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July-September, 2021

A Healed Mind Is a Quiet Mind

by Rev. Myron, Jones, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Do you realize that the ego must set you on a journey which cannot but lead to a sense of futility and depression? To seek and not to find is hardly joyous. Is this the promise you would keep? The Holy Spirit offers you another promise, and one that will lead to joy. For His promise is always, “Seek and you will find,” and under His guidance you cannot be defeated. His is the journey to accomplishment, and the goal He sets before you He will give you. For He will never deceive God’s Son whom He loves with the Love of the Father. (ACIM, T-12.IV.4:1-7) 

Perhaps like me, you thought you could not really depend on the Bible quote, “Seek and ye shall find.” Years of seeking had brought me very little in the way of peace and happiness. I didn’t see where it brought me any closer to God, either. Now I know why. It was because I was asking the ego to show me the way. I was seeking happiness through the ego, and the ego’s directive is to seek and do not find. 

Once I began to study the Course, all of that turned around. I was seeking through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit loves me with the Love of the Father. The Holy Spirit wants me to find and so makes it possible for me to do so and actually assures that I will do so. Through the study of the Course, I learned how to ask and was given the process that would bring me the peace and happiness I longed for. 

I learned that the blocks to Love are the ego thoughts in my mind. I believe insane things and those beliefs show up as insane thoughts. I learned that I could look at those thoughts with the Holy Spirit, and in so doing I would realize their impact on me and would become willing to let them go. Once my willingness was strong, the Holy Spirit could remove them from my mind. Without so much of the insanity of ego thinking, I became happier and more peaceful. 

I learned that to be happy I must be happy with my brothers and sisters. I must know my union with them. I must know that we go home as one. With the healing of my mind, this desire became stronger than my desire to be separate from them, to defend against them, and to push them away in all the many ways I did in the past. Now I cannot see anyone as separate from me. 

I cannot imagine not being affected by everything that happens to any part of our one Self. How could that even be? And when I forget what it means to be one, when I think I need to get my personal needs met, or when I think I must win over someone else, I quickly and gratefully turn to the Holy Spirit to heal my mind of such insane thoughts. 

Without the ego guilt and fear of the past, I realized that what I really want is God. I want to remember God and remember my Self. I want to see in God and think in God. I want to be aware of His presence in my mind and to be aware of my presence in His Mind. I want to share all that I am with All That He is. I want to know that I am one with God. This is what I seek now and thus this is what I must find because I seek it of One Whose function it is to lead me to what I seek. I seek it for the entire Sonship. 

You will undertake a journey because you are not at home in this world. And you will search for your home whether you realize where it is or not. If you believe it is outside you the search will be futile, for you will be seeking it where it is not. You do not remember how to look within for you do not believe your home is there. Yet the Holy Spirit remembers it for you, and He will guide you to your home because that is His mission. As He fulfills His mission He will teach you yours, for your mission is the same as His. By guiding your brothers home you are but following Him.” (ACIM, T-12.IV.5:1-7) 

We are not Home and we sense that. We begin the search from the moment we get here. We are searching, whether we know it or not, whether we look in the right direction or not. Most of us look outside ourselves for home. We look toward a partner to make us feel like we are home. We have children to give us the feeling we have a home. Or a house, and if that doesn’t work, a better house. Maybe a job that fulfills, or that makes us feel special. 

But there is only one direction we can look if we want to know our true Home. We must look within because that is where Home is. Our confusion is within and our world is within, but so is our Home. It is a delusion that we find anything outside. All is within. It seems like the world we made to fulfill our fantasy is taking up all the room and that there is a little sliver of reality in there. But that, too, is a delusion caused by our desire for the illusion.  

In truth our mind is vast and it is filled with Home with just a tiny sliver of a dream state from which we are awakening. And when we do awaken, we will throw off the dream and soon it will not even be a memory to disturb the perfect peace of our holy mind. The way we awaken is to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things, and from our healed mind, we join Him in his mission and lead our brothers out as well. 

I got a chance to really practice bringing a quiet mind into all of my life these past few months. With the virus, two hurricanes and a freeze unlike what we have experienced before, an unprecedented flood, and both my girls having Covid, I have weathered it all remarkably well. With the virus came a learning curve as I was judgmental of those who refused to wear masks and insisted it was all a lie. But I worked my way through it and let my judgments go. Now, I seldom notice a reaction to any of this and if I do, I am quick to let it go. 

With the hurricane came the two evacuations, the uncertainty of what I would find when I returned home, and the extended insurance negotiations. Then came the repairs which seemed to go on forever. I’m still doing that. I was remarkably calm during the whole thing. I know that this would not have been the case in the past, so I am grateful for these studies and that I kept practicing my lessons. This all prepared me for life’s unfolding. What I experienced could have been awful, but it was just inconvenient. When I did succumb to the ego version of whatever was happening, it wasn’t hard to return to peace. Thank you, Jesus, for A Course in Miracles. 

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish today and I have time constraints. I am taking them one at a time and mostly it’s fine. But because I am very aware of my thoughts and my feelings, I quickly notice when I am not at peace. I start to feel some anxiety about finishing a project and I have lost my peace. I do two things. I ask the question, “Who am I?” This reminds me that I am not a victim to these feelings, that I am thinking something that triggers them. Then I rest my mind a moment so that the Holy Spirit can correct the thought that took my peace. When I am at peace again, I bring it into the world. This practice keeps me miracle ready so I can be used for that purpose. My choice for peace makes my experience here better, but more importantly, through me, peace spreads throughout the mind and helps us all. 

You will yet learn that peace is part of you, and requires only that you be there to embrace any situation in which you are. And finally you will learn that there is no limit to where you are, so that your peace is everywhere, as you are.”  (W-p1.r1.in.5)

One day a few years ago, I was going through a difficult time and I asked for help in seeing it differently. I received this message that helped me to see that in reality, fear is impossible in me.

Jesus, all my life, I have been afraid. Safety has always been my dearest hope. When I read in the Course about what I am, I cry. I long for that memory to return to me fully and forever. I have left so many fears behind, but if my mind wanders from the truth, I notice anxiety tends to return. It isn’t debilitating anymore, but it is there. 

Jesus: You also notice that you catch it quickly and you release it quickly. You have come very far, dear Sister, from those days in which you lived as if anxiety was normal. Just remember that all you need to do to move out of fear and into love is to shift your attention from the ego thought system to the Holy Spirit’s thought system.  

Sometimes when old thought habits arise in your mind, you think it means something about you. It does not. Rest assured that you will never go back to the fearful and depressing life you once accepted as normal and unavoidable. To safeguard your new experience, simply keep your eye on the truth. When you notice that you are not supremely happy, shift your attention from the ego to the Holy Spirit. It is that simple.  

Your Self remains steadfastly unchanged. You are still as God created you. Even here in the darkest recesses of the ego thought system, you remain as you were created and so you never have to be afraid again. Can you imagine yourself walking toward a dark and frightening place, realizing what you are doing, changing your mind, and turning away to walk into the light?  

It is that easy because the light is your mind, your true mind. Just look away from the dark, sweetheart. In the ego thought system, there is darkness, but that is just a construct and easily avoided. It is like a grain of sand in a vast landscape of unimaginable beauty. It is nothing. Be confident in yourself now because your Self is the same as my Self and we are as One. Do not settle for anything less. Do not accept the slightest fear thought as having reality for you. Remember who you are, Sister. I will help you. Together we have much work to do. 

This very uplifting message helped me understand what happens in the mind when we follow ego thinking and encouraged me to keep on my path at a time when I was discouraged. I now have a peaceful mind and when I have rare moments of chaotic thinking, I know what to do to return to a quiet mind.

Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C., is a Pathways of Light minister living in Westlake, Louisiana. Read her inspiring Healing Journal articles on the Pathways website. Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Myron’s website:

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