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Release the Fantasy and Know Your Worthiness

Holy Spirit to Robert: You walk the world imagining you are alone. You may be surrounded by people but you do not experience your unity with them. You feel vulnerable and anxious about what will happen and even how you will “survive.” All this is the effect of a fantasy that you are separate from God. It is not true and can never be true.

Beneath that surface experience of vulnerability and loneliness, there is a recognition in your mind that you are never alone and cannot be alone. This part of your mind is your true Self, the Self that remembers What you are. This Self sees only its Self everywhere. Loneliness is inconceivable to this Self, for It experiences the joy of eternal receiving and extending Love. This is your natural state.

This is why forgiveness is essential for forgiveness is the means to release the fantasy that teaches you you are what you are not. Release the fantasy, dear Child of God. It is not worthy of you and only brings you meaningless pain and sorrow. Release the fantasy and open your mind to the grandeur of your unity in Love.

Bring all those thoughts of isolation and weakness, of fear and guilt, to the part of your mind that remembers what is true and real. While you identify with the fantasy you cannot find your way out. But by the grace of God, there remains in your mind the memory of truth that will set you free. Release the fantasy and accept the joy of God.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
God is very quiet. Let God’s quietness enter your mind and receive the gifts of peace and eternal Love and joy. Step back and receive your inheritance now. It is there waiting for you. Your willingness to receive is all that is required. Let that time be now.

Holy Spirit to Jay:
  In your daily encounters of other people practicing Love and forgiveness, be with the people. When you look at them, don ‘t just see them, connect. Make eye contact. Connect with there spirit. Really connect and you both will know that you have made contact and it will lead to a warmth and lovingness beyond measure. This is a part of your daily practice of acceptance of other people despite the differences that you may perceive.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  Today I find myself sitting on a bench with Jesus in front of a garden. Jesus and I are discussing worthiness and Self worth. Jesus says:

In the world you judge self worth and your own worthiness on things — little pieces of paper, metal discs, houses, boats, cars, etc. None of them have anything at all to do with worthiness. Your Self worth is determined by God. Whenever you think a thought of lack or getting or how am I going to get this or get that, or pay this off, or bills or anything like that you are shutting out God’s Love and worthiness. God is pure Love and so are you.

When those thoughts of lack or scarcity come to you, immediately switch your mind to thoughts of accepting God’s gift of worthiness and Self love. Feel every cell of your being filled with Love. Feel your mind being filled with Love and Light. Picture yourself walking with assurance and strength and fulfillment and the bright Light that you are.

When you think of God, you may think of strength, courage, great Love, filled with Light, caring, kind, gentle, accepting, peaceful, all knowing and all that is. You my child are all of those things too. It is in accepting His gift of all those things and really concentrating on it filling your every cell that there will be no room left for lack, scarcity or any unloving thought. Let’s be one with all our brothers and sisters and God today and every day. Picture God holding His Arms outstretched, welcoming you Home and hugging you and wrapping His Arms around the Love that you are.

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Rest in the Holy Instant

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Go to the holy instant. Go to the place in your mind where there is quiet. Go to that place beyond time where you are always at Home. Be willing to let the world go and go to that holy place in your mind and let your mind quiet. Give your busy mind a rest. Ask that it be filled with the Light of truth. Ask with full willingness and you will receive.

You can tell your level of willingness by the level of peace you feel in your heart and mind. Let peace fill every corner of your mind. Let yourself soak in God’s loving peace. See how safe you are in this holy place in your mind. See that nothing can threaten or change its reality. Recognize that this is your real Home, your eternal place of residence. Recognize that the whole world is here with you in its essence, its Source. All Love is here with you in this holy place — this holy instant of returning to the truth. Let your mind frequently rest today in this sacred place that lies eternally in your mind.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Forgiveness is receiving each moment without overlaying past experience upon it. This is why it can be described as an experience of rebirth. Rebirth symbolizes having no past. Freedom from the past means you are open to receive the meaning of the present moment. The only meaning in every present moment is Love. As you welcome the moment for what it is, you welcome Love. Awakening is the effect of releasing all held thoughts about the past.

As in A Course in Miracles says, The fact is that the past is not here. When you let the past go, you open to the ever present Love of the moment. You know you are trying to bring the past to the present when you are not in peace, when you are not supremely happy. Let this be a signal to you to give your thoughts over to the Holy Spirit in your mind. Release them to Him. In that release you welcome the Light of Love that is now.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
Rest in the peace and Love of God today. Allow yourself to be carried. All is perfect.

Holy Spirit to Jay:
  Continue to forgive instead of being judgmental. Accept everyone with Love. As you are willing, this is your future wherever you go. Tell each person silently, “You are Christ, pure and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

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Leave the Future in God’s Hands

Robert:  In the last few days I’ve been very aware that I’m clueless about why we were guided to move to Florida. I have no idea what our service will look like in the future in terms of form. I’m confident that in this moment I’m in the right place. Any lack of confidence comes from thinking that I need to know what’s next. I only think I need to know what’s next because I think my security comes from having a plan of my own.

I am reminded again and again that there is a Plan. Just because I cannot conceive of it in form, does not mean that there is not an exquisite Plan prepared for me with love and caring to the minutest detail that not only provides for me in abundance, but provides for all far beyond anything of which I can conceive. This plan is rooted in Love, supplied by Love, and its sole purpose is to extend Love. There is nothing else I need to know.

When I feel uncertain and anxious about the future, my only job is to offer that thought and that feeling to the Holy Spirit and open my mind and heart to His gentle correction. He is there for me always. His protection is sure. Today I will practice accepting Holy Spirit’s sure protection.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Today is a day of practicing staying in the present moment and letting the Holy Spirit guide in the present moment. This means letting yourself be carried. This means listening in the now moment, following in the now moment. This means letting your mind quiet frequently throughout the day, pausing to receive in the present moment Holy Spirit’s gift for that moment.

Today is a day of practicing letting go of the idea of a future or a past. You do this by listening to the guidance of eternal Love right now. Today is a day of stepping back and listening, and as you receive the peace of God, you let that flow through every action of your day.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
You need only walk in the Light of My Love. Reach out for My Hand. Walk with Me and all your needs will disappear. Desire only Me.

Holy Spirit to Annie:
  Spirit is gloriously present in every mind and in every heart. In the mind he has placed his unending peace, in the heart His holy Love. No one is lacking His holy Presence in their Self for They are one and the same.

Annie:  Today I want to be more aware than I was yesterday of this sacred truth. Every one of us is filled with Spirit’s peace and Love, for it is the very essence of our being. I want to remember this today for myself and for all beings.

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Accept the Light of Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Right now, let your mind be filled with Light. Allow this Light to heal your mind of every fear thought that comes up to be healed. Relax into it. Your job is to allow the healing to occur. You can tell the level of your willingness by the level of peace you feel. Let peace in. You can relax now. Everything is alright. You are safe in God. Let yourself rest in this remembering.

As you go through your day, if you notice a disturbance of any kind, return to this remembering and let the Light of Love fill your mind and heal it of all the fearful thoughts that show up for healing. Continue this all through the day and you will have a happy day.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  I walk with you in every moment. In every moment I offer you the peace of God. In every moment I offer you the Vision of Christ. In every moment I offer you the Hand of Christ to gently guide and support you on your journey of awakening to the Love you are. All this I offer you, but you must accept it.

Be mindful of your thoughts today. Whenever you experience disturbance of any kind, you are not accepting the gifts I offer. The only gift I ask of you is that you offer Me all your fearful and guilty thoughts. I take them gladly. I know what to do with them and I return to you the gift of God’s peace. In every moment I offer this gift exchange. What you give me I know is really nothing, though it seems to be important to you. The gift I return is everything you really want. Let this day be a day of giving and receiving.

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Rest in God’s Love Today

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Let us take time to remember that you are safe. You are innocent. You are loved. You are Home. Let us take time to remember the truth about you and everyone in the world of separate bodies. You are one Son, loved and loving. You are still Love’s Extension. This has not changed.

You are dreaming of something different, but the truth is you cannot make it so. That is why you are safe. You are still safe in the Mind of God. Because you cannot leave your Home where God placed you, you still are Home. Let that truth soak into your mind. Rest in God’s Love today. Rest in remembering your innocence today. This is true about you and everyone for in truth only oneness is real. Let your mind return to oneness. This will give you a deep and abiding peace. In this remembering you find happiness and joy. Allow yourself to remember the truth today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  You are worthy of rest. This rest does not come from resting the body. It comes with letting go of the constant efforting required to maintain your image of being separate from your Source. You are learning that what you thought had value in the idea of separation does not satisfy you. In fact it brings you the opposite of what you really want.

You really want to return to the Love you really are. You really want the peace of God. You really want lasting happiness. What you really want is already yours but it is obscured by your constant effort focused on maintaining an image of lack and loss. To rest is to let go of efforting to be what you are not.

Rest today in God’s Love, for It is your own. Rest today in God’s peace, for it is your birthright. Rest today in perfect happiness, for it is God’s will for you. Rest in your Self.

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Holy Spirit to Robert: Be mindful of your thoughts. In your mind you carry on fantasy discussions about made up issues. You make up stories about situations or events that may happen and wonder how you might respond. This mind wandering keeps you preoccupied with fantasies that distract you from your purpose. You might as well spend your day at Disney’s Fantasy Land.

No harm has really happened but this mind wandering has delayed your return to the experience of quiet joy, deep peace and limitless Love that is your natural state. Delay no longer. Practice paying attention to your thoughts and when you recognize you have wandered into fantasy, offer the thoughts to me. You need not judge them nor condemn them nor try to avoid them. Just turn them over to Me.

As you let them go you open your heart and mind to the recognition of true Value. You welcome the Friend Who is your Self. This Friend has never left you. This Friend waits in infinite patience, knowing that you will receive Him in joy and gratitude. He calls to you from within your heart, for He is your Self reminding you of What you are. Be mindful today and open your heart to receive your Self.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Let today be a happy day by consistently choosing to hold Holy Spirit’s Hand. Remember you know nothing and the Holy Spirit knows all that will make you truly happy. Open to the Light and let the Light in. This Light is eager to bring you the happiness and peace you so deserve as a Child of God.

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Let Your Real Mind Lead the Way

Mary:  When we find out that the mind which we have identified with is not our real mind and is not really us at all, this can seem very frightening and disorienting. Because we have identified with the thoughts in this false mind, we have experienced the effects of these thoughts in an “outer world,” which has made it seem very real to us.

The good news is that we have a real Mind, our eternal Mind, Which lasts beyond the body and is forever free. Our job now is to let go of the false mind by recognizing its thoughts as mere false ideas. As we recognize these ideas as false with the help of the Holy Spirit, it becomes easier and easier to let this false mind with all its ideas of separate bodies go. It becomes easier to allow our mind to become purified by the Spirit of Wholeness, Which is our true Mind.

Our true Mind knows that there is no world, no “life” in a body that is our own alone. Our true Mind helps us see past these false ideas to the truth of our oneness. Here is where we find peace. This is how we awaken from the dream. We must be willing to step back from these false ideas and hand them over to our real Mind where these false ideas will be gently undone by the Light of our true Self. Each day, this is our practice. Let me step and let Spirit lead the way.

Holy Spirit to Annie:
The Light that you are has never and will never lose Its radiance. Bringing that radiant Light into the dream is your assignment. This you do by shining the Light that you are on all your fear thoughts. They will be healed, you will be free and you will return to Love and peace.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  You distract yourself with fear thoughts and attempt to control the world you have made. Because you have made this world of images, you experience these images as if they were real and you react to the images accordingly. Yet images are symbols and have only the meaning you give them. Withdraw the meaning and you no longer feel a need to respond to them.

This is what forgiveness does for you. Forgiveness withdraws the meaning you have given to meaningless symbols. This is why it is so important for you to recognize that you give all the meaning that all your perceptions have for you. It is why it is equally important for you to recognize that on your own you have no idea what the real meaning is of anything.

Whenever you are not experiencing perfect peace, quiet joy and limitless Love, you are believing in a false meaning, a false image. This is why it is essential for your peace of mind that you form the habit of walking with Me in every moment, letting Me show you the meaning of each moment. This is the walk of forgiveness. This is the walk that will lead you to the full remembrance of your Self, your Home, your Source. Everyone must do this in one form or another, for it is in the complete relinquishment of all the meaning you have given all you perceive that you will know complete freedom from fear and full awareness of the Love you are.

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