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Seeing Innocence with Holy Spirit

  I am reminded of a Bible verse that says, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The Course tells us that God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. So when we remember Who we are, we are glad. We do rejoice because we revel in the joy of our oneness with all Love. So this verse is a reminder to dedicate the day to accepting God’s Will for us.

The world we see with the body’s eyes is the effect of the denial of God’s Will. Today we read the first section of Text Chapter 31. In it Jesus compliments us on what great learners we are. The prowess of our learning skill is demonstrated by how effectively we have taught ourselves to believe the impossible — that we are guilty. The good news is that the Holy Spirit can use our learning skill for His purpose. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance we can learn once again that God’s Son is innocent. As this lesson is learned, fear fades away and we rejoice in the experience of being at Home in God in every moment.

So today I dedicate once again to the practice of staying in peace and receiving Holy Spirit’s lessons of innocence. With my willingness to learn this lesson comes perfect happiness.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
Use today as a practice time to reinforce stepping back and following Holy Spirit’s lead. Use today as a practice time to let go and let God. Stay relaxed. Open your mind to Holy Spirit’s gift of peace and follow as you are guided. That is all.

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Move with Grace Today

  We have a very dear friend, Colleen McNally, who lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois, northwest of Chicago. Yesterday we received an envelope with some of her writings. Her poem, in particular, was very helpful to me. I would like to share it with you now.

Spirit Through Me

Move with grace today
Let every step be guided by Love
Grace is Love
The Love of God flows through you
The Love of God guides you
Spirit speaks to you in unseen ways
Listen with Love
Listen to Love
Walk with grace today.

by Rev. Colleen McNally

This poem was so perfect for me this morning. Today I was guided to read A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 30, “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.” What particularly stood out to me is “Today we are trying to use a new kind of ‘projection.’ We are not attempting to get rid of what we do not like by seeing it outside. Instead, we are trying to see in the world what is in our minds, and what we want to recognize is there.” (2:1-3)

Yesterday we took a needed day off from everything. We just stopped. It was a wonderful blessing and I feel renewed with new vim and vigor. Colleen’s poem inspires me to move with grace today. I move with grace only as I allow Love to lead me. I move with grace as I let go of deciding what anything means on my own.

What a wonderful time we are in. It is so helpful to know that with every circumstance, I can receive Holy Spirit’s perspective. This is how I am able to walk with grace today if I am willing to allow it.

  Along with Lesson 30 we were led to read Lesson 42, “God goes with me wherever I go.” The two lessons are really saying the same thing. If God goes with me wherever I go, God must be in everything I see because God is in my mind. As I practice looking past appearances to see God in everything, it becomes more and more clear that God is with me everywhere. I cannot be separate from God.

If I believe the appearances in form that I seem to see are real, I become unaware of God’s eternal presence. Love is still present but the images I see stand as barriers against recognizing that Love is there. It doesn’t matter whether I am disturbed by what someone says or does or frustrated because something I am trying to fix isn’t working. I am still believing the barrier to Love is real and so I am unaware of Love’s presence.

This is why it is so essential to practice staying in peace moment by moment. Peace is now. Love is now. Now is where reality is. The past is not here and the future can only be imagined. So neither are real. As I practice staying in peace, I can indeed see Love everywhere and in everything. Instead of seeing a malfunctioning machine as an adversary to be battled with, I can see the Love beyond the form and be at peace. In peace I can be inspired to bring the machine into harmony so that it reflects in form Love’s eternal presence. As I remember that the forms are only symbols and I give the meaning to the symbols, then I have in my mind the means to see every symbol as a reflection of Love instead of separation.

Today I will practice seeing Love everywhere.

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Finding the Present

  Right now I feel so blessed. I see that everything is coming together in perfect order. Yesterday the man came to resurface our tub. He had to open a window for ventilation. It “just happened” that yesterday it was 45 degrees outside, the warmest it has been for many months. I am constantly receiving lessons in trust and staying in the present moment.

This morning I read Regina Dawn Akers’ entry about asking Holy Spirit for guidance in the present moment. It was a wonderful contribution to the lessons I am now focused on. This morning we went to Spirit and asked where to read in A Course in Miracles. We were led to “Finding the Present” (Text, Chapter 13, Section VI. pages 250-253). The message in this section fit perfectly with Regina’s message.

If I am ever in doubt or concerned or afraid, it is because I am afraid of God. In this section, it says, “For the past can cast no shadow to darken the present, unless you are afraid of light. And only if you are would you choose to bring darkness with you, and by holding it in your mind, see it as a dark cloud that shrouds your brothers and conceals their reality from your sight.” (2:4-5) What is being reinforced here for me is that if I am not trusting the perfect synchronicity of every “circumstance,” it is a signal that I am afraid of light and that I am hiding the awareness that God’s perfect Love is everywhere, now.

This section also reminds me, “Now is the time of salvation, for now is the release from time.” (8:1) Right now, in this present moment, salvation is mine if I would accept it. Everything I need is now if I would accept it. I see today as the perfect opportunity for me to awaken to what is real now. Every barrier to Love will show itself if I have the willingness to look at them with Holy Spirit now. As I am willing to look at my barriers to Love with Holy Spirit, right now, each present moment, I am using time for Holy Spirit’s purpose. Healing the dream is all that time is for.

Today I am being given another opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to heal my mind by giving each present moment to the Holy Spirit. My job is to listen today. My job is to keep my channels open to hearing Holy Spirit’s guidance moment by moment and not make decisions on my own. What a wonderful opportunity I have right before me today. This is a day of celebration. Right now I feel so blessed.

  “Now is the time to focus on the present” seems like a redundant statement. I can’t focus on the present in the future. I can’t focus on the present in the past. So obviously I need to focus on the present now. Yet the ego avoids now like the plague. This is because the ego does not exist in the present. It can’t. The ego thought of separation is an idea long sense past. So the ego must keep repeating this past idea to make it seem like it is present. That is all that is happening in the ego thought system: an old, meaningless idea is being repeated over and over. The idea is disguised in many forms but the one thought that separation could be real underlies every form. This thought is already over. That is why healing is now. Freedom is now. Salvation is now. Without repetition of the past, we are awake in Love.

So here I seem to be, involved in renovations and preparing to move to Florida. The form is part of the dream but with the practice of following Holy Spirit step by step in the present, every moment becomes another step forward toward awakening from the dream. I am grateful that all this “doing” provides me opportunity after opportunity to practice accepting Holy Spirit’s lead in the present. It is a journey of awakening. Yeah!

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How Can We Serve Holy Spirit’s Plan?

  During our 20 years here our focus has been how can we serve Holy Spirit’s plan? Out of that focus came the ministerial training courses and the Miracles Practitioner courses. We were also led to upgrade the conference center facilities and accommodations. The building that was originally a residence gradually became more offices and less living space. The opportunity to serve Holy Spirit’s plan has always gladdened our hearts. There was no sense of loss when our living room became more office space. Rather it just was a demonstration of the growing service that Pathways of Light was participating in.

As Pathways of Light evolved, some things no longer were useful. So they were put in the backs of closets, high shelves or dark corners and forgotten about. Now that we are guided to move to Florida, all this stuff is coming to our attention. We are seeing the blessing of bringing these things out of the background and letting them go. In the letting go we are making way for an expansion in service that we cannot yet fathom.

It is why it is so important for us to keep our focus on the present moment. It is not for us to be distracted by what may be coming. Right now we need to do what is right in front of us to make way for the continuance of Holy Spirit’s plan. It feels like this bringing things out of hiding from corners and high shelves is an outer representation of the same process going on in our minds. For us to go where Holy Spirit wants us to go, we need to let go of the useless clutter we have allowed to reside in our minds.

I feel like this process is working on many levels and having an effect that is beyond my present comprehension. It feels transformative. It is a great blessing. I feel lighter. I have noticed that even over the last two months things I wasn’t ready to let go of two months ago I now let go with ease.

So in a way this seems like standing still. There is no solid plan for the move yet. But this introspective time is essential for the move to go where Holy Spirit wants it to go, both on the level of mind and form. The renovations we are doing are not idle images, though they are in form in the world. They are preparing the residence to better serve the new owners. They also are representations in form of shifts in our minds that release the past and make way for the Holy Spirit’s gift of the future. It is with great gratitude that I place the future in the Hands of God.

  Today we were guided lesson to read Lesson 73, “I will there be light.” In the lesson we are guided to remind ourselves frequently, “I will there be light. Let me behold the light that reflects God’s Will and mine. Then let your will assert itself, joined with the power of God and united with your Self. Put the rest of the practice period under There guidance. Join with Them as They lead the way.”

The power of God and my true Self are always there in my mind and in eveeryone’s mind. Today my practice is to join with Them and let Them lead the way. My job today is to step back and follow moment by moment.

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God Is the Strength In Which I Trust

  The key sentence that I will carry with me today is, “God is the strength in which I trust.” Things have worked out pretty well so far, but I have noticed that thoughts of doubt about the future still come up in my mind. Thoughts like, “What if this property does not sell? How will we have the money to purchase a location in Florida? Or, will the work get done in time to be ready for the plasterers?”

My job is to be mindful of these thoughts and hand them over to the Holy Spirit, Who knows what to do with them. The Holy Spirit has led us this far and has done quite will with it. We are being carried. He will not drop us now, even if I have doubts about it occasionally. My job is to place the future in the Hands of God and take care of the present moment. I take care of the present moment by welcoming Holy Spirit’s gift of peace and quiet inner joy. When I truly welcome Holy Spirit’s gifts, all the doubts fall away.

When doubts come and I ask the Holy Spirit about them, I often hear, “Is everything okay right now?” Then I have to smile inside and answer, “Of course.” Right now I am safe in the Arms of God, and right now is the only time there is. I am finding that great vigilance is required to continue to hand those crazy ego thoughts over to the Holy Spirit again and again.

In the Manual for Teachers we are told that trust is the foundation upon which all the other traits of God’s teachers rest. That is why “God is the strength in which I trust” is my mantra today. My job is to follow and the Holy Spirit’s job is to lead. I follow by staying in a place of peace. I follow by handing all fear thoughts to the Holy Spirit as they come up. I would not give them a permanent home. I choose God’s happiness instead of ego’s fear thoughts.

My “To do” list seems very long today. It means that I must be ultra vigilant to pause for peace throughout the day. It seems helpful to write down all the things that occur to me that I think need to be done. It helps me stop ruminating about them in my mind. But the next important step is not to decide on my own about any of the things I think I need to do.

I know that when I follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment, everything that needs to get done is done in peace and happiness without stress. The key is for me not to have an investment in any particular thing getting done. I want my investment to always be to reinforce my remembering that I am safe in the hands of God. That is how I use this process as a means of awakening instead of going into deeper sleep.

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A Lesson In Trust

Things have been very interesting the past few days. I am seeing that everything is working together in perfect order, even if it doesn’t look like it in the moment. The drywallers came on Tuesday instead of Monday. Because of this delay, Monday afternoon we went with Sharyn to Home Depot to purchase the things needed for the renovation. We found everything we needed and then some. It was really perfect because when the drywallers came on Tuesday, they needed the medicine cabinets we bought on Monday. Synchronistically, the electricians also came on Tuesday morning because we had called them to do some work we thought was unrelated to what the drywallers would be doing. As it turned out, they were needed to team up with the drywallers to work out how things should be placed so that everything would fit.

My lessons seem to be in trust and flexibility. We often don’t know where things are because whole rooms have been emptied for painting and carpeting and it takes a while to remember were things were moved to. Sharyn has been a wonderful help during this process. Her background with interior design and working with construction people has been invaluable. And all through this, the ongoing translation of the ministerial courses into Spanish is continuing.

Sometimes I wonder how it will all get done, but it seems to be happening quite nicely as we continue to practice stepping back and getting out of the way of Spirit’s plan. Pausing for peace is still a very important part of this process. I love Mary Ellen’s reference recently to “I rest in God.” I am applying what she talked about in my life to help move through all this renovation as smoothly as possible. Today is a day of resting in God.

In addition to what Mary talked about, I’m seeing another facet of the renovation process. Just as with the move to Florida, there is more to the renovation process than the visible form. It is an opportunity to continue to see the face of Christ in all my brothers. The contractor friend Sharyn contacted to do the construction part of the renovation did not return her call at first. Eventually contact was made and it turned out that he was dealing with the effects of severe alcoholism and had just gotten out of detox. Sharyn visited him at his home and his neighbor stopped by. It turned out his neighbor could do the work we needed to have done.

In the three days the neighbor and his co-worker were here we got to know them and see them as kind, caring and compassionate men. The neighbor had a deep concern for Sharyn’s contractor friend and his struggle with alcohol which is nearing the point that was portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the movie “Leaving Las Vegas.” Either he will decide to accept help or the alcohol will consume his body. As we watch this, our job is to extend love in response for his call for love.

So I see that the renovation has provided an opportunity to connect with friends we hadn’t met before and extend love to them, to see their innocence and recognize them as our brothers. It is an opportunity for us to remember that no matter what appears to happen in form, there can be no harm in truth. The Love Sharyn’s contractor friend is remains intact, unchanged by the dream of pain and suffering.

So, as with all things in this world, the meaning lies in accepting the opportunities to offer Love. This is how we teach ourselves that we are Love. As we practice pausing for peace and following Holy Spirit’s lead, we see beyond the forms to the real purpose that Holy Spirit sees. Then every moment becomes an exquisite lesson in Love that brings with it great joy and gratitude. My heart is filled to overflowing with the richness of the opportunities before me right now in every moment. Thank you God.

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I Do Not Know What Anything Means

  My job is to remember that everything is coming together in perfect order. My job is to relax and follow Holy Spirit’s lead, not to decide what anything means on my own. This morning the carpenters were to come to put up dry wall and make some other repairs. Right now it is snowing and blowing so they cannot make the trip from Green Bay. My job is to not decide what anything means. The truth is we are all in Heaven now. If I join with Holy Spirit, I will feel the peace and know that everything is all right. Everything is in perfect order. Holy Spirit’s plan, not mine.

Love is simple and uncomplicated. I will let Love lead today.

  Today we were led to read Text, Chapter 14, Section VII, “Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit.” Three sentences stood out to me. “Bring, therefore, all your dark and secret thoughts to Him, and look upon them with Him…. Joining with Him in seeing is the way in which you learn to share with Him the interpretation of perception that leads to knowledge. You cannot see alone.”

This is a wonderful concise layout of God’s plan for my salvation. It.s very simple and my part is not hard. All I need to do is bring all my dark and secret thoughts to Him. The rest is His job. What makes it seem hard is only unwillingness. It is only my wish to keep some forms of specialness, things I like or hate, that I would not give to Him. So in this world, the only meaningful purpose for time is to use it to increase my willingness to keep no private thoughts. The payoff is perfect peace and perfect happiness that never ends.

I see now that my attempts to make plans on my own are just another form of trying to keep some things special for me alone. It’s like I unconsciously say to myself, “I can do this. I don’t need Holy Spirit’s help.” I haven’t thought of this as keeping a dark thought to myself but it shows that I think I am alone and must function on my own. This is the error. This is why it is so essential to keep practicing pausing for peace.

Stepping back and asking for Holy Spirit’s help throughout the day is part of the process of developing my willingness to open all my doors that I have shut against the Holy Spirit’s Light. It is a process that leads to my salvation, my complete release from self-imposed imprisonment in the belief system of separation. So today is another day filled with opportunities to walk toward the freedom of Heaven. I am excited to practice pausing for peace and remembering to see all things with the Holy Spirit’s perception.

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