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A Grateful Heart Will Lead You to Heaven

  In all of this one very important ingredient is gratitude. In all of this means in all your worldly matters, in all your life experiences a very important ingredient is gratitude. A grateful heart will lead you to Heaven. No matter what is happening or how you feel, or what your worries may be, always be grateful. Gratitude will show you the blessing behind everything. And along with that, do not forget to laugh. Be like a laughing Buddha and spread the joy. This is your happiness prescription today. Amen.

  Stay in peace. Rest in peace. When you experience fear or disturbance of any kind, it is because you are giving value to an image that could never be real. Bring that image, that thought, that fear to Me and open your heart to My vision. In peace you will remember your absolute safety.

Let your light-hearted nature flow through you today. Tune in to your Heart of Light and you will find it natural to be light-hearted. Take this light-heartedness to every part of your day. If you find that you have wandered away from your light-heartedness, simply choose to return and ask My help in returning you to the Light. Practice stepping back from the thoughts of the world and observing them with Me. We will join in gentle laughter and quiet joy. We will be able to see the safety that lies behind all the turmoil of the world. MIra solo la luz. See only light with Me. Amen.

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I Will Never Leave You

We went to Spirit together this morning and the following is what came to us.

  I am your brother. I am your Love. I am with you always as I promised. My promise to you is true and eternal. Our minds are joined in perfect communion and you always have access to my thoughts and my words. I am your brother and I will never leave you. I am in charge of your healing and awakening.

I am present in every time and in every place. You can find me in yourself and you can find me in others. I transcend space and time because I know oneness perfectly. That is why I can be in every mind, because I know oneness perfectly. Remember I can answer all your questions, all your doubts, all your uncertainties. I am here to do this for you and here is everywhere. This is the perfect time for you to let me take over your life. If you do, you will never regret it. For I will lead you back to glory, the glory of your Christ Self. And now I bless you with my perfect Love. Come to me always. Amen.

Health is inner peace. Let peace heal you. Allow God’s perfect peace into your life and into your mind. Let yourself feel the infinite flow of God’s perfect peace. Let it wash away all the fear thoughts, all the false ideas that you entertain in your mind. You don’t need these thoughts. They cannot save you. Hand them over and let Love’s perfect peace shine them away.

You have a way to perfect health and that is by consistently opening your mind to receive the Light of peace. And peace will do the rest. Receive the gift of peace today. The Sonship give’s thanks for your receiving peace and giving peace. For what you receive you must give away in order to keep it. Amen.

Let peace be your goal today. Peace is a state of mind. Choose peace today. Let this be your peace prayer for today: “Father, please have us see in all our thoughts the gift of peace. Please show us how to accept this peace every second of the day as we walk together with the Prince of Peace. We pray today that peace leads the way for every action or doing for the day.” Amen.

:  Your safety lies in Love. Love is changeless. It cannot be disturbed, disrupted or destroyed. Love is your Rock. Love created you like Itself, changeless and indestructible. Love lives forever, for Love is Life. When you feel vulnerable or weak, know that it is just an image that you are interpreting as vulnerable and weak. It has nothing to do with What you are. The image of weakness that you see is simply reflecting back to you your belief that you have cut yourself off or separated from the Rock that is What you are. You have not changed What you are, but you have denied It and so you do not experience It.

Remind yourself often, “I am changeless Love.” When you perceive images of the changeable, remind yourself, “This is just an image. It has nothing to do with What I am. I am changeless Love. I give this false image to changeless Love to be purified.” This practice will help you shift your identification from the weak and vulnerable to the changeless and indestructible Rock of Love that you are.

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Do Your Spring Cleaning with Jesus

In our morning session we received the following inspiring messages:

“Be in your Heart. Live in your Heart. For it is at this level that I am with you. The Heart is the key. The Heart is the opening. The Heart is the space of true Love. Live in your Heart and from there you will see as I see. I am with you until the end of this illusion and forever. You are the Christ that can bless this world away.  Rejoice in this.”

“Spring is a time of renewal. Its a time where we clean up what winter has left behind. Picture yourself cleaning your mind. Do your spring cleaning with Jesus’ help. Just sweep away all the old thoughts of the ego. Listen to the birds sing. Let your heart sing. Rejoice, rejoice. A new thought system is in place. Spring has sprung. Accept the Love. You are joined with One who will show you the way. Rejoice.

“Listen to Him, for all your answers. Listen to Him for the gifts He so lovingly is just waiting to give you. Allow the transformation within your thought system to be renewed this spring. Now is the time.”

“Rest in me today. Let me carry you through the day. Let yourself be aware that I am with you always. Let your mind be healed as you give all the ego thoughts that come up to me. I know what to do with them. I will purify all thoughts that are a barrier to the awareness of Love’s eternal presence.

“Join with me as one mind. Let me show you that I am in everyone’s mind. Let me show you our oneness. Let me lead you through every part of your day. Try it today. You will see that this joining will lift you above the battleground. You will be taught to see things with Christ Vision. Here is where your healing lies. Here is where your peace and joy lie. Accept the gift I am giving you today. “

  “Let us gently walk together today. We share the strength of God. His strength is gentle and kind. As we walk together, let my vision be your guide. Let me listen on your behalf and be your interpreter of every perception.

“I will show you the blessing in every moment. I will show you the opportunity to bless in every moment. We will always walk together in peace and joy because it is in peace and joy that we are joined. As we walk together, imagine that you are holding my hand and that your other hand holds the hand of everyone you meet or think of and beyond it holds the hand of everyone. Open your heart to this joining and you will feel the blessing of Heaven. You will feel the blessing of your Self.”

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Keeping Your Connection Open to Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit’s messages today for Mary, Robert & Sharyn.

Taking this time with your Eternal Spirit to receive a healing message for yourself and your brothers is the most important thing you can do right now. It will keep you on track. It will help you maintain your awareness of peace. It will help keep the connection open to the Holy Spirit so that as you go through your day, it is Spirit that you are following, not the separate ego mind that thinks it knows everything.

You are safe. You are innocent. When thoughts of guilt come up, when thoughts of doubt come up, when fear thoughts come up, do one thing: Join with the Light in your mind, for the Light in your mind knows what to do with these thoughts. They will disappear in happy laughter because you will no longer be inclined to take these false ideas seriously.

As you practice this day by day, hour by hour and apply it to every circumstance, you will find that life is no longer a struggle. You will find that you can truly be carefree. You will feel the calm peace of God flow through your being and you will extend this beautiful gift of peace to everyone around you.

This is how you heal. This is how you return to the awareness of being at Home in God, Where you never left. This is your answer to every problem that confronts you. Practice joining with the Holy Spirit, your true Self, and you will know that you are Home. You will know that everyone in your dream of separate bodies is Home. You can relax now, for you are indeed safe as Love in the Mind of eternal Love.

  As you go through your day, focus only on this: What would Love have me do?

There is joy in remembering Jesus. Today be aware of the joy that comes to you when you do remember Jesus. Remembering that Jesus is with you, remembering that Jesus is your best friend, remembering that Jesus goes with you wherever you go. There is no separation between you and Jesus. You are one. Today remember the joy of Jesus.

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Our Experiences with the ACIM Conference in SF

Hello again, we are back. The last two months have been very full with moving to Florida and then participating in the ACIM International Conference in San Francisco. We had a very wonderful experience joining with ACIM students and teachers from around the world.

We met Carol Howe, who is in the process of completing a book about the life of Bill Thetford, who joined with Helen Schucman in the scribing of the Course. Carol was close friends with him from shortly after ACIM was published and has had many personal experiences as well as information gathered from many interviews of people who knew him well. She told us that Bill awakened shortly before his transition and wants to share her experience with him so that fellow Course students will have a more complete feeling for the profound effect that living Course principles can have on our lives. We are excited about this book and will let you know as soon as it is available. We may also schedule a workshop here in Florida with Carol Howe.

We are also seeking Holy Spirit’s guidance about scheduling workshops with Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera (authors of Take Me to Truth) and Mary Gerrard Lenihan on an exciting new program called, WNYHOO-NOW! (World Needs Your Help One-to One Now!) Mary Lenihan and John Hutkin will also share their experiences around the publishing of “The Book ON and Jesus answers.” At the Pathways of Light Center in Wisconsin, Revs. Sharyn Zenz and Larry Glenz are planning a weekend workshop based on “The Book ON” in June. At this stage we are taking it a day at a time with Holy Spirit to see what unfolds.

Holy Spirit’s messages today for Mary and Robert:

Love is extending eternally. Love extends Love to all of its one Self. It does not change. It does not come and go. One Love constantly extending all of Itself to all of Itself. This eternal giving of Love is What you are. Receiving and extending Love is the Beingness of Love. The gift of accepting this Beingness is experienced as eternal peace and eternal joy. It is the experience of Heaven. You can have this experience now if you so choose.

This Beingness is experienced as you give up the thoughts of the world, the thoughts of separation. You give up the thoughts of the world by handing them to Me to be undone. This is a constant process that is required as long as you place your belief in a world of separation. You receive the Beingness of Heaven when you are willing to let go of belief in the ego’s world. Let this be your only purpose now. The benefits are far beyond what you can conceive of now. Vigilance for truth requires watching the ego thoughts that flow through your mind and handing them over again and again until there is nothing left but God.

As you continue this mind healing process of handing over everything that is not God’s Love, you will feel a lightening of your heavy load. You will feel more carefree and see clearly that the gyrations of the world really mean nothing and are nothing. You take the world less seriously and are in a position to be truly helpful with those still deeply caught up in the “reality” of the dream. A sense of calm and well being pervades and you feel more confident in your true nature as Love as you continue your journey Home. You see that you are being helped every minute as your openness to the Truth grows and expands. You feel an inner happiness, an inner contentment that nothing can change the Love you are and the Love everyone is. You know that everyone is really safe for they are eternal Love, like you. We are one Love and That Love is eternal and changeless.

The only meaningful purpose in all your doing is to awaken to the Truth of What you are. Nothing else matters because nothing else is real. Everything you perceive in the world can be used for this purpose or used by the ego to reinforce the belief that you are separate and alone. Those are your only two choices in every moment. Choose the ego’s purpose and you will experience deeper and deeper levels of disturbance, distress, disillusionment and depression. In other words, you will bury yourself in hell. But contrary to the ego’s teaching, hell is not eternal because hell is only a mistaken belief.

To use each perception in each moment on behalf of awakening you must relinquish all attempts to interpret on your own. You have no meaningful basis for interpretation. You must open to the Vision and interpretation of the Holy Spirit, your true Self, in your mind.

Begin each day with this simple dedication and prayer: “I would interpret nothing on my own today. Holy Spirit, guide my vision that I might know the true meaning in every moment.” As you move through your day, as often as possible, remind yourself that you want only to let the Holy Spirit interpret all things for you.

If you observe that you are disturbed in any way, step back. Open your mind and heart to peace and remind yourself that you really want only the Holy Spirit’s interpretation. With this practice, the heavy burden you have placed on yourself to make “right” judgments will fade away and you will experience the blessing of being truly helpful in every moment. As you recognize your brother as yourself, you cannot help but be truly helpful. In that recognition you know that giving and receiving are the same.

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Letting Peace Lead the Way

Robert and Mary: As we prepare to go to the ACIM International Conference in San Francisco, we are practicing letting peace lead the way. We know that when we stay in peace, we are guided in each moment with what to do, where to go and what to say. By staying in peace, our doing is a blessing because it extends peace.

People have talked about the experience of walking a labyrinth as a meditation. With the practice of staying in peace, our passage through the experiences of the day can be a meditation, an exercise in experiencing Christ Vision all through the day. This practice leads to the awareness of our true Home. It softens identification with the world of form and strengthens identification with the Love we are.

We are looking forward to meeting many of you who we have never met and rejoining with many long time friends. We will be sure to share about our experiences when we get back. If you are attending the Conference, we would love to connect with you.

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Getting Settled in St. Cloud, Florida

Robert & Mary: We are mostly settled in here in St. Cloud, Florida, which is just south of Orlando. We are getting familiar with the area and looking for a suitable home for Rev. Annie Arbona to rent somewhere near us. Annie is in charge of the Spanish translations.

We are also getting ready for the ACIM Conference in San Francisco, which is coming up next week. We are looking forward to the Pathways of Light Grand Gathering dinner with Pathways ministers and friends on Thursday evening. It will be a nice opportunity to connect with old and new friends. There will also be a bus tour of San Francisco on Friday morning that is being organized by Revs. Ken Gorman and Sharyn Zenz. There is still room to join for the dinner and/or tour. If you are interested in participating, call the Pathways office right away to be included. (1-800-323-7284 or 920-894-2339)

If you are interested in visiting us here in St. Cloud, call us at 407-957-4369. We’d love to see you. 

When we return from San Francisco, we will take time to receive guidance from Holy Spirit regarding a weekly ACIM study group, Joining with Holy Spirit on Sundays and scheduling events in the Orlando area. We are also considering scheduling weekly teleconference discussions of “The Book ON… and Jesus answers.” Let us know if you would be interested in participating by emailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Holy Spirit guided us to the following quote from A Course in Miracles. “Heaven Itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own. We will attempt to reach this state today, with self-deception laid aside, and with an honest willingness to value but the truly valuable and the real.” W.pI.133.13:1-2

This important message reminds me to practice stepping back often today. There is a beautiful song in Spanish titled, “Solo la Luz.” It means “Only the Light.” We will use this as a mantra today to remember to see only Light through Christ vision. Robert’s sisters and their husbands are visiting today. This will be a wonderful opportunity to join in the Light by remembering the Light that is in us all equally. As we remember to do this, we will have a happy day. As we bless, we are blessed.

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