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Let the Holy Spirit Drive the Bus

Holy Spirit through Mary:  Remember you are not a body.  You are free. You are still as God created you. You are eternal Spirit, unlimited by time and space.

When you find yourself taking the dream too seriously, step back once again. Let the Holy Spirit take you to the truth. Let the Holy Spirit fill you with a sense of peace. Let yourself remember that you have no needs that are not being met by the Holy Spirit. Let yourself remember that you are being carried and that the Holy Spirit is driving the bus. You are the passenger. By consistently choosing peace, you stay on Holy Spirit’s bus. You choose the ego’s bus when you choose the ego’s values based on separate interests. On Holy Spirit’s bus, there is only one purpose and that is the return to the truth.

Only oneness is real, one Spirit of Love. Give yourself the time to rest in the truth as often as possible. Remember, we are one Light, there is no distance between us. We are one mind, the Mind of Love. Anything else is illusion. Ask of everything, what is it for? Is it for the Holy Spirit’s purpose of awakening to the truth? Or, is it for the ego’s purpose of maintaining the illusion of separate bodies with separate minds? You are always choosing between these two purposes. You awaken to the reality of oneness as you are willing to let the illusion of separation go.

The mistaken idea of separation’s reality gently falls away as your willingness increases. This is the purpose of time — the undoing of the belief in time and distance and differences. With Holy Spirit you are led gently and easily to your unlimited Reality. Give time to the Holy Spirit and He will carry you to the awareness that you are in Heaven now. In Holy Spirit’s Hands, time is used as a blessing and not a curse. The happy dream of awakening gently brings us all Home to What Is. Keep an open mind to receive Holy Spirit’s inspiration, moment by moment.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Hold My Hand in every moment. Let me be your rock, your foundation upon which your church is built. Your church is not a physical structure. It is not a thought system or doctrine. Rather, it is the expression of What you are. It is the expression of Love. Love is eternal and changeless. That is why it must be your foundation. And because Love is one and All that Is, Love is not only your foundation, it is everything.

You are looking at what appears to be a change in outer circumstances and a change in the form of the way your function is expressed. This is because the time has come to be more inclusive. The time has come for others to join in the expression of the church, which is the expression of Love. Forms will be given this expression in a world that can only understand form. Always this form must serve the Holy Spirit’s purpose. It must always serve the extension of Love. All form is meaningless of itself because form is illusion. Never forget this, for if you do, you will make forms your gods. And these forms will no longer serve Holy Spirit’s plan.

As Holy Spirit’s messengers, your job is to hold Holy Spirit’s hand in every step and to insure that the forms remain in the service of Holy Spirit’s plan. This is how the church is built upon a rock. When the form becomes a god, the foundation turns to sand. Instability and fear sets in, for the ego is in charge. All who choose to join together in building this church must share in the dedication and commitment to putting Holy Spirit’s plan first and foremost. Then all are sharing in one purpose. Then all recognize we are one Self and our interests are the same. Holy Spirit’s plan cannot fail because the strength of God is in it. All you need do is accept that His Will is yours, which it has always been in truth.

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Are You Being Guided In the Present Moment?

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Right now it is helpful for you to stay in the present moment. What presents itself in this present moment? How are you being guided in this present moment? Open your mind to the fact that the Holy Spirit is with you right now, guiding you right now in what is most truly helpful. Observe when your mind jumps to the past or the future. Watch these thoughts with Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to bring you insight into what is most helpful right now.

In times of change, there can be a temptation to jump into the future and prognosticate possible future events. Remember that you are on Holy Spirit’s bus of returning to the Truth. The Holy Spirit is bringing you to the awareness that you are in Heaven now. The Holy Spirit is bringing you to the awareness that you are pure Spirit and that you remain as you were created — pure Love.

So take care of what is right before you and let the future take care of itself. Hand your mind over to the Holy Spirit to be purified of all ego thoughts. Let all these thoughts be undone by the Holy Spirit as He shows you they are merely foolish fantasies. You are safe in Heaven now. Let that be your mantra now. As you open to the fact that you are safe in Heaven now, you also realize the whole Sonship is safe in Heaven now. Here you are in peace. Here you feel God’s safety and joy and total union with all That is. Practice today, again and again, remembering where you are in truth and where your safety lies. This is how to be most helpful. In this place of safety and trust, you will automatically be shown how to be most helpful in this dream world of separate bodies.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  What is always of value is seeing the Love you are everywhere. That means seeing the face of Christ in all your brothers. It means accepting the strength of God in you. It means accepting that all your needs are met. You have but one real need, and that is Love. And Love has only one need and that is to extend Itself.

As you identify with Love, you identify with your Self. The more you see yourself as Love, the more you see the world as Love. And the more you see Love’s peace, happiness and abundance reflected in the images of the world. Remember, the world you see is merely a reflection of what you believe. When you believe you are Love, you see your Self reflected everywhere. Love knows that harm is impossible. So Love is never in a hurry. There is no sense of loss nor concern for potential loss. Love is whole and cannot be divided. That is why perfect safety is a characteristic of Love.

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Step Back. Return to Peace.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Rest in me… Rest in me… Rest in me…  If ever you experience strain or weariness, know that you are trying to do what is not for you to do. Step back. Return to peace. Put the Holy Spirit back in the driver’s seat. It is His strength in you that will accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. When you follow His lead, you will always feel His strength. When you attempt to decide on your own, where to go and what to do, you have separated yourself from God’s strength in you. That is indeed wearying. There is no need to hurry. Let the Holy Spirit be in charge of time. He knows what to do with it and is not deceived by its seeming reality.

There may be times when it seems like nothing is happening. But remember, just because you are not aware of it does not mean that nothing is happening. You have been moving toward this move to Florida for a long time in your perception of time. It is only recently that you’ve been aware of the direction for this move. Yet outside of your awareness, many pieces of which you are unaware and may never be aware, have been moved into place and will continue to move into place. It is not your job to orchestrate all the aspects of the dream that will lead to awakening. It is just your job to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and follow. Thus you will fulfill your purpose. You will experience perfect happiness. You will remember Heaven.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  The Holy Spirit’s purpose is to lead you out of the dream, not reinforce your thinking that it is real. The Holy Spirit resides in the part of your mind that knows that this dream of separation is just a dream. So as you go through each day with all these changes appearing to show up in the dream, increase your willingness to step back and remember that it is but a dream. Use this time as practice to allow the Holy Spirit to show you His purpose for the dream.

Now is the time for new avenues to be put in place that are helpful to many in the dream to wake up. Trust that the Holy Spirit knows what It’s doing. Allow your mind to stay quiet and open to Holy Spirit’s direction, moment by moment. Look on the world with quiet eyes. In Holy Spirit’s quietness is every problem resolved.

Continue to practice softening and remembering that on your own you know nothing. But with Holy Spirit’s plan, everything that needs to happen will happen as you continue to step back and let Him lead the way. Relax. Keep your mind open to Holy Spirit’s direction. Smile. All is well.

Remember that you are in the Mind of God right now, along with everyone, and you have never left. Nothing has happened to change the reality of God’s One Son, Love’s Extension. Love is eternal and changeless and that means you are eternal and changeless. That also means everyone you see in the dream is eternal and changeless. The truth is true and nothing else is true. As you remember this you will find peace and you will extend peace. You will know the beingness of eternal peace.

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Choose to Accept the Peace of God

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Remember to let the Holy Spirit drive the bus. Do not try to solve perceived problems on your own. You let Holy Spirit drive the bus when you remember to choose peace and unity instead of the defensive thoughts of the ego that let the ego identity feel safe in its world of separate bodies.

Ego thoughts will always try to reinforce the reality of images of separation and deny thoughts of oneness and unity. To see past ego thoughts, continue to consistently choose to accept the peace of God. Know that everything is coming together in perfect order as you continue to step back with every circumstance and let Holy Spirit take the lead. As you consistently choose peace, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to be in charge of your mind. This also allows the Holy Spirit to write the dream script instead of the ego.

When things seem like they are moving fast, relax. Open your mind to the peace and Love of the Holy Spirit and receive. Holy Spirit’s plan will unfold as you are willing to step back and follow.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Stay soft in your thoughts. The ego loves to grab hold of an idea or image and carve it in stone to make it seem real. The ego fears change because of the fearful consequence of the choice to perceive itself separate from God. That change was so horrendous and illusions are so whimsical that the ego sees itself in a constant struggle to “solidify” illusions as a protection against change. It is helpful to know about this pattern.

You experience its effects every day when you think with the ego thought system. You are being asked to set aside the ego’s thought system and align yourself with the Holy Spirit’s instead. To the ego, this is terrifying because it perceives it as loss of control, which it is. But what you are doing is transferring control from what would keep you in hell to what would lead you back to Heaven.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings in each moment. Are you in peace? Are your thoughts of safety and certainty? Or are you unsettled, trying to hang on to an image, trying to plan for an uncertain future? The latter state is when you are choosing the ego as your guide. Step back. Choose peace and open your mind once again to the Holy Spirit’s lead.

It may seem like you need to do this a thousand times a day. Do not use this need for repeated realignment with the Holy Spirit as an excuse for discouragement. This is part of the process. The Holy Spirit is never discouraged, rather the Holy Spirit has great gratitude each time we return to Him and accept His gift. Discouragement is just another ego defense to try to keep you in the ego thought system. Let it go and keep practicing. It is indeed possible for you to be open to the Holy Spirit’s Voice all through the day. All you need do is stay in peace with an open mind. This practice is a pathway to joy.

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You Are Spirit

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let us start by remembering that this is a dream and in reality you are Eternal Spirit. As Eternal Spirit you are one with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Oneness, Wholeness. Think about it: You are one, undivided Spirit that is universal. Let it sink in that this is your Identity. This is what you are — Spirit — holy or whole Spirit.

Remember you are not separate from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in your mind, willing to take the reigns as you allow it. The Holy Spirit is the bridge of return. Because the truth in you is the Holy Spirit, you are the bridge of return as you remember your true Identity. So all your “doing” in the world of illusion will be directed toward being instrumental to the whole Sonship in undoing the dream.

Continue to relax into remembering your constant and unchanging Identity as eternal Spirit. This remembering does not come through efforting or “trying,” but by relaxing into that quiet place in your mind where your true Self resides. Here you receive the inspiration in how to be truly helpful to the one Son of God, Love’s Extension. You do not go Home alone.

As you come to see that you are united with every brother, your helpfulness includes everyone. There is no specialness in Holy Spirit’s plan. Continue down this road that you are walking with Danny and Diane. Continue to have the shared intent of following your true Self’s plan. Join in listening together. Inspiration will show up as you are prepared to receive it. Continue to decide nothing on your own. Continue to think in terms of wholeness — one undivided whole.

The way to be most truly helpful in Holy Spirit’s plan will unfold before you and you will feel peace and unity. You will feel an inner happiness and a sense of security that is not found with the ego’s plans. You will feel the touch of Christ upon your shoulder and the Love of Christ in your heart. You will know that there is no harm and that you are safe and secure. A sense of vulnerability will fall away as you continue to know your oneness and that you have one purpose and one goal.

This is a happy time. Do not be afraid. Know firmly that you are being led by One Who knows what is best for all concerned. Rest in His Love frequently today and every day. Rest in His peace consistently. In this state of peace, the appropriate inspiration comes to you at the perfect time. As you consistently practice choosing peace, you will see that this is true. You will feel more strongly Love’s Presence gently guiding you hour by hour, day by day. With Holy Spirit as your Guide, nothing is impossible. Your way is made straight and clear. It is accomplished easily by consistently choosing Holy Spirit’s peace that puts you in a state of mind where inspiration is accessed easily. Amen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Time is one of the ego’s tools for making separation seem real. Time seems to separate the past, present and future into separate parts. Time seems to make the future unknowable, uncertain and threatening. A sense of urgency, anxiety, impatience all come from belief that time is real. The ego tells us that if we don’t do something right now, we will lose the opportunity and therefore experience loss. It tells us if we don’t prepare to protect ourselves now, we will be harmed in the future. It tells us that there are unseen things and events lurking in the future that will bring us harm. All this comes with belief in the ego thought system.

Be not deceived by the ego’s trickery. Time is a meaningless illusion and can have no effect on the holy Son of God. The world you see through the body’s eyes was made to give the illusion of reality to the ego thought system. Don’t believe it. Let yourself be gently guided by the Hand of the Holy Spirit past the false images of the feverish dreams to the Light of your wholeness, your Reality.

Trust comes easily to the mind aligned with the Holy Spirit. Uncertainty comes only from trying to make illusions real. So when you find yourself out of peace, remember this comes only from believing in a mistake. Turn again to the Holy Spirit in your mind and give Him back the reigns. As you practice stepping back with each thought of uncertainty and turning to the peace within your mind, the seeming reality of the images in the dream will fade and the reality of the certainty of Love will become stronger and stronger. Focus on this practice and all your doing will be gently guided in peace and happiness.

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We Are All the Same Love

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  There is a difference between self-ishness and selflessness. In truth, there is only one Self and that is the one Mind of God, the Mind of Love. An inherent quality of Love is extending Love. In truth, we all are Love’s extensions, continuous and eternal. We are all the same Love. There is nothing else. In the dream, we dream of a separate self with a separate body. We dream we have separate interests, unique from each other. Within this framework, selfishness is the law of this territory. We are now learning to shift from selfishness to selflessness. In selflessness, there are no private possessions, no private thoughts. There is no me and you. There is only one Self.

This move you are now embarked on within the framework of the dream is symbolic of shifting from the mentality of separateness to the awareness of oneness. With oneness awareness, there is only one interest, the interest of the one Self. The one Self calls us all Home to be aware of our one true Identity. So use this time of shift and movement to a new location in the physical world to allow your mind to be shifted from a sense of being an individual to a sense of beingness in the one Mind of the One united Love of God. This is time wisely spent. In fact it is the most important thing you could possibly do.

You want to release yourself from the imprisonment of the ego. You want to recognize the power and safety of your true Identity. Like the title of Pathways of Light course 132, “Self Image Transformations,” you are allowing a deeper level of trust in your true Self to carry you to the awareness of the one Mind. From there all decisions in the world are simple. There is no doubt. You know that giving is receiving. You would have nothing that is yours alone. You remember that God’s Will is your will and there is only one Will.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  God’s gift of Love to you is great. So great, you could never, ever begin to imagine. This Love is so soft and gentle, yet so strong and peaceful. This is your inheritance, but you have just touched on the very tip of the iceberg to experience it. God wants you to experience His Love in greater awarenesses to bring about more peace and joy in what you call life. Do you think for one minute that He who loves you so greatly would ever let you down? Do you think that He Who loves you so greatly would ever not be there for you? Do you see how foolish it is to ever think for one minute that He would not bring you perfect happiness when it is His words that you follow?

Follow Him and you will be led to greater heights than you ever dreamed possible. Follow Him to the place of peace where He wills you to be. Physical places do not matter to Him because He lives within you. Seek out His words and follow. Follow them no matter what you think. Just follow them. Let your own words or thoughts fall away and only follow His Thoughts. You will be led to paradise and feel the Heaven that you will be led into. You are in Heaven now will be a statement you will truly understand. Amen

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego always sees complexity. This is because it can only perceive bits and pieces, being the thought of separation that breaks the whole into pieces. The Holy Spirit always sees simplicity because it always perceives wholeness. So when you are thinking within the ego thought system, you will be seeing all kinds of complications and difficulties. Your mind thinks a constant stream of, “What about this? What about that? How can that happen? What if this doesn’t happen? Blah, blah, blah.”

When you observe your mind ruminating on questions such as these, step back and hand them over to the Holy Spirit. Rest in His peace. Know with confidence that the Holy Spirit sees the whole and with His vision will gently guide you in perfect peace and happiness. It is not your job to figure out how the myriad pieces the ego tries to make fit together. As part of its focus of seek and do not find, the ego does not want the pieces to fit together. But the Holy Spirit, seeing the whole, knows what pieces are irrelevant and disregards them, bringing together the pieces into a whole in the world that reflects the wholeness of Heaven.

You have one job, one role and that is to step back and let Him lead the way. Hold your dedication of your eyes, your hands, your feet, your voice to the Holy Spirit in His service. That is all that is asked of you. In return, the Holy Spirit gives you the gift of Life. It is the gift of freedom and Love, which you will share in boundless joy. Amen

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My Will for You Is Perfect Happiness

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Rest in Me… Rest in Me… Rest in Me… I am your strength, your safety, your Source. Trust in Me, Who’s love for you far exceeds your wildest imaginings in the world of separation. My Will for you is perfect happiness, perfect safety. Join with Me and know your Self. I love you as Myself, for We are One and can never be torn asunder. What was created One remains as it was created, indivisible, united with its Creator. I love you with a love far greater than you can conceive of in the world. Rest in My Love. Trust in My Love. Be certain of My Love. My Love is all you have ever wanted because it is what you are. Your true heart’s desire is to be your Self. Think of the love of the most kind and caring parent you can imagine and know that this is but a miniscule symbol of My Love for you, My creation. You are loved. You have always been loved. You will always be loved. That can never change.

You are being asked now to lay down your defenses against My Love and accept My eternal gift. No sacrifice is asked of you. You are simply being asked to give up nothing to gain everything. I placed in your mind a gentle Guide to show you that what you thought had value is valueless so you will easily lay it aside and make room for My gift.

Choosing belief in separation demands the sacrifice of awareness of the gift I hold for you. As you cease to value meaningless, valueless images, you move toward the end of sacrifice and the return to full awareness of the Heaven that is your Home. I call to you now to join Me in the Home I have created for you and held open for your return. In truth, your place has never been vacant. Only in painful dreams did you think that you had left. But dreams are never true. Come rest in Me and share My joy.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  On this first day of the New Year, let all your concerns about the move and all it entails gently fall away. Let them fall away by handing them over to Me. I know what to do with these concerns. Trying to figure it out ahead of time is not helpful. This is a giant trust walk. Walking through this with Me will strengthen your trust muscles. Give me the reigns. I know the way.

This is how you can tell if you are taking over the reigns. Do you ever feel vulnerable? Are there thoughts that there might not be enough to do what you need to do? Are you forgetting that all your real needs are always being met? Are you relaxed? Do you have a total sense of well being and being cared for in the most perfect way possible? If not, it is time to return again to strengthen your trust muscles in the Holy Spirit.

Trusting in the ego’s solutions has never really worked and has not made you happy. But trusting in the Holy Spirit’s solutions brings you into a state of mind where you have a deep abiding peace. Allow that peace to fill your heart and mind. Allow that abiding peace to be extended to everyone and fill every relationship. Let Holy Spirit’s abiding peace be your foundation. Allow this habit to become stronger each day. Practice choosing peace more and more each hour, more and more each day. It is upon this foundation that Holy Spirit’s pathway to light is formed. On this pathway to light you reach Heaven. You become aware of Love’s Presence everywhere and in every situation. Every situation joyfully becomes an opportunity to join with the Holy Spirit in everyone, which leads the whole Sonship Home. You are alone in nothing.

These Holy Spirit gifts are always right there in your mind, waiting for your acceptance. On this first day of the New Year, join with Holy Spirit by accepting God’s gifts of peace and joy and extending them to the world. Amen.

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