget the way, we count upon Your sure remembering. We wander off, but You will not forget to call us back. Quicken our footsteps now, that we may walk more certainly and quickly unto You. And we accept the Word You offer us to unify our practicing, as we review the thoughts that You have given us. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 171, W-pI.V.2-3. See also ACIM Lesson 171 Insights.)

Today we practice letting ourselves be carried by the Holy Spirit… Today we give time for quiet listening… We open our minds and hearts to Holy Spirit’s inspiration…

We let peace fill our minds… We let ourselves remember that we are still God’s perfect Love… We are still as God created us… We are eternally safe in the Mind of Love… and so is everyone else, no matter what the dream looks like.

We give this day to remembering that God is in our mind always… remembering that Love is always the answer, no matter what appears in the dream of separation.

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Remembering Our Oneness in Love

There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time. The lesson may seem hard at first, but you will learn to love it when you realize that it is true and is but a tribute to your power. You who have sought and found littleness, remember this: Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. Believe the little can content you, and by limiting yourself you will not be satisfied. For your function is not little, and it is only by finding your function and fulfilling it that you can escape from littleness.

I asked you earlier, “Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God?” Let this question be asked you by the Holy Spirit every time you make a decision. For every decision you make does answer this, and invites sorrow or joy accordingly. When God gave Himself to you in your creation, He established you as host to Him forever. He has not left you, and you have not left Him. All your attempts to deny His magnitude, and make His Son hostage to the ego, cannot make little whom God has joined with Him. Every decision you make is for Heaven or for hell, and brings you awareness of what you decided for. (A Course in Miracles, T-15.III.3;6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The ego is the rejection of the Source of all power. By making up a world that keeps the Source of power out, the ego is in completion with God. Realizing its powerlessness, the ego is always in fear. While we identify with the ego, we are in a constant state of fear, ranging from mild angst to full blown terror.

Fortunately we have been given help out to get out of this hell. The Holy Spirit is always offering us the lesson that we still remain in God and still share all His strength and His Love. There is nothing that can harm God’s Creation. The images of harm we see in the world simply portray the ego’s belief in littleness. They have no effect whatsoever on what we are in truth — the Son of God.

We can reclaim our status as God’s Son by being vigilant against littleness. The Holy Spirit will help us recognize the falsity of the images we have accepted as ourself in the ego thought system. As we accept His help, we will learn the truth of What we are and remember our magnitude in God. We will remember we are safe. We will remember we are loved and loving. We will remember our oneness in Love.

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