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Love Created Me Like Itself

  Today I asked Holy Spirit, “What would you want me to know today?” Holy Spirit answered: Know that you are one with Me. For you see when you recognize your oneness with Me and really claim it, know it, feel it, you will realize that when you come to Me for answers, you are really going to your Self. You have all the answers within you, If you will just take the time to go to them.

The lesson today that you read, “Love created me like Itself,” proves to you again and again that you are nothing but pure Love and believe Me when I say Love has all the answers therefore you have all the answers. Believe in yourself and know that you have all you need and that the answers for everything are right there within you. I will gladly help you tap into those answers when you feel you cannot do it on your own. Know that I am with you always. I cannot and will not ever leave you. That is impossible.

Sometimes you must sit a little while longer to receive the answers. The lesson there would be patience. You have all the time you need to go within. That is what time is for. Nothing else. So you see in all your doing in the world, it really has no meaning. So why be in a rush to get to it? Doesn’t that sound silly? When you realize that by coming to Me more often and getting your answers from within is on the top of your list, you will experience more peace, joy, laughter and Love in your life. Aren’t those gifts worth taking the time to go to your Self for? Love is all around you. Love lives within you. Love walks with you wherever you go and Love Is. You are. We are one.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego perceives the future as a threat because it perceives the future as a repeat of the past. And the ego’s perception of the past is that you are vulnerable and weak. It sees the past as filled with pain and fear and guilt and assumes the future will be the same. This is why the ego is so preoccupied with planning to defend against repeated pain and fear like the past. This preoccupation totally ignores the happy present.

You have been repeatedly reminded that happiness is now. peace is now. Love is now. You will continue to be reminded until you have let go of all thoughts of being separate, alone and vulnerable. I have infinite patience because I have absolute confidence in What you are. I know that you remain changeless love as you were created. I know that you will remember What you are. And I know that all your fantasies and dreams of being something else have no effect on the truth. So I will keep reminding you to keep your focus on the present moment.

This move to Florida seems to be filled with temptations to futurize. This makes it a powerful training ground for you to practice focusing on the present moment. Just as a weightlifter builds strength gradually by adding more weights, you have moved to another level from your practice of staying in the present. You have put yourself in this position because of your willingness. So your practice is a gift you give yourself of strengthening your identification with the truth in you and loosening the value you have given to false images.

It is time for you to step up your vigilance for keeping your attention on Me, for giving Me all your thoughts so that I can purify them of what is false and untrue and return them to you as the sparkling light of Love that is the truth in you. You cannot do this on your own because this is the practice of learning that you are not on your own. Hold My hand. Accept My strength. I am always with you. Let Me carry you. That is My function. All I need from you is your willingness to be carried.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
Give yourself the time to be quiet. Give yourself the time to open to your true Strength. This is good time management. This way brings you the insight you need so that you don’t take up your time with the meaningless. Give all time to Me. I know what to do with it. This takes great vigilance in the beginning stages. Right now it seems so easy to fall back to deciding on your own. Give time to listening in quiet and it will pay huge dividends and make your way much smoother and simpler. It’s worth the effort.

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We Are Being Carried as We Follow Holy Spirit

  First, I would like to acknowledge all those who have emailed us regarding our move to Florida. I am struck by our oneness, as I see that each of us really has the same journey and that is the journey to God. I see that the Sonship is in the process of awakening and all of the connections that are being made during this time of transition are in perfect order.

Recently we received an email from Tom and Dru Armistead, who are currently living in Guatemala, but also have a home in Roanoke. Virginia. They have been following Holy Spirit’s guidance, just as we have. It is interesting to see the Holy Spirit’s touch on all our lives as we all “let Him evaluate each thought that comes to mind, remove the elements of dreams, and give them back again as clean ideas that do not contradict the Will of God.” (ACIM, W-pI.151.13:4)

With all the emails we have received and the postings to this group, I see how we all are being carried as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in ways which we might not understand as we go through it. It is so wonderful to connect with all of you in this way, which I could never have thought possible. Myron Jones told us about the Yahoo! Groups and we were guided to openly share each step of the way on our journey.

I really see that it is not about a new location in the world, but it is truly about a new “location” in our minds. We really are learning to move from the ego’s way of seeing to Holy Spirit’s true perception, where we see how truly joined we are. I am filled with gratitude as I hear from all of you and encourage you to continue to share your journey with all of us. We support each other as each of us remembers the truth. Because we are one, as we let our minds be purified of all the false ideas, it helps everyone awaken to the truth.

  I am grateful for the little signs along the way that I recognize as Holy Spirit orchestrating the expression of His plan in the world. It motivates me to keep practicing stepping back to let Him lead the way. I have to acknowledge that Holy Spirit is a much better planner than I am.

Monday we had a plan to have a carpenter/craftsman friend of Sharyn’s come to look at the work we had for Him to do. But it didn’t work out for him to come. Tuesday morning the electrician we had talked to about the project called and asked if he could get started in an hour. By the end of the day they had worked out how to all of the things that we asked them to accomplish. I see now that this needed to happen before the carpenter came because it changed what he will have to do. The carpenter’s job will be easier than we anticipated. And the electricians found easier ways to accomplish the job than they thought at the beginning.

It was a great reminder to keep stepping back to let Him lead the way. My job is to keep practicing staying in peace and holding an open mind for Holy Spirit’s inspiration. We are truly being carried. It only seems like sometimes I’m not being carried, but that’s only when I try to take over Holy Spirit’s job. I’m getting more and more motivated to let go, step back and follow.

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Be Patient With Yourself

Sometimes I amaze myself with my arrogance. I really seem to think that I could do a better job of planning than the Holy Spirit. I really think the past has taught me something useful and at the very least, Holy Spirit needs my help. And sometimes I think I should take over His job entirely. It seems really hard to let go and wait for His plan.

Holy Spirit:
  Remember you are in school. You are in a very carefully prepared training program that is designed to lead you out of limitation and guilt back Home to freedom and Love. If you knew now Where you are always, you would not need training. You have trained yourself to believe that you are on your own and must rely on your own defenses to be safe. You have worked hard on this self-imposed lesson and reinforced it so that it seems difficult to learn a way that is completely opposite to what you have taught yourself.

When you have learned the lesson I offer you and fully accepted it as yours, you will look upon what you have taught yourself with amazement and relief as you recognize how effortless My lesson really is. But now, because of your belief, you need practice. The practice seems difficult because of your resistance. But in your heart you want My lesson and that is why you are in this school in this way in this moment.

Be patient with yourself. I have absolute trust that you will learn My lesson and receive its gift of happiness and peace. Lean on Me. Accept My strength. I offer it gladly. That is My function. Together we wake up the world as you awaken to What you are.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Right now it helpful for you to remember What you are and Where you are in reality. It is helpful to remember that What you are is Love in the Mind of Love. There are no differences in the Mind of Love. There is no time in the Mind of Love. Come back to this often today. This returning to the truth during your day is important in your mind training program. It loosens your grip on the ego. It undoes the dream step by step in the present moment. Ask yourself, “In truth, Who am I and Where am I and what is my purpose?” This practice dissolves the layer of false belief which you have attached yourself to. Practice.

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Watch Your Thoughts

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Watch your thoughts. The thoughts that come into your mind may be believed or not believed. This you control. Hand over this control to Me. Belief is powerful. Watch for thoughts which imply that you are weak and vulnerable to an outside world that is not coming from your mind. Watch for thoughts which imply that a world of separation is real. Hand them all over to Me. I know what to do with them. Hand over all the jumbled and constantly changing thoughts that cause you to feel that life is a struggle. Let me shine a light on all these thoughts and show you where your real power lies.

You want to feel the constant calm and peace of mind that come with joining with Me. You do this by joining with Me. In truth we are one Mind and not two. Practice opening your mind to allow My Light to shine on all the darkened corners. Allow the truth of your inner peace to be known to you. Allow the constant calm and joy of Love to come into your mind. Give peace a Home. Let it reside in your mind where it belongs. Let peace show the way and the way will be made simple.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Your habit of planning for the future brings you pain and uncertainty. Along with it is an unwillingness to accept the present as it is. Your planning is an attempt to control the future based on a fear of change. The moment you accept the present as it is, all fear will disappear, for the present is changeless Love.

Your uncertainty and discomfort regarding the move to Florida comes from your unwillingness to accept the present as it is. You find it more appealing to think about the future and make plans than to focus on the present and accept what Is. This is simply because part of you still is attracted to the thought of separation and what you think it could offer you. So you see, this exercise of moving to Florida is providing you with rich learning opportunities to learn to recognize that all you really want is here and now.

Turn over all your discomforting thoughts, your questions, your doubts to Me and open your mind to My vision. I will show you the beauty that is in them now and you will easily disregard the meaningless forms with which you have hidden their present beauty. Joy is now. Peace is now. Love is now. These can be found in no other place and no other time.

You have been given a “circumstance” in which planning for the future seems very important. This provides you with a setting in which you can make great strides in learning to recognize that everything you need and want is here now. I am here to help you give yourself the blessing of this recognition.

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One Step at a Time

  There seem to be more unknowns than ever. It is still clear that Holy Spirit’s direction is for us to move to Florida. But when and to where in Florida is up in the air. We’ve done a lot of clearing, which has felt good and helpful. It seems that its helpful to do some renovating of the house which has 30 year old carpeting and hasn’t been painted in 20 years. But how far it would be helpful to go with the renovation is not clear.

There are so many options that would seem to make the house more appealing to a buyer. It seems easy to get caught up in all the options for upgrading. It doesn’t take long to spend many thousands of dollars. I know that what is in Holy Spirit’s plan will be provided for. I also know that the ego wants to make lack real and one way it makes lack real is to spend money on things of no value. So to me it is very important that I stay attuned to the Holy Spirit’s plan. Right now that plan seems very vague in the details. I want only to follow Holy Spirit’s plan.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  You are afraid of making a mistake. This is an ego ploy to immobilize you and keep a barrier against My Voice. I see every moment as an opportunity to teach only Love. I see every moment as an opportunity to teach you of your innocence, while the ego would teach you of your guilt. I am not concerned when you add your own interpretation to My guidance. I have absolute certainty that you can neither be harmed nor harm in truth. Your daily practice of renewing your openness to the My lead keeps you from going too far off course into lack or pain. It is this practice that will continue to bring you to greater, more consistent levels of peace.

Do not be in a hurry. One step at a time. One step at a time. This cannot be too often repeated. One step at a time. Keep this little mantra in your mind through the day and especially when you go shopping. It is easy to jump into the future when you are shopping, it seems. Remind yourself, one step at a time. You tell yourself, “We just drove 30 miles. We’ve got to make this trip count.” That is an ego based thought of lack. Hold that point of reference, one step at a time. With that mantra, you will not overextend yourself. And more importantly, you will not stress yourself by trying to make up plans about an unknown future.

There are many pieces of which you are unaware that are being moved into place in perfect timing. Keep your focus on one step at a time and you will find yourself walking quietly and peacefully with your mighty companions. Together it will always be a happy journey.

Yesterday the Weather Bureau predicted up to eight inches of snow for Sunday. So yesterday we went shopping for paint supplies, groceries and a small mobile computer desk. Because yesterday was a sunny day, the stores were packed with people getting supplies before the next storm. We have had a lot of snow this winter, more than we have seen in the 20 years we have been here. Right now we are getting sleet and freezing rain. It’s a good day to be quiet and take one day at a time with what’s right before me. Today is a good day to catch up on translation work.

Holy Spirit:
  Right now, it is helpful to remember the holy instant where everything remains the same eternally. In your dream world, everything is in a state of flux and change, which causes you to feel uncertain about how it’s going to all work out. In times of great change it is more important than ever to return often to your place of inner quiet, that place that is eternal and never changes. This is your real Home. It is helpful to remember your eternal Spirit and feel Its constant steady peace and inner joy. Let yourself rest there a while frequently.

When you go back to the world, you can bring that feeling of calm inner peace with you. It will help you stay on track and deal more easily with the dream story of change. Let the feeling of present confidence that I bring you carry you through your day in peace. Though it may not look like it from the world’s perspective, all is very, very well. You and everyone in this dream world are safe at Home in Heaven. All are eternally innocent. All are eternally safe. All are eternally Home. Let yourself soak in this happy remembering. It will bring you peace. It will bring you understanding. It will bring you happiness.

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Clearing “Stuff”

  I think I underestimated the amount we would have to clear out. Right now it seems massive. Yet if we take it day by day, doing a little every day, it will get done. It really does feel good to lighten up on “stuff.” The lesson I am learning right now is to handle this new opportunity with gentleness and peace. I find myself wanting to have this done now. This just puts pressure on myself and it isn’t helpful.

This morning we read in Chapter 12, Section II of A Course in Miracles, “The Way to Remember God.” An important sentence that stood out to me is, “Learn to be quiet in the midst of turmoil, for quietness is the end of strife and this is the journey to peace. Look straight at every image that rises to delay you, for the goal is inevitable because it is eternal. The goal of Love is but your right, and it belongs to you despite your dreams.” (T-12.II.5:5-7)

The last few days have been very strenuous physically for me and I have had trouble dealing with it. This message of learning to be quiet in the midst of turmoil is helping me to return to that place of quiet where the Holy Spirit resides. As I give time to quiet I will be directed truly, I will feel at peace.

Holy Spirit:
  Allow time for quiet listening. That is how your clear out all the images that arise to delay you. Look at those images with Me. I will show you what is important and what is unimportant. Let us stay in the present moment together. There we will find certainty which will replace all your doubts and fears. Together we will find peace and joy.

  The sentence that stood out to me in the section we read today was, “We are therefore embarking on an organized, well-structured and carefully planned program aimed at learning how to offer to the Holy Spirit everything you do not want.” Again I am seeing how what I am doing in the physical symbolizes what I am doing and need to do in my mind. We are looking at our “stuff” and deciding if it serves us or not. What no longer serves us we are letting go.

This process is easier when I stay in peace because I am allowing myself to receive Holy Spirit’s guidance. If I think I know what anything means, I am likely to make evaluations based on my past learning. Since the Course tells me that my past learning has taught me nothing, this is not a very good way to make a decision. So I am likely to keep things based on false values and they will be a burden rather than a help.

The same thing happens at the level of the mind. If I give false value to thoughts and beliefs, I will not be receptive to Holy Spirit’s kind and loving evaluation. In effect, I hide those thoughts and beliefs I value from the Holy Spirit so I will not receive His gentle correction. So those treasured beliefs are hidden away in closets and dark corners, cherished for meaningless reasons but held on to as though my life depended on them.

So now I see that this exercise in moving is part of Holy Spirit’s well organized training program to help me practice bringing everything I do not want to the Holy Spirit. I am in deep gratitude. I feel in my heart that this process with the Holy Spirit is bringing profound healing to my mind that goes far deeper than my conscious awareness. Many dark corners of well hidden beliefs are being cleared away. Oh happy day!

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Defenselessness is Strength

  Today we read Lesson 153 again. Two sentences stood out to me. “Defenselessness is strength. It testifies to recognition of the Christ in you.” The Christ in me is the Self that sees truly and does not believe in any image or thought of separation. It is strong because it gives no credence to the false images of the world. Having no substance of their own, these false images have no power to disturb the calm and quiet Mind of Christ.

If anything disturbs me, I have turned my back on the Christ Mind and bought into the belief that something external to me has power to harm me. This can only mean that it is time for me to step back and pause for peace. I need to remember Christ is in me and is my strength. When I return to the Christ Mind, I once again see only innocence. I know that there is no “other out there.”

Another thought that stood out to me was, “You will not see the light, until you offer it to all your brothers.” I offer the light to my brothers be seeing with Christ vision which shows me their innocence. As I see their innocence I recognize my own and see the light in me. Today is another wonderful day which offers me the opportunity to practice seeing only innocence. What a blessing!

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