202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals

202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals

202: The Healing Bridge of
Symbols and Rituals
Self-Study Course

Throughout history, mystics have used rituals to form connections between the consciousness world of form and the inner, spiritual world which is without form. We believe we live in a physical dimension of time and form. From the perspective of form, it is impossible to perceive the formless infinity of God — All That Is. Symbols and rituals can be bridges to a deeper awareness of the reality of Love's oneness.

This course will help you understand and use the power of rituals as pathways to experiences which transcend time and form. You will learn about potential pitfalls which may cause rituals to block the very spiritual awakening they were intended to assist. You will discover the root meaning and intent of thousand-year-old rituals. You will see how to transform old, lifeless rituals into empowering avenues to knowing the infinite Self. With this understanding, you will create your own inspired ritual to experience a transcendent awareness of your true inner Spirit.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor. Click here for more information about minister training.

If you want to be certified upon completion of this course and have prearranged to pay the facilitator fee directly to your facilitator, enter your facilitator's name in the space provided below.

Comments from Course 202 Participants —
Very deep, moving, profound, and transforming. It showed me the value of rituals as a bridge, and that they can change as we grow. — A.G.S.

It was emotional and beautiful. The best part for me was creating my own useful ritual. It was a lot of fun, yet it also had much meaning. I see rituals as more useful than I had previously. — R.S.

I learned that ordinary symbols can be reminders of awakening to oneness in my everyday life. It reminded me to see the sacred behind all form. — V.R.

I really liked this course. It was very experiential. I have been using symbols and ceremonies for a long time, but I learned new ways and thoughts for using them in my life. I particularly like the idea of a personal symbol for self healing. — L.M.

This course showed me how I feel about ritual and allowed me to express my experience of ritual in a powerful way. Through rituals created and experienced during this course, I fulifilled intent and focus rooted in self-healing. — D.B.

Because of this course experience, I am looking at rituals in a new way. It has helped me see that it is futile to attempt to recreate those moments of bliss and oneness that I felt on occasion. I need only recognize that bliss and oneness are always in the present moment. — C.G.

Simply excellent. I deepened and clarified my understanding of symbols and rituals. It helped me realize that everything I do can be used as a ritual for awakeing. — M.H.

It helped me undertand the power beneath the surface of rituals. It is not the form, it's the intent and the meaning that is important. — J.C.

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