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April-June, 2019

My Holiness Blesses the World

by Joyce Peebles, Ministerial Candidate

This is the lesson for today. I know I have seen this lesson many times over the years, because there are underlined sentences, different colors of markers, and notes in the margins from previous years. Yet today the lesson and thought for the day seem fresh and new, as if I had not seen it before. The focus of this lesson is my thoughts.

Chapter 27 of the Text, Section VII, tells us “of one thing you were sure: of all the many causes you perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt was not among them.”

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April-June, 2019

I Remember God’s Gifts to Me

by Rev. Savina Cavallo, O.M.C.

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 142 is a review of two previous ones.
“I thank my Father for His gifts to me” and “Let me remember I am one with God.”

As I sat with the first lesson, I closed my eyes and began to think about this.  Deeply. What are God’s gifts to me?  And they began to rise to my awareness; as I said them out loud to myself, I began to feel each one.  They are so many, and so good.  I realized that focusing and feeling these consistently can keep me in a state of fulfillment and oneness with God. The ones that were popping up like a water fountain and stood out more were these:

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April-June, 2019

Journeying Through This World

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, O.M.C.

… with the Course in hand. So many lessons, so much time, so many thoughts, and feelings that lead us into many different directions. I am busy un-learning.

What belief do I need to let go of? What pain is creeping in that is uninvited and yet keeps me focused on it? What has gotten me into this grumpy mood that I don’t want to do anything but bite back and attack?

I try to quiet myself and still those thoughts that come flashing in from all sides. Breathing in, breathing out. Forgiving and letting go.

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January-March, 2019

Miracles News, January-March 2019


Miracles News Jan-Mar 2019

The Light of
Love brings the
experience of
peace and trust.

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January-March, 2019

Practice, Practice, Practice

by Rev. Colleen Fee, O.M.C.

You may recognize the phrases, “a little practice pays off” or “practice makes perfect.”

I have had many opportunities in my dream to practice what was important at the time. I loved playing softball so I spent many hours in the batter’s box or playing catch with anyone I could talk into throwing the ball. I remember when the perfect pitch came across the plate and I would swing and feel the bat hit the sweet spot of the ball and I just knew it was a double or triple.

Practice paid off.

When I was 14 years old I began riding horses and had the opportunity to learn English equestrian and hunter jumper style riding. I practiced every day and rode many horses to exercise and train them. As my abilities grew, I became a professional and taught and showed on the “A circuit” with riders who would qualify for the Olympic Games. With a ton of practice I was able to win several classes on form and style in equitation to qualify for Madison Square Garden in New York City — the top show every rider dreams about.

Practice makes perfect.

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January-March, 2019

It’s All Right to Pause

by Rev. Mary Gerard Lenihan, O.M.C.

We live in a green light world. One of the main messages is to GO. We are told by others or we tell ourselves to keep going, go faster, you go, way to go, go here, go there, go now . . . go, go, go, go, go. I am suggesting today to pause from going. The world isn’t going to fall apart if I pause, if you pause. It’s all right to Pause. Not only is it all right to Pause, it is highly necessary to Pause. To not Pause is to get in one’s own way, to rule your own show, follow a crowd that is not your crowd and make decisions under stress. Decisions made in the state of stress cause more stress!

Why the fear of taking a pause?
I find that the more I don’t Practice the Pause, the more likely I will not Practice the Pause in the future. Not pausing becomes a vicious cycle, a way of life and frankly something our culture seems to value. It is a challenge to move against the grain, to Pause in a nonstop world, to do things differently, to not go with the status quo, to not agree with the way everyone else is doing it, to not follow the crowd; it is a challenge to truly be willing to BE INSPIRED. In my experience BEING INSPIRED requires pausing from going and going. The fear of pausing is that if I pause, I might miss out on something, something that needs to be done might not get done, and the main fear is that I will have to notice my fear-based thoughts that are driving my not pausing!

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January-March, 2019

The Way

by Rev. Jim Peterson, O.M.C.

I walk to the setting sun.
There is peace in my heart,
for I am guided.

The challenges are many.
All unexpected.

Pain, fear, confusion, conflict
are my companions as well.
They are also guides.
They tell me of the false
judgments to which I still cling.

But my walking is filled with joy.
In the darkness before sunrise
Venus encourages me from the east
the moon leads me on to the west.

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January-March, 2019

Jesus in the Window

by Rev. Dan Strodl, O.M.C.

I was four years old I walked out of my house holding my granddad’s hand. As we walked down the path, I looked back and saw in my bedroom window Jesus smiling at us. I said to granddad “Look! Jesus in the window!” Granddad yanked my arm, pulled me into his car, and told me not to be so stupid.

My family used to drag me to church every Sunday. I didn’t like seeing Jesus hanging on the cross with nails in his hands, and being told he died for my sins. That didn’t make sense to me even at an early age. I left traditional religion as soon as I could escape, and turned to a different god, the god of materialism. I went into advertising, and was given a job in the creative department of a big advertising agency on Madison Avenue, and flourished in this insane world.

Years later I owned an advertising agency with an alcoholic creative partner. He was going to AA meetings and was seeing a 12 step therapist to try to heal his addiction. One day my creative partner gave me a book called ‘The Road Less Traveled’ by Scott Peck, and I had another gentle nudge.

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January-March, 2019

A Holy Instant

by Rev. Susan Comello, O.M.C.

I met a man. First of all, the ego got involved and labeled him “man.” OOOO! A MAN! In Reality, he is the Holy Son of God. As am I. But it took awhile for the ego to let go of this belief that he is anything other than the One Love we all share.. This Man/Woman thing has been a recurring theme in my life: a way I had learned to separate myself from half of the Sonship. So Holy Spirit provided the perfect gentle lesson and it goes like this: (Spoiler alert: Love wins!)

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January-March, 2019

Get in the Boat

by Rev. Paula Richards, O.M.C.

One of my favorite things to speak about is following Inner Guidance. What do we ask? How do we listen? And, more importantly, how do we learn to trust what we hear?

I definitely had to trust what I heard one afternoon while sitting by the river near my home. As I sat on the stone wall, a man who looked to be about my age cruised by in his motorboat. He was alone. For some inexplicable reason I had the feeling he was going to speak to me, so I wasn’t too surprised when he waved as he passed by. On his way back up the river, he slowed his boat and said, “Hello.” We struck up a conversation that quickly turned into a deep discussion about living on one’s own.

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January-March, 2019

Overcoming Fear

by Rev. Larry Glenz, O.M.C.

Ever since I was a young boy I respected people who showed courage under difficult circumstances. But I never really felt courageous myself. I was afraid of so many things, so many people, and so many negative outcomes that I would imagine. But those that appeared to have more courage than I certainly impressed me.

I lived in a racially mixed town that was segregated by neighborhoods. The elementary school I attended was all white. I recall incidents of being very afraid whenever I saw black kids on the street. They recognized my fear and sometimes enjoyed threatening me with bodily harm. I hated being so scared and was ashamed of my cowardly thoughts and behavior.

In my teens I was a pretty successful student athlete but I still feared not being good enough. As a high school wrestler I had some impressive skills and a good record. Nevertheless, I had a haunting fear of losing. I would exhaust myself with worries about the imagined abilities of my opponent before each competition. I remember wishing I had a screw in the side of my head that I could turn to get my thoughts to change.

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January-March, 2019

What Is Time For?

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, O.M.C.

When I think about time, I think ‘my time.’ I don’t think about time as a concept but rather, “How am I using my time?”

I read in ACIM that time is a gift from God that allows me to journey back Home, an opportunity to go very slow and move through the molasses of ego thoughts that bring up fear and hesitation, doubt and worries. It is the thought of separation that we hang on to and that slows us down. So we need time to ‘get it,’ to accept that ‘there is a better way.’

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January-March, 2019

Something Shifted

by Rev. Savina Cavallo, O.M.C.

I discovered A Course in Miracles in February of 2007 and since then I’ve been in several study groups, listened to teachers online, done the workbook lessons several times along with reading parts of the Text.

In 2014 I was ordained as a Pathways of Light minister. The teachings and principles of the Course have influenced me deeply and my trajectory on this path has been a healing one.

Still, I always felt I wasn’t as dedicated as I wanted to be nor as consistent in my daily practice of the principles and I wanted to experience more love, peace, joy and the good stuff that results from being on the path.

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January-March, 2019

Teach Only Love for That Is What You Are

by Rev. Barbara Goodman Siegel, O.M.C.

“Teach Only Love for That Is What You Are” Do I Believe It?

I just finished a wonderful two weeks of listening to the first global conference based on A Course in Miracles called “Awaken to Love.” I hope you also got to hear at least a few of the wonderful teachers that presented. (By the way, if you didn’t hear Mary & Robert’s interview, it soon will be posted on the POL website. It truly was one of the best I heard and well worth your listening time.)

Anyway, as I was saying, the conference ended and I wanted to listen to a recording of Diedrick Wolsak’s talk which I had not been able to listen to when he did his live interview. For those of you who may not know Diedrick’s work, he is the founder of Choose Again as well as a book by the same title. Choose Again is a wonderful process based on A Course in Miracles that has the purpose of removing the ego beliefs that hold us back from being our true Self, i.e. the Self of Love. I have been to two of Diedrick’s workshops and have been practicing his method for the last three years. I have found the process invaluable in my own awakening process.

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January-March, 2019

Tai Chi with Holy Spirit

by Rev. Peggy Booth, O.M.C.

Here’s a simple practice I do most days to be joyfully joined with Holy Spirit in another area of my life.

Most mornings, my husband and I do a simple version of tai chi in the backyard or living room.  More often than not, I’m the human leader, meaning that I need to determine when we’ve reached the last of nine repetitions of a specific move and say “one more” or “last one” aloud. Instead of counting repetitions of the move “1, 2, 3, … 9.”  I use ACIM-related words in place of each number. Specifically, I say to myself the ACIM “Characteristics of God’s Teachers” and related thoughts as a wonderful way of counting to nine.

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