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Finding Your Self in the Mirror

Finding Your Self in the Mirror

Finding Your Self in the Mirror
Awakening Through Mirror Affirmations for the
365 Lessons of A Course in Miracles.

by Barbara Goodman Siegel

"With her excellent book, Finding Your Self in the Mirror, Barbara combines affirmations with the Workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles in such a way that will empower the reader to really get the meaning and experience the truth on an even deeper level than they would have. Whether you're a beginner student or an advanced one, internalizing these lessons will accelerate your spiritual journey. I highly recommend this important and timely book." —Gary R. Renard, bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe.

Barbara's reflection exercises for the ACIM Workbook lessons is a truly helpful tool for students of ACIM, regardless of how long a person has been studying the Course. She has done an exceptional job of creating, with guidance, practical statements for each lesson to be stated in a mirroring exercise and then the perfect quotes from ACIM Text to "affirm" the Truth. Anything that can help an ACIM student get from their head and into their heart has my support. I so grateful for this new resource to actualize the message of the Course in one's daily life." —Corinne Esneault, Attitudinal Healing St. Louis facilitator.
390 pages.

Click here to view Barbara's video about using Finding Your Self in the Mirror.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michael Atkins
    This book has become essential to my post workbook practice. It's a simple and practical tool for remembering to connect with His Inspiration frequently throughout the day. It also helps me to connect with the energy and light generated by all my Brothers and Sisters as they practice the daily lesson several times throughout the day on those days when I've been guided to focus my awareness on another lesson. This practice helps me to experience the awareness of my unity with all minds as I feel the power of us all joining together in sharing these daily affirmations of the truth of our reality. This book is a beloved gift and I am so very grateful that His Angel Barbara was willing to receive it and share it with us now. It has helped me get through some strong resistance and release much fear at a very difficult time; and it continues to help me as I continue to heal by helping me to make forgiveness a consistent habit through it's very practical method of making sure I practice frequent reminders. I highly recommend this book because I feel it would be very helpful to anyone, regardless of where they think they are on their path, just because it such a practical and easy to use method for maintaining your awareness of the truth throughout each and every day.