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132: Self-Image Transformations Self-Study

132: Self-Image Transformations Self-Study

132: Self-Image Transformations
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You may still feel plagued with fear, anger, resentment, self-doubt and guilt cropping up here and there. Intellectually you know better, but those old, subconscious tapes still seem to be around.

Self-image transformations means changing the way we perceive ourselves. To transform our self-image, we don't need to change what we do. We need to change who we think we are. What we do comes from who we think we are. In A Course in Miracles we are taught to remind ourselves frequently, "God is but Love, and therefore so am I," and "I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me."

This course will provide practice in becoming aware of the trance formations that make us act like robots, controlled by unconscious, habitual ego belief systems. You will learn to retrain your mind to develop new mental habits while releasing those old tapes which are limiting and painful.

  • Learn to feel more loved, accepted and loving.
  • Feel more relaxed for a greater experience of wellness.
  • Soften the grip of unwanted habits as your self-image changes.
  • Build the habit of recognizing tension and guilt and letting it go.
  • Open to greater possibilities and fulfillment as you move into your true spiritual purpose.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor. Click here for more information about minister training.

If you want to be certified upon completion of this course and have prearranged to pay the facilitator fee directly to your facilitator, enter your facilitator's name in the space provided below.

Comments from Course 132 Participants —
This is a very powerful, invaluable course. It helped me learn to identify false self-image beliefs and transform these false beliefs to truth with the help of Spirit. — R.L.R.

I felt that through the readings and visualizations, I made a greater shift to the Light within. My self-image improved. I feel more open to love, joy and peace. I really felt that this was a major shift for me. — D.P.

I learned to look at how I think about myself and change that image with the help of Inner Guidance. — S.P.

This course allowed me to stop, and become aware of the gaps and differences between what I have manifested into my life and relationships to date, and what I consciously desire to focus on. I gained valuable insights into how and why I set up limiting relationship patterns. — K.B.

This course helped me realize at still another, deeper level that I make the trance scripts and I can let them go with the help of Holy Spirit. I also enjoyed the experience of deep peace and feeling connected with my Source in the meditations. — C.A.

This course brought me clarity and a sense of peace about where I am in my life. I was able to focus more clearly on differentiating between ego and my Higher Self, especially in relation to my own issues of worthiness. — K.M.

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