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October-December, 2018

The Power of Asking for Help

by Rev. Mary Gerard Lenihan, O.M.C.

“The Car and the Pause GPS”

Here at Pause we train people how to become Pause Practitioners and share this helpful practice with others, all for free! One of our current students shared the perfect experience with all of us last week; Perfect, because she was willing to ask for help!

Maxine got into her car excited to be on her way that morning to the Practitioner training. As enthusiastic as Maxine was, her car was, well, not so much. Cranking on the ignition and, nothing! Oh boy, what now?

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October-December, 2018


by Rev. Diane C. Bernier, O.M.C.

This August, I decided that as I read the message of the day to take time to reflect and journal about it. I received some beautiful insights:

Aug.16: Lesson 228: God has condemned me not. No more do I.

I wrote: Why am I feeling so guilty? Why am I feeling like I don’t deserve the best? Why can’t I fully embrace my own Divine Self? Why is it so challenging to believe this fully and completely?

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October-December, 2018

The Strength of Our Innocence


Our crime was never meant to be… no, we simply believed some untruth but saw the better of it before any sentence could be laid. We remain innocent of any murder of God, ourselves or anyone else. The death of God could never be. Therefore, no death exists.

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Miracles News, July-September, 2018


Miracles News, July-Sept 2018

As we let Love
flow through us,
Love extends

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July-September, 2018

I Am Still as God Created Me

by Rev. Greg Hesch, O.M.C.

Greg HeschBefore I started one of my smaller meditations that I am trying to do hourly, I heard some arguing from a mother and father of a two year old across the street from me. I was working on ACIM Lesson 110, I am as God created me. I was led to include my neighbors saying, “We are all as God created us to be.” I had a great meditation seeing everyone in the Light that we all are. I also sent Love and peace to them and then out to the Sonship.

A couple of minutes after I finished, the mother and father started screaming at each other. The mother then yelled, “Please help!… Anyone…please help!” I was still very connected with my inner Guide, the Holy Spirit, and was prompted to call 911.

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July-September, 2018

Relying On Spirit

by Rev. Michael Graves, O.M.C.

Michael GravesMost people who know me well know these two things about me. One that I am a minister and two that I love to fish.

I retired almost six years ago, and recently I had been having the recurring and persistent thought of buying a boat. I have a few friends that have one and it is always a great experience to go with them whether we catch anything or not.

I struggled with the usual thoughts when considering such a purchase, but as I went to Holy Spirit with my concerns I heard very clearly, “What is it for?”

As a student of A Course in Miracles, I am familiar with this principal as it is mentioned more than a few times in the book. I was very pleased to receive this guidance from Spirit.

As I was pondering the question it became very clear to me that while I love just to be on the water and to fish, the boat would provide many opportunities to join with others in a very unique way.

I knew it wasn’t about getting a new possession or even being able to fish when and where I wanted. Of course having my own boat could provide those things, but when I went deeper into my mind, it was about the opportunity for joining.

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July-September, 2018

“Yea …But”

by Rev. Stephan Mead, O.M.C.

Steve Mead“The secret of salvation is but this: that you are doing this unto yourself. No matter what the form of attack, this is still true.(ACIM T-27.VIII.10:1-2)

15 years ago, these two sentences were my introduction to A Course in Miracles. Like so many others, I found ACIM during a time of personal crisis. The ideas presented were so revolutionarily different from my belief system, yet they made so much sense as I read them, I couldn’t put it down.

I joined an ACIM study group, I purchased many, many books from authors “Google” claimed were experts in ACIM, and read them all, cover to cover. I attended workshops and conventions, far and near, with as much open-mindedness as I could manufacture, trying so hard to “get” how I was “doing this unto myself.” Finally, I reached the place on this path I named the, “Yea, … but” delay station.

This place of delay looks like this, “Yea, I totally believe what the Course teaches, “I do it all to myself,” But other people are treating me unfairly.” And, “Yea, I know the Course teaches anger is never justified, BUT wait till I tell you what just happened to me, you’d be angry too!” (Ha, except they weren’t.) And, “yea, I believe Jesus is personally teaching me how to recognize that the truth is always true, BUT in this particular situation, I know what is best.”

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July-September, 2018

You Are the Light

by Rev. Jim Peterson, O.M.C.

Jim PetersonThe Day has come.
It is a time of rejoicing.
It is a time of healing.

As the Oak
strives for the Light
so too have you.

Be not afraid for
Light surrounds you.

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July-September, 2018

Using God’s Gifts

by Rev. Larry Glenz, O.M.C.

Larry GlenzIn today’s Pathways of Light Sunday service teleconference, we read from Workbook Lesson 166: “I am entrusted with the gifts of God.”

Sometimes a lesson just lights me up and feels so personal to me. Such was the case this morning. Although I did not feel prompted to share my feelings during the teleconference, I believe I am guided to do so now in this forum.

Anytime I feel the Course remind me that I serve as a teacher of God, my heart quickens its pace. The last three paragraphs of Lesson 166 specify the way I can teach my brothers at this stage of my life.

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July-September, 2018

Holy Spirit, Who Are You?

by Rev. Peggy Rivera, O.M.C.

Peggy RiveraThe Holy Spirit is something that has always fascinated me. Who is the Holy Spirit, What is the Holy Spirit and how does the Holy Spirit relate to me? This is one of those topics that always gets me thinking.

On the one hand I have read that the Holy Spirit is the Entity that reminds us of God’s Love for us, the bridge of communication between God and His separated Sons. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we find answers to life’s questions. We learn to see differently and forgive more easily. We learn to follow His lead in all situations. All we have to do is ask for guidance and be willing to hear his call.

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July-September, 2018

How Do You See Your Life? How Does Your Helpful Self See Your Life?

by Rev. Mary Gerard Lenihan, O.M.C.

Mary LenihanDo you ever notice those thoughts in your mind telling you all the things wrong with you and your life? I do. As a Pause for Inspiration Mentor, I run across a lot of people who do, too! We tend to think we are alone in having these thoughts; we’re not. Thoughts telling you that there is no hope for you, you’ve made too many wrong turns, why bother, it’s too late for me, etc., are favorite one-liners of this me-jokester. But we don’t have to believe the words of this confounded joker.

Yesterday, I was about to do some simple movements to help calm my mind and wring out accumulated stress. I always begin with a Pause for Inspiration, and in this one pause, I received the following suggestion from My Helpful Self, “Let go of your perceptions and judgments of you and your life.” WOW! This was a direct solution to a problem so many of us roll over again and again in our minds.

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July-September, 2018

True Gratitude

by Rev. Dan Strodl, O.M.C.

Dan StrodlTen years ago I went to a talk by Sarah Breathnach where she shared about the value of doing gratitudes. She suggested doing five gratitudes every day and see what happens. I started doing them that night, and noticed I was appreciating things in my life I used to take for granted. And a list of gratitudes kept growing.

Then a few years ago a new kind of gratitude came in to my life. As upsetting, fearful, or judgmental thoughts came up, I stepped back, quieted my mind, and invited Holy Spirit to show me a new way of seeing the situation.

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July-September, 2018

The Chronic & Critical Illness Support Group

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, O.M.C.

Maria KingsleyHave you ever thought: How on earth am I ever going to change my mind about this illness when it is so painful, so debilitating, so strongly impacting my life? How can I say that this is not real, it does not exist, it is just illusion?

In The Chronic and Critical Illness Group we talk about these topics and offer ways to see things from a different perspective.
For example, last month (we meet by teleconference once a month on the first Sunday) we talked about “How can I accept that I have decided to have this illness?”

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July-September, 2018

What I Hear My Brother Say Is Up to Me

by Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.

Myron JonesIt is, therefore, your choice whether they support the ego or the Holy Spirit in you. And you will recognize which you have chosen by their reactions. (T-15:II.4:5)

I asked the Holy Spirit for an example of this so that I could understand it better. How can it be my choice whether my brother witnesses to the ego or the Holy Spirit? He immediately brought to mind someone I used to work for. I didn’t like or trust this man. Everything he said or did reflected my dislike for him. His words to me, and his actions toward me, seemed to be an attack and I did not feel safe around him. I always expected him to fire me at any moment, and each attack seemed like a preamble to that.

What I did not see at that time is that I had an ego-driven attitude toward him and he was reflecting this back to me. My ego and his ego seemed to be in a pitched battle all the time.

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July-September, 2018

Are You Holy Spirit’s Assistant?

by Rev. Barbara Goodman Siegel, O.M.C.

Barbara SiegelReflecting on a spiritual counseling session I had done with a client earlier in the day, I felt that somehow I had missed the boat in my advice to her. This client has been feeling extremely overwhelmed with the duties of being a caretaker for her very ill partner as well as having the responsibilities for their home and pets. I have felt that she is doing far more than she needs to (baking bread, caring for a fish tank that she would gladly give away, not being willing to hire someone to clean the yard of dog poop, etc.), but she is in such a habit of doing these things that she is reluctant to let anything go. (I suspect that it also gives her a false sense of control in a situation over which she feels she has no control.) I have suggested that she ask Holy Spirit to help her write a schedule of what needs to be done and what she can release, but this suggestion has been met with great reluctance.

This client is a long-time A Course in Miracles student. Intellectually she knows (as we all do) that she should ask Holy Spirit what to do, but seems afraid she won’t “hear” Holy Spirit’s direction or that it won’t help her find peace and may make things even worse. I did want her to feel she had Holy Spirit’s help so I told her that she has a full time assistant, Holy Spirit, and that Holy Spirit is there all the time and is completely free of charge.

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