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2-DVD Seminar: Love Has Forgotten No One

2-DVD Seminar: Love Has Forgotten No One

Love Has Forgotten No One
2-DVD Seminar

by Gary Renard, author of
The Disappearance of the Universe
Your Immortal Reality

The knowledge of what it's like to be one with our Source is the awesome mystical experience that has been described by Masters throughout the ages. This seminar provides many helpful keys that you can use to prepare the way to awaken to the experience that you remain exactly as God created you.

Topics include:

  • Solving Your Problems at the Cause
  • Putting Holy Spirit in Charge
  • Joining with Your Source (with Guided Meditation)
  • Extensive Preview of Gary's Upcoming Book, Love Has Forgotten No One

Gary offers a way of looking at the world that leads to fearlessness and the full flowering of the human spirit. The long-term result of practicing the knowledge gained through this seminar will be enlightenment and the end of reincarnation, once and for all.

Note: Available in NTSC format only. If you live outside of North America, Brazil or Japan, check to be sure your DVD player will work with this format.

The sound track from this seminar is also available as a 4-CD set. Click here for more information.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Anonymous
    I love this workshop. We attended the workshop itself and can be seen in the audience. :-) The workshop was a very rewarding experience and the DVD version does it a lot of justice. Gary is so funny and entertaining while being also an inspired and truthful teacher of A Cousre in Miracles. Watching this back, even on a tv-screen there is so much to glean from the wisdom, and the Holy Spirit is clearly working through Gary to bring forth an honest, simple yet profound teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed it and continued to benefit from it even having been to the workshop already. It is a great reminder of the principles of forgiveness, communing with God and how to apply the Course in your life.
  • Author: steltz
    This is Gary's best workshop yet. He goes directly to the core of the ACIM principles without compromise.