Accepting Peace

ONEderfully JOYNing

This morning, when I woke up, I immediately noticed that Kathy had risen before me and gone downstairs.
This was unusual, because she always worked later than I,
and thus,
usually rose after me….
I also wondered, “What is she doing downstairs that would cause her to rise so early?”
And then I remembered…...
The day that my life, seemingly,
and so profoundly,
And, also the day, (that same day),
that my life,
a new, seemingly tragic NOW,
(without Kathy’s physical presence),
began its empty unfolding?
Seemingly, on July 19th,
when I repeatedly kissed Kathy’s river coldness, I immediately slipped into a twilight zone, of another dimension.
Looking back now, after five months have gone by, I remember India’s old custom of “suttee,” where the widow casts herself onto her husbands’s funeral pyre, and burns to death.
“Suttee” is still used to describe the widow, in India, who voluntarily wishes to do this.
And, after kissing Kathy’s cold hands, lips, and brow, it seemed as if her coldness had entered me.
I remember feeling that what I was witnessing, was not real.
That what I was experiencing was a nightmare from which I really looked forward to, waking up from. .
It would be such a joyous occaasion to see her move, and, feel her warmth again.
It felt as if the warmth, in my own body, had vanished.
I was alive in the sense of being able to move my body, but I was not alive, not alive in the warming sense of my feeling any body warmth of my own.
Kind of like a living corpse?
Somehow, in my thoughts,
I had either seemingly embraced,
and retained,
the coldness of Kathy’s body,
or somehow,
done some sort of “voluntary suttee in reverse,”
and given up my own zest for life,
my body warmth for life,
and in that shocking instant,
entered into a dimension,
of no warmth.
Numerous times, I had said to Kathy,
“I know that you are only a dream,
(and what a dream!),
but I am really attached
to my dream of you.”
And Kathy’s response was always,
“It is only a body.”
Kathy’s five words,
her belief,
which, now,
after all these months,
is beginning to unfold
its meanings for me.
A psychic friend shared with me,
that Kathy’s greatest fear,
was that I would die,
before her.
I understand the reluctance,
of the survivor,
to continue living a life
that has lost its meaning,
because the joy
in the relationship
is no longer there.
But, help comes unexpectedly,
when one is willing
to be open to guidance,
and so,
it happened to me.
A loved one mailed me the book
by Gordon Livingston M.D.,
a psychiatrist.
I am now reading the book
for the fourth time.  😊
Thirty short essays
based on Gordon’s personal experiences and those of some of his clients.
One of the short essays is:
Gordon’s two son’s died,
about 13 months apart,
a six year old to leukemia,
and a brilliant 22 year old,
to suicide.
Livingston admits,
that in his own grief,
he contemplated suicide.
this insightful doctor
went on to talk about
how the death of our loved ones,
invokes in us,
or brings up in us,
feelings of love
that are much stronger
for that lost person,
than we had ever suspeted were in us, while the loved one was alive.
Thus, the dilemna….
What do you do,
with that exceedingly GREATER LOVE,
greater than what you were aware of, during your loved one’s life?
Gordon’s answer?
You give that love to others.
honoring the memory,
of the beloved.
(And, in so doing, I believe, honoring all others, self, and The Divine.)
it seems as if the Twilight Zone
has crept up on me again,
and, seemingly, whisked me off,
into yet another dimension. .
A dimension of gratefulness.
Gratitude for NOW.
an expanding feeling of AWE.
of LIFE and DEATH.
And GREAT GRATITUDE, that Kathy and I, have been, and are, part of that MYSTERY.
It is a NOW of seeing things for the first time, including people, that I have seen many times before.
It is like interacting with others,
while I am in a twilight,
non-worldly, dimension,
of serenity,
and non-judgement. .
Teacher Kathy lived such a life,
hour by hour,
every hour,
day by day,
every day.
Two of her favorite words were: ONEderful,
and JOYNing. 
She is my role model.
And so,
I am now,
always warmed,
with the presence of angels,
angel bodies and angel spirits,
in me, in front of me,
on the phone, or in the e-mails.
And thus,
when I follow
Angel Kathy’s example…..
....I always smile,
because…. angel…
Bob T.
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What dreams may come ... couple helps interpret overnight thoughts
Jen McCoy / Daily Register
Bob and Kathy Thompson of Portage help people discuss their dreams. They lead an interpretation group the third Friday of every month.
For more information about dream interpretations or to join the group, contact Bob and Kathy Thompson at 608-617-4439 in Portage or Sheila Klicko at 608-356-5139 in Baraboo.
By Jen McCoy, Daily Register
The usual morning routine of coffee and a car ride are familiar, except when a quick glance down informs you that you are naked at work. For some reason, pants and a shirt were overlooked in the early hours and now a file folder is the only means of self-preservation. And oddly enough, co-workers do not seem to notice your most embarrassing situation.
Your subconscious is trying to tell you something, according to Bob Thompson, so listen carefully.
“Step No. 1 is to be willing to look at yourself,” said Thompson, 70, of Portage. “Most people believe that there is a spark of the divine within them, accessible through meditation, prayer or dream works.”
For more than 10 years, Thompson has researched the intentions of dreams. He hosts a dream interpretation group at his home.
Dream work is an inner guide speaking to us with healthy intentions of guidance, according to Thompson. Even dark dreams and nightmares occur for a reason.
“Nightmares use scary imagery because that way they are hard to forget. They are extremely important,” Thompson said. “But they are a taboo subject because most people are unaware of their fears. There is always a positive interpretation of a dream because they come from the soul, and I believe that it is a loving presence and helpful no matter what the imagery is.”
Dreams have fascinated Thompson since he was a child reading the Old Testament and focusing on the divine within and communicated through dreams. Later in life, Thompson was introduced to Native American interpretations of the Great Spirit and guides.
In 1994, Thompson created and facilitated “The History of Dreams,” a class held once a week, for 10 weeks, at Madison Area Technical College. Materials that Thompson covered included dreams in the Old Testament, dreams surrounding the birth and life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and those of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
Popularity of the class bled into another class, “Dreams, Awareness and Wellness.” Material discussed included relationships between the physical body and mind, emotions, eternal soul and finances. Thompson then did dream presentations to libraries, civic groups and churches across the state.
Students from the original MATC dream classes began meeting for dream interpretations, a gathering which has continued to today.
Sheila Klicko is one of the original students of Thompson, and began her own dream group in her hometown of Baraboo.
Klicko, 64, said that dream interpretation has changed her life significantly and that she even looks forward to the dream state.
“I’ve had life-changing dreams where I have made a big change in my life based on a dream,” Klicko said. “Mentally, spiritually, emotionally ? you learn a lot about yourself through dreams.”
Many people have similar dreams ? teeth falling out or arriving to work naked ? but their relevances are as varied as the dreamers who have them, the experts said.
“There are certain things that a lot of people dream about, but even though they are universal symbols they have different meaning,” Klicko said.
Both groups have a confidence policy in which members agree not to discuss anyone’s dreams outside of the room. There is no fee and class sizes range from two to eight people. A safe environment where individuals feel free of judgment helps ease the mind, Thompson said.
Word associations, paraphrasing and intuition are tools of assessing unconscious material in the group. For example, teeth falling out could be interpreted as the dreamer’s insecurity, according to Jeremy Taylor, founding member of the Association for the Study of Dreams.
The significance of being naked in public could mean the dreamer has allowed more of their “authentic” self to show than ordinarily appropriate, Taylor said.
Assisting Thompson in the dream group is his “reflection” ?? his wife, Kathy.
“People feel it’s really telling about who you really are deep down,” Kathy Thompson, 49, said. “There is some insecurity there, but more people are opening it In dream interpretation, you ask yourself to be guided through and use your intuition.”
The Thompsons married in 2004, but Kathy Thompson said she knew her husband before she knew him in person. They met at an inner peace meeting.
“I’ve always found inner peace by dreams ? really looking close, our coming together has been and answer to a dream,” Kathy Thompson said “We are a reflection of each other.”
“I had no idea of getting married,” Bob Thompson said. “But when I met Kathy it was a no-brainer.”
The couple said the first step in dream interpretation is the willingness to be open. The next step is more literal.
“What really works for most people is a pad and pen by the side of the bed,” Thompson said. “Write down your dream before you even get out of bed, before things get lost. People that do this often have the tendency to remember more.”
The third step for interpreting dreams, Thompson said, is to believe what the dream is telling you ? but not always literally.
“Some people ask about death in dreams,” he said. “Look at the symbols on the surface. If I look at death in a dream, it means change, something is going to end and something is going to begin.”
Lucid dreams, or the ability to be aware that one is dreaming and can direct the dream state, is not something that Thompson teaches, but he believes it is possible.
“Carlos Castaneda (a Lucid dream author) says be aware of your hands at different times of the day, before a meal,” Thompson said. “Use your hands as a cue to remind you that you are in a dream. I don’t do lucid dreams myself, because if good comes from the dreams, then why change it?”
Instead of trying to steer the direction of dreams, Kathy said, absorb and interpret what is there naturally.
“Ask for intuition and inner guidance. My dreams show me how I can be the most helpful to myself and other people,” she said.
Some individuals believe that answers to tough questions ? relationships, career, religion ? are in dreams.
“It’s like having a counselor who knows everything about you, but uses a language that is initially hard to understand. But if I learn to deal with metaphor and intuition, then the answers will come to me,” Thompson said.


© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.


This writing is a highlighting of one paragraph, (on page 17), from Tom and Linda Carpenter’s book: Dialogue On Awakening.
The sentences from this one paragraph will be written one at a time, in upper case, or all capital letters.
My commentary, will be written in lower case letters, following each sentence.
I have found it helpful, and more meaningful, to visualize Jesus, speaking these words to me, just as he did to the Carpenters.



© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.


. Dear friends,. I am moved to share this with you because of what I have been experiencing during the past week. . I now feel like a 71 year old chicken, who reached maturity, and then died. . Instantly, upon death, I was reincarnated as a tiny baby chicken, still inside its egg shell. . Being inside the egg shell was not a new experience for me, because, I had been inside an egg shell before, when I grew up to be the 71 year old chicken, that died. . But, being inside the egg shell, this time, was not the same experience. . The reason that it was different is that I now remembered everything I did during the 71 years. . But, I was no longer living in that world of 71 years. . I was an embryonic little chicken, sheltered in my egg shell, waiting for the appropriate time to peck through the shell and enter the outside world. . The only thing I could do in my egg shell was, move, just a tiny bit. . And think. . My world was now inside the shell. . And so, not having anything to do, I went to places inside my inner self, while I was still inside the egg shell. . And, it was in the quietness, of my little chicken mind, that The Great Chicken, communicated, with me. . Well, I tell you, that after those inner experiences, with The Great Chicken, I, was a changed little chickie. . And I could scarcely wait for the time to peck out of my shell, and enter the world, I had known for so long. . But, I knew that I would be seeing it differently. . I would now see it, with eyes opened wide, by The Great Chicken. . I can’t wait to peck out. . And see what kind of chicken I will be. .::::::::::::::::::: Well, dear friends, this all began when a buddy of mine in Florida, sent me an e-mail, of three words, “What’s new Bob?” . I delayed answering, because I didn’t know what to say. . .And so, his three word question, kept percolating in my mind. . Today I thought I would share a few sentences with him, just to answer his question. . When I sat down at this keyboard, I had no clue as to how well the coffee had percolated. . It was really done. . As I quickly found out when I began typing. . The letter to my buddy, is attached below. . If you read it all, you will get a clue as why I feel like I am a 71 year old chicken, waiting to peck out, into the world. ::::::::::::::::::. Hi Jonathan, . Thanks, for the update in your e-mail address. . And I am also grateful, for your question, of, “What’s new, Bob?” . The newest thing is, that I have been feeling a “kind of restlesness,” a sort of little “uneasiness,” that has been fairly consistent for a while. . Perhaps it has always been there, and I am only, now, noticing it, because there is less clutter in my mind. . Less clutter, is, continually finding spaces where I am not focused on anything, but just feeling grateful, and willing to look at whatever comes to my mind. . These “mindless meanderings and meditations,” have resulted in my continuing to experience, more often, than ever before, feelings of Gratefulness, Awe, and Peace. . None-the-less, those “Internal Nudges” of “taking another look at myself,” seemed to keep bleeding through, into my “awake life.” . Perhaps it is the persistence of this “feeling” that has nudged me to ask, MYSELF, the question, “Well, how, now, shall I live my life?” . At this point I’m reminded of what a wise old buddy told a fellow politician, “If you don’t want to hear my answer, don’t ask me! the question!” . Or, as In this case, maybe be careful of what I ask God for? ? 😊 . What if the answer told me, to do something very, very drastic? . (which it did) . Something that would change my daily routines, and my daily life, tremendously? . Because, I asked the question, and was willing to listen, I was answered. . And the answer? . “DO A WATER FAST.” . Water fast? . That, is an answer to, “How, now, shall I live my life?” . Well, well, well. . So, I went to the internet, through MSN, and punched in “fasting.” . The answer was…....over 3,100,000 entries! . Acting on guest, Carol T’s suggestion, I went to and punched in “fasting,” and found different categories of fasting, for example, religious fasting, health fasting, etc., each with many entries. . And I began reading. . And reading. ? 😊 . Lots of it, common sense, interesting, and some, even fascinating. . Then I got out a big notebook, all full of big blank pages, (just waiting to be filled). . And began drinking water. 😊 . Only water. ? 😊 . And writing. . That was a week ago. . What has happened during that week? . It would take a book to try to explain, everything. . But, briefly, my notebook is filling with collected data about blood pressure readings, pulse, times taken, dramatic and consistent, weight loss, activities between and before testings, feelings, energy, discomforts, and summarizing large chunks of information, into brief bits of data, that I can compare to data fromprevious fasting days, and thus discover the potential beginnings of trends, as well as accurate documenting, of the trends themselves. . All of which influence, my constantly adjusting, NOW. . Inasmuch as I settled into a routine of taking my blood pressure, and pulse readings, every awake hour, I felt encouraged to discontinue my blood pressure and rapid heart rate medications. . The idea being, that I would probably have some warning, if something life-threatening was happening, for example, if there were, suddenly, some severely elevated readings. . It also gave me the opportunity to scribe my thoughts, feelings, and diversity of accumulated data, on an hourly basis, during the past week. . Everything that I have shared with you in this letter, is really, all, “kind of an introduction.” . A multi-faceted unfolding of ME, has begun, that is still unfolding. . And I suspect, that it may continue. . And Continue, Eternally. . Robert Frost’s world famous lines come to mind. . “And I, I took the road less traveled by, and that, has made all the difference.” . Differences in body, mind, heart, and soul. . Differences in my Whole Being. . I know, that I am now traveling that less traveled road, and I also know, with certainty, that it is, right now, making all the difference. . When I mentally skim through my 71 years (on March 16th!), of life, I know that I have lived many, many, lifetimes in this one existence. . Those lifetimes, are now, all thoughts in my mind. . But my Now, is not in the past, except when I think about it (which always, temporarily, takes me out of my Now). . Anything I think, or have thought, is only a thought, and, a thought can be changed. . As Kathy and I often sing, “Its only a thought, and a thought can be changed, can be changed.” . And so I have come to believe, that changing one’s thinking, is truly a Personal Transformation, a Marvellous Miracle. . During the past week of challenges, insights, and unfoldings, one of the Quiet Thoughts that has periodically surfaced is, “You know, Bob, if you can do “this”, you can do anything!” . And, because I now am doing “this,” I now believe, with certaintly, that I can do, anything. . I also know, that this letter, is also part of my unfolding. . As is my sharing it with you. . My greatest blessing, during the past week, is to have lived the kaleidescope of thoughts, feelings, and activities, with the most peaceful person, that I have ever met. . The support, from my wife, Kathryn Claire Thompson, has been an endless treasury, for me to draw from. . In closing, please remember, that all of this is only an introduction to “now.” . The fast continues. . The journey continues. . ??Tomorrow is Day Eight. . And for some reason…...............I end this with tears. .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. P.S.Well, Jonathan,Thank-you, for the question. ? 😊Thank-you, very much! . warmly and peacefully,Bob Thompsonp.s.s  
I can’t wait to get out of the shell.  😊



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....About four years ago, while taking a river walk near Stockton, California, with my nine year old granddaughter, Jaqueline, the two of us were doing a lot of sharing, and teasing and kidding each other back and forth.
As part of our playfulness, one of the things that Grandpa T did, was to react very emotionally, “acting out,“with disbelief to anything “Jackie” said.
Any harmless, nonchalant, commonplace comment that Jackie made, was fair game for Grampa Thompson’s theatrical outbursts.
Thus, if Jackie made some simple comment about something she said or did, I, Grandpa T, was really hamming it up with emotional comments like:“Jackie, I can’t believe you did that. You must be kidding me, you really didn’t do that, did you? You did? I can’t believe it! That is just too much for me to believe!”.
Oh yes, Grandpa T. was really wound up, with all his playful disbelieving, and, voiciferous dramatics..
And so our walk continued, with Jackie trying to convince her grandpa that what she was saying was true, and Gandpa T., playfully and emotingly, denying belief in every word she said..

Finally, at one point in her “playful and persistent comments”, Jackie jumped in front of Grandpa T. and said, “Grandpa stop. Stand still.
Well, being that Jackie was standing in front of me, I had to stop and stand still.
Actually, I had no choice.
So, there I was, stopped, in front of this living, nine year old stop sign. Then she said, “Close your eyes.”
So, I closed my eyes (both of them).
Then Jackie said, “Take a deep breath, grandpa. Now relax. Slowly let it all out.”
So…..I took a deep breath, relaxed, and let it all out, just going along with the program, and having fun doing it.
And again Jackie said,“Take another deep breath, grandpa, now relax, and slowly, let it all out.”
Shucks, this was fun.
I even had a smile on my face.
Jackie repeated her words a few more times, and I just stood there, with my eyes closed, and a big grin on my face..

Finally, after Grandpa T had been quiet for a bit, really and truly, completely quiet, Jackie said, “O.K. Grandpa, we can go now.”
And I was surprised to learn that….... I couldn’t move!
I was really relaxed!
I could’t talk, either.
Jackie grabbed me by the hand and began pulling on me to walk.
And I almost fell over!
I was there with Jackie.
But I was also…... gone!
Gone into total relaxation.
This was magic!
With great effort, I finally opened my eyes.
When I was finally able to begin moving, my barely moving steps were only about 1/4 inch at a time.
It took my legs a lot of tiny steps before they remembered how to walk again.
Of course, now Jackie was the dramatic one, and I, the now, Speechless Grandpa, was simply an unable to answer, listener..
Well, what with an enthusiastic granddaughter, and lots of tiny baby steps, I finally came back and was able to continue with Jackie on our river walk.
I continued the walk with calm, quiet amazement.
Talk about relaxing!
And so quickly.
And led by a child!
As we continued our walk, I playfully wondered if Jackie would be able to do it again.
So I theatrically pounced on some of her words, and Jackie jumped in front of me, said her “miracle words,”
and “bingo!”
Yep, I was… “gone again.”
In seconds.
In seconds, I was a goner.
Another, instantaneous, altered consciousness..
But she was persistent in trying to get me back to moving again, and finally was able to jump-start me, although I was able to start in only a very low gear, for quite a while….
I didn’t plan on having the experience of getting all relaxed a third time, but what I think happened was, I just playfully, unthinkingly, over-reacted to something she said.
Sort of like it was an unthinking habit for me now?
And Jackie quickly, pounced, did her “abracadabra,” and transported Grandpa a third time to “La-La Land.”
Well, I do have to tell you, that I was really impressed.
Looking back now, I do think that, that experience, with little Jackie, was one of my best efforts to “become as a little child.”
You know, trying to do like The Guy suggested about 2,000 years ago?
To be playful like a child.
Willing also, to be playful with the child inside me.
Spontaneously reponding, honestly, to a little girl’s words.
Accepting them, in my innermost being.
And going to peace.
Unspeakable Peace.
Well…...I mulled over that experience for a few years and decided to write a song about it.
A song that could be a meditation.
A meditation to peace.
Here’s the song.
Use it, and share it, as you wish.

See a lovely little child,
smiling up at you.
You can’t help but smile right back
so that’s just what you do!
Standing right in front of you
Asking you to be quite still.
So?you accept the invitation
and with stillness you are filled.
Your eyes….are gently closed.
You breathe in….really deep.
And when your peaceful breath spills out,
you’re almost….half asleep.
You’re feeling, oh so playful
with this child who seems so bold.
But you’re smiling as you listen, relaxing, like you’re told.
You listen to the words
and follow every cue
and with a gentle willingness
you do all, you’re asked to do.
Your eyes… are gently closed.
You breathe in…really deep.
And when your peaceful breath spills out,
You’re almost….half asleep.
Then, far out in the universe,
yet, right in front of you,
that little child is swinging,
from a star in front of you.
6.Swinging out into the universe,
and back to where you are.
Full of peace… and smiling,
swinging… from a star.
Your eyes…. are gently closed.
You breathe in really deep.
And when your peaceful breath spills out
You’re almost…. half-asleep.
Then you become that little child
swinging from a star.
Eternal peace, unending,
that’s who you really are.
Swinging out into the universe
and back to where we are.
Bringing peace to all of us,
while swinging from a star. .
Your eyes… are gently closed.
You breathe in….really deep.
And when your peaceful breath spills out,
you’re almost…half asleep.
9.Relax, is what you do
Peace, is who you are.
A smiling, happy little child,
Swingng from a star.
Peace flows out from you.
Peace is who you are.
A lovely, smiling little child,
swinging from a star.
Your eyes… are gently closed.
You breathe in….really deep.
And when your peaceful breath spills out,
you’re almost…half asleep.
. (softer and softer)
And when your peaceful breath spills out,
you’re almost…half asleep. .
Almost…half asleep. . (whispered).Half asleep.


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In the ancient tradition of the Amerindians, (and others), we twelve, shared our sacred dreams for interpretation.

Each dream shared, was commented on by each, as if it were our own holy dream, and commented on as such.

Tribal members travelled from Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Wyocena, Poynette, and Colombia, South America, to join us in this monthly tribal union.

The weekend activities included joint forays for food, and many helpful hands with food preparation.

Meals were joyful times with many around one table, chatting and laughing throughout the eating.

Many birds, of many colors, peeked in at us throughout the weekend, as did curious, but very shy cats.

A strong medicine was created of our “willingness” to be open to The Great Spirit.”

The All-knowing One, guided each of us to serve all the others, thus creating a “tribe of hosts.”

The Great Spirit touched each soul again and again, putting words in the mouth of each, to be shared with the others.

Thus, each, became a strong and sacred medicine, for each of the others.

When the night time fire had burned low, the evening ended with a final walk into the darkness, to pray to the star people.

I returned, with a sacred sense of wellbeing, and find my way to one of the seven sleeping areas.

Grateful, to The Giver Of Gifts, for all the blessings received from my many sisters and brothers.

I hear again, the Sioux Prayer that was uttered out loud today, “Today is a good day to die.”

Knowing this, I smile.

And again…..... I dream.


© 2004-2011, Pathways of Light.
You may freely share copies of this with your friends, provided this notice is included.

I Am Adam, Meeting Eve, Again.



If I were Adam, living alone in Paradise….


I AM, Adam, living alone in The Garden of Eden…...

....I know nothing of loneliness.

Because I Am A Perfect Creation.

Nothing has been left out of me.
And so, when Eve suddenly appears before me, for the very first time….I am startled!

My whole idea of Creation is drastically altered.

Is This, another part of Creation?

Or, Is This, The Creator?

Either way, Creation, or “Creatoress,” She Is Worthy, of veneration.

I am filled with AWE!

Her eyes are warm and curious as they look at me.

My eyes, are warm and curious, as I look back at her.

The softnes of her warm hand touches mine.

And I am newly aware that I have a hand!

This same hand, that has been part of me all all my life!

And so it is, in my life now.

Each time, I now see “Eve,” it is, once more, the first time.

The first time, ever, that my eyes have seen my beloved.

The first time ever, that I hear her words.

The first time ever, that I feel her touch.
It may well be, that there is an eternity of knowing each other…......
...... coursing through each our veins.

And yet, in our hearts, “now,” is always the first time.

Discovering each other, anew.

Learning that love has no conditions.

Love does not require anything.

Not even the presence of the beloved.
When she winks at me, I am often startled.

Who is this creature that is flirting with me, with her very first glance?

I raise my eyebrows.

She raises hers.

My mouth hangs open.

Her mouth mimics mine.

And I think, “So…. this is what I look like when I see her for the first time?”

Then I smile warmly.

And when she smiles back?

A nova explodes…..

....engulfing me…. its awesomeness.




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Pathways Ministers Audio/Videos

ACIM Minister Training

Inspired by the principles presented in A Course in Miracles, this ministry training focuses on accepting the mind healing that is guided by the Teacher within, the Holy Spirit. As our minds are healed, we become Holy Spirit’s instruments of healing. For more information click here.

ACIM Practitioner Courses

If you would like a deeper understanding of key principles of A Course in Miracles, the 24 Pathways of Light ACIM Practitioner courses provide a complete, multimedia package to help you make ACIM principles a ready resource to call upon in your mind throughout your day. Click here for more information.



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22nd May 2020 ACIM Conference 2020 LA, Rev. Maria Felipe

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Featured Items

Tru Live Your Happy by Rev. Maria Felipe. A real-world approach to living happily, based on A Course in Miracles. Learn more.

True Forgiveness True Forgiveness by Rev. Jennifer McSween. The Proven Path from Pain to Power in 5 Simple Steps. Learn more.

Listen & Receive 30-Day Home Study Listen & Receive 30-Day Home Study Learn to receive insight for your life in a form that is perfect for you …heal fears, find joy & peace. Learn more.

Minister training based on A Course in Miracles Minister Training — based on principles of A Course in Miracles, including counselor training and ordination. More….

Miracles Practitioner courses24 ACIM Practitioner courses including 50-page study guide, CD's with facilitator. More….

From the Christ Mind From the Christ Mind scribed by Darrell Morley Price. A simple, yet profound message that you can immediately apply to current circumstances. More….

Hey, Holy Spirit,
It's Me Again Hey, Holy Spirit, It's Me Again by Rev. Myron Jones. An indispensable guide for anyone on the path of ACIM with insights on the 1st 90 lessons. More….

Forgiving KevinForgiving Kevin Audio book by Rev. Larry Glenz. A moving and inspiring true story of a father/son relationship that withstood seven years of addiction, recovery, and relapse. More….

Healing Family
RelationshipsHealing Family Relationships Applying the Principles of A Course in Miracles 6 CD audio book by Rev. Myron Jones. Learn how family relationships offer fertile grounds for forgiveness and healing your judgments of the world. More.