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October-December 2019

Miracles News, October-December 2019


We walk with
God in perfect
holiness. He is
what our Life is.

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October-December, 2019

Reaching for the Creative Level

by Rev. Larry Glenz, O.M.C.

“The real purpose of this world is to use it to correct your unbelief. You can never control the effects of fear yourself because you made fear, and you believe in what you made.” (T-1.VI.4:1-2)

I was stunned. After three years of treatment, my oncologist told me that my prostate cancer has escaped the prostate and has now spread to the lymph nodes. It is hard to describe what the fear felt like when I received this news. I never thought that my cancer treatment would not work. The radiation therapy has tested to be over 90% effective. It did not work on me.

I changed doctors and hospitals and followed that first treatment with radioactive seeds that also has a high success rate as a salvage treatment. But after a year my P.S.A. (a prostate cancer indicator) continued to rise.

The P.E.T. scan that followed confirmed that the cancer has metastasized. It was strongly recommended that a new treatment of hormonal therapy should be undertaken immediately.

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October-December, 2019

Letting Holy Spirit Heal Our Fear Thoughts

by Revs. Mary & Robert Stoelting

The path to peace of mind is to notice our barriers to Love — our fear thoughts — and take these thoughts to the Holy Spirit to be undone. We cannot do this on our own because on our own, we know nothing. On our own, we place our belief in being different from the Love we are. In this world of separate bodies, we believe in time and space, the birth and death of our “unique” bodies.

We also believe we are weak and vulnerable, in a world that is in constant conflict from “outside forces” that have nothing to do with the thoughts that constantly roll through our minds.

In truth, the world we see is in direct correlation to the thoughts we are believing in.

The way out of this ongoing experience of problem after problem, brought on by the constant chatter of our fear thoughts, is to consistently ask your true Self, the Holy Spirit, to heal our minds of all thoughts that are not true.

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October-December, 2019

Conversation with Spirit: What Is the Nature of Sin?

by Rev. Jim Peterson, O.M.C.

What inspired me with this poem is the notion that sin is a belief that Love can be lost. In essence it is the idea that the self or an “other” can be without Love or lost to Love. When we attack another in any form, we are upholding the belief that they are without Love and unworthy of Love. This is the imaginary world that is unknown to God.

I sense the reason this is being brought forward at this time is the political strife that seems to surround me. Everyone seems to be talking and thinking about it and taking sides. For me it has been challenging to stay centered within this storm. I find my distress more in the compassion (sorrow) I have for the pain that others are barring themselves under. The poem reminded me that sorrow also the belief in the loss of Love. No one is abandoned and the plan for salvation is in place. My only role is to extend Love and allow Love’s inspiration to guide me in thought and action.

Love, Jim

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October-December, 2019

Heaven Is Here. Heaven Is Now.

by Rev. Dan Strodl, O.M.C.

“Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time. No teaching that does not lead to this is of concern to God’s teachers.” (M-24.6)

Since childhood I believed that Heaven was a place you went to after you died. It was up in the sky, amongst the clouds, and you were greeted at the gates by angels flying about. And if you had led a sinless life, the gates of Heaven were open to you, and you sat on a cloud with God.

“Why wait for Heaven? It is here today.” (W-pI.131.6:1-2)

But with A Course in Miracles all my beliefs have been turned upside down, including my beliefs about Heaven. I now see Heaven as in my mind, always there, waiting for me to choose my right mind.

“Heaven is here, and Heaven is your home.” (S-IV.8.9)

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October-December, 2019

Why Not Forgive?

by Rev. Stephan Mead, O.M.C.

“Forgiveness offers everything I want.” (ACIM W. 122)

Do I want everything that I want? Of course I do, doesn’t everyone want what they want? The question almost seems like nonsense. On the deepest inner level I can reach, my answer is yes! And what I truly want is proper alignment with all the spiritual principles ACIM and other paths teach. Hmm, that sounds kind of lofty. What I really want is to feel good all the time. As soon as I typed that last sentence, I could hear the nuns & my parents from my childhood days. “Stephan, you cannot feel good all the time, life doesn’t work that way.” In my immaturity I would think, “Why wouldn’t God figure out a way that I could always get what I want? — how hard could that be for God?”

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October-December, 2019

Is Guilt Justified?

by Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.

Well, I hate to spoil the suspense, but I’m just going to say right off that the answer to that question is an unqualified no. I know that it sometimes seems like guilt could be justified. We read things in the paper and listen to the news at night and certainly it seems like someone and often a lot of someones out there are guilty. Believe it or not, no one is guilty.

I used to say that evidently, I came here this time to undo the belief in guilt. I said that because I felt so guilty for so many things that clearly releasing guilt had to be my purpose. It seemed so difficult to do this at times. I would remember something that happened when my children were young and I would feel so guilty for not handling it better. I would think about someone I know whose child was murdered and the effect this loss had on her life, and I was sure that the murderer was guilty.

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October-December, 2019

Soaring in Sedona

by Rev. Paula Richards, O.M.C.

In 2005, the synchronicity that led me to Sedona, Arizona, did wonders to increase my faith that we are guided by Holy Spirit at all times. I wrote about my experience in my first book, The Journey of Spirit Rising. Here is an excerpt:

Soaring In Sedona

With its red rock formations, Native American culture and its reputation as a spiritual center, Sedona had been calling my name for years. Little did I know that a return trip to the library to pick up something I had left there by mistake would lead me there. While at the library I decided to search for a travel book about the southwest. The very first one I picked up just happened to be about sacred sites in Sedona.

All morning, I poured over the travel book, noting places I wanted to visit someday. That afternoon, when my friend Mary came to visit, she suggested that I pull an angel oracle card for advice about my (ailing) health. The card I pulled said, “This situation is perfect. Dive right in. No further research is necessary. Do not procrastinate at any cost!”

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October-December, 2019

Everything Serves the Purpose of Your Healing and Awakening

by Rev. Jennifer McSween, O.M.C.

I had been a smoker for the greater part of my adult life, and I really enjoyed smoking. Cigarettes were my constant companions, present in my life whether I was socializing or going about my daily life. I looked forward to lighting up with my morning coffee, and anytime I was on the phone — this was back in the day when we mostly used land lines. I also couldn’t wait to take a break from whatever it was I was doing to have a cigarette or, as I had convinced myself, to help me concentrate. After meals… well, for me, smoking was better than dessert. It was my dessert. I could never understand friends who would say they were “social smokers.” They smoked only when socializing. I remember thinking to myself, they must have serious issues with committing.

But my joy of smoking turned into agony as I found myself moving in the direction of what I called back then a “Spiritual Path” and felt that smoking was not in alignment with that path. Having judged it as being unspiritual, it felt wrong, even sinful, to continue to have smoking be a part of my life. But I still enjoyed it and wanted to continue doing it. I couldn’t even imagine myself not smoking.

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October-December, 2019

Pause to Encourage

by Mary Gerard Lenihan

The Pause Practice holds possibilities! One possibility in the Pause is encouragement. We never know just how lifted up we can be until we lift up someone else. Who doesn’t need encouragement? Who cannot benefit from being encouraging?

To “encourage” is to literally instill courage in another. A student was feeling disheartened the other day because her goals appeared to have fallen apart in her hands. She was given the space to simply be with her experience, to pause. In the pause she shared that new possibilities were showing up in her mind; life wasn’t over after all.

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October-December, 2019

Freeing the Children

by Rev. Barbara Goodman Siegel, O.M.C.

Like so many of you, I was shocked and deeply saddened to see little children torn out of their mother’s and/or father’s arms and put into cages. “What have we become?” I thought. ”How low can we go? When is enough, enough?”

I was haunted by my thoughts about these children. I kept imagining how alone and afraid they must feel. I expected to see thousands of people in the streets protesting this action, but to my great surprise, that didn’t happen. I went to a vigil to bring attention to what to me was an atrocity. The vigil was sponsored by a large, local church and less than a hundred people showed up. Again, I was shocked and dismayed. Have we so insulated ourselves that even this doesn’t get through?

I felt that I had to take my sadness into meditation, a place where I often go to ask Mother Shekhina (a.k.a. Holy Spirit) for an answer to something I just can’t wrap my mind around. I hope the answer I got will help those of you who are also struggling to understand this seemingly inhumane and un-American turn of events.

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October-December, 2019

The Way Back to God Is to Practice Forgiveness

by Rev. Savina Cavallo, O.M.C.

Forgiveness is the central idea and message of A Course in Miracles. I have been reading the book, practicing its principles for 12 years now. Forgiveness as the Course teaches it has been a challenge for me to understand and apply.

Forgiveness is defined as follows: “Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin.” (W-pII.1.1:1-3)

And sin is defined as a false idea about God’s creation.

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October-December, 2019

Our Powerful Thoughts

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, O.M.C.

It is curious that we do not understand that we have amazing abilities that have come with this physical existence and are always available.

In the Urtext of the Course (T-6 A 3) Jesus tells us:

“You have been chosen to teach the Atonement precisely BECAUSE you have been extreme examples of allegiance to your thought system, and therefore have developed the capacity for allegiance. It has indeed been misplaced … You cannot doubt the strength of your devotion when you consider how faithfully you observed it.”

We are indeed extremely faithful to our way of thinking. We seem to be unable, at times, to see it in any different way. Yet, we want to look at how we got there so we can follow a better model.

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October-December, 2019

A Lesson in Responsibility

by Rev. Cathy Silva, O.M.C.

It was during a particularly difficult time with my family when it seemed our home had become a war zone that I learned an important lesson about Responsibility.

I desperately prayed and journaled and prayed some more. I was attempting to go to Spirit for a solution and at the same time trying to figure it out on my own. To trust is to rely upon Spirit totally and I wasn’t quite ready to do that apparently in my “split mind.”

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October-December, 2019

My Game, My Rules for Decision

by Kathy Croy

I’m a student of A Course in Miracles for over ten years who has struggled with understanding and appropriately applying this powerful tool in the Manual for Teachers.
But, I am determined to see.

Recently, as I began my intent to start each day with the “Rules for Decision” (RFD), it was apparent to me that everything was backfiring. Admittedly I had a hard time knowing what to ask for, as I’m directed to “decide the kind of day I want.” The best I could do was to mutter, “I’d like a peaceful and harmonious day.” Then I would set off on my other Course lessons, meditation, heading off to work, etc.

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October-December, 2019

Is Healing Possible, Even After a Long Illness?

by Rev. Peggy Rivera, O.M.C.

Whenever someone is sick for a very long time it can feel almost hopeless that healing can ever occur. We ask ourselves how can we possibly heal? I think sometimes we think healing is always automatic, like suddenly our illness is gone by the Grace of God. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that kind of healing can occur, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

We often forget Who we are. We are the Son of God, and He created us perfect. It doesn’t matter how long we have perceived ourselves as ill because there is no order of miracles. What it does take is remembering that we are Love, as it says in Lesson 67 of the Workbook. The title, “Love created me like itself” and in paragraph 6, “Perfection created me perfect.”

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July-September 2019

Miracles News, July-September 2019


We fly free
when we accept
our oneness in
God’s Love.

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July-September, 2019

How Much Do You Want?

by Rev. Stephan Mead, O.M.C.

Let’s start with money, since most course students seem to be over fifty years old. Do we have the amount of financial security we think we need? (Rent/mortgage, health insurance, retirement income, discretionary fund, and whatever else we can come up with.) How much money do we really want? Remember, when our budget spreadsheet is complete, if, (deep down) we would really like more, then we don’t have as much as we want.

What about our intimate relationship(s)? Are they what we want? Do we wish they were different? Perhaps if our partner was willing to change even a little bit, (for their own betterment — of course) we’d have the companionship going into our golden years, which would support our spiritual journey in the exact manner we’re certain we need.  Are our relationships good enough? Do we want more?

In addition, what about health? Do we want to experience our physicality differently than it is? How much “health” do we want? Again, if we wished our bodies were different, then we aren’t content with how we are now.

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