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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 103 2-21-19

God, being Love, is also happiness.

“Happiness is an attribute of love. It cannot be apart from it. Nor can it be experienced where love is not.”

When we fear love, which we will do if we allow the idea of sin to enter our minds, we will fear God. We must remember that God, Love, and happiness are a package deal. The small effort I put into choosing happiness last night has already been helpful. My freezer quit working and I had a few minutes of panic as I checked out the prices on new refrigerators.

Then I thought about it and realized that I could be happy or panicked and either way, my freezer would still not be working. May as well be happy. I texted my family and told them what happened and my daughter gave me the phone number of a repairman. Before I went to bed, I raised the temperature of the refrigerator thinking that it felt like it wasn’t as cold as it should be. This morning, everything was working. Strange, but cool. Ha ha. Unintentional joke.

In every instant when I was tempted to be anything but happy, I did the same thing. I reminded myself of the foolishness of giving up my happiness just because something unexpected happened, or I had a memory of something that used to bother me. I chose to be happy instead. I know that decision is very powerful, but it was good to see that power at work. I am motivated to continue this practice, highly motivated.

This morning, I got dressed and looked in the mirror. Yep, still pretty chubby. No overnight miracle. ~smile~ I tried out my new attitude and said to myself that I love my body. I was surprised to realize that I meant it. I am still going to watch my diet and walk and expect to lose weight, but that doesn’t stop me from loving my body right now. Every little chubby bit of me seems to be quite happy this morning.

I fell asleep listening to The Untethered Soul last night and it played in my dreams. I woke up once thinking that this was just too hard, though I don’t remember what that was. I thought about turning the darn thing off but decided to keep listening. I dreamed of success. I guess I will have to listen while awake to figure out what I was struggling to do in my dream. Whatever work I did in my sleep seemed to have given me a boost.

Regina’s Tip
“Sin” is that which should not be. It is impossible to be happy with something if we judge that it should not be. This judgment, which is the fundamental judgment and the root of all judgments, is what we need to learn to let go of. There isn’t one circumstance that we can withhold from our love, our happiness, our forgiveness, because if there is any circumstance that we withhold from love, we have deemed that to be separate from love. Metaphysically, we withhold healing from anything that we withhold love from. We also withhold healing from ourselves in the same instant.

The decision not to love something, not to be happy with something, not to forgive something, is the cause of all suffering everywhere in the world.

My Thoughts
As Regina goes on to point out, Love is the only healing power. I have known this and even taught it myself. Right now, though, combining the Lessons with these tips, I see it much more clearly. I see how important it is that I stop rejecting and start loving. I see how it keeps me separate from remembering my place in God.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 102 2-20-19

I share God’s Will for happiness for me

“You do not want to suffer.”

I understand that God does not want me to suffer and I do not want to suffer. Our wills are aligned, and in this, I am dedicated to knowing that this is my will and I have no will opposite it. I don’t need to be further convinced. What is helpful, I think, is the meditative experience and the consistent reminder. I have accepted pain and suffering for so very long that it seems natural. I need to become aware of when I am doing this and I need my decision to become the only decision I make in this regard.

Regina’s Tip
If you want the world to be a happier more secure place, offer it a happier more secure person. Give what you want to see by being what you want to see.

In Chapter 15 of “The Untethered Soul,” Michael Singer wrote:
“[Unconditional happiness] leads you to absolute transcendence because any part of your being that would add a condition to your commitment to happiness has to go. … You have to transcend the personal, and as you do, you will naturally awaken to the higher aspects of your being.”

What is it that you think unhappiness will get you?
Will people start acting the way you want them to act?
Will people give you attention that you want?
Will God grant your wishes like a genie?
Will your thoughts quit coming?
Will you quit making mistakes?
Will your health get better?
Will someone love you?

My Thoughts
Reading today’s tips helps me to see more value in Langford’s Loving All Method in which I choose to love everything just as it is. This is to emotionally love. I might also change things if that is appropriate, but while it is happening I have a choice about how I feel about it. I can choose to love it and that would be closer to acting from my Self, and makes more sense than arguing against something that cannot at this moment be changed. If it is happening, it is too late to change it.

I have one thing that triggers unhappiness in me consistently and that is weight gain. Maybe I think being unhappy will spur me on to do a better job controlling my weight. Or maybe I am afraid that if I am not unhappy about it, I will just keep gaining weight. I think I will try an experiment. I am going to weigh myself and then I am going to spend the week being happy with the idea of weight. I already know that being unhappy does not help me control my weight. I am going to test whether or not being happy makes things worse.

The only other thing in my life that brings consistent unhappiness is when I think about my son being endangered. I know that my happiness would not make this worse and that it would actually make it better. I know that being unhappy about this makes no sense at all. I still find it difficult to tear myself away from that story, but I keep making the effort and it is much easier to come back from the story than it used to be.

As I think about this, I realize that I think my suffering for my son is proof that I love him and am a good mom. It is the way my mom expressed love for us and it has become a limiting mental habit for me, a way of thinking that I have released, but not completely. It’s on its way out, though, and quickly is my preference.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 101 2-19-19

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

In this lesson, Jesus explains to us that the reason we do not accept salvation is because we believe in sin and the sinful deserve punishment. Believing thus, salvation sounds like pain and suffering to us. It is because of this belief we must have lessons that remind us of the truth, that God loves us and wants only happiness for us. It teaches us that sin is not real. Since sin is not real, the Atonement is not going to call for punishment. It is safe to accept the Atonement.

One would wonder why on earth we would not be excited to accept God’s Will for us.  I can say that, yes, I want to be happy and if it is God’s Will I be happy, I must be happy. So why is it that I don’t always feel happy? How is it that I am resisting happiness? I think that it is mostly that I choose something that doesn’t make me happy and that if I stopped doing that, happiness would be what was there for me to choose instead.

My daughter got her first live Christmas tree and she didn’t have any ornaments for it. I offered her mine. I have been collecting all my life and they are not beautiful, but they are meaningful. My son described my ornaments as my family scrapbook because most of them were made or painted by my kids over the years. Some were painted by my mom one day when she dropped in and we were painting ornaments. So, it was kind of a big deal for me to give them away, even though it was to my daughter.

I put off all my work and my free time at the end of a busy day so that I could go out to the shed and move everything out of the way so we could get to the boxes. She brought my little granddaughter which meant I did all the work while Eleanor made a mess of my just cleaned house. None of that was a problem and I did it gladly. Then when I brought everything in, my daughter was disappointed that there were not as many as she remembered, and one she had done herself when she was in school was not there.

After she left, I spent some time feeling sorry for myself and blaming her for being an ingrate and insensitive to my feelings. So that was what I chose instead of happiness. It is just that easy to say no to God and choose misery instead of joy. After a while, I decided that I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore and I asked Jesus what it was really about. What he helped me to see was that I had been in denial about other things and that it was those feelings I was dealing with. I asked for another way to see both circumstances and I decided I really wanted to wake up to a state of consistent happiness.

The thing I had to give up in order to have happiness was sin. I had to give up the idea that my daughter or anyone else sinned, that sin even exists. Then I could give up the idea that I sinned in my attack. And even though I never said out loud what I was thinking, it was still an attack. I continued thinking along those lines reinforcing the truth in my mind. Attack thoughts come from the belief in sin and to have perfect happiness I have to accept that there is no sin. If I do that, there will be no unhappy consequences. There, done!

Regina’s Tips
Today’s workbook lesson says that “suffering is causeless. Joy is just, and pain is but the sign you have misunderstood yourself.” MISUNDERSTOOD YOURSELF.

My Thoughts
One of the ways that Regina suggests learning to know who you are is to abide as your Self. This is from Ramana Maharshi and it means to abide as life-intelligence-awareness instead of as a body-mind. She suggests practicing the Loving All Method from The Most Rapid and Direct Means to Eternal Bliss. This method can be summed up by saying we are to love everything exactly the way it is. It also says that if you can’t do this by using the word love, you can substitute the “emotionally allow” for love.

I think I see the value in this method, but I still feel some resistance to this. I will love my resistance while being open to the idea of releasing the resistance.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 100 2-19-19

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

“One function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one of them is equally essential to them all.”

Here in the world of time and space we think that we are separate and have separate thoughts and separate goals. This leads to competition and blame and loss. But there is one way we can undo this belief in separation. We can accept our function in God’s plan for salvation. This will be enough to restore a sense of union and will be a great relief and happiness.

“God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.”
Happiness is a yardstick I use to measure how well I am listening to the Voice for God as opposed to asking the ego for advice. Sometimes, especially if I am involved in the story too deeply, it is not clear to me which voice I am listening to. But if I am unhappy, then I know for sure that I have believed an ego lie and I can change my mind. The ego might offer me temporary pleasure, but is not interested in my unwavering happiness. For example, when I think I have won, I might get that adrenaline rush that feels like pleasure, but it won’t last. If I decide on love rather than being right, I feel happiness and that happiness will stay unless I choose otherwise.

“You are indeed essential to God’s plan. Without your joy, His joy is incomplete. Without your smile, the world cannot be saved. While you are sad, the light that God Himself appointed as the means to save the world is dim and lusterless, and no one laughs because all laughter can but echo yours.”

I so love the language of this lesson, the beauty and poetry. More importantly is the message. Without my joy, God’s joy is incomplete. When we remember that we are in God and part of God it is understandable that we affect God. God is by definition Wholeness, Oneness, Joy, and Peace. Since we are part of God, we cannot complete Him if we are not what He is.

Does this mean that we should go around pretending to be happy? Well, since it is not possible to be anything God did not create, we are going around pretending to be unhappy, so in a way this would be a solution. Trade the belief of unhappiness for the belief in happiness. Another way to do this is to let go of the thoughts that make us unhappy. If I am worried about my child, I can release that thought and replace it with the thought that my child is having exactly the experience he came here to have and that the Joy that is God is also my son. If joy is what he is, then joy is always available to him as it is to me.

“God’s messengers are joyous, and their joy heals sorrow and despair. They are the proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept their Father’s gifts as theirs.”

I had a boyfriend once who was a delight to all who met him. Just being in his presence was uplifting and one of the reason’s was because of his quiet happiness. He didn’t go around laughing and telling jokes. He was just quietly happy and loving. Everyone I introduced him to felt this in him. It made people want what he had.

This is the person I want to be, someone who awakens a longing for the joy and happiness that is available to them as it is to me. Working on it. Working on it by not accepting unhappiness as a possibility. Working on by releasing the thoughts that lead to unhappiness. I have had a lot of success. There was a time before the Course when I could not imagine being happy all the time. I was surprised by happiness, not expectant. Now I am surprised when I am not happy.

“Look deep within you, undismayed by all the little thoughts and foolish goals you pass as you ascend to meet the Christ in you.”

The Christ will meet us because we are essential to His plan. We can depend on that. When I attempt to meditate, I often feel discouraged by all the thoughts that pop into my mind, so many of them are untrue and simply distracting. Here, Jesus tells us not to be discouraged by these thoughts. I wonder if I could just see them as objects on my path and just walk around them.

Regina’s Tips
Along the way to Self-realization some people may have some tremendous experiences that seem to be proof of something divine, but to me the simplicity of genuine happiness is the greater boon. To be happy no matter what appears to occur or not occur is a sure sign of detachment from the world and detachment from thought. It is a sure sign of awakening to realization of one’s real nature.

Happiness, openness, and confidence are the true miracles of awakening. When one isn’t feeling happiness, openness and confidence, something has gone wrong. An untrue thought has gained attention.

Today, regardless of what you experience, contemplate the fact that happiness is natural, and unhappiness is the sign that you are believing something that isn’t true. This is always the case. When we accept this as true, we begin to respond to unhappiness appropriately. The appropriate way to respond to unhappiness is to look, uncover and release an untrue idea.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 99 2-15-19

Salvation is my only function here.

4 What joins the separated mind and thoughts with Mind and Thought which are forever one? What plan could hold the truth inviolate, yet recognize the need illusions bring, and offer means by which they are undone without attack and with no touch of pain? What but a Thought of God could be this plan, by which the never done is overlooked, and sins forgotten which were never real?

5 The Holy Spirit holds this plan of God exactly as it was received of Him within the Mind of God and in your own. It is apart from time in that its Source is timeless. Yet it operates in time, because of your belief that time is real. Unshaken does the Holy Spirit look on what you see; on sin and pain and death, on grief and separation and on loss. Yet does He know one thing must still be true; God is still Love, and this is not His Will.

God could not know the world we made because if he knew it, the world would be real and eternal. So, aware that His communication with His creations was broken, He created the Holy Spirit to be His Voice that would call us Home when we were ready. How perfect is this plan, and because it came from our Creator, how very certain it is.

And because we share the will of our Creator, it is in perfect alignment with our own will and so does not go against His own law that His Son be as limitless as is He. We are free to be human for as long as we want to, but still guaranteed we will return to Joy. Since our true will is the same as God’s Will, our truest desire is to return our mind to its natural pristine state and so we are as powerful as our Creator having been created like Him, we have a part to play in our return and we can accomplish our part.

Now are you entrusted with this plan, along with Him. He has one answer to appearances; regardless of their form, their size, their depth or any attribute they seem to have:

Salvation is my only function here.
God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

This is the perfect lesson for me today. I have had insomnia for a couple of nights and this happens periodically. I was talking to Jesus about it last night and I saw how confused I was. I didn’t even feel clear about what to ask him or what to expect. The ego thoughts were crowding my mind and keeping me from hearing His Voice. This morning, I see that the answer is simple as His answers always are.

It seems that lack of sleep is my problem and that sleeping is the answer. This is where my mind was stuck. This morning, I am reminded that salvation is my only function here. Sleep or lack of sleep are just manifestations of beliefs in my mind. This is not really about my sleep at all. It is about learning to lay all fear aside. It is about forgiving all thoughts that oppose peace.

It is so simple when I remember this and it is a relief to remember that God still is love, and insomnia is not His Will, therefore it does not exist. The ego mind with its non-thoughts argues against this. The question is, will I give my attention and my faith to the chatter in my mind, or will I choose to know the truth that this is not about sleep it is about my salvation and the salvation of the world. It is about fulfilling my function. It is always about choice for the ego or for God regardless of the form it takes.

Regina’s Tips
Let’s simplify today’s lesson:

“Truth and illusions both are equal now, for both have happened. … [This seems true, because the] mind that sees illusions thinks them real. … And yet they are not real, because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate from God.”

The pathway to salvation lies in the paragraph above. The key lies in “the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate…”.

Take a moment to notice your mind, meaning your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what they are. Notice them, whatever they are.

Next, notice what is aware of your thoughts; that is, notice awareness. Can you see that thoughts and awareness are separate? What I mean by that is, you can point (with inner figurative pointing) at thinking and say, “That’s thought,” and you can point at awareness and say, “That’s awareness.” They are different.

Now look at these two, thought and awareness. Which one is you? Which one can you look at and which one is you looking? You can decide to focus on a thought or let it go. Can you do the same with awareness, or is awareness what you are?

Look, and discover these answers for yourself.

Look at all the trouble thoughts conjure up. For example, every murder begins with a thought. Does awareness conjure up any trouble at all?

Look. Discover the answer for yourself.

When we infuse thoughts with attention, we enliven them. You can watch how this happens. Notice how a thought becomes more alive and the story grows deeper as your attention is more engrossed by it.

Is this true for awareness? Is awareness enlivened with attention or is it naturally alive even if you give it no attention?

Look. Find the answer for yourself.
If thought must be enlivened but awareness is naturally alive, which is illusion and which is real?

I said that the pathway to salvation is found in this:
“And yet [illusions] are not real, because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate …”

The pathway to salvation is noticing that mind is separate from you, and you are real but thoughts are not.

Contemplate this tip today. Notice the difference between thought and awareness. Notice which causes all kinds of trouble and suffering, and which is peacefully present. Notice which is you and which is not

My Thoughts
I usually add some of Regina’s tips for a lesson, the parts that are especially meaningful or helpful to me, but today, I posted the whole thing here. I think it is especially helpful to learn the difference between thought and awareness because it is the difference between what I think I am and what I actually am.

I am not the thoughts in my mind, I am that which is aware or my thoughts. That is a big difference! Jesus tells us early on in the Course that the thoughts we think we think are meaningless. They are not our real thoughts. I don’t believe that the thoughts we think with God, our real thoughts, in any way resemble thinking that we are accustomed to.

Our real thoughts will not be private, that is unshared. Our real thoughts will not have words. Our real thoughts will not point to separate objects or form at all. So, what are our real thoughts? We will know when we decide not to give credence or interest in our present thoughts. When I finally decide to place my attention on awareness rather than what awareness is aware of, perhaps my true thoughts will be what I am aware of.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 98 2-14-19

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

The guiltless have no fear, for they are safe and recognize their safety. They do not appeal to magic, nor invent escapes from fancied threats without reality. They rest in quiet certainty that they will do what it is given them to do. They do not doubt their own ability because they know their function will be filled completely in the perfect time and place. They took the stand which we will take today, that we may share their certainty and thus increase it by accepting it ourselves.

I must still harbor guilt because I still suffer fear and do not recognize my safety. I still appeal to magic for help when I am sick. I still invent escapes from reality rather than always going to Spirit with what seems to be the problem. For instance, feeling exhausted from a busy day and instead of sitting in silence to have my balance restored, I switch on the TV to silence the inner unhappy voice. I know that guilt is in my mind, but I also know that it is not so much guilt as I used to have and I don’t suffer it easily. I know that as I release the belief in guilt my certainty in my purpose will increase and it will be much easier to fulfill it.

“4 They will be with us; all who took the stand we take today will gladly offer us all that they learned and every gain they made. Those still uncertain, too, will join with us, and, borrowing our certainty, will make it stronger still. While those as yet unborn will hear the call we heard, and answer it when they have come to make their choice again. We do not choose but for ourselves today.”

When I feel like nothing is happening, and when I end the day knowing I didn’t live up to my own expectations, and when it looks like the world is beyond redemption, I read this paragraph. I bring myself back to my simple part and I realize that many who have already accomplished their part are with me. They stand witness that this can be done, and more than that, they offer me what they have gained.

At least I know my purpose and I know I want to fulfil it. I see how important it is and how great the reward. This certainty keeps me trying even after a day of forgetfulness or a day of distractions where it seemed I failed. There are many who are uncertain yet, who have not made that decision, and in my practice with all my seen and unseen help, those who are not sure will borrow our certainty, and in so doing make will make it stronger still.

Even those who yet unborn will hear the call we heard and will answer it when they come here. It is so encouraging to know that I am not alone. I had not before even realized that being alone was a great unacknowledged fear. How strange it must have been to feel alone the very first time it happened. How strange and disconcerting to be one with all there is, to never feel alone and separate from the Source of Love.

What a shock it must have been! I think I am not over it yet. I think that is the reason I used to run from relationship to relationship always trying to get what I lost in the moment of the tiny mad idea. It never worked because union is not about taking from someone, but about sharing and I seemed to have forgotten how to do that when I chose separateness. But now, this morning, I am being invited to join again with my precious selves in a glorious purpose that will touch us all and bring us closer to unity. How could I say not to that?

Give Him the words, and He will do the rest. He will enable you to understand your special function. He will open up the way to happiness, and peace and trust will be His gifts; His answer to your words. He will respond with all His faith and joy and certainty that what you say is true. And you will have conviction then of Him Who knows the function that you have on earth as well as Heaven. He will be with you each practice period you share with Him, exchanging every instant of the time you offer Him for timelessness and peace.

In that terrible moment when fear and guilt entered the mind of the Son, God placed the Call for Love right there where it was needed, not to force the Son into submission. Love does not force, it only allows.
The Call for Love was given us in love that we might always find our way back to sanity and joy, that we may not be ever separate from our Source even if we chose for a while to be unaware. The Call is our Guide, the Answer, our Healer, and our Comforter. We are so loved.

Tell Him once more that you accept the part that He would have you take and help you fill, and He will make you sure you want this choice, which He has made with you and you with Him.

I am intrigued by this sentence. First, I will tell him once more (ignore yesterday’s half-hearted effort, please) once more I accept my part. I am eternally grateful that I have certain, unfailing help in fulfilling my part. And then he tells me that My Help will make sure I want this choice. No matter how much I say that my only desire is to awaken to the peace of God, it seems that there are other things I want as well, and often other things I want instead.

How very seldom it is that I follow the simple instructions without fail. But if I do my part in spite of my evident hesitancy, if I just do it anyway, He will help me… no, he will make sure I want this choice. So I just have to push through my reluctance and He will do the rest so that never again will I hesitate because I will want what is being offered.

And if that frisson of feeling that rushed through me at the thought of my will being manipulated like that, Jesus answers it before I even realized it had happened. He made that choice with e and I made it with Him. He is not manipulating me back, he is fulfilling our desire for perfect union according to my own will.

Regina’s Tips
What is God’s plan for salvation? In the language of the Course, it is forgiveness. What is forgiveness? It is removing your attention from the untrue.

Removing attention from problems.
Removing attention from grievances.
Removing attention from fears.
Removing attention from regrets.
Removing attention from jealousies and envies.
Removing attention from judgments.
Removing attention from all of our ideas about how other people should be.
Removing attention from all thoughts about our weaknesses and shortcomings.
Removing attention from our doubts that the truth is true.

Today’s lesson says, “We take a stand on but one side today. We side with truth and let illusions go. We will not vacillate between the two, but take a firm position with the One.”

My Thoughts
This part of the lesson I have down pat. The problem thoughts have not stopped coming, but seldom do I place any belief in them, and when I do temporarily fall for them, it is very temporary, indeed. The part I have problems with is the mind too undisciplined to give those five minutes every hour. It is so little to give and still I fail to do so. That is the part that requires my attention.

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Gentle Healing Journal Lesson 97 2-12-19

I am spirit.

“We state again the truth about your Self, the holy Son of God Who rests in you, whose mind has been restored to sanity. You are the spirit lovingly endowed with all your Father’s Love and peace and joy. You are the spirit which completes Himself, and shares His function as Creator. He is with you always, as you are with Him.”

Here is something I wrote just a few months ago. I am already past this stage of doubt. It is amazing how quickly we move along on this path once we make a decision and dedicate ourselves to it.

I believe this enough to take it seriously and to yearn for it. I also aware of the ego mind doubting, not that it is true, but that it will ever be true for me. How could it? I am so far from this. I don’t leave my attention on the ego long, though, or it will gladly pull me into a dark pit of despair. It is what the ego does because despair is what it knows. I have a choice, though. While the ego is in my mind, so is God. The next paragraph reminds me that I can and will change my mind.

“Today we try to bring reality still closer to your mind. Each time you practice, awareness is brought a little nearer at least; sometimes a thousand years or more are saved. The minutes which you give are multiplied over and over, for the miracle makes use of time, but is not ruled by it. Salvation is a miracle, the first and last; the first that is the last, for it is one.”

Now, I know that this is all true. I don’t always live as if it is, but I know it is just a matter of time and time doesn’t really exist.

This is so encouraging. I know how to practice. I am happy to practice. I see where I can increase my practice of meditation. I am grateful that the miracle increases the time I give to meditation and to practice of all kinds. I am making use of Bentinho’s method of relaxing the mind of its stories for seconds at a time, and though it is not yet an automatic habit, I am making it so. This seems to be really helpful to me.

“The Holy Spirit will be glad to take five minutes of each hour from your hands, and carry them around this aching world where pain and misery appear to rule. He will not overlook one open mind that will accept the healing gifts they bring, and He will lay them everywhere He knows they will be welcome. And they will increase in healing power each time someone accepts them as his thoughts, and uses them to heal.”

I am reminded that while awakening has a personal component, in that this “me” seems to awaken within the world, in reality it is not personal. This is what we awaken to. The miracle saves a thousand years because it is offered to every mind that will accept it. God knows, it is needed right now, that the world is suffering and in great need of the miracle. This is something I can do for us all and it requires so little of me. And, this gift will come back to me greatly increased in power.

Spirit am I, a holy Son of God, free of all limits, safe and healed and whole, free to forgive, and free to save the world.

I placed this reminder on a card and am putting it where I will see it often so I will remember my purpose today.

Regina’s Tip
Today, be a part of this fire. Contemplate this:

Whatever you are aware of today is spirit.
You, which is aware, is spirit.

Contemplate the everywhereness of spirit, the allness of spirit.

“The kingdom is within you and it is outside you.” ~ The Gospel of Thomas

Let the entire day be given to contemplation of spirit. It will be with you throughout the day everywhere that you go and in everything that you do.

My Thoughts
I look forward to a day of contemplation of spirit. I am further encouraged and inspired by Regina’s thoughts on this lesson. I will set the world on fire with the realization of spirit.

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ACIM Minister Training

Inspired by the principles presented in A Course in Miracles, this ministry training focuses on accepting the mind healing that is guided by the Teacher within, the Holy Spirit. As our minds are healed, we become Holy Spirit’s instruments of healing. For more information click here.

ACIM Practitioner Courses

If you would like a deeper understanding of key principles of A Course in Miracles, the 24 Pathways of Light ACIM Practitioner courses provide a complete, multimedia package to help you make ACIM principles a ready resource to call upon in your mind throughout your day. Click here for more information.



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24th May 2019 ACIM Conference 2019 Boston, Rev. Maria Felipe

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Featured Items

Tru Live Your Happy by Rev. Maria Felipe. A real-world approach to living happily, based on A Course in Miracles. Learn more.

True Forgiveness True Forgiveness by Rev. Jennifer McSween. The Proven Path from Pain to Power in 5 Simple Steps. Learn more.

Prayer for All Solutions Finding Yourself in the Mirror by Rev. Barbara Siegel. Awakening Through Mirror Affirmations for the 365 Lessons of A Course in Miracles. More….

Listen & Receive 30-Day Home Study Listen & Receive 30-Day Home Study Learn to receive insight for your life in a form that is perfect for you …heal fears, find joy & peace. Learn more.

Minister training based on A Course in Miracles Minister Training — based on principles of A Course in Miracles, including counselor training and ordination. More….

Miracles Practitioner courses24 ACIM Practitioner courses including 50-page study guide, CD's with facilitator. More….

From the Christ Mind From the Christ Mind scribed by Darrell Morley Price. A simple, yet profound message that you can immediately apply to current circumstances. More….

Hey, Holy Spirit,
It's Me Again Hey, Holy Spirit, It's Me Again by Rev. Myron Jones. An indispensable guide for anyone on the path of ACIM with insights on the 1st 90 lessons. More….

Forgiving KevinForgiving Kevin Audio book by Rev. Larry Glenz. A moving and inspiring true story of a father/son relationship that withstood seven years of addiction, recovery, and relapse. More….

Healing Family
RelationshipsHealing Family Relationships Applying the Principles of A Course in Miracles 6 CD audio book by Rev. Myron Jones. Learn how family relationships offer fertile grounds for forgiveness and healing your judgments of the world. More.