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Letting Love Be

Robert:  Let the Love in your heart embrace all. By doing so, you are letting Love be. You are being Love. Love does not hold back. It gives without ceasing, for that is its nature. Love knows that it gives only to Itself, for Love is all there is. As you open your mind to the all inclusiveness of Love, your heart will sing with the joy of Heaven. And you will walk the world in peace. Let this day be a day of walking in peace.

  Only peace will satisfy your longing for God. Your longing for God is your longing for His infinite peace. Your Self, Who is one with God, lives in the depth of peace. This the depth your heart knows and wants to remember. Be in your peace today.

  Pause frequently for peace today. Give peace a chance. Let peace lead the way. Give yourself time to rest in peace. It is a gift beyond measure. Accepting peace is the same as accepting the Holy Spirit. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit. And the only way to receive the gift is to make room for it in your mind. Let peace fill you until you feel that it is overflowing and extending to all. Receiving peace and giving peace is your function. You are only happy when you are fulfilling your function. Give peace a chance to heal your mind. Give peace a chance to heal all your perceived problems. Accept peace now. Amen

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Open Your Heart to Love’s Lead

Robert: Joy fills your heart when you let Love guide your way. To let Love guide your way, you need only choose peace and open your heart to Love’s lead. Love leads you to recognize the Love that is everywhere. Love leads you to be truly helpful and never leaves you out. Love is all inclusive. Love does not condemn, but rather looks past false images to the reality of innocence and Light in everyone and in every circumstance. As you extend Love, you experience the blessing that Love extends. You experience the blessing of your Self. Today, let Love lead you in every moment.

  Remember what this day is for. This day is for awakening and awakening occurs as you consistently pause, step back and let yourself be carried by the Holy Spirit. Today is for practicing forgiveness, which means observing the ego thoughts with Holy Spirit and gently handing them over to the Light to be dissolved. That is what today is for. Every day is for the undoing of the dream. Every day is for the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. This is how the disappearance of the universe occurs. This is how you remember you are in Heaven now. You remember your innocence and everyone’s innocence along with you. This is how you forgive or like the Course tells us, overlook what never happened. When you remember what each day is for, your service to Spirit grows. You awaken to the happiness that is inherently yours.

Love guides every step you take. Love guides you into the Light of Heaven. Love abides in all hearts. Love leads you into kindness and gentleness. Love is all you need to remember. Amen.

  Remember today to go to peace first. As a matter of fact, remember that everyday! From peace, you will find Love, the true Love that you really are. Forget about the past and future, for thoughts of that are always from ego. Accept the gift of the present and allow only Love in the present. You will do that by remembering peace in every situation. Acknowledge Spirit always and you can never go wrong. There is only one way to find truth and that is by allowing Spirit to lead your way. Good day!

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Recieving the Gift of Vision

Mary:  This is what came to me as I stilled my mind and asked Holy Spirit for insight: 

God is my Source. Vision is His gift. If I want to wake up from the dream of separation, I must be willing to receive the gift of Vision from my Source. If I am filled up with the images of being separate from my Source, there will be no room left for receiving the gift of Vision.

The key here for me is to allow time for God — allow time for the purposes of being open to receive the gift of Vision. This requires being vigilant with the practice of stilling my mind long enough — having an open mind to receive God’s Peace, God’s Love and God’s Joy. God’s gifts are always there for me, just waiting for my acceptance. So if I am not receiving these gifts it is because I am not making time for them. I am not leaving my mind open to receive them.

The Holy Spirit asks me to make room for God today — make room for letting the peace of God fill my awareness. It is from this place that I will receive the peace that makes way for the clear direction in how to be truly helpful today.

The following is a quote from a book soon to come out by Mary Gerard Lenihan titled, Visions of Illumination. It is particularly helpful to me and I wanted to share it with you:

“What do you really want? As Jesus said, ‘We cannot serve two masters.’ There are two paths and you are constantly choosing between the two every moment. Ask yourself this question and keep asking it. What do you really want? Notice who is answering the question. The ego’s list of wants is endless because not one of its desires fulfilled will bring you the happiness for which you seek. The desires of the world fulfilled lead to nothing but emptiness in the end.”

  If I would be happy, I must be willing to let Holy Spirit be my interpreter of everything I see and everything I experience. I must decide nothing on my own. When I attempt to judge for myself, I separate myself off from the Love that joins me with all things in happiness and peace. This is not what I really want. I really want to join in Love and know the joy of Heaven. I really want to be Home. Nothing else will satisfy me in truth.

Today I would practice choosing peace in every moment so that I am always open to Holy Spirit’s interpretation of all things in this world. That is how I will learn to let the world go and accept my place in Heaven.

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Finding Direction with Ease and Gentleness

Mary:  Little child, you are safe. You are innocent. You are loved. You are Home. Let go of efforting and choose peace. And from the beingness of peace, you will find your direction with ease and gentleness. Let peace lead the way and you will find your way Home. You will become aware that you are Home and have always been. In fact you could never leave. Dreams are just dreams. It is so important not to take them too seriously. Learn to overlook what never happened. Amen.

  Go about your day today realizing that only Love is real. Love has no conditions. If there are conditions, it is not Love. Think about your relationships. Bring them to me, dear child for healing. Realize that when you put conditions on your relationships, whether it be your daughter, your significant other or whomever you are restricting the Love. Always know that you are free to choose but when you choose with strings attached, expectations or conditions such as “I will be happy when…” or “I will be happy if you do it this way or my way,” then you are restricting Love. Then you are usurping God. Practice giving Love today with no conditions. Practice doing as Jesus would do with your thoughts. For when you do this, your life will be much happier, much more peaceful and you will learn discernment. Be blessed today.

  Practice holding your center in peace today. See through the eyes of peace. Hear through the ears of peace. In peace you are in the presence of your Self. In peace your Self that knows Its eternal unity with all sees only unity, sees only Love. Hears only Love, responds only with Love. Peace and a sense of lack or loss or separation cannot coexist. That is why holding your center in peace is essential to the awareness of what is real. Let peace be your guide today.

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Finding Patience Through Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit through Mary:  Be patient with yourself. Be patient with others. The Holy Spirit in your mind is where you tap into infinite patience. If you find yourself feeling impatient or discouraged, make it a practice to tune in to the river of peace that is always in your mind. Let peace heal the feeling of impatience or discouragement. Let yourself return to peace. Peace of mind is not a small gift. It will bring you Home. Through peace you are awakened to your true Self. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you practice, the stronger this habit of going to peace will happen naturally. It may seem that it takes effort at first. You are worth the effort. As you practice choosing peace, you are blessing everyone around you. As you practice choosing peace, you are blessing the world. No matter what, choose peace. Amen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Your experience of the world is determined by the mind you choose to look at it with. When you choose to look at the world with the ego mind of belief in separation, you experience a fearful world with loss and lack appearing in myriad forms. You see guilt and attack, danger and vulnerability everywhere. It seems as though it is you against the world. When you look at the world with the Mind of your true Self, the Holy Spirit, you see a world of innocence, peace, safety and Love. The world is seen as part of you and thus is not only not a threat but is a blessing because you see in the world the Love that you are. Which world would you rather experience?

You have a choice in every moment. It can be helpful as you go through the day to imagine that Holy Spirit is walking hand in hand with you, sitting next to you. Your best Friend and Confidant, your Mentor, Whose infinite, limitless Love for you strengthens you in each moment. Look at every moment with Him. He will show you the Divinity beyond the appearance of forms. He will show you how to embrace with Love when there is the appearance of a call for Love. And you will experience the blessing of loving in every moment. This is how you will know that you are loved and you are Love.

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Open to Heaven’s Song

Inspiration that came today:

Mary:  Soften. You can relax now. Just let go. Don’t try or strain. Let go of efforting. Let Me take over. Let yourself see through My eyes. Let yourself hear the song of Heaven. Heaven’s song is filled with Love and extends only Love. Let Heaven’s song guide you through your day. It is the song of peace. It is a song beyond words, beyond space and time. Love’s melody flows through everything and everyone. Love’s song helps you see past all separate forms to the Love that is all that is real. One Love. One Song. Let yourself be moved by Love’s Song and let Love’s Song be expressed through you. Amen.

  Remember that you are only Light. Light is an expression of Love, joy and peace. You are that Light. You can see it any time you want to. Light has never been hidden from you. It is the beauty of your Spirit. Your Self expresses Itself through the Light that shines through. Focus on the Light, only on the Light. The brightness of the Light will show you the way Home. You are in the Light. Amen.

  The Light of Love is eternal. It is What you are. Keep your focus on the Light you are and you will feel in your heart your infinite abundance. In your heart you will have absolute confidence your infinite supply. You will be certain of your safety. All this is yours when you focus on the Light you are because all this is given you by your Source.

If you find yourself worrying, feeling lack in any way, feeling any fear or sadness or guilt or unworthiness, you have changed your focus from the limitless Light you are to belief in being what you are not—belief in being separate. This is the time to ask for help from the Holy Spirit in your mind to redirect your focus back to the truth of What you are. This is how you forgive. This is how you awaken. This is how you return to full awareness in the presence of the Home you never really left.

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Go Gently Today

From Holy Spirit Through Mary:  Go gently today. Let your inner Guidance lead you. Let Love lead you in all you think and say and do. Let Holy Spirit’s infinite patience flow through you. Let Holy Spirit’s peace and quiet inner joy flow through you as you go through your day.

Observe where your mind is frequently and let peace heal any false ideas that come up for healing. Do this and you will have a happy day. You will have a healing day. Amen.

  The Holy Spirit uses time for one purpose only: to heal. Because the Holy Spirit knows time is not real, He has infinite patience. Open your heart to His Love. It is yours for the accepting. Love teaches you that you are safe. Rest in Love.

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