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Let Go of Limits and Forgive

Holy Spirit through Mary:  Remember that you are safe and that nothing can happen to change God’s one Son. Remember that the dream you are dreaming of separate bodies is just that — a dream and nothing more. And remember that forgiveness is your only function here. Forgiveness is a willingness to let your mind be changed as to What you are and Where you are. That change of mind needs to be directed toward yourself and everyone, because forgiveness of your brother is forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of yourself is forgiveness of your brother.

Forgiveness is letting go of dreams of separateness. Even though it appears that there are many in your dream, many who all have private thoughts of their own, your forgiveness shows you that there is only one mind, One Sacred Mind. As you are willing to forgive all your thoughts of separation, awareness of oneness returns to your holy mind. This is your function. No matter what your job appears to look like in the dream, your job is to forgive the dream of separation. As you forgive or let go of your strong hold on it, the pure Light of oneness just shows up. As you allow the barriers to Love, which are thoughts of separation, to be removed, the clear pure state of oneness is returned to your mind. Herein lies your peace, your happiness, your joy.

Today, watch for all the barriers to Love, the places where you are making separation appear to be real, and hand them over to be undone. This brings you happiness beyond measure. Join with me today in letting separation be undone.

Holy Spirit through Annie:  The joy of Spirit will make your heart burst with the happiness that comes from God. This is the only true happiness, for it has no conditions. Nothing outside yourself can make you happy. Real and permanent happiness is in your true heart, where God planted His seed of joy. Be truly joyful today and celebrate God in your heart. He is perfect joy.

Robert:  It is interesting to observe the words we use. They can reveal to us our beliefs and attitudes. For example, “The joy of Spirit will make your heart burst.” Of course! It is our ego sense of limitation and unworthiness that tells us we can only experience so much joy. But God’s joy is limitless and at some point for us to experience it, His joy must burst through our self imposed limits. It is in our willingness to let go of the wish to be separate that we open our hearts to the limitless joy of Heaven, Which is our natural state.

So today I will practice opening my willingness to stretch and let go of self imposed limits and to receive God’s gift of Himself. I do this by taking each thought of fear and guilt, any form of separateness, to the Holy Spirit and let Him bring me to full forgiveness. I am willing for my heart to burst in joy.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:  Be one with All That Is. Only Love matters. Nothing else matters. There is no future, no past. There is only now. Be grateful for the now and just be gracious to all. Live and Love in the moment. All is well in perfect Divine order. Amen.

Dorie:  Trust as a child and know that I will give you the words that you need, as I give all things. Extend the hand of Love to all.

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Each Moment Is an Opportunity to Awaken

Robert:  Time is a key tool of the ego to teach you that you are limited and keep you in fear. The ego uses time as a chain to bring the “past” with you and overlay it upon the present. This makes the present invisible to you and makes guilt seem justified and real. The ego also tells you that because time is “wasting” you will never have enough of it and so you live in fear that you will somehow misuse time in the future as you are convinced that you have misused it in the past. The effect of this strategy is that you live in guilt and fear. This need not be.

Time is a made up story that could never be real. The truth about you is changeless and eternal. To recognize this, you must bring all your thoughts in time to Me to receive My reinterpretation. Choose peace in every moment and hold your heart and mind open to My guidance. I will teach you how to look past all appearances and use each moment to forgive the illusion and wake up to What you are.

Holy Spirit through Mary:  Right now, choose to receive God’s peace. Right now, choose to allow awareness of the peace of God in your mind. Right now, open up to peace. Let yourself soak in its healing embrace. Melt into peace. Let everything else dissolve. Let your mind go into a peaceful place of rest.

Allowing your mind to accept God’s peace is a helpful pathway that leads you to receive the inspiration you want from your true Self, the Holy Spirit. In this quiet state of mind, you are brought to remember that you are eternal Light and that you have never left your Source. You are brought to an inner awareness that you are safe, you are innocent, you are eternally still as God created you. You are God’s Love. And as God’s Love, you extend only Love. This is how you can be truly helpful.

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The Clarity of Peace

Mary: This morning I had an image of taking all my thoughts that I recognized were ego and putting them on God’s altar. As I was mentally doing that, I heard, “Put your image of yourself on that altar also.” I did that and jumped onto the altar, along with all the ego thoughts. What happened was, everything disappeared. The self I had identified with was gone. This left only my true Self, which was abstract truth and Love.

This experience went on for a while. But then I found that I jumped right back into the ego’s thought system again, worrying about some circumstance in my life. When I recognized this, I thought, “Wow, that attraction to thinking in terms of being an individual self seems so strong. How do I get past this?”

In answer to this question, a picture came into my mind: I see myself as a little child reaching out my hand and asking my Father for help. I realize that I know nothing and that all the opinions I have within the framework of being a ‘separate person’ are really meaningless. I allow my mind to still and be quiet. I begin feeling a faint feeling of trust. I allow the feeling of trust to grow. I breathe deeply and rest in this growing feeling of trust.

Images or scenes from my dream world float by in front of me. As I watch them from the detached state of mind, I see that they are merely images. I understand that I do not need to real-ize them or make them real. I can recognize images of separation for what they are — just false ideas that are coming from my mind. I can allow my mind to still and see the world differently with Holy Spirit. I now feel great peace with this. I feel an inner strength. I feel like I am standing on solid ground. I allow myself to recognize or re-know that I am the peace that now fills my awareness.

As I continue to look at the images from this place of being peace, I see how unimportant these images are. I have been caught up in them so many times. And yet now, it seems so much easier to see them from this detached perspective and just smile at the meaninglessness of it all. I have gotten caught up in it so many times, and yet now that doesn’t matter either.

From this state of peace, I see that I am innocent, no matter what false ideas I have believed in. I am peace and I remain peace, even though I have forgotten that this is my Identity. I feel great gratitude for this remembering and see that everyone is the peace that I am now experiencing. I feel their innocence as we rest in truth together.

When I get caught up in the ego thought system, my one choice now is to remember that I know nothing and to choose peace. Remembering that I am the little child who knows nothing, I then reach out my hand to my Father. Once again, I am brought to the truth. Once again, I am brought to a place of quiet where I can see the ego thoughts from a detached perspective. Then I can laugh at the silly ideas that I once so passionately believed in. The way out of the insanity is now clear. But it takes my willingness to remember that I know nothing. It takes willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to return me again to the clarity of peace.

Robert: Peace is not possible while believing in this world because the world is the idea of opposites and conflict. The appearance of differences is made through judgment based on the idea that separation is possible. This could never be in truth.

To find peace we must step back from this thought system. But we cannot do this alone. The thought system of separation cannot teach us how to let it go. We must reach out to the Thought that remains united with our Source and does not believe in the false idea of separation. So if we want to choose peace, we must first recognize when we are not in peace and acknowledge that we have been mistaken about what we thought was true.

With an open mind, willing to be corrected, we must then ask for help to return to peace and to have our mistaken thought lovingly corrected. This correction is not to be feared, but welcomed with joy. This correction asks no sacrifice but offers Heaven in exchange for hell. Today, I rededicate my attention to bringing all my unloving and fearful thoughts, my thoughts of separation of any kind, to Love for its gentle correction.

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See Past Differences to the Truth

Robert:  Today I rededicate my practice to turning all my opinions, all my interpretations, over to the Holy Spirit with a willing and open mind to receive His interpretation in their place. I know that if I am to experience freedom from the limitation of the thought of separateness, this must be my practice. If I am to experience the joy of Heaven, this must be my practice. If I am to experience the peace of God, this must be my practice. I choose to decide nothing on my own. With this choice I learn that I am not on my own. Today I will continue my journey back to the Home I never really left.

Holy Spirit through Mary:  Let today be gentle. Go softly. Observe your thoughts with Me. Step back and listen often. I will remind you frequently that what you are observing through the body’s eyes is just a dream that is based on separation. Through the body’s eyes, you observe separate things and separate people. Through the body’s eyes you observe differences. Through the body you experience time, which is constantly changing minute by minute.

As you continue to observe all that you see through the body’s eyes with Me, I will train you to see past these differences to the constant truth. I will help you see past separation to the eternal Love Which is Reality. Today, step back frequently and let your mind be healed of all its ideas of separation.

This is how to use time — to let all your perceptions be healed. It is this thought reversal that will bring you Home. Step back and listen frequently. You cannot do it alone. It is your Self That does the healing. Give your Self a chance to help you become aware of Who you are and Where you are eternally. Let today be a day of mind healing. This what every day is for. Step back and be returned to your joyful Self.

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Let Go of Control

Robert: You have been accustomed to being in “control.” You have made your plans, checked them twice and done your best to make them happen. And you have realized that they never work out quite like you planned. On your own, you cannot really be in control because you are attempting to control illusions. But illusions are inherently unstable. They are made up of images that you must give constant attention to maintain, lest they fade away. That is why this world is fearful. It cannot be relied upon.

Now you are practicing opening to the guidance of your true Self, the Holy Spirit, Love. You are being led to let go of your futile attempts to control on your own and open to the certainty of Love, which can be experienced but not perceived through the body’s senses. As you let go of your reliance on your own interpretation of your perceptions and open to the Holy Spirit’s clear vision, you relieve yourself of the constant burden of judgment. You relieve yourself of the responsibility for the outcome of your “plans.” You open yourself to the experience of the certainty of changeless Love. You open your awareness to the innocence of the Love you are.

With this practice of letting Holy Spirit be your interpreter in all situations and all times, your step will be light and you will know you are Light. With a happy sigh, you walk in freedom and joy with your head held high, remembering the grandeur given you by God. The end of this journey is inevitable because it is changeless and it is You.

Ask Spirit Who you are and He will show you your true Identity. Ask Spirit to show you how He sees you. And He will show you your true Image. Ask Spirit to reveal your true Essence to yourself and you will see the Light that you are. As Spirit to show you Love, and you will see the I.

Let go and let God. Again, let go and let God. You can tell if you are still holding on by the level of tension you are holding on to. How much tension are you holding on to in your body? Just pay attention and very gently. let everything soften. It will feel like all the tension is just melting as you practice letting go, as you practice making room for God.

During your day, practice observing the level of tension in your body. It will be reflective of your level of holding on to the ego thought system. Again and again, today, practice softening. Practice letting go. Practice getting off of the ego merry-go-round, even if it’s just for five minutes. During this time, rest your weary mind with God. All the dream scenarios of the ego are very tiring and very depressing. They bring fear and sadness. This is the definition of being in hell. You step out of hell with your willingness, again and again, to let go and let God.

In truth, you are innocent; you are loved; you are safe; your Home in the Mind of God, in the Love of God. As you rest with God, you come to the awareness that there is only One Mind and that Mind is the Mind of God. As you rest with God, your separate identity dissolves and there is only Love.

When you return to your daily chores, bring this awareness with you and extend it to the world. The illusionary world is indeed very fearful. Your taking time frequently out by getting off the ego’s merry-go-round, even if it’s just for five minutes, will help the awaken of the whole Sonship. Practice again and again today being aware of your tension level. Let it be a reminder to you to again and again soften, let go and let God lead the way. This is the gentle way of awakening to the truth.

To fully trust in me, you need not question one thing. Not one circumstance, not one worry about when, why, what happens if, none of that can be questioned if you truly trust Me. Things of the world such as bills, taxes, all of those things are nothing and they cannot be questioned if you are to put your faith in me. Just know all is well in your world and when you put your faith and trust in me, only good things can come from it. Only happiness and joy are your gifts from me. You squash out those gifts when you question. Be at peace. Accept God’s gift today and always. Amen.

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Letting Love Be

Robert:  Let the Love in your heart embrace all. By doing so, you are letting Love be. You are being Love. Love does not hold back. It gives without ceasing, for that is its nature. Love knows that it gives only to Itself, for Love is all there is. As you open your mind to the all inclusiveness of Love, your heart will sing with the joy of Heaven. And you will walk the world in peace. Let this day be a day of walking in peace.

  Only peace will satisfy your longing for God. Your longing for God is your longing for His infinite peace. Your Self, Who is one with God, lives in the depth of peace. This the depth your heart knows and wants to remember. Be in your peace today.

  Pause frequently for peace today. Give peace a chance. Let peace lead the way. Give yourself time to rest in peace. It is a gift beyond measure. Accepting peace is the same as accepting the Holy Spirit. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit. And the only way to receive the gift is to make room for it in your mind. Let peace fill you until you feel that it is overflowing and extending to all. Receiving peace and giving peace is your function. You are only happy when you are fulfilling your function. Give peace a chance to heal your mind. Give peace a chance to heal all your perceived problems. Accept peace now. Amen

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Open Your Heart to Love’s Lead

Robert: Joy fills your heart when you let Love guide your way. To let Love guide your way, you need only choose peace and open your heart to Love’s lead. Love leads you to recognize the Love that is everywhere. Love leads you to be truly helpful and never leaves you out. Love is all inclusive. Love does not condemn, but rather looks past false images to the reality of innocence and Light in everyone and in every circumstance. As you extend Love, you experience the blessing that Love extends. You experience the blessing of your Self. Today, let Love lead you in every moment.

  Remember what this day is for. This day is for awakening and awakening occurs as you consistently pause, step back and let yourself be carried by the Holy Spirit. Today is for practicing forgiveness, which means observing the ego thoughts with Holy Spirit and gently handing them over to the Light to be dissolved. That is what today is for. Every day is for the undoing of the dream. Every day is for the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. This is how the disappearance of the universe occurs. This is how you remember you are in Heaven now. You remember your innocence and everyone’s innocence along with you. This is how you forgive or like the Course tells us, overlook what never happened. When you remember what each day is for, your service to Spirit grows. You awaken to the happiness that is inherently yours.

Love guides every step you take. Love guides you into the Light of Heaven. Love abides in all hearts. Love leads you into kindness and gentleness. Love is all you need to remember. Amen.

  Remember today to go to peace first. As a matter of fact, remember that everyday! From peace, you will find Love, the true Love that you really are. Forget about the past and future, for thoughts of that are always from ego. Accept the gift of the present and allow only Love in the present. You will do that by remembering peace in every situation. Acknowledge Spirit always and you can never go wrong. There is only one way to find truth and that is by allowing Spirit to lead your way. Good day!

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