401: The Synergy of Intimate Relationships

401: The Synergy of Intimate Relationships

401: The Synergy of
Intimate Relationships
Self-Study Course

All of us are searching for intimacy, companionship and nurturing. You may ask, "Why have I had such difficulty with intimate relationships in my life?" We find the keys in our own self-worth issues and our willingness to be intimate with ourselves.

Intimacy is a peak experience. We intuitively recognize that "in-to-me-see" is essential to growth and the enhancement of self-worth. In this course you will learn the answers to common questions such as: What is intimacy, and how do I recognize it? How do I know if I can handle a truly intimate relationship? How can I prepare for it?

In this course, you will see how we each draw to us the relationships we need to show us the beliefs and attitudes that are keeping us stuck, that are blocking our path to the Light within. You will look at the roadblocks you put in the way of intimacy and how to move past them.

With the help of experiential processes and meditations, you will look at troublesome situations in your life and see how to transform these situations with the help of the all powerful force of Love that is within you. You will see how it feels when you are playing the "separation game" by focusing on differences, and how to change that to the "Oneness game" by looking past differences to the innate goodness in others.

At any time you may upgrade this course to credentialed study with a facilitator to receive certification. Certification qualifies toward fulfilling the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

Comments from Course 401 Participants —
This course was very deep and profound. I now see the ways that I project my issues and feelings outward. What I see is a reflection of my "state of mind" at the time! It was moving and heartfelt. — A.G.S.

This was a very powerful and profound course for me. I am now looking at intimacy in a different way. It helped show me some aspects of myself I didn't even know were there. — R.M.

Since I have just embarked on a new intimate relationship, this course was extremely helpful. Rather than pulling back or running away when my fears and insecurities rise up, I can now see this person as an opportunity to see myself and I can ask to have my mind be healed. — C.G.

This course was very enriching and enlightening. It really drives home the point that what we see in others is actually what we see in ourselves. I saw that Spirit brings relationships into our lives for lessons we are to learn or give. — K.A.

I feel this was an opening in experiencing intimacy in relationships. — J.A.

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