201: Adventure into the Sacred Life

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life —
Introduction to Spiritual Ministry

Self-realization comes when we acknowledge our true purpose and have the courage to follow it. Many have found that when they help others, they help themselves. There is no greater act of self-empowerment than that of empowering another. A sacred life, dedicated to remembering the truth about ourselves and others, is the fast track to true, lasting happiness. The sacred life begins when you transcend the duality of me/you and no longer see yourself as separate from others.

This course examines the inner drive and motivations to serve the awakening. It will explore both the potential pitfalls and enormous personal rewards of choosing spiritual service as a pathway of return to your Source. The quality of your passage in the sacred life depends on the clarity of your intention. In the sacred life, you serve as a bridge which connects yourself and others with the All. You transcend your separate identity, reunite with your Self and act as a channel for God's healing.

This course will provide keys to being your true Self, so you can be a more effective facilitator, counselor and friend. It is for all who wish to experience a deeper awareness of Infinite Love in their lives.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

Comments from Course 201 Participants —
I reached for and received a clearer perspective, a vision, of what it means to live a Sacred Life. I have yearned for some tools to remember to bring forth and remain in sacredness in all that I do. I am beginning to get it! And I am loving it. I am honored to be involved and part of this ministry training. — C.S.

It taught me that I can have compassion for the pain associated with separation without having to feed into it. This was another fantastic course that I would like to take again. — R.S.

This course had a very direct, basic and profound effect on me. I really loved it and found it very helpful in clarifying many concepts with which I have struggled with for a very long time. — D.P.

Incredibly helpful. I had more insights today than ever before! All the meditations brought me to a deeper awareness of my Inner Guidance. I felt a new level of growth. — A.S.

I realized that my own perceptions of self-limitations prevent me from really loving people. I saw how I hold back from giving because of feelings of "not enough," or feeling unlovable. — K.

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life is a great course! Very helpful meditations and study materials. I'm learning so much. I really feel a shift in my life. — R.R.

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