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Let Love Decide

  In this morning’s reading of the ACIM Text, the message that I needed to hear the most was, “Let Love decide.” What that means to me right now is to practice letting Love decide if any of the thoughts that come into my mind are true. I have had the habit of believing that the ego’s world of separation is real. As I let Love decide, I will be brought to the truth.

In reality, there are no differences among illusions. They are equally untrue. Remembering this helps me not take the world so seriously. Remembering this helps me be open minded enough to let in Holy Spirit’s healing Light, which dissolves all that is not true. Remembering this helps me stay light hearted instead of heavy hearted.

Let Love decide. That is my mantra today. No matter what appears to show up in the dream, let Love decide. That is my touchstone to return to again and again today. When I let Love decide, I will have a happy day. In truth I, as a separate person, know nothing and am nothing. But, as I practice letting Love decide, I am opened to the truth about myself and everyone. I find out what true justice means. This is my part in the Atonement. As I let Love decide, I am awakened from the dream.

The temptation seems so strong to attempt to plan on my own, to make my to do lists without regard to how Holy Spirit may guide me. There appears to be plenty of things to plan. I think I know what would make me happy or at least more comfortable. But I am reminded how little I can perceive through the body’s senses.

Honestly, I have no clue what will happen today. I can make plans, but one phone call could make my plans useless or impossible to complete. I know from experience that my day is so much more peaceful and fulfilling when I step back and let Holy Spirit take the lead. It may be that all the things I think are to be done today do get done, or not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I keep my mind attuned to the Holy Spirit’s lead. Then all my doing will be training in right mindedness. It will help me soften the value I put on images in the world and open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s gracious, eternal gift of peace. Today I would step back and let Him lead the way. Amen.

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Letting Go of Judgment

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  My purpose is to hold in your mind the changeless memory of What you are. You are pure, eternal Love. No dream can change your reality. I hold in your mind this memory so that no matter how convoluted or seemingly real you imagine your dream to be, you cannot completely lose the memory of your Self. I am eternally ready to show you your holiness and your innocence. I need only your willingness to remember and the Light that you are will fill your mind.

You let the Light that you are be reflected in the world by letting go of judgment. Judgment clouds the mirror that your brother holds up to you. The Truth in him would show you the Truth in you if you would simply allow the mirror to be clean and free of judgment. In this world you need your Light reflected back to you to be aware that it is there. You are surrounded by mirrors that will reflect your Light back to you. You need only clear them of judgment and you will see a Light so bright that your heart will be filled with joy and overflowing with Love because you will know your Self.

As you practice remembering that on your own you do not know what anything means, you withdraw your judgment. This opens the way for Me to replace it with My judgment, which always shows you holiness. Let today be a day of practicing remembering that you do not know what anything means and opening your mind to the vision of holiness that I will show you. The Light that you see reflected all about you will remind you of your Self and the day will be filled with joy.

Today is a day to remember that I am being carried. Today is a day to be quiet and listen with an open mind. Today is a day to stay in the present moment and let go of the past and future.

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Letting Big Deals Fall Away

  Right now I let the Holy Spirit wash my mind of all the worldly details. Nothing really matters except waking up from the dream. Nothing really matters except the resurrection of God’s Son. God’s Son is one and he accepts his inheritance as one. It is now time for the prodigal son to return to oneness. The crucifixion of separation is no longer wanted or desired.

As I continue in the daily process of letting my mind be healed by the Holy Spirit, I return to the happiness of my true nature. I can let the big deals fall away. I can let my mind be washed clean of every concern, every anxiety, every fear. I need not crucify myself today. I can open up to the Holy Spirit’s gentle mind healing and return once again to remembering that nothing but Love is real. This is how I prepare for my Easter time.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Every moment of every day you choose between crucifixion and resurrection. You choose crucifixion when you choose to see differences, to believe the images your body shows you are real, to believe separation is real. You choose resurrection when you turn your mind to Me and ask to receive My vision. My vision shows you the reality of Love that is everywhere. It shows you the innocence in all your brothers. It leads you to complete forgiveness of the past and all you thought it was.

With this release comes the experience of happy laughter and quiet joy as you recognize that all you thought happened never occurred. Only Love has ever been real. While you still believe that the world offers something you want, you choose against the resurrection. You choose against Heaven. But you are learning that the value you have given the world is misplaced.

As you learn to see the valuelessness of all form, you accept the resurrection as your own. You see a wholly forgiven world. You see the face of Christ everywhere. You come to Heaven’s gate washed clean of meaningless desires and in gratitude you step through the gate into the Heaven that is your Home.

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Forgiveness Is Letting Go of the Past

Workbook lesson 161 is titled, “Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.” I see now that this statement is not about getting someone to give me their blessing. It is about accepting the blessing that is eternally offered in every now moment. Everyone, including me, is the Son of God. The Son of God is Love’s extension. And being Love, the Son of God extends Love automatically. So to be blessed by the holy Son of God I need only accept what Is.

As I learn to look on my brother as the Son of God without all the additions of my past perceptions, I am truly blessed. I receive the gift of Love that is eternally offered without condition. All that keeps me from experiencing the joy of Heaven given me by everyone is my judgments. Judgments always come from attempting to bring the past to the present. This is why the only way to truly experience now is to forgive. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, which is ultimately letting go of the belief in separation.

When I pause for peace and allow myself to receive Holy Spirit’s vision, I am letting go of or forgiving the past.  If I feel disoriented by the seeming disruption of the house being renovated, it is because I am trying to bring the past to the present. I am looking at the present circumstance and comparing it in my mind with an image from the past and finding the present appearance to be lacking and therefore in some way not acceptable. I am resisting what is.

In truth, form does not matter. If a change in form bothers me I must have decided the form matters. It is this I must let go if I would experience the peace and joy that is God’s Will for me. So again I dedicate this day to the practice of pausing for peace, letting go of the past, and opening to Holy Spirit’s vision. I know that with this vision comes the blessing of perfect happiness that I seek. That is how I accept the blessing of the holy Son of God.

  Today the muscles in my shoulders and arms are sore from painting the ceiling in the kitchen and hall. The lesson that I came to in the Course this morning was “I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” I needed that reminder. Right now I feel so blessed to step back and remember the truth. I am going to give this seeming body a rest today. It seems to be crying out for me to stop and rest a while.

As I go to the Holy Spirit I am guided to allow today to be a day of quiet silence. A day of regeneration and renewal. Today for me is a day of quiet listening. We have had so many days recently of very physical activity. Allowing a day of quiet and rest would be more beneficial than charging forward, even though it would seem great to get the kitchen done now.

Today truly is a day of remembering I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me. I am eternal Spirit. Let me remember the truth today and remember that I am in Heaven now, along with all my brothers. Thank you God for not allowing this illusion of separation to be real. Today is dedicated to rising above to see the Love that is eternally present everywhere.

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The Shift in Purpose of a Relationship from Unholy to Holy

Today we read about the goal of the holy relationship and that the holy relationship is the expression of the holy instant. When a relationship’s goal has been changed from unholy (separation) to holy (oneness), the relationship as it has been acted out seems completely confused. The acting out no longer fits the new purpose. So the relationship seems to be completely shaken up and the parts no longer seems to fit any more. This can be very disorienting and requires faith in our true Self, the Holy Spirit. The Course promises that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the expression of holiness in our relationship once we accept oneness as its goal.

I see the renovation of our house that we are involved in now as symbolic of the effects of having been given a new purpose. The house met our needs. But when we received an expanded purpose for Holy Spirit’s plan, it was clear that the house and property no longer fit this expanded purpose. The expression of this new purpose not only required moving to Florida, it also required renovation of the house to prepare it for its new owners. Throughout the process of renovation we have held in mind that we are preparing it for our brother, who is one with us.

Like the effect of the shift in purpose of a relationship from unholy to holy, our shift in purpose has resulted in what appears to be in complete disarray. All the cupboard doors are off. Everything has been moved to different rooms so that our old routines and habits no longer work as they did. This is why it is so important for me to pause for peace frequently through the day. Without doing this, the disorientation of things not being where I am used to them can be frustrating.

I see this now as good practice in form that is preparing me to more effectively let go of old habitual and routine thoughts that do not serve Holy Spirit’s purpose. With the house I am willing to proceed through the disorder and disorientation because I am confident in the purpose. In the same way as I am confident in the Holy Spirit’s purpose being only to bring me true and lasting happiness, I am willing to push through the disorientation and disruption that seems to come up when I realize that my thoughts do not fit the goal of oneness.

Once again I am impressed by Holy Spirit’s genius in setting up a circumstance in form that is training me to strengthen my ability to bring my thoughts into alignment with Holy Spirit’s purpose. As always there is so much more to what’s going on than meets the eye. My heart is filled with gratitude that the Holy Spirit leads me to my healing through every experience in the world. So today I dedicate again to practice pausing for peace and following Holy Spirit’s lead in every moment.

  This renovation process is a good exercise in not taking the world too seriously. It’s a good time to remember to laugh, be playful and remember that God’s happiness is mine. God’s peace is mine because I, like everyone, am in God and of God. The key for me through all of this is to go gently—to go softly—and not to take it too seriously. Everything will get done. I don’t have to make it a struggle. I can participate in this process from a place of ease and peace if I so choose. That is my opportunity today—to practice being in a place of gentleness and ease, knowing that God goes with me wherever I go. I have a choice. I let today be a practice in choosing peace.

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Peace and Understanding Go Together

  This morning I am reminded by the Holy Spirit to choose peace and that is how understanding comes. Choosing peace is the same as choosing the Holy Spirit instead of the ego. The important part of choosing peace is actually allowing it in! I can tell that I am allowing it in when I actually feel peace. The Holy Spirit needs my willingness to let go and allow peace in. To truly let go I have to hand over all my concerns and thoughts about the way things should be. I must come with empty hands and an open heart.

That is what my job is this morning — to come with empty hands and an open heart to the Holy Spirit and be willing to let the Holy Spirit fill me with peace. As I actually do this, all the understanding that I need is provided. A changed perception is provided. I realize that everything is in perfect order. All my fears are calmed. Trust replaces all my doubts. I can relax now.

What a beautiful way to start my day. Very early this morning before I got up, thoughts were swirling in my mind about the many projects we have going on here at the same time. I want to be truly helpful, but it sometimes seems confusing in how to do that. Right now, after accepting Holy Spirit’s peace, I am certain that as I stay in the present moment and listen, I will be guided perfectly. All is well. Thank you God.

  We started our day a little later than usual. After we had read what we were led to in the Course we were going to open to Holy Spirit’s inspiration for this post. It was about 8:20 a.m. Although a plasterer had told us he would arrive about 9:00 am., I had the thought to get dressed before we started writing our post. I had just gotten dressed when the plasterer drove in at about 8:25. I was ready because I followed the inspiration that came to get dressed.

To me this is a symbol of the harmony that comes when we step back and let the Holy Spirit lead the way. There was no logical reason to believe the plasterer would be early. It is an example of letting the present moment show me what is to be done. The Holy Spirit is ever present in the now moment. With the practice of pausing for peace and accepting peace, I allow Holy Spirit to guide me so that the experience in the world is a reflection of the harmony of Love.

There is no strain in Love. There is no hurry, no anxiety. The reflection of Love in this world is gentle and peaceful. It does not battle with the present moment, but simply lets it be. It does not see form as something to be judged or manipulated. Rather Holy Spirit sees form as a means for Love’s expression in this world. And Love’s expression is always peaceful and happy.

Thank you Father that Your Will for me is perfect happiness. Today I will practice stepping back and letting Your Messenger show me Your Will.

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Seeing Innocence with Holy Spirit

  I am reminded of a Bible verse that says, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The Course tells us that God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. So when we remember Who we are, we are glad. We do rejoice because we revel in the joy of our oneness with all Love. So this verse is a reminder to dedicate the day to accepting God’s Will for us.

The world we see with the body’s eyes is the effect of the denial of God’s Will. Today we read the first section of Text Chapter 31. In it Jesus compliments us on what great learners we are. The prowess of our learning skill is demonstrated by how effectively we have taught ourselves to believe the impossible — that we are guilty. The good news is that the Holy Spirit can use our learning skill for His purpose. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance we can learn once again that God’s Son is innocent. As this lesson is learned, fear fades away and we rejoice in the experience of being at Home in God in every moment.

So today I dedicate once again to the practice of staying in peace and receiving Holy Spirit’s lessons of innocence. With my willingness to learn this lesson comes perfect happiness.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
Use today as a practice time to reinforce stepping back and following Holy Spirit’s lead. Use today as a practice time to let go and let God. Stay relaxed. Open your mind to Holy Spirit’s gift of peace and follow as you are guided. That is all.

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