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Laying Down My Defenses

  As I read lesson 153 again and again, its becoming more and more comforting to me. it is a wonderful promise that there is a way out of the world of uncertainty. It is a promise that Help is always with me. I need only to be willing to accept it, and I accept it by laying down my defenses. It brings a feeling of relief. As I allow myself to adsorb the message of this lesson, I feel my shoulders relax, my forehead soften and I breathe easier. I really can set aside the defenses i have thought were so important to my survival. There is a way of peace and happiness that is not of this world, though I can carry it with me in all the doings to which I am directed by the Holy Spirit. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Holy Spirit:
  Listen. To listen to My guidance you need to be in peace. It need not be perfect peace, but you do need to set aside the raucous thoughts of the ego with enough willingness to be open to My thoughts. This allows Me to give My gift of perfect peace.

In times when it seems difficult to set aside the ego’s myriad forms of defense, ask for My Help. When you ask, you are opening your mind and heart to a better way. I do not need to be asked, for I am eternally giving. But your asking is an opening of your mind and heart to receive. Asking signifies a willingness to receive. It is a message to yourself that you do not have what you need and are willing to receive it.

Of course, you really do have everything you need, but when you identify with the ego thought system, you believe you are lacking and so you need to acknowledge the lack you are believing in by asking for help. This does not mean that you need to identify a specific lack you are believing in. It merely means that you must be willing to receive what you believe you do not have, which is God’s Love.

My job as the Voice for God is to show you God’s Love in symbols that you can recognize. That is how I bridge between the reality of Heaven, your Home, and the dream of separation you believe you are in. Be willing to ask for help. Be willing to receive My help. I am always here ready to give you the gift of perfect peace and quiet joy.

Because we are getting the house ready to show to prospective buyers, we are in the process of letting go of the clutter. Until I really started looking closely, I didn’t realize how much clutter there was. I just looked past it, so I didn’t see it. I think that is also symbolic of my lessons in my spiritual life.

Throughout this process of moving to Florida, my job is to allow the Holy Spirit to show me the unnecessary clutter that is in the way of my being aware of Love’s eternal Presence. Love is always there, but I will not be aware of it if my mind is cluttered with thought that stem from belief in separation.

My job is to walk through all of this and allow the Holy Spirit to show me the thoughts that are hindering my awareness of Love’s Presence. As I see them with Holy Spirit and recognize them for what they are, I will easily let the Holy Spirit shine them away. This de-cluttering is very important in Holy Spirit’s school. I must see the barriers for what they are before I am willing to let them go.

This is an ongoing process that takes time, just as the physical move to Florida takes time. I am seeing that they symbols that show up in the world are there to teach me what needs to happen in my mind. I am grateful to follow Holy Spirit’s instruction so that by the time we do move to Florida, a great amount of clutter will be removed, both spiritually and physically. That gives much deeper meaning to this move.

I am learning to lighten up in many ways. It feels good. I am so grateful that I have a Teacher That is leading me through this moving “maze” as I go through the lessons brought to me each day. I know that I am to do what is there right in front of me, clearing the pathway to the next step. I am seeing that it isn’t helpful for me to try to think of three steps ahead, but rather stay in the present moment and do what is right there before me.

The lesson that I am to learn is always right here, right now. With Holy Spirit’s help, I take each step that clears the way for the next. Removing the clutter ceases to be such a daunting task. What is right in front of me right now is where I need to have my focus, holding Holy Spirit’s Hand. What a wonderful school I am in. It is so uplifting and I feel so supported.

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With Peace Comes Understanding

  The temptation to plan is amazingly strong. Yesterday we talked about how we would make the move and juggle the sale of the property in Wisconsin and the purchase of property in Florida. As we talked our heads began to swim in all the details. Fortunately we got the message: Don’t plan anything on your own. So we let it go.

It seems as though we need to be prepared. But when we leave Holy Spirit out of the preparation, we are not playing with a full deck. With only a partial deck, there is no way to have a winning hand, no matter how good you are at playing the game. So today is another day to practice letting go of my solo planning and following Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit:
  Be mindful of your state of peace. Be unwilling to tolerate any loss of peace. This vigilance will keep your way smooth because in peace comes understanding. The Voice for God comes in peace and strengthens your peace. Peace is a characteristic of defenselessness. When you are truly defenseless, it is because you are remembering the strength of God in you, which truly has no opposition. Peace.

Your skill in vigilance is well honed, but has been misdirected. You have used vigilance to be alert for signs of threat because you have identified with the ego thought system. Now you are being asked to redirect your vigilance to the Holy Spirit’s thought system, which is your real thought system. The Holy Spirit thought system is singular: Only Love is real. No thought but this exists in truth.

Being the bridge between the united Love of God and the divided world of the ego, the Holy Spirit offers you thoughts in the world that guide you back to the one Thought of Love. That is His purpose, His gift. Use your vigilance to focus on accepting His gift and your joy will be great, your quiet certainty undisturbed. You will know without doubt that you are eternally in God. You will know you are loved. And being loved, you will love without reservation.

  Yesterday we began the clearing out process. As I was clearing out drawers, I couldn’t believe how many socks I had collected. I’m thinking now that it is a good thing to move once in a while to get rid of the stuff that I no longer need.

I think this is symbolic of moving spiritually. As I continue to practice letting Holy Spirit take the lead, I will naturally be led to clear out the mental drawers that I might not be consciously aware of but that are still there. Just like to the old socks in the back of the bottom drawer, there are old thoughts that need to be cleared out. Holy Spirit knows how to find these old drawers and as I am willing to let them go, the Holy Spirit shines His Light on them and they disappear.

My job right now is clearing out and letting go of everything I do not need. It is the Holy Spirit That shows me what I need. I now take some time to rest in Holy Spirit’s healing bath of peace. There I am rejuvenated. There I remember that God is my strength and vision is His gift.

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Christ Remains Beside Us Through the Day

  Today the thought that stands out to me the most as I read Lesson 153 is, “We rise up strong in Christ, and let our weakness disappear, as we remember that His strength abides in us. We will remind ourselves that He remains beside us through the day, and never leaves our weakness unsupported by His strength.”

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from a woman who is a niece of someone from our Wednesday night ACIM study group. Through them she heard that the Pathways of Light campus was going to be up for sale. She told me she is looking for a retreat center where she can have group gatherings and facilitate classes. We agreed to show her the property this morning. I am going to use this as an opportunity to step back and let the Holy Spirit lead the way. I am going to practice remembering that by myself I know nothing. I am going to have a chance to practice the lessons I am receiving from the Holy Spirit and remember that God’s strength abides in everyone.

When I come from a place of remembering His strength, it will be easier for me to do my part in the role we all have of allowing ourselves to remember the truth about ourselves and every brother. As I am willing to connect with God’s strength, the rest is made easy in the moment.

Holy Spirit:
  As you go through the circumstances that present themselves in your schoolhouse this morning, use them to practice accepting God’s peace and extending God’s peace. It is through the acceptance of God’s peace that understanding comes to you. Now you know the purpose of the dream is not to reinforce your belief in it, but rather to undo your belief in separation.

Everyone who comes into your life is one with you, whether you recognize it or not. Your remembering helps everyone remember. Ask of everything, what is it for? It is now for the practice of stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit take the reigns to do Its healing work. It may look like showing someone some property, but what it is really for is to join in peace and love. It is for awakening to the truth. Amen.

  This journey of awakening that we call moving to Florida has already had what seems to be many twists and turns. Each unexpected turn has been another reminder that of myself I do not know what anything means. It is helpful to remember the purpose behind the form called moving to Florida. It’s not about the move. The move is just the context for the lessons. The purpose is to learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment.

In the past frequent seeming changes of direction would have disturbed me and stimulated uncertainty. Now more often I chuckle and smile to myself as I see it as another reminder that of myself I know nothing. These lessons are terrific. They are freeing me from my self-imposed limits and expectations. These seeming changes in direction that occur sometimes daily I am recognizing are not changes in direction at all.

There is really only one direction. That direction leads Home. It is only forms that seem to change. And these changing forms are simply the effects reflected in the dream of my continued opening to Holy Spirit’s lead. What is most important for me right now is to practice not attempting to interpret on my own what any form in the dream means. Period! Don’t go there. Attempting to interpret on my own simply makes the path seem rough when it is actually exquisitely prepared with rose petals strewn before me as I am welcomed on the journey prepared for me by the Holy Spirit’s kind and gentle Love.

My heart is filled with gratitude. And Love always comes to a grateful heart. It is becoming easier and easier to see the Love in my brother beyond any mask that may appear to be there. There is great contentment in knowing and remembering the strength of God is ever present. Each moment He is telling me, “I am here.”

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The Move Is Simply A Setting For the Lessons to Be Learned

The sentence that stands out to me today as we read Lesson 153 is, “Each hour adds to our increasing peace as we remember to be faithful to the Will we share with God.”

I feel an area that I need to work on as I go through the day is to consistently accept God’s peace and extend God’s peace. It still seems like I have ups and downs, when I am forgetting that I am God’s Son and completely safe in every way. There are still times when I forget that I am only God’s Love and that I am in Heaven now.

I am being brought to the awareness that I still need more practice in this area. I get wrapped up in the world’s stories far too easily it seems. So this sentence had a lot of meaning for me. The Holy Spirit does not leave me comfortless and will remind me of the truth whenever I am willing to listen. I am willing now.

Holy Spirit:
  Smile! Absolutely, everything is unfolding in perfect order.

When you start worrying, you have jumped out of the present moment. This transition time will be much easier for you if you do this one thing: Remember the holy instant. The holy instant is eternal and changeless. The holy instant is your reality, now and forever. The holy instant is the only “real time” there is. In the holy instant you remember there is no past, there is no future. Love is eternally present, now and forever, unchanged by the ego’s constantly changing stories.

Sometimes it seems hard to believe this, but the holy instant is your only reality. Anything else is an hallucination and is not real. You want to be brought to the truth. Well, this is the truth. You are eternally safe in God. You are in God and of God. Nothing can change that. This is God’s Will and as you are part of God, it is your will. You are just coming to realize what your true Will is. This is a lesson worth learning.

As you learn this lesson, you will be brought to the awareness of the consistent peace that you are asking for. The stories will always be in a state of constant change which causes doubt and uncertainty. This need not be. You are now in a school where you are learning to choose the constant state of peace instead of the ego’s yo-yo world of uncertainty, doubt and fear. This is your lesson now.

You have the means to learn the lesson well. To learn this lesson you must be willing to step back from the constant flow of ego thoughts and look at these thoughts with Me. There together, we will see their foolishness. Together, as you join your mind with Mine, you will receive the truth of God’s constant peace and just naturally extend it to the world. This is your lesson now. Enjoy!

  After opening the Course twice to the same page today, I knew the second time that I better look and see what it is that I need to learn today. As I looked on the page my eyes went directly to, “A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own. It waits until it has been taught what should be done, and then proceeds to do it. It does not depend upon itself for anything except its adequacy to fulfill the plans assigned to it. It is secure in certainty that obstacles cannot impede its progress to accomplishment of any goal that serves the greater plan established for the good of everyone.” (Lesson 135)

When I read that, the word WOW! came to me. Who do I think I am that I could plan anything or carry out a plan that I thought of on my own? Of myself I can do nothing. And as I read that this morning, I had such a feeling of security and of being carried and taken care of so completely by my Father, Who wants only goodness and joy for me. Just knowing that He says any obstacles that I think are in my way are just a figment of my imagination, for there are no obstacles that will ever be put in my path or anyone’s path when the greater good for the awakening of all is the goal.

How blessed to be part of this great awakening and to know that I am being helped every step of the way. How wonderful it is to feel so excited about being able to fulfill my only purpose. How wonderful to feel that I am guided so beautifully by the One Who knows what is best for me and the good of all. Thank you God. I love you so much. Amen.

  Yesterday we met with one of the the realtors for the third time. This time he brought his office manager and his marketing director with him. Our meeting was unlike any other business meeting I’ve ever participated in. The realtor began by going through part of his presentation, saying what they would do if we chose them.

It became very clear in our hearts through a sense of peace and inner joy that this is the organization for us to join with to accomplish this part of Holy Spirit’s plan. There was no need to waste time listening to the rest of his presentation. The certainty was already there. So we said, “You don’t need to go further. Let’s talk about how we can join together.” We talked about how our goal in this process of selling the Pathways property in Kiel is to serve the highest good of everyone, including Pathways, our neighbors, the township, the realtor team, the buyers and anyone involved in the process. We shared that we knew that if we hold this goal, each step will flow easily into place. After discussing necessary details, we closed with hugs all around.

Holy Spirit:
  I have said repeatedly that the form of the move is simply a setting for the lessons that are to be learned. The form of itself is unimportant. It is how the form is used in the service of awakening that is important. In that meeting you could see a little of how joining with a shared purpose to be helpful for all can have a healing effect for many, many people.

This is an opportunity to teach by demonstration. Your willingness to see in the three from the real estate office the love and innocence in them and the desire to be truly helpful teaches them and you of your shared innocence. Your shared one Self that is Love and nothing else.

You felt in the meeting a sense of being deeply blessed because you accepted the Love you are and saw it in your brothers. As you practice this, these experiences will become common place for you because they come from being your true Self. This is your most natural state because it occurs when you have let down your defenses against Love, Which is What you are.

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Learning My Lessons of Trust and Gratitude

My thoughts this morning center on remembering I am in Holy Spirit’s school and my lessons are about trust and gratitude. The part that stood out to me in Lesson 153 this morning is, “Yet when we can, we will observe our trust as ministers of God, in hourly remembrance of our mission and His Love. And we will quietly sit by and wait on Him and listen to His Voice, and learn what He would have us do the hour that is yet to come; while thanking Him for all the gifts He gave us in the one gone by.”

The reason these particular words stood out to me this morning is that I am realizing that my lessons right now from Holy Spirit are focusing on my level of trust and gratitude. I now go in quiet to my inner Teacher in order to learn my lesson well.

Holy Spirit:
  The more you open your mind to Me, the more you will know that if you are asked to do something in the world, the means for its accomplishment will be given you. The more you consistently open your mind to Me, the more that trust will come naturally. And along with trust, comes gratitude as you recognize that God’s gifts are yours and cannot be taken away by any dreams of separation or lack.

You want to strengthen your trust? You do it by joining with Me in your mind, for in truth we are one. It is this willingness to join consistently that brings you the trust you need to do My work. When you trust in Me, you will not worry about how things will be accomplished. You will be relaxed and feel confident that everything that shows up in the dream is in perfect order for the lessons everyone is to learn. And as your trust strengthens, your gratitude for how perfect Holy Spirit’s plan is just wells up within you.

Your lessons in trust and gratitude all stem from your being willing to open your mind to Me. With Me you recognize the ego’s judgments are meaningless and mean nothing. You recognize that trying to figure it out on your own will not work. You keep your mind open and calm, trusting that “I am here.”

  It seems like I have a to do list that goes up one arm, down the other and trails behind me. But guess what. That’s my list, not necessarily Holy Spirit’s. There may be things on that list Holy Spirit will guide me to do. But Holy Spirit knows time is an illusion and will never use a “to do” list to make time seem real. If I feel overloaded, it’s because I’m using my “to do” list to make time seem real.

In the dream, things seem to happen sequentially. But the Course tells us that the Holy Spirit is in charge of time. It’s not my job to worry about whether everything will be done in the right time. It is my job to give all my concerns about time and the future to the Holy Spirit. If I’m willing to follow His lead moment by moment, everything that needs to be done will be done at the time in the dream that it needs to be done.

Part of the overloaded “to do” list is also the effect of self-imposed limits on how things can get done and who can do them. One of the lessons that is part of the exercise of moving to Florida is learning to let go of all limitations. Once again I am seeing that the move is simply an outward symbol of an inner lesson that teaches me I have no real limits. I have plenty of imagined limits, but I have been given an awesome gift through this move. I have been given the gift of a magnificent classroom in which I can learn to let go of limits. Wow! My heart is filled with gratitude.

I dedicate this day to the practice of following Holy Spirit’s lead, moment by moment. Thank you Holy Spirit for your kind and gentle guidance.

  When I woke up this morning the first thing that came to my mind is, “What will today bring? What’s in store for me today? Will I have enough time to finish what I have to get done?” The “what’s” and “if’s” and “how’s” didn’t stop. So I got out of bed, stood there and bent over with my head toward the ground and said, “Holy Spirit, please empty this mind.” As I imagined all the thoughts just falling out, when I stood back up after several minutes, I asked Holy Spirit to now fill my mind with only Your Thoughts today.

This is what Holy Spirit said: When you question how are you going to have enough time, you are making time real. The one and only purpose for time is to heal. The only way to heal is to come to Me with all those thoughts.

You see, sometimes you think you know what’s first on the agenda and what’s next and what’s next after that. Did you forget that it’s My agenda that is important. Not yours. And you cannot know My agenda and what I have in store for you unless you come to Me. The phrase, “Know thy self” means exactly that. That is your one and only job.

For as you really learn to know your Self with My help, any thoughts of lack or separation or why or how will all fall away and you will see that all that’s left is you and Me. And I only give you thoughts to remember the true Love that you are and the true Love that everyone is. When you look upon another, always remember what you are thinking of them, you are thinking of yourself.

Feel the gifts and be grateful for all the gifts you receive from Me. Then it is your job to pass those gifts on to whomever you meet. Make sure what you pass on is truly a gift that I gave you, and not one that you thought you had to give. Your thoughts mean nothing without coming to Me.

Thank you for emptying your thought this morning and allowing Me to fill you with My healing thoughts. Your goodness and joy and happiness are My only wishes and thoughts for you. Any other thoughts that come to you that are not of goodness, joy, happiness and love are false thoughts that you made up yourself. Learn to “soak” in My Love and just rest in that. And soak some more until you feel that Love fill every cell and every space around you. Then carry that Love out into the world.

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Going to Holy Spirit with Every “Problem”

  This morning as we reread ACIM lesson 153, a couple of sentences particularly stood out to me. One is, “God’s ministers have chosen that the truth be with them.” The other sentence that stood out to me was, ” We will remind ourselves that He remains beside us through the day, and never leaves our weakness unsupported by His strength. We call upon His strength each time we feel the threat of our defenses undermine our certainty of purpose. We will pause a moment, as He tells us, ‘I am here.’”

Yesterday was a particularly busy day. The phone was ringing; the Spanish translation needed entering, and it seemed like we were getting behind. The reason these sentences stood out to me this morning is that they are gentle reminders that I need to continue to practice realizing that God is with me all through the day, even during the busy times of the day.

I am reminded here that I need to continue going to the Holy Spirit with every “problem” that pops up up during the day. My job is to follow, not lead, in every moment. This is my practice today, as I begin the day opening my mind to Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Holy Spirit:
  This is a time of quickening the pace—the celestial speed up. You are ready, but you can only handle this pace with Holy Spirit. It would be impossible on your own. The speed up is nudging you into a greater joining, a greater allowing of the truth to enter your mind.

You know you cannot do this alone. You know that you must remember that you are being carried. You know that stepping back again and again throughout the day and letting Holy Spirit take the lead is how you allow yourself to be carried. You know that you must “kick it up a notch” with your willingness to stay relaxed and listen.

The opinions you have carried with you from the past mean absolutely nothing. You must practice staying in the eternal present. This is your lesson now and you have all the help you need to learn this lesson well. And as you learn this lesson, your mighty Companions show up and you see the depth to which you are being carried.

God goes with you all through the day. It is your job to let the truth be with you. You are safe. You are innocent. You are Loved. You are Home. This is the truth about God’s one Son. Nothing has happened to change this reality in any way. As you go through the learning opportunities of the day, practice stepping back just a moment and taking a deep, full breath. Relax and tell yourself, “God is with me. I am willing to know the truth now.”

  Once again I am seeing that the form in the world symbolizes my thoughts and lessons. With the busyness of yesterday we saw that one computer was a bottleneck because too many things that needed to be done required that computer. We talked about how we could open up that bottleneck so there could be a better work flow.

As we have been going through this process, we have been told repeatedly that it’s not about the form. It’s about lessons in opening to a greater joining and inclusiveness. This computer bottleneck is a symbol of the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves in our minds. We are being asked to be more open and inclusive and to welcome all who choose to join in the role Pathways is to play in Holy Spirit’s plan. As we have shared about the direction we are being led, it has been heartwarming to receive many offers of help. The opening up of this computer bottleneck is a symbol of opening up our welcome to more help.

Holy Spirit:
  As has been said before, you are in a classroom. Your Teacher has prepared a kind, gentle, customized curriculum to teach you the lessons that will lead you to total freedom from limitation. The role that Pathways of Light is given in the plan of awakening is far greater than you alone. You must accept the help that is offered you. You must accept My help. And you must learn to recognize my help when it is given you in form in the world. That help can look like people volunteering to help or computer software that can help you fulfill your service more easily. Help is available to you in many forms.

This is why it is so important that you diligently practice stepping back and opening your heart and mind with willingness to receive My Vision. With this Vision you will recognize the help that is offered you. Without it you are blind and you feel alone, overwhelmed and frustrated. Learn to recognize these feelings as signals that it is time once again to step back and open to the Holy Spirit in your mind.

As you do this, you will find yourself being more accepting of the mighty Companions who are with you as you walk on Holy Spirit’s path of awakening. You have never been alone, though sometimes you felt alone only because you closed your eyes to their presence all around you. Walk in complete confidence that you have everything thing you need in every moment, not to serve the ego’s whimsical ideas of happiness, but to serve what Holy Spirit knows will bring you perfect, lasting joy. Practice, practice, practice.

  Today I’m having thoughts of, “When will this happen? How will it happen? Where are we going?”

Holy Spirit:
  You can trust that all the answers to your questions will be told you by Me when the timing is right. You cannot rush a beautiful piece of art or a sculpture. It is done in a timely manner with great thought and love and creativity put into the art work.

This move to Florida is not just a simple move. It is a canvas, a piece of artwork that is intricately designed by Me. You will be able to watch daily as I add strokes to my artwork and include different colors, different people and different ideas. Please trust that I am the artist and you are the sculpture that I am molding. You and this undertaking are the artwork that I am designing without your effort. Please allow me to do My work. We will co-create many beautiful experiences that will come from this. It truly will be a masterpiece. Amen.

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Lesson In Not Judging By Appearances

Yesterday I had a lesson in not judging by appearances. One of the realtors we contacted about listing the Pathways of Light property had an assistant drop off his proposal last week instead of presenting it himself. I interpreted that as meaning he wasn’t very interested. Yesterday he came for the first time to our Sunday service and brought his girl friend. It turned out that he didn’t bring his proposal himself because he had meetings he needed to attend and knew that we needed the proposal before our Advisory Council meeting on Saturday. He was being responsible to get us the information when we said we needed it.

During the service and talking together afterwards, a deepened connection happened. His girl friend came in carrying a Bible. Before she left, she bought A Course in Miracles and also took with her our Pathways of Light introduction to A Course in Miracles course 203. There was much heartfelt sharing about the desire of all four of us to follow Holy Spirit in all our doing. This experience once again reminded me not to judge anything on my own.

Holy Spirit:
  We have said before that this move is simply an outer form, a symbol of Holy Spirit’s expression in the world. The symbols have no meaning in themselves. The Holy Spirit’s purpose for the move is that it is a means for teaching that there is no difference between us. Our interests are the same. We all in truth have one desire, one will, and that is to be and extend Love.

Through this moving process you will meet many people who are “new” to you. Remember to see your brother as Christ, because that is the truth in Him, as it is in you. In the dream each may appear to offer a particular piece in the process. But the value comes in practicing recognizing the truth in each one. It is the practice in recognizing the truth in yourself.

You wish you could see more clearly what is coming next. You wish you had more certainty about the decisions that are to be made on the journey. This uncertainty comes from the ego’s belief that safety comes with knowing what the form is. As has been said before, the form will appear of itself as you keep your mind clear and open to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation in every moment. This seems uncertain to you only because you have a long habit of believing that your certainty comes from illusions. You are in training now to place your trust in what cannot be seen or sensed by the body’s senses. You are being trained to place your trust in a strength that is far beyond what you have thought was worthy of your trust. Trust in the process. Keep practicing.

My biggest challenge right now is learning to trust in the midst of not knowing on so many fronts. Right now we do not know how this property will be sold or even if it will be sold. We do not know how we will be able to purchase property in Florida or the location. My biggest lesson right now is in being okay with not knowing. My biggest lesson right now is in staying relaxed with each new “event” that seems to be popping up in the moment. My biggest opportunity right now is to let go of thinking that I know what anything is for.

Holy Spirit:
I told you that you are in a school. In school you get many lessons. You don’t already know the lessons or you would not be there in need of learning them. You are in the perfect place at the perfect time, getting your perfect lessons. The more you recognize this as you go through your day. you will naturally have a greater openness to what Holy Spirit is teaching you through each experience. You will be more willing to be the student and let Holy Spirit be the Teacher. “I will step back and let Him lead the way” is the foundation for each lesson.

Remember there is no “outer” world. The only real world is God’s World of Love. This is where you are being led, step by step. Let go of feeling a need to control anything. Step back and observe the dream forms that come and go, with Holy Spirit. Expand your willingness to be taught moment by moment. Remember the Holy Spirit is with you every moment. It may appear that Holy Spirit’s presence comes and goes, but that is only because your willingness comes and goes. Now is the time to pay attention to your level of willingness to be aware of Love’s Presence always. Stay relaxed. Step and listen, again and again and again. This will continue to bring you into a stronger connection with the Holy Spirit’s perspective and lead you out of dreams.

My personal concerns are where am I going? Where am I going to live? How can I leave my grandchildren and children and family? How am I going to afford the move? How can I leave a significant other of 14 years. My heart’s desire is to serve Spirit and follow Pathways of Light. But God, how can I do this?

Holy Spirit:
As you were told in the beginning to just sit back and watch it all unfold, that is still the message for you. You are seeing some things unfold and learning many lessons as they do so. This is the purpose of all of this—to strengthen your connection to Me; to learn to come to Me more and more, not just once or twice a day, but once or twice an hour.

Sometimes, when you grow, you may seem to have growing pains. That is ego. I would never ask you to do anything that would cause you pain. When you feel sad, that is because you feel separate and alone. When you ask “what if and why and how?” those are all questions of the ego. You are to learn to come to Me, as you have been doing, more and more. Know that I will take care of everything. My Will for you is perfect happiness. You don’t know if you will go, or if anyone will go for that matter. You do not know why I am asking this in the first place. Believe me, you will know in time, and your happiness will be the gauge for you to know.

Things are not always as they seem according to your interpretations. Please allow Me to interpret everything for you. That does not mean it is always easy. Sometimes you will be asked to stretch. Sometimes I will ask for a little more willingness to follow Me. Please know that when you have the willingness to follow Me, only will good come from that. Every time you come to Me, you build a stronger foundation and a greater connection to your oneness with God. Please know that I am with you always and would never lead you astray. Please know that when things seem hard, I am your Comforter.

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