210: Star Child - Seeing the Innocence Within

210: Star Child - Seeing the Innocence Within

210: Star Child —
Seeing the Innocence Within
Self-Study Course

The Star Child is that childlike essence within you, that energy of Love which pierces through the confusion and brings clear vision into your life. Star Child lightly and gently helps you let go of struggle. It is your inner Comforter, your innocent Self.

You will be led on a guided journey to become aware of the reality of your inner Star Child. You will be able to ask for and receive insight on questions of importance to you.

  • Practice letting go of limiting, nonproductive self-talk.
  • Gain a detached perspective of people, situations and issues in your life, allowing you to see your loved ones from a higher perspective.
  • Get in touch with a deeper level of peace.

Your inner Star Child will help you experience a feeling of invulnerability and trust. You will become less fear-driven and more led by love as you allow your Star Child to help you loosen your grip on the game of illusions in this world. Your Star Child will joyfully expand your awareness to be deceived no more, to wake up from your dream of separation.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor. Click here for more information about minister training.

If you want to be certified upon completion of this course and have prearranged to pay the facilitator fee directly to your facilitator, enter your facilitator's name in the space provided below.

Comments from Course 210 Participants —
I remembered to lighten up. The only big deal is to remember there are no big deals. Also remembering that power does not mean force. Power is the confidence and steadiness of Star Child to look past illusions with gentleness. This is about my fourth time through this course. I'm getting it! It is so incredible, no, so perfect, to keep learning at deeper and lighter levels every time. — S.C.

Star Child is a helpful concept that makes it easier to accept our true Divinity. I especially appreciated the feelings of love, innocence and power of truly being a child of God. — D.L.

I appreciated the idea of letting go in stages. The Star Child image encourages a letting down of defenses. It is nonthreatening. — C.S.

I really felt the course opened me to a new sense of freedom — a deeper level of understanding the freedom I have within me. I loved the insights I received from the processes and meditations. — J.S.

This course reminded me to focus on what's important to my soul. Most things of this world are not important to my soul. It encouraged me to see from my soul's perspective. — P.M.S.

I was able to look within in a simple way. As the gentleness healed my heart, new insights surfaced about my relationships, especially in working with clients. — K.M.

The meditations in this course were particularly helpful to me. I am learning to trust in taking all my fears to the Source within. — B.C.

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