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The Schoolhouse

Today we read in the Text of A Course in Miracles, “If you would be a happy learner, you must give everything you have learned to the Holy Spirit, to be unlearned.” (T-14.II.6:1) In another place in the Course it says that we must question everything we think we know. It is this practice of questioning that prepares the way for us to give everything we have learned to the Holy Spirit.

This is an essential first step. Without the willingness to give our beliefs to the Holy Spirit, there can be no release from the world of dreams. There will just be a tenacious holding on to the made up world that we seem to see. Without this willingness, we remain chained to a world of limitation and fear. The willingness to question leaves a crack for the Holy Spirit’s Light to shine through.

What stands out most to me in this quote is “…to be unlearned for you.” Right now I am identified with an image of a separate identity. That image comes from a closed thought system that is incapable of recognizing truth on its own. But the Holy Spirit can see the foundation of this thought system and knows it is nothing. That is why it is the Holy Spirit that unlearns for us the faulty lessons we have taught ourselves. From within the thought system of separation we cannot conceive how this unlearning can happen. This doesn’t matter. We only need to be willing to let the Holy Spirit do the unlearning for us.

Today is another day to practice giving everything I think I’ve learned to the Holy Spirit so that it can be unlearned for me.

As I go into the place of inner quiet, the thought of letting go and letting God is there. What comes is a lesson in how to more fully let go and let God. The first stage involves what I would describe as a “melting” phase, like butter melting in warmer temperatures. I let the Holy Spirit melt away all the tension. I let go of my hold on the physical body — especially the muscles around my eyes, shoulders and arms. It is something that I allow and the Holy Spirit does it for me.

Along with this letting go of the physical body comes a phase of letting go of the thoughts that stream into my mind. I get the picture of a large fireplace. I am sitting with Holy Spirit in front of the fireplace and letting the thoughts that come into my mind stream into the light of the fire. I am aware that this process is effortless. It only requires me to be willing to allow this process to be experienced.

In the next phase I experience a time of deep inner quiet where everything is still…

The next phase spontaneously comes from the Holy Spirit, where I receive insight that is most helpful to me now in my process of awakening to the truth.

What comes to me is the idea that in truth I am safe in Heaven and that the dream does not change anything. Bodies move around in the dream and have different experiences, but in truth nothing changes in the eternal Life I live in God. There is such a feeling of safety and security, and I see that I need not worry about anything.

I see that the experiences in this life are like a schoolhouse with a constant flow of lessons. With Holy Spirit, I learn the lessons easily and see the truth behind the illusions. Saying frequently as I go through these experiences, “Holy Spirit, how would you have me see this?” is very important to accelerate my process of waking up from the dream and helping my brother in the process.

There is a deep sense of inner fulfillment as I see that the only purpose of every experience is to be a happy learner of Holy Spirit’s lessons. Right now I feel a very deep sense of gratitude that the Holy Spirit is there helping me all the time. It only takes my willingness to listen.

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I Will Step Back and Let Him Lead the Way

It seems so tempting to make plans and try to solve “problems” on my own. Part of my mind thinks that it knows what should happen and what should be done to make it happen. But that part of my mind bases its “confidence” on experience from the past and is therefore severely limited, let alone in fantasy. It cannot conceive of the full scope of all that are involved and effected by the plans it makes.

It seems that when Holy Spirit gave us the guidance to move the Pathways of Light Center to Florida that It was intensifying the training to teach us to make no decisions or plans on our own. We were content with where we were and what appeared to be there for us to do. But Holy Spirit rocked the boat, letting us know that it was time to think outside the box that we were unconsciously living in.

Since receiving that guidance, there has been a continuous stream of lessons that have been helping us break down the self-imposed limitations. It’s still happening. For us to be truly happy we must consistently step back and let Him lead the way. The Holy Spirit knows no limits. The Holy Spirit knows what is truly helpful to achieve God’s plan of Atonement. Our job is to continue to step back, let go and be carried. The more we do this, the happier we are. It is worth the vigilance.

We have found a property about one hour north of the Orlando airport that seems even better than we could have imagined. The builder/owner focused on making this 10,000 sq. ft. unfinished building extremely energy efficient and planned for it to be a place where missionaries from his church could rest and recuperate.

Because of the downturn in the economy, he needs to sell it at a price that we hope will be within our range. Not only does it have a very large room for seminars, but it also has several bedrooms with their own baths, so people could come and join us in studying A Course in Miracles together. We love the property. It has privacy and quietness yet close proximity to hotels and a variety of restaurants. The question is, can we afford it financially?

I find that my mind jumps to looking for ways that we could make this work. This morning as I go to Spirit in quietness, I am reminded once again to relax, to trust and to hand over the reins to Holy Spirit. I am reminded once again of the famous sentence in the Course: “In quietness is every problem quietly resolved.” In this place of quietness I see that it is not my job to figure out how to make this work. It is my job to let go of the past and the future and open my mind to Holy Spirit’s inspiration in the present moment.

Yesterday I opened to the lesson, “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.” If this property is in the Holy Spirit’s plan for us, it will work out quite nicely without my trying to figure anything out on my own. This is good practice for me today to hand over the reins and remember once again that I know nothing. It is only the Holy Spirit Who knows the big picture and the timing that is best for all concerned. In quietness is every problem quietly resolved.

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Time Out

Holy Spirit to Mary:
As you walk through your worldly experience today, ask yourself frequently, “What is the truth? Who am I and where am I in truth?” This opens the door to remembering that you are Spirit. You are still as God created you. You are joined with everyone as the one Light of God.

In reality you are Home in Heaven and have never left. Let yourself soak in this remembering. Let yourself accept God’s gift of peace. Let yourself remember that you are being carried. Let yourself relax in God’s Love. Remember that everything is working together in perfect order in God’s plan of Atonement.

Taking this time out from your busy life frequently today helps reorient your mind to receive the inspiration that is most helpful to you as you go through your day. Step back and give time to receiving inspiration as frequently as possible. Doing this will make this day and every day a glorious day. In truth you live in God. Let yourself remember this. Let yourself be inspired in how to be truly helpful, minute by minute.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Bring every thought of concern to Me. I will shine the Light of Love on it and return it to you sparkling with God’s blessing of peace.

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Accepting God’s Peace and Happiness

Robert: Today we read A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 65, “My only function is the one God gave me.” In the world that function is to forgive, to let go of all belief that any forms have meaning. In the previous lesson we were told that everything the body’s eyes show us is a temptation to abandon God. That is the purpose given the body by the ego.

But if I accept the function given me by God, I am accepting the Holy Spirit’s purpose for everything the body’s eyes show me. With this purpose every image becomes an opportunity to forgive and extend Love. Since Love always brings joy with It, fulfilling my function is the way to be happy.

To fulfill my function I must let go of all my judgments and let the Holy Spirit judge on my behalf. His judgment is always simple: Only Love, and hence, only innocence is real. The more I accept the Holy Spirit’s judgment for all things, the happier I will be. The statement, “Would you rather be right or happy?” could also be said as, “Would you rather hold on to your judgments or let them go?” Letting go of our judgments is how we accept happiness.

I would rather be happy. Today I dedicate to the practice of stepping back, stepping aside and letting the Holy Spirit decide on my behalf what everything means. I choose to be willing to see the loving Son of God and disregard the dark images the ego offers. This is how I will learn to recognize and accept my Self.

Today my job is to surrender all my thoughts to God’s peace. My job is to accept God’s peace today and extend it to the world.

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Joining in Love

Yesterday we went to view several properties that we thought might serve Pathways of Light and Holy Spirit’s plan. We were directed by Spirit to use the day as an opportunity to join in Love with everyone we met. It was a truly remarkable day with a feeling of joy and blessing as we met with realtors and property owners. With each one there was sense of loving connection. My sister and her husband joined us. This too was a joining in Love.

The second property we visited is unfinished. It is owned by a contractor and his wife who built it with an attitude of giving. It was intended to be not only a place where they would live, but also a place that could serve as a retreat for missionaries on leave where they could rest and rejuvenate. They were building it out of a desire to give and serve. This property may be the future location of Pathways of Light. But whether or not it is, the day was a success because it was a day of joining in Love.

This morning, as I go to Spirit, I am reminded again that we are being carried. I am reminded that we need not be concerned with how all these steps along the way will unfold. I am asked to relax and trust that Holy Spirit’s plan is unfolding perfectly. I am being asked once again to let go of the past and the future and stay in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. The Holy Spirit gently reminds me that the eternal now is all there really is. I am gently asked to rest in God once again. It is here where all my true answers lie. It is here where eternal peace is found.

I am being asked to lay down all my concerns. Rather, I am reminded to ask, “What is my function right now? How am I to serve right now?” If I am truly willing to let my mind quiet, the Holy Spirit will lift the veil and we will have a laugh together. It becomes very clear that nothing but Love has ever been. All is well.

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Step Back, Listen and Follow

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Make no decisions on your own. You have been told this often. It bears repeating because it is the key to awakening. When you believe you are on your own, you make decisions with the ego because you believe in the ego. When you choose instead to make decisions with the Holy Spirit, you are choosing to let truth be your guide. You are choosing to disregard illusions and to value truth instead.

When it appears that you have a decision to make in the world, step back. Settle into peace and open your heart and mind to the voice of your true Self. Your true Self will make clear to you what is meaningful and what is meaningless. It will show you what serves awakening and what diverts you onto meaningless journeys. All you need do is step back, listen and follow. Practice this today.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Practice letting yourself be carried today. Practice remembering you know nothing on your own. Practice thinking of your life as a movie that you are experiencing today. Watch the movie holding Holy Spirit’s Hand. Let the Holy Spirit show you the truth behind the movie, behind the illusions of separate forms.

Let the Holy Spirit lift the veil and show you the Light in everyone you see today. As you see the Light in everyone, you are seeing the truth. O happy day!

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Walk in Love and Extend Peace

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Remember, every moment is an opportunity to join in Love. It does not matter what appears to be happening around you. Whether there is the appearance of lovelessness or Love, the only response called for is to extend Love. Nothing else matters. As you recognize this, you walk in peace. Nothing can disturb your quiet mind. You live in joy because there is no greater happiness than remembering you are one with your brother and your Source.

Walk in Love today by opening your heart and mind to Love’s extension through you to all. Thus will you bless and be blessed.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Remember you are blessed. In this place of remembering your blessings, you see that everyone is blessed. Because you carry the awareness that you are blessed, you only want to extend blessing. Extend the blessing by blessing everyone.

There is great joy in this remembering. You remember that in truth you have it all. You have all that is important. And because you have it all, you share it all. In this state of mind, there is no sense of loss. There is only the awareness of the abundance of God’s Love. Peace is yours and you would keep your peace by extending peace.

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