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I Accept the Gifts Today Brings

  Today is a day of trust. Today is a day of quiet listening. Today is a day of allowing the inspiring touch of the Holy Spirit. Today is a day of letting go of the idea that I know anything. Today is a day of loving, of peaceful giving and gentleness. I accept the gifts today brings as I continue to allow the undoing of the dream brought to me by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Be vigilant for peace today. The ego will always interpret its perceptions as in some way cause for concern. But the Holy Spirit knows you are eternally safe and nothing can disturb the peace that is God’s gift to you. Pause for peace frequently. This practice will help you see past the ego’s chaotic interpretations and recognize them as meaningless.

Pause to receive the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace and you will see the Love that is the reality beyond all seeming appearances in form. This can be a day of quiet joy, a day of joining in Love. Being vigilant for peace will allow this to happen. The power of peace comes from the strength of God. And all strength is His. Be strong by staying in peace.

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I Am Not a Body

Today we were led to read the last section of the Text, “Choose Once Again.” It reminded me that temptation is simply choosing to identify with the body as what I am, with all the limitations that entails. As I look at how I spend my day, I see that I still yield to the temptation to see myself as a body much of the time. Yesterday I observed myself getting impatient and frustrated when I tried to tear a piece of masking tape and it didn’t tear the way I wanted it to. That frustration was declaring that I am so weak that masking tape can take away my happiness. How insane is that!

I am seeing that I am being asked to recognize that absolutely no form in this world has any power of its own to take away my peace. Peace is an attribute of the strength of Christ in me, of my true Self. Anything that disturbs my peace can only show me that in that moment I believe I am a body, weak and vulnerable.

The Course emphasizes again and again that I am not a body. Complete acceptance of this fact is the release from hell and return to Heaven. Today I will practice once again being mindful of my thoughts and taking each unpeaceful thought to the Holy Spirit. His gentle correction will bring comfort and peace. He will remind me of my strength and of my Reality.

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The Son of God Is One

Yesterday one of the longest standing members of Pathways of Light made his transition out of the physical body. Richard Degnitz and his wife Minnie have been members here for more than 30 years. They have been married close to 70 years. I have been asked to officiate at his memorial service. I see a memorial service is an opportunity to bring healing to those who feel a sense of loss at a time like this.

When there is belief in a world of form, a sense of loss is inevitable. But the Course teaches us that forms are nothing and only Love is real. So this is an opportunity to help those who attend the service to remember the Love that is real and know Its eternal, changeless presence. I trust that Holy Spirit will guide in the way and the how to facilitate the awareness of Love’s eternal presence. This is where true comfort is found. This is where peace is found.

Holy Spirit through Robert:  The Son of God is one and cannot be divided. Healing comes to the separated mind as this simple truth is accepted. The Son of God is one. Herein lies your peace. What is one and indivisible cannot be threatened and cannot suffer loss. Certainty is absolute. Truth is unquestioned for what is changeless can be trusted as your foundation rock. There can be no greater certainty.

As this truth is accepted in the mind that thought it was separate, peace returns. Happiness returns. For the acceptance of truth is the acceptance of Heaven. Just as Richard has left behind the form that was limited and frail, you can let go of identification with the limited and frail image of a body as your identity. You are not a body. You are free. You are as God created you.

  There are so many things going on in so many directions in our ‘life’ right now that it is more important than ever to remember to be open to Holy Spirit’s gift of peace. When the ego is in charge, it always gets quite complicated and difficult. Problems constantly show up because the ego thrives on having problems that can’t be solved.

The only way out of this chaos is to use this as an opportunity to connect with the Holy Spirit by willingly opening to receive Holy Spirit’s gift of peace. As I am willing to receive Holy Spirit’s gift of peace, inspiration comes with it. As I am willing to accept peace, it is like a connecting device to connect to an electrical outlet. I am able to receive peace only if I am willing to connect. So what must come first is my willingness to connect to peace. From there, all healing flows. From there all inspiration flows. There is no “twoness,” there is only oneness. My willingness to accept peace provides the answer to every perceived problem. It’s like putting the key into the ignition of a car and turning it on. My connection with Holy Spirit is made when I use the key of willingness to accept the peace that starts the flow of His inspiration.

With all these things going on in our lives right now, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to deepen the habit of going to peace and allowing the connection with the Holy Spirit to be strong before acting or moving on anything. If I am not coming from a place of peace, then the only other alternative is the ego. And the ego always leads to more and more problems because the ego hates peace.

The only choice I have is between the ego and the Holy Spirit. I make the choice of which I will join with by how much peace I am willing to accept. It is plain and simple. If I am not accepting peace and extending peace, then I am choosing the ego. When I do take the time to accept Holy Spirit’s peace, I am choosing to be connected with the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing more powerful than peace. When I have an open mind and allow peace in, I am letting the Holy Spirit into my mind. How I see the world changes. I am reminded that this world of separation is just a dream and could never be real in truth. With the Holy Spirit we can look at the dream and the antics of the ego and not take it so seriously. We can laugh a little and see the ego trauma drama stories as just stories. They are not real at all.

So as I walk through today, I am given another opportunity to strengthen the habit of returning to peace again and again and again. I know that this strengthens my connection with the Holy Spirit and that from there I will receive the inspiration I need in order to be truly helpful. That is my opportunity for today.

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This Is Just a Dream

Right now it seems that we are at the peak of the renovation process—every room still needs some work done. Next Thursday the new countertops will be installed, which means that everything needs to be ready in both the kitchen and bathroom. This morning we made a list of all the things the carpenters need to do before that date.

It is at times like this that it is most helpful for us to remember to let go and let God. It is most helpful to not take things too seriously and remember that this is just a dream. It is helpful to remember to choose peace constantly. It is helpful to be lighthearted and open to Holy Spirit’s guidance in the moment. It is helpful to remember that in quiet is every problem quietly resolved. It is helpful to remember that only Love is real and that in truth Love can never change.

Holy Spirit through Robert:  In all your doings through the day, hold in your mind the focus that only Love is real. No form in this world can substitute for Love. No form in this world can provide the safety or joy that Love offers.

Let all your doing be a means of expressing Love. As you do this, you offer Love to all the Sonship. You are preparing your home for its next occupants. You may not have met them yet, but it matters not. They are your brothers. So as you paint or install a light, hold in mind that it is an expression of Love reflected in this world. Let Love lead you through the day.

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Above the Battleground

  Today we read the section in the ACIM Text, “Above the Battleground.” It reminded me once again that any loss of peace is a sure sign that I am engaged in battle. I must have decided I am separate and vulnerable. The antidote to this is to turn to the Holy Spirit and let Him lift me above the battle ground where I can see that the forms in battle have no meaning and therefore their seeming actions have no real consequence.

The Holy Spirit will always show me the reality of Love. There is nothing else to see. Today I will practice rising above to see the Love, with Holy Spirit’s help. By staying vigilant for peace, Love will always be evident.

As we were reading, I thought of a friend I haven’t thought of for some time. It brought a smile to my face and the warmth of Love to my heart. In my mind I embraced her with that Love and felt the blessing of remembering our oneness. It is this I must learn to do with everyone I meet or even think of. When there is no one that I can think of without Love, I will remember Heaven, for I have forgiven all. Today I will be vigilant for peace and take another step toward Heaven.

  Today I will allow myself to be carried. This means I will open my mind to receive God’s peace and quiet inner joy. From this place of peace, I will be guided what to do and how to do it. This is my practice today.

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Let Love Decide

  In this morning’s reading of the ACIM Text, the message that I needed to hear the most was, “Let Love decide.” What that means to me right now is to practice letting Love decide if any of the thoughts that come into my mind are true. I have had the habit of believing that the ego’s world of separation is real. As I let Love decide, I will be brought to the truth.

In reality, there are no differences among illusions. They are equally untrue. Remembering this helps me not take the world so seriously. Remembering this helps me be open minded enough to let in Holy Spirit’s healing Light, which dissolves all that is not true. Remembering this helps me stay light hearted instead of heavy hearted.

Let Love decide. That is my mantra today. No matter what appears to show up in the dream, let Love decide. That is my touchstone to return to again and again today. When I let Love decide, I will have a happy day. In truth I, as a separate person, know nothing and am nothing. But, as I practice letting Love decide, I am opened to the truth about myself and everyone. I find out what true justice means. This is my part in the Atonement. As I let Love decide, I am awakened from the dream.

The temptation seems so strong to attempt to plan on my own, to make my to do lists without regard to how Holy Spirit may guide me. There appears to be plenty of things to plan. I think I know what would make me happy or at least more comfortable. But I am reminded how little I can perceive through the body’s senses.

Honestly, I have no clue what will happen today. I can make plans, but one phone call could make my plans useless or impossible to complete. I know from experience that my day is so much more peaceful and fulfilling when I step back and let Holy Spirit take the lead. It may be that all the things I think are to be done today do get done, or not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I keep my mind attuned to the Holy Spirit’s lead. Then all my doing will be training in right mindedness. It will help me soften the value I put on images in the world and open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s gracious, eternal gift of peace. Today I would step back and let Him lead the way. Amen.

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Letting Go of Judgment

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  My purpose is to hold in your mind the changeless memory of What you are. You are pure, eternal Love. No dream can change your reality. I hold in your mind this memory so that no matter how convoluted or seemingly real you imagine your dream to be, you cannot completely lose the memory of your Self. I am eternally ready to show you your holiness and your innocence. I need only your willingness to remember and the Light that you are will fill your mind.

You let the Light that you are be reflected in the world by letting go of judgment. Judgment clouds the mirror that your brother holds up to you. The Truth in him would show you the Truth in you if you would simply allow the mirror to be clean and free of judgment. In this world you need your Light reflected back to you to be aware that it is there. You are surrounded by mirrors that will reflect your Light back to you. You need only clear them of judgment and you will see a Light so bright that your heart will be filled with joy and overflowing with Love because you will know your Self.

As you practice remembering that on your own you do not know what anything means, you withdraw your judgment. This opens the way for Me to replace it with My judgment, which always shows you holiness. Let today be a day of practicing remembering that you do not know what anything means and opening your mind to the vision of holiness that I will show you. The Light that you see reflected all about you will remind you of your Self and the day will be filled with joy.

Today is a day to remember that I am being carried. Today is a day to be quiet and listen with an open mind. Today is a day to stay in the present moment and let go of the past and future.

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