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I Rest In Love

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Rest in Me. Rest in Me. Hold this thought in your mind through the day: “I rest in Love. Love leads me in peace. Love blesses me and the world as one. I rest in Love. I rest in Love.” Should your peace be disturbed, return to this thought, “I rest in Love.” Let this thought be the antidote for any disturbance of your holy mind.

This thought reminds you of what and where you are. You are Love in Love. Your right mind has never forgotten this. Only in delusion do you seem to forget. Reminding yourself, “I rest in Love,” brings your attention back to the truth of your Self. With this thought, this can be a day of busy doing while being a day of rest. Rest in Love and be your Self.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Remember it is not your job to decide anything. It is not your job to analyze and figure it out on your own. It is your job to relax, open your mind to peace, and follow My lead. I am not tied to the ways of the world. I will bring you to the truth of our unity. I will help you see your barriers to Love. And once you are willing to see them and hand them over, I will shine them away.

False ideas do nothing but create angst and conflict. These false ideas that remain hidden in your mind will come up to be seen as you are ready to look at them. When we look together following My lead, it becomes painless. Looking at these thoughts with the ego only brings more guilt. You always have a choice. Today practice choosing with Me guiding the way.

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Death Is an Illusion

Mary & Robert:
Yesterday, our dear friend Brenda Eden who lives in Iowa called us to tell us her husband, Rev. Robert Mills, passed away Monday morning. She and Robert are long time students of A Course in Miracles and they both are very aware that death is an illusion. She related to us that the transition was peaceful and full of love. She said it was a profound experience for everyone concerned.

We would like to express our gratitude for Robert Mills in our lives. He and Brenda came here to Pathways many times over the past few years and we enjoyed many wonderful times together. If you would like to communicate with Brenda, you can email her at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Yesterday Minnie Degnitz, whose husband passed away recently, visited us. After lunch, we joined together with the purpose of opening to the Holy Spirit to receive Its healing peace and insights. What came from this time was the understanding that our purpose was to become like an empty chalice. As we allow the chalice to be filled with Holy Spirit’s love, peace and joy, it infuses all our thoughts and everything we do. As we allow our minds to be filled with Spirit, we find that Spirit sees only the Spirit in everyone. And all our thoughts and actions stem from seeing the truth about everyone. This is our purpose now: To accept the truth and see the truth in everyone. We will still do the mundane things of the world as needed, but we know that the reason why we are here is to accept Holy Spirit’s peace and love and joy into our minds and find that peace and love and joy in everyone. This is how we see that we are one. This is how we heal and are healed.

Minnie came to a place where she saw herself sliding down a hillside of brilliant white snow. She was filled with joy and a sense of ease as she saw how easy it was to be carried by the Holy Spirit. She knows that Richard is with her in Spirit and that she still has a job to do to serve Holy Spirit’s extension of peace, love and joy.

What an opportunity we all have to do the same thing. No matter what we do in the physical world, our true purpose is to accept Holy Spirit’s peace and be carried as we are willing to follow Holy Spirit’s lead. Our true purpose is to let go of our belief in a separate self with separate interests and to accept Holy Spirit’s one purpose of seeing unity where we once saw division and differences.

Because in truth we are one Self, we only have one purpose. As we allow ourselves to be filled with Holy Spirit’s peace, we know that the understanding will come as we are ready. What a wonderful opportunity we all have right now to follow Holy Spirit’s lead, moment by moment.

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Allowing Mind Healing

  Today we are meeting with a dear long time friend, Minnie Degnitz, whose husband has passed on. Minnie and Richard were married for over 70 years and so it is very natural that she feels a void right now.

Today we will take time join with her and remember the truth about her and her husband. Today we will take time together to join with the Holy Spirit, our true Comforter, and listen to our one true Self. Today we will remember that there is no death and that the truth about Richard, her husband, is eternal. We will use our time today to practice being brought to the truth. We will practice forgiving the ego’s false ideas. We will practice taking each moment to the Holy Spirit to be led.

We understand now that on our own we do not know anything. We have bought into confusion and now in true humility we would let it go. We would step back and listen to our true Authority and not try to be the author of our dream. We would allow our minds to be healed through the comforting touch of the Holy Spirit. We would remember, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” We would practice accepting peace today.

  I know that when I let Holy Spirit lead, the path is always smooth and flows in gentleness and peace. Yet I see how frequently I think I can lead myself using what I have “learned” from the past. Eventually I do get where I need to go. But when I try to lead myself, the path meanders and many obstacles make the way more difficult.

When I step back I can see the insanity of trying to lead myself. Only insanity would ask confusion to lead. Yet that is what has been familiar. And so it seems to be easier to fall into the old habit of relying on my own confused devices for maneuvering in the world.

I am willing to be happy. I am willing to be in peace. I am willing to step back and let Holy Spirit lead the way, for only by doing this can I be truly happy and at peace. I would step back and let Him lead the way.

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Walk in Peace Today

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Walk in peace today. Be alert to your level of peace and to anything that disturbs it. As you recognize a disturbance and bring it to Me so that I can show you how to perceive it truly, the disturbance will disappear. I am always ready and able to calm the waters of your mind. But if you allow disturbances to remain unnoticed and hang on to them, the waters become filled with ripples and waves coming from all directions and your world seems to be filled with chaos. This need not be.

With the practice of bringing every disturbance to Me and opening your mind to My perception, what was confusing and frightening is recognized as having no effect and therefore nothing. And calm returns to your tired mind. Rest in Me. I offer you the gift of peace in every moment. Accept My gift and be free. Accept My gift and be your Self. Accept My gift and be at Home.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Give time to getting off the merry-go-round of the world. Give time to rest your mind with Me. Give time to quiet listening. Allow your receptivity to be open and clear. Be willing to lay down all your concerns in the world for a while. Give Me your full undivided attention. Let the ego thoughts that come up be gently laid aside.

Allow Me to fill your mind with peace. Allow Me to light your mind which shines away all dark thoughts of separation. Allow your mind to be comforted with the truth. Let Me show you what is truly important. Let Me show you Love’s oneness. Allow yourself to receive Love’s peace. Be still a while and rest with Me.

Let Me guide you and fill your heart with joy. Let me show you your true Identity. Let Me shine away the false ideas that come from belief in separation. Separation could never be. Separation is nothing and nowhere, and so the world is nothing and nowhere. Rest with Me today. Let yourself become aware of the truth.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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What You Look For You Will Find

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Look for the blessings in each day and you will find them. Look for Holy Spirit’s gifts of peace, Love and joy and you will find them today. What you look for you will find. You get what you focus on. Focus on accepting Holy Spirit’s gifts through your day to experience them.

Open your heart and mind to joining with the Holy Spirit and you will see the world differently. You will feel and think differently. You will not take the world of form and seeing differences so seriously. You will laugh easily and feel a lightheartedness instead of carrying a heavy heart.

Give time to the Holy Spirit to use for His purposes. Focus on receiving Holy Spirit’s eternal gift of peace. It is not a small gift. Peace gently washes away all that is unimportant. Peace brings clarity with it.

So today, let accepting Holy Spirit’s wonderful gift of peace be your highest priority. Like the tiny little bubbles in the commercial, it cleans out your cluttered mind. It washes away all the confused thoughts that bring fear and conflict and doubt. Allow the Holy Spirit to do Its healing work today through you. Your willingness to choose peace will bring you a happy day.

If you find yourself becoming disgruntled or out of sorts, return again to making accepting Holy Spirit’s peace your highest priority. Choose once again, and this time choose with Holy Spirit. Do not be dismayed if you find yourself forgetting to choose peace. Once you notice it, simply return to accepting Holy Spirit’s peace once again. You are worth the effort.

  Until we started this renovation project I did not realize how much I rely on routine and habit to navigate through each day. When things were moved and not in the place I was used to them being, it took more time to get things done. I had to look for things that I would have normally known exactly where to find. I see this as a helpful experience because I could no longer rely on my memory of habits and routines to guide me. It provided a setting which motivated me to rely more on Holy Spirit to guide me.

As I remembered to stay in peace, I more quickly found what I needed when I needed it. I still spent plenty of time looking for things because sometimes I was slow to remember to choose peace. Or sometimes I halfheartedly chose peace while still holding the thought that maybe I could figure out where the thing I was looking for was on my own. The more I focus on really going to peace and truly opening to Holy Spirit’s lead, the less time I spend wandering in the confusion of ego thoughts. This is a wonderful training experience.

We are finally starting to get some things back in their “traditional” places as the bathroom and kitchen get closer to completion. I can once again go back to routines that help me with finding things as they are needed. There is nothing wrong with having routines. They can help simplify day to day activities. The key is not to see these routines as my salvation or the basis for my peace. Peace comes from the Holy Spirit, my true Self, in my mind. There is no other peace.

If I want to experience the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace, I need to continue the practice of following Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment. And so I look to day with joy in my heart, for it is another day given me to choose the Holy Spirit as my Companion and accept His gifts of Love, peace and happiness.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Look At Everything with Holy Spirit

  In gratitude I give. In gratitude I receive. Gratitude is an attribute of Love. When I remember the Love I am, I am filled with gratitude. When I look through the eyes of Love I see brothers everywhere, friends everywhere. My heart is filled with joy to greet them. I see my Self everywhere, in every one. Every brother becomes a reminder of the truth in me.

In this world it seems to be easier to see what appears to be outside of me. So when I am in touch with the Love I am, I receive reinforcement in the recognition of this Love everywhere I look. The more I see with Love, the more I feel the Love I am. It becomes an ascending spiral to Heaven.

The only way I can see with Love is to let go of belief in separateness, to disconnect from the ego thought system. To do this I must renounce my separate will and open my heart and mind to the Holy Spirit’s lead, which will always align me with God’s Will, my true Will. Today I extend my practice of letting go of my separate will and following Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment.

  My job today is to look at all the thoughts that are in my mind with Holy Spirit. Because I have believed in what could never be true, I need the Holy Spirit to correct my mind and show me what is true. The body’s eyes show me separation. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will not place my belief in it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to see the Love that is beyond all the differences I see with the body’s eyes. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to see the eternal truth that is always there.

If I am willing today to look at everything with the Holy Spirit, I will remain at peace with everything I see, because the Holy Spirit will show me the difference between what is unreal and what is real. I do not have to get upset by what is unreal. If I get upset by what is unreal, I have joined with the ego thought system and I am lost to the truth.

So, today, I have another opportunity to open my mind to the Holy Spirit and be led to the truth. Here is my peace. Here is my happiness. Here is my awakening.

  God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. The word “perfect” in that sentence means everything. Perfect, complete happiness. In every situation, in every “life” experience, if there is not perfect happiness, you have not followed the Will of God which is your true will. You see, since your are one with God and His Will for you is perfect happiness, your true will cannot be anything but perfect happiness. Therefore, in every situation, if you are not happy you can know immediately that you are not following God’s Will. In fact, you are not following your Truth, the Truth that your will and God’s are the same. Than can be no separation when you are a part of something. You are part of the Whole. Your brothers are all part of the Whole. They are not separate from you.

So when you look at your experiences or situations that come up, know that if your will for that situation or circumstance is not perfect Love, you are not thinking with God’s Will for you. You are choosing at that particular time a thought system that is foreign to God and to your True Self. Everything that seems to happen around you is in perfect harmony with God’s Will no matter how it looks through your eyes. Look with Christ’s Vision and you will only see oneness and perfect happiness. Looking at the situation any other way is wrong mindedness. You have momentarily chosen to listen to a thought system that is not true. You have chosen to listen to a thought system whose will is not perfect happiness. Which one will you choose today.

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Your Safety Is In Reality and Nowhere Else

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego mind looks for security in the future by trying to make it like the past. So it makes plans for the future based on experiences it liked in the past. But since these experiences are entirely in the realm of illusion, the ego’s plans for the future are meaningless and have no value. The ego cannot plan for your safety because illusions cannot offer you safety.

Your safety is in reality and nowhere else. Being the denial of reality, the ego cannot lead you there. That is why it is essential that you practice in every moment bringing all your thoughts to Me and asking Me to show you the real meaning behind them. This practice makes every experience and every thought a means for healing and awakening because that is what I offer you. Let today be another day of practice in following My lead in every moment. In this practice you make the day a path of awakening, a path of Light.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let today be a day of quiet following. Step back and listen. Let go of thinking things should happen in a certain time. That which is real is outside of time. That which is real is eternal. Let the eternal truth about you guide your way today.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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