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October-December, 2023

Miracles News, October–December, 2023


“God is with me.
I live and move
in Him.”
ACIM W-222

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October-December, 2023

Freedom or Bondage

by Rev. Joyce Peebles, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“You must choose between total freedom and total bondage…” (T-15.X.9:3)

Jesus says the truth shall make you free. What is this truth? It is simple and almost nobody wants to believe it. It is this:  You are innocent, totally without guilt, and so is everybody else. The reason you don’t want to believe this is because you are unaware you harbor this idea of sin and guilt.

Jesus says it is unconscious until the Holy Spirit reveals it. You may not believe that you are guilty, or maybe you do, but you believe that someone else is guilty.

The world you see was made by you on purpose as a place to prove that what God says is wrong. He says guilt does not exist and all are innocent. You are imagining a world you want to be real. If you do not think you feel this way, it is because you are unable currently to see beyond the devices of the ego.

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October-December, 2023

I Am Grateful for All Things

by Rev. Myron, Jones, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I am very grateful for my Guide. I get lots of help on this path, suggestions, teachings, and more, but everything passes through the Holy Spirit. It is in and part of me and the Truth and the Light that keeps me on the path to my Self. How could I not be grateful? 

I have shared with others a Pathways of Light course on gratitude several times. It is really good for me to do these courses with other people. We join in teaching and learning with each other. And gratitude is more meaningful to me now than it has ever been. I am now grateful for all things, even the problems. After all, they bring me the opportunity to heal the false thoughts in my mind.

I Didn’t Always Appreciate the Power of Gratitude

Before I began studying Pathways of Light’s Miracles Practitioner course 903: Gratitude for God’s Gifts, I didn’t really understand why gratitude was important. Now I marvel that there was ever a time I didn’t understand the power of gratitude. When I am grateful, I am peaceful and happy. My goodness, what else could I ask for?

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October-December, 2023

A Mind-Healing Partner

by Rev. Larry Glenz, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I have a friend, Wynne Black, who is also a Pathways minister. A few days ago we were studying from the Text the section called The Correction of Error. It began with this sentence:

“The alertness of the ego to the errors of other egos is not the kind of vigilance the Holy Spirit would have you maintain.” (T-9.III.1:1)

I have some strong opinions about the actions of certain family members. I would like him/her/them to behave differently. And I have an important position in the family (father, father-in-law, husband, ex-husband, grandfather). For some reason, it seems I cannot always be perfectly happy with their situation or behavior as I see it.

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October-December, 2023

Mining for Gold

by Rev. Ashley Rose Legrand, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

As a flight attendant, one thing that is so unique to my industry is that I’m always working with new people every week. Sometimes even day to day. I may fly with someone on a two day trip and then not see them again for another five years.

Meeting and working alongside so many different people on a regular basis, one thing has been made abundantly clear to me. People are mostly good, mostly loving. This may not always be so obvious at first, but given the chance, on the extension of the slightest invitation, this “goodness” quality will reveal itself.

There is a caveat though. Its revelation is dependent on one thing — a willingness to have an open mind to see with fresh eyes and drop assumptions. “And if you choose to see a world without an enemy, in which you are not helpless, the means to see it will be given you.(T-21.VII.9:4)

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October-December, 2023

Transforming Our Relationships with Holy Spirit

by Robert and Mary Stoelting, founders of Pathways of Light

The only way we can transform our relationships is to let the Holy Spirit guide our thoughts toward seeing innocence and unity instead of letting the ego’s false beliefs of being separate, alone and guilty guide our thinking.

When we are following the ego, we identify with this world because we like the differences we have made up and we want to make it understandable. We want to make it appear to be our reality. We value the dream of having a unique identity. We value competition and specialness.

The good news is that we can’t separate from the Holy Spirit, Who is always there in our mind, waiting to help us receive the truth. When we are willing to let the Holy Spirit transform our thoughts, we learn that everyone was created holy. We are guided to the truth that everyone is an extension of God’s Love, because everyone is included in God’s wholeness or oneness. We see that everyone is really the same Love of God, even though we have chosen to make up stories of differences and uniqueness.

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October-December, 2023

Peace Is Our True Nature

by Rev. Dan Strodl, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

We live in a world of separation, fear and guilt. But under these dark clouds lies the real world… of love, peace and happiness.

Peace is our natural state that we experience when we release the blocks in our minds. The world was made by ego to distract us from who we really are. As we let go of the world of the ego…  conflict, judgments, separation, pain… we create space in our mind that will fill with peace.

We have been given a Guide to help us release all these insane thoughts, and return us to our true home; that is what the Holy Spirit is there for. As we learn to notice our insane thoughts and give them to the Holy Spirit for healing, we are released from the dark clouds, and the light of our true Self shines through.

When we let the Holy Spirit be in charge of our mind, thoughts of conflict will fall away. As they fall away, notice the peace that comes into your mind… it has always been there. And we will be more motivated to put the Holy Spirit in the center of our life.

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October-December, 2023

Roses of Forgiveness

by Rev. Robin Singler, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I’ve recently had the opportunity to look at a destructive and depressed part of my mind, a very dark thought pattern, as it rose up and seemed to take over me for an evening. It’s a part of me that I’ve been carrying around all my life, sometimes more in the background, and sometimes right in my face.

I’ve tried to mask, demonize, ignore and push it aside, but it’s still there. I’ve tried to talk myself out of these beliefs using metaphysical logic, tough love self-talk (which amounts to yelling at myself), self-help mumbo-jumbo, and A Course in Miracles concepts. I have also admonished myself for having this pattern in my life, and for all of the behavior it leads me to do, or not to do. The shame has been crushing on and off throughout my life, just for it being part of me and seeming so strong and real. It is a place of distraction, of putting off what is truly helpful, joyful or fulfilling. It is a hopeless, sad, depressed, dejected part of my identity that represents a lack of self-love and care.

It tells me of having no motivation to rise up, to love and be loved, to put effort into anything meaningful, yet this part also dreams of a future release into a passion-filled life of purpose and childlike joy that is free of these beliefs of unworthiness. While it used to run the show in my life in far more overt ways, it is indeed still there, lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings on this Robin-puppet.

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October-December, 2023

What Is It For?

by Rev. Lee Catalano, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

What do I want the outcome of this day to be? This meeting? This conversation? This email? This workday? 

Jesus teaches us a very important tool to utilize during the process of purifying and healing the mind (of guilt). He tells us to decide in the morning how we want our day to be.

Why does He do this? He teaches us that the ego is always speaking first and projecting its misery and guilt onto the world. If we decide ahead of time, the Holy Spirit is in charge, and we will have a happy day.

I want to picture myself smiling and others smiling back at me. I want to imagine feeling peace and seeing others around me at peace as well. I can hear the gentle laughter of myself and others (specifically). We are at peace and in good humor. As I lay in bed first thing in the morning, I fire up the Holy Spirit in my mind and see an easy day FILLED with miracles of Love. How crazy is that, right? Love is a miracle! Wow, huh?

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October-December, 2023

So Grateful!

by Rev. Greg Hesch, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Yes, I am so grateful! I am so thankful to each and every person, everything and every situation — past, present and future! Can I really feel this way? Yes, with the genuine love and peace that I feel inside from giving thanks.

This article started formulating a week ago, when a friend and I were talking on our weekly call. During our beautiful conversation, I was guided to say how grateful I was. For some reason I also said that I give thanks hundreds of times a day and also give thanks to the Holy Spirit for always being with me. Also, I am so grateful that the observer self that thinks it is Greg wants to stay connected with Spirit’s love and peace. Yes, I am so grateful.

After that, the ego started up in the mind. Hundreds? Right Greg! No way Greg! Lol. I have been with Spirit on this for a week now. And yes, I can say that I do say thank you hundreds of times a day.

I will use today as an example. As I was tossing and turning before I got out of bed at 4:00 a.m., I kept on saying thank you for this peace. Before these feet touched the floor, I bowed my head, paused and said thank you for several long breaths. I headed to the bathroom, yup — I am so grateful — I am. I am so thankful that this whole thing of being a body is not the truth. I am so grateful for this peace!

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October-December, 2023

Refrain from Complain!

by Rev. Vicki Evans, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

My journey of working towards healthy relationships: I woke up one morning and I sat outside in a humid temperature of 101 degrees. I started a verbal complaint of feeling singled out by the weather. Then a domino effect started when I tried to turn on the coffeemaker while hoping to listen to some music and the weather on my smart speaker. The coffee maker did not respond to the start button and the sound of music never materialized.

It seems as if I could go on and on about the discomforts of life both physically and technologically as I realized that not even Alexa listens to my requests! I decided I needed a peace break to go to Holy Spirit and delve within myself to take a new direction for a new perspective! A phrase came into my mind: Refrain from Complain! I challenged myself to trade a positive statement for a complaint and made the commitment to try this activity for the next 12 hours so by evening time, I could evaluate my mood and outlook from the day.

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October-December, 2023

Accepting My Role in God’s Plan

by Rev. Lynne Whitehill, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“I will be still and listen to the truth. What does it mean to give and receive?” (W-106.7:5-6)

I was invited to meet friends for lunch near a busy shopping street in central London. I decided to get there early to see if I could buy some walking shoes in preparation for a Camino, later in the year. It was a sunny day and there were throngs of people everywhere.

As I walked along the crowded street, I noticed there seemed to be more homeless people than ever before. Some were in groups of 2 or 3, calling out for money, others were holding up handwritten cardboard notices or cards, all with the same words, ‘I’m hungry. Please help. God bless you.’

As I made my way along the street, I was aware of a growing feeling of discomfort when I passed people asking for money, so did what I learned to do in India, which was to put my hand on my heart in acknowledgment. I tried to look at the people directly and say a silent blessing with Holy Spirit in mind, but sometimes I felt intimidated and passed too quickly to do even that.

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October-December, 2023

Healing the Split Mind

by Dani Novak, Student of the POL Ministerial Program

For many years I suffered from depression. The irrational fears, dense self hatred and guilt were so great that I could not face them. They were too scary. I was barely breathing.
It all started one fateful day when I was 14. I was sitting by another student in a high school class in Israel. We were pushing each other’s arms and he told me one sentence with just two words in Hebrew. The English translation has three words: “You are gay.”
The words penetrated my mind like a sharp knife. When I came home I opened the old testament and read in Leviticus 20 13: “And a man who lies with a male as one would with a woman both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon themselves.” I wanted to die.

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October-December, 2023

Perfect Love and the Mind of God

by Rev. Peggy Rivera, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I have a friend I have been talking with who has been dealing with a lot of problems. She has had more on her plate than she feels she can deal with. I wondered how I can help someone who is visibly unhappy and seems to feel like a victim of their circumstances.

If I sit and listen and try to console, am I adding to the problem, because the Course says none of this is real. If I acknowledge that I hear them, am I acknowledging that it is real?

I asked Holy Spirit for guidance when I truly wanted to help. I got an answer so fast it was funny. As I was asking for guidance from Holy Spirit, the telephone rang and it was someone who was very distraught and upset with others saying that “they won.” She felt humiliated and like a loser. And Holy Spirit said to me that very moment, “There is no competition, you are love and so are they.”

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October-December, 2023

Growing into My Glasses

by Rev. Paula Richards, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“Let’s see if we can help you to see more clearly,” the attendant said. I wasn’t at the ophthalmologist for a routine eye exam, but they quickly ascertained that one was needed. I’m in my seventies and my last appointment was over two years ago.

There is always an adjustment period when I get new eyeglasses. The frames might need some tweaking to feel comfortable, but there is also an adjustment to a different field of view. Even though the view is clearer, I usually experience a brief period of slight disorientation, a sense of being unbalanced.

Although my perceived physical vision seems to be declining, I equate getting a new eye prescription with my spiritual vision becoming clearer. And, though getting new frames can be a fun fashion statement experience, I believe it can also be an outward representation of an inner state of mind. Two years ago, physically, and emotionally drained from a five-year care-giving experience, I chose meek, mild-mannered, nearly invisible frames. A lot has changed in those two years. I moved across the country alone, leaving behind all I’ve known for the past seventy years. Nine months later, I dealt with my mom’s passing and having to relocate again. With all the turmoil, I also wrestled with several health issues, some of which felt life-threatening at the time.

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