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July-September, 2004

Step Back and Let Him Lead the Way

by Rev. Deb Frantz, O.M.C.

Rev. Deb FrantzI have been in one of those listening modes again as I ponder my own spiritual journey. This is reflected in Lesson 155 “I will step back and let Him lead the way,” It is an echo of what I want my spiritual journey to consist of and what I am working towards.

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July-September, 2004

Above All Else I Want to See Differently

by Rev. Mary Stoelting

Rev. Mary StoeltingOne of the main goals of A Course in Miracles is to help me see the ego thought system clearly for what it is so that I will be willing to forgive, or let it go. It tells me that the ego thought system (belief in individuality) is not my friend and instead of giving me the freedom it promises, it only imprisons and hides reality from my awareness.

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July-September, 2004

My Mother’s Day Lesson

by Rev. Derek Dube, O.M.C.

Rev. Derek DubeEva and I were baby sitting our granddaughter, Devon, the day before Mother’s Day and decided to take her to the park. Devon loves the park! We parked the car in the lot and while Eva and Devon were getting their jackets on, I walked up the path ahead of them.

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July-September, 2004

Eternal Purpose

by Rev. Erin Lawson, O.M.C.

In this world there seems to be endless choices we need to make each and every day. However, every choice in truth is a choice between what appears to be two options. They are illusion and Truth. The first option does not truly exist and the other option is eternally True. The unreal option is the belief that we exist in a world of form and perception and that we experience it through the presence of a body. This is no more than an illusion that we have been giving belief to in a mind split from the holy mind God created. The option of Truth is the knowing and experience of our eternal existence as one with God, the Source of all existence. Depending on which one we choose, we will believe it is the truth and experience the appropriate effects. The effect of the illusion is insanity; the effect of the Truth, being Truth, is infinite joy.

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July-September, 2004

Seeing Wholeness from Wholeness

by Rev. Barbara Kraetsch, O.M.C.

Rev. Barbara KraetschRecently I have had the opportunity to sit in gatherings at Pathways and hear messages from two wonderfully gifted teachers, Gary Renard and David Hoffmeister. Both gentlemen have been blessed in their willingness to serve God with a great opening into the understanding of the One Mind, and the ability to communicate their wisdom to others in gentleness and true joy. They are both delightful and filled with Light. I learned so much from both listening to them and experiencing their level of God-mindfulness.

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July-September, 2004

Handing My Judgments to God

by Rev. Martha Firnschild, O.M.C.

Exhausted. Tired. I need to just put a time limit on how much time I spend with her. I come away feeling so wiped out.

But the Course says I am making myself tired; that I am judging myself as being capable of being tired. Judged myself. Judged me. Compared me with her a million times while sitting there. At first I was able to handle each judgmental thought one at a time as they came up. I heard her say that she was feeling less than a coworker that seemed to have so much extra time and energy to give to her job being with the children. A mirror, I thought. That is exactly what I feel about her — she has so much more energy than me. What is wrong with me anyway.

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July-September, 2004

Holy Spirit — Take the Lead

by Rev. Linda Wisniewski, O.M.C.

Rev. Linda WisniewskiMy daughter just celebrated her 30th birthday and her husband gave her a party which my husband and I attended, along with the in-laws, my ex-husband, his wife and my other daughter. It’s been a long time since I have been with the in-laws and the ex. In the past, everyone was tense and suffered silently, and sometimes not so silently, during these uncomfortable getogethers.

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April-June, 2004

Highlighted Minister — Rev. Marshall Spall

Rev. Marshall Spall, O.M.C.

We recently received an inspiring and enthusiastic communication from Marshall Spall, a Pathways minister who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. Below he honestly shares with us the importance of his learning to let go of his willfulness and accepting Holy Spirit’s miracles by not deciding what anything means on his own. We thank Marshall for this helpful message that is important to us all:

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April-June, 2004

Hitting the Wall

by Rev. Deb Frantz, O.M.C.

Rev. Deb FrantzHow many times have we “hit the wall” in our spiritual growth? We have feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, worry, sadness and even physical ailments. Somehow we know that we are close to a major healing, and yet somehow we shy away from it. The healing would bring us peace but somehow we are convinced that it would bring us more pain and agony. It seems easier to run away from further spiritual growth. We use various tactics to get away from our growth. For instance, we make excuses for why we do not practice the Workbook Lessons, or even use the weather as an excuse not to join with others in Course study.

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April-June, 2004

It All Began… with a Little Willingness

by Paul Phelps

It’s a cold February night and I can hear the pellets of rock salt crunching between the soles of my shoes and the sidewalk as I walk quietly across the parking lot. Distant, amber flood lights cast a mix of dim, golden illumination and streaks of shadows along my path. I can hear distant city traffic quietly flowing on a throughway in the valley. I was alone and the atmosphere of the lot seemed very peaceful. I stopped short of my car to take it in. Noticing each breath condensing into a cool cloud of white as it wisped into the night air.

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April-June, 2004

Everyday Miracles

by Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.

Rev. Myron JonesSome days I wake up filled with a sense of wonder that God created me like Himself, that I am His beloved child and that He loves me. But some days I wake up feeling kind of blue. Some days all I can think of are the mistakes I have made and the people I have hurt. On some days my body is in pain. On other days I feel anxious and on edge and then it seems like everyone I know woke up with the sole intention of getting on Myron’s nerves today.

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April-June, 2004

Peace — A Poem

by Loren Ritacca

Peace, like soothing sunlight, dawns

As softening beauty within

the surrendering heart.

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April-June, 2004

Being Open… Being Willing

by Rev. Etienne Pait, O.M.C.

Rev. Etienne PaitI would like to share a few of the many times when I was open and willing to listen to Spirit. The first of which I remember happened when I was a mere babe, less than six months in my body. (I confirmed the outer conditions with my mother when I was in my early forties.) When I was about 3-4 months, I had a conscious OBE (out-of-body experience). I remember my dad, my mom and myself cruising in a sky blue color ‘55 Chevy. My dad was in the front while my mother and I were in the back. I was securely snuggled in a blue blanket, simply laying still inside a wicker-like bassinet. Then IT happened! The real me, the part of me that knows, the aware part of me, shifted its point of view from being inside this little, gentle baby body to a much larger field of vision outside of the body.

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April-June, 2004

Weeding Out Specialness

by Rev. Christine Anderson, O.M.C.

Rev. Christine AndersonThis morning I am asking for assistance from Jesus. When I call to Jesus I can “hear” His Voice. This Voice, this Presence, is very real to me. I call this taking a “Light” break and try to remember to stop several times a day to do this for the insurance and assurance of my sanity.

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April-June, 2004

We Are One in the Thought of Love

by Rev. Barbara Kraetsch, O.M.C.

Rev. Barbara KraetschThere is really only One Thought, and that is God. This One Thought extends Itself endlessly. It is the Thought that says, “I AM” forever and ever. There is nothing other than this. There is only God proclaiming Himself, extending Himself. There is only Love proclaiming Itself, extending Itself. Love says, “I AM.” There is nothing else. It is inconceivable to Love that anything else could be.

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