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April-June, 2021

A Word from Holy Spirit

by Rev. Dan Strodl, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Every morning when I wake up I pray and meditate, and then I ask Holy Spirit for a word. I never know what that word will be, but I’ve noticed that the word is exactly what I need for that day. Some words I’ve received are “Kindness, Trust, Peace, Love, Light, Open-mindedness, Patience.” This morning I received the word “Blessing”... and I had no idea how that word would be helpful in my day.

That afternoon I was walking down the street in London and I saw two policemen coming out of an apartment building. I was curious, and so I stopped and waited across the street to see what was going on. They were dressed in yellow luminescent jackets, and had guns and handcuffs. British police don’t usually carry guns, so this was something big.

Behind them came eight more uniformed policemen, and they surrounded a man in his mid 20s. He was wearing trousers with a drawing sewn into the legs, so I guessed it was a drug bust? Or it could be domestic violence? I hear that lots of people are forced to live with their partners 24/7 during the Coronavirus lockdown, and abuse is common. I stood there on the street and felt petrified. I was full of fear even though I was just a bystander. My ego thoughts had me locked in hell.

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April-June, 2021

Conflicting Views

by Rev. Larry Glenz, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I have found the political events of recent months to be disturbing. And I have been trained to ask for help.

“The horrors of the world we live in today arise from spiritual ignorance. Until we reach that place in ourselves where we identify with one another beyond our own differences, we will perpetuate the disharmony that results from spiritual immaturity.” (From Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson)

When Marianne Williamson was running for P.O.T.U.S, I did not imagine her winning. I steadily supported her campaign because her vision for the U.S. and the world sounded like the direction I would love to see us take. I never considered it a waste of my money.

I was proud of her for hanging in there for a long time despite the odds. She has a message people need to hear. She believes all the people of the world are God’s equal children. And she believes the world is an illusion that we can positively affect by changing our thoughts about it. She may not have said those exact words during her campaign. But I know what she believes.

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April-June, 2021

Problem Solving

by Rev. Vicki Rostant, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

The ACIM Lesson for the day was “Lesson 80: Let me recognize my problems have been solved.” I started the study of the lessons again last September, and in early February, I was only at Lesson 80!

I was finding it interesting that, in this round, the pace was definitely not a lesson a day! A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the last time I went through the lessons, and I was now at a totally different place in my life — older, and involuntarily retired due to the COVID pandemic restrictions.

In that space, I found my mind going deeper with each lesson and needing more time to explore those depths. Add to that the fact that sometimes I had trouble remembering the five words of the lesson and had to go back repeatedly to the Text! Then new words and phrases would stand out. This slow build of lesson upon lesson led to this mind healing on that morning.

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April-June, 2021

There Are No Small Upsets

by Rev. Kelly Lewis, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

There are no coincidences. All is exactly as it is meant to be. Do you believe this? I absolutely do beyond all doubt, though I cannot say that prior to this particular day I could state this as emphatically as I now am.

Today I experienced some amazing synchronicities or “God winks.” My friend posted in her blog the other day about how we project unconscious guilt and how this shows up as upsets in our lives. At the same time I had just started re-reading a great little book called “Releasing Guilt” by Liz Cronkhite. In this book the author writes about our unconscious guilt showing up as anxiety, fear, upsets, illness, and whole long list of “symptoms.” This unconscious guilt, as described in A Course in Miracles, is from the belief that we have separated from “God” or, in other words, the belief that we are a separate personal self. Because we do not want to face this guilt, we project it onto the “external world,” which in actuality, is not external to us.

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April-June, 2021

We’re Entitled to Miracles, Not a Perfect Pain-Free Life

by Rev. Jennifer McSween, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Given the way last year, 2020, unfolded — for all of us — you might think that I’m in denial when I say that for me, 2020 was a year of miracles.

Here’s what I mean: I officiated my last wedding ceremony on March 14th, 2020. This brought the most lucrative part of my ministerial business and the part I enjoy the most — officiating weddings — to a screeching halt as most of the world went into lockdown.

We were now restricted in terms of how we shopped, where we traveled, and the way we socialized. On April 28th my mother died from complications of COVID-19, five days after coming down with the first symptoms. Since she had been living in a senior’s residence at the time, I had not seen or hugged her for six weeks prior to her death due to the lockdown restrictions.

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April-June, 2021

Understanding and Applying the First Ten Workbook Lessons

by Rev. Tacey Reese, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

After all these decades of being an ACIM student, I still enjoy doing the workbook lessons. This year they seem to have taken on even more meaning and shaped my life experience more deeply. Maybe because I decided to write about every lesson this year, not just journal about a few here and there, but make it a daily practice as part of my devotional time. I especially enjoy and appreciate the review sections of the lessons and I love to feel and experience the relationship between them.

Today, as I’m writing this, I’ve just completed Lesson 52, so I’m just starting out on the first review in the workbook. In the Introduction there’s a lovely paragraph I found so inspiring that I typed it out, made copies and taped it all around my house, even my car dashboard, so I’d see it often as a reminder as to why I do this work. Here’s the paragraph:

“You will yet learn that peace is part of you, and requires only that you be there to embrace any situation in which you are. And finally you will learn that there is no limit to where you are, so that your peace is everywhere, as you are.” (W-pI.r1in.5)

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April-June, 2021

Am I Host to God or Hostage to the Ego?

by Rev. Myron, Jones, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Last night I read a disturbing post on Facebook. A large group of evacuees are unable to find lodging. They are out of gas and out of money. None of the usual places, churches, FEMA, Red Cross is responding. They stand outside hotels surrounded by what they were able to grab when they were told that evacuation was mandatory. They are discouraged, frightened, feeling lost and hopeless, some of them crying. How exhausted and frightened they must be. How alone they must feel. The vision continues to haunt me.

The question now is, will I be host to God or hostage to the ego? As I react to their plight, I can relate. That could be me or someone I know and love. But then, I do know them as part of the Sonship, I love them as brothers. As my heart aches for them, though, I realize I’m not helping anyone, not me, not them. My sadness and the nagging desire to blame someone let’s me know I am hostage to the ego.

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April-June, 2021

Following God’s Plan, Not Our Own

by Revs. Mary & Robert Stoelting

We are in our late 70’s. Here in Florida, COVID-19 has expanded greatly and the hospitals are stressed. We work in the office portion of our residence with Deb and Colleen Fee. We all would like to receive the vaccinations as soon as they are available. Recently the county health department announced they were giving the vaccines near us on a first-come first-served basis. People started camping out in their cars on the road the day before the announced date. If we wanted to be vaccinated, we would have to wait.

After pausing and recognizing we were disappointed, we realized we needed to hand this “problem” to the Holy Spirit. We asked, “How would you have us see this?”

We opened the Course to Workbook Lesson 254 and read, “Father, today I would but hear Your Voice. In deepest silence I would come to You, to hear Your Voice and to receive Your Word. I have no prayer but this: I come to You to ask You for the truth. And truth is but Your Will, which I would share with You today.”

We remembered that we have been carried our whole lives, even when we did not recognize it. We remembered there is no hurry and we remain eternally safe in the Mind of God. We felt that feeling of patience… and heard that whatever we need will come in God’s perfect plan.

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April-June, 2021

Through the Fog I Heard His Voice

by Rev. Barbara Adams, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

The fog was thick and, in the darkness, I felt afraid. Ghoulish images crossed my path and my instinct was to attack. I felt that if I could scream loud enough and swipe fast enough, I could rid myself of those demons. But my voice seemed to be sucked into a vast vacuum. My arms felt numb and I could barely move.

“Am I dreaming?” I heard myself ask. Yet, to whom was I speaking?

I started to cry. “I’m so scared,” I sobbed…to seemingly no one.

The fog only got thicker. My fear intensified. And I fell deeper into the dream.

“I love you,” I faintly heard.

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April-June, 2021

What Is There?

by Rev. Lee Catalano, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I always thought my thinking meant something and here I am in the first review (again) and he is telling me that nothing I think means anything. My thoughts are covering up thoughts of God. Not only this but I have assigned the function of everything I see as a means for me to justify attack. WOW! I first have to see this in order to let it go. 

How long has the ego’s thought system had reign in my mind unseen? How much Love have I deprived myself of? Much.

Jesus tells me in A Course In Miracles that when I have anxiety or sorrow, it is always because I have seen a brother as less than he truly is. My brother, the Christ, is all that is there. How very long have I thought there was something else there? Again, how much Love have I deprived myself of? Much.

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April-June, 2021

Forget Peace

by Rev. Joyce Peebles, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

The Holy Spirit speaks to me most loudly when I first awake. Imagine my surprise when I heard, “forget peace, work on your belief in guilt.”

This came to mind: “…of all the many causes you perceive as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt was not among them.” (ACIM, T-27.VII.7:4)

Keep in mind that this is an unconscious guilt from the separation thought. It dawned on me that until healing of my fear-based thoughts occurs, I will not completely experience peace. Fear and guilt are the opposite of peace and love.

Reality is that we are Love and peace that has been obscured by our mistaken faulty beliefs. Making a goal to have peace is not wrong, but there is homework to do before we get to reap the awareness of peace.

As much as I would like to think of myself further along spiritually than I am, what my mind is projecting is showing me otherwise. There are times when I believe I am this body or that somebody or something in the world is the cause of my upset. This shows me that I am experiencing fearful, judgmental thoughts. Reality check. There is no world “outside of my Mind,” so only my thoughts can upset me.

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April-June, 2021

Everything Is Gold

by Rev. Mary Lu Buie, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Everything is Gold.

I would like to share an experience I recently had at my ACIM group. It’s a new group only one month old. I am a recent graduate of Pathways of Light Spiritual College, which has changed my life totally and I absolutely love being a part of. I am so very grateful for this beautiful experience.

At our last group I was guided to wear gold. Unusual I thought, however I love following my guidance and being happy and delighted to play along like a little child. I put on gold jewelry which I hardly ever wear and a gold accented outfit. “Ok then, brave of me,” I thought.

As the meeting progressed a fellow student shared about a incredible meditation experience she had had several years earlier, where she saw everything around her covered in gold dust. She knew in that moment that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. And at all times. Everything is perfect, as is. I was so amazed and happy I was wearing my gold. To me this shows we are all connected. We are One. One Mind.

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April-June, 2021

About My Thoughts

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Lesson 10: “My thoughts do not mean anything.”

I’ve noticed how the thoughts I observe in my mind are first searching for meaning, then it seems I accept the meaning that is offered. This is always based on past experiences and what my little mind will do is try to fit it into some known box to somehow make sense of it. This is rather funny, or silly, when observed from an objective point of view.

What I want to do with thoughts as they come up is this: I realize that they are random but fitting into my made-up world view of what I’ve decided things mean or are. This usually comes from past learning as a child or young adult. These ‘world views’ in my mind are fantasy, imaginations of what it all could mean.

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April-June, 2021

The Enemy Within

by Rev. Gina Lucia, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I must say I’ve never in my lifetime seen such a “collective” opportunity to really go within and look at where perception is coming from. The entire world has the opportunity to do so. Are we up for the journey? Have we begun? Are we still asleep? Would we rather just stay that way? Has fear paralyzed us? I firmly believe that if we haven’t awakened yet, the collective pull will keep challenging every aspect of our waking mind.

“Many stand guard over their ideas because they want to protect their thought systems as they are, and learning means change. Change is always fearful to the separated, because they cannot conceive of it as a move towards healing the separation.” (T-4.I.2:1-2)

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April-June, 2021

Spirit Always Answers My Prayers

By Daniel Cratcha, Ministerial Candidate

My Dad passed in 2016. It was a “complicated” relationship and we struggled to communicate. Since I started living ACIM, I have come to view him very differently, in a much more loving and nonjudgmental way. A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking more and more about him. I missed him, I wanted to see him, I wanted to feel him. I prayed to Spirit for assistance.

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